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Transformer Prime Update to Build Now Rolling Out, Face Unlock Still Not Available

The update to the Transformer Prime that was talked about yesterday is officially rolling out to the device. According to previous reports, build was intended to be a pretty awesome update and would include face unlock, lockscreen notification controls, and Asus Vibe would get a bump up to version 2.0. Everything seems good, except that face unlock is still not there. Might be a problem for some, but I doubt there are too many people who can’t live without the face unlock feature.

Go pick up the update and let us know if you see anything else worth noting that wasn’t already listed in yesterday’s breakdown.

Cheers Brian and everyone else!

  • Fjfisher601

    My update went very smoothly- and now my Prime is running REAL FAST! 

  • rlorenz

    Update failed… hmm… Any ideas, anyone?

  • Jared Lizano

    Google calendar wont sync after update.

  • Mrlashawn1

    After I did the update. I got a strong internet signal but no internet. Wtf ASUS non-rooted also.

  • LunaSherry39

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  • droidify

    Anybody know why I can’t change back to my blue soft keys after this update? Im thinking it has something to do with the new system bar lock they’ve added. I try swapping out the systemui.apk in system/app just like always and after a reboot it force closes and I lose the entire bar until I switch back to stock? Suggestions anyone?

  • Fabyloso

    If I’m rooted, stock, and boot loader is still locked, can I accept this update?

    • Teng247

      nope you gave that up as soon as you unlocked but im sure devs will compile and have a zip file to flash

      • Fabyloso

        I said boot loader is locked.

    • droidify

      Yes. Be sure to download Voodoo OTA rootkeeper from the market first and you’ll be money. I have the same set up as you and it worked fine.

      • Fabyloso


  • Chris G

    Updated mine about 630am EDT when I woke up this morning.  Sadly not had a chance to play with it much, but hoping the HDMI out is fixed for sizing.  Cricket is on tomorrow and i’ll be pumping that from the tab to the TV.

  • Dragoon0030

    How do u do the lock screen notification, can’t find it

  • I’m pretty sure the Asus Facebook Italy site said face unlock was planned for a *future* update, not this update. 

    • Androidfan1981

      no they said it be on the update go back and rad the blog that Italy put on the website 

      • I don’t speak Italian, but there’s a long list of features included in the update. Then near the bottom, according to Google Translate, is this: ”
        Among the upcoming features in the implementation we are working there are the Face Direct Unlock and WiFi”  

        I think a lot of people misread that to mean those features were included in *this* update. But it sounds to me like they said “we’re still working on face unlock and it will be implemented later.”

  • Just updated mine, browser lag is close to none. Great update!

  • John

    Where’s my JellyBean??!!

    Too soon to start that?

  • I thought you needed an HD front camera for faceunlock to be supported?

    • I wonder if the zero shutter lag that the GNex has is also a requirement of face unlock?

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  • rals

    Does this fix the browser lag?

  • swag

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