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Samsung and Best Buy Offering Free Extended Battery with Galaxy Nexus Purchase, There are Better Deals Though

Best Buy and Samsung spammed out a set of emails within the last couple days, trying to trick you into buying a Galaxy Nexus by tossing in an extended battery for free. Hate to say this, but only a fool would take this deal. You can grab the G-Nex for $99 as a new customer (new line too) or $229 with an upgrade at retailers like Amazon Wireless and then pick up the extended battery for as little as $25 directly from Verizon. It’s a sneaky marketing move by BBY, but since they haven’t marked the phone down at all and still want $299, we hope that no one bites on it.

Via:  Samsung

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • What’s the os,and how long will  the battery last?That’s the key point for me

  • Larizard

    But does Amazon Wireless honor my unlimited data and grandfather me in? I’m getting scared now. I feel like, if I wait any longer, VZW will just cut off unlimited data and when I finally upgrade and renew my contract (I’m still on my OG Droid since Nov 2009), they won’t grandfather me in.. :/

    • Droidfann

      I waited 4 months after my contract expired with my og droid. Waiting for a good phone, did all the research, bought my Gnex in January when my contract ended in september. They still included my Grandpa’d unlimited data.

  • fvqu

    Newegg sells it for about $30

  • LunaSherry39

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  • Scott

    But if you signed up for the Best Buy $50 Phone Freedom offer then it is a good deal.  $299 – $50 = $249.  Amazon is then $5 more.  $229 + $25 (Verizon Battery) = $254.

  • I had Best Buy price match Amazon Mobile when I got my G-Nex back in January….might still be a possibility 

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Yea “There Are Better Deals” . . . Like An ACUTAL EXTENDED BATTERY. That actually extends the batterylife of the current one. This extending battery is joke. NO difference what so ever.

    • will bartlett

      but there is a difference.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Only difference is a different back cover.

    • mising

       I get about 2-3 more hours with the extended battery,  Good deal for under 20 bucks (govt employee discount), not so much at the original price of 50 dollars.

  • The mental image I get is Kellex standing outside of his local Best Buy with a megaphone and a huge sign with the Droid Life URL on it. 

    “Attention potential Galaxy Nexus purchasers! Best Buy is trying to screw you!”

    And now I am picturing one of those DirectTV style, “Don’t let…” commercials. Starts with someone falling for this promotion, leads to them being marooned on a desert island. Tag line, “Don’t get marooned on a desert island, read Droid Life”. 
    I need more to do at work.

    • Aardvark99

      They just got Kellexed!

      • Well, the fools who bought this just got Best Buy’ed.

  • SpikedRed

    And that’s *EXACTLY* why Best Buy just announced they are in the process of closing 50 of its “Big Box” stores in the U.S. and letting around 400 people go from the corporate offices…

  • i jumped a few weeks back and got mine for free via that recalled promotion.

  • kretz7

    Still better than VZW and Moto trying to trick you into buying any new Motorola device. 🙁

    • LiterofCola


  • marty jones

    Anyone know if the 16gb white version will be out April 5th?