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Hulu+ Updated, Select Android Tablets Now Supported

May we just say, “It’s about time.” Finally, Hulu+ has been updated to allow for select Android tablets running Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich to watch their favorite movies and shows. The list is not as long as we would hope and there is no sign of Samsung tablets, but we can cross our fingers that eventually they will receive some love.  

Supported tablets:

• Asus Eee Pad Transformer
• Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime
• Motorola Xoom
• Motorola XYBoard 10.1
• Toshiba Thrive
• Acer Iconia.
• LG G-Slate
• HTC Flyer
• Vizio 8″ Tablet

We tend to lean more towards Netflix around here, but we do enjoy Hulu+ from time to time seeing as how their library of content is much newer and stays up to date quite nicely.

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Via: Android Police

  • Bobinh2otown

    Netflix works on rooted devices so does google play- Other then the movies section  which uses drm.  Netflix has so much more content then hulu for movies and better quality while hulu has Newer National syndication shows other then CBS. So its a Hands down Netflix for me as better quality movies and more content while not the newer tv shows and also No Commericals. But hulu isnt too shabby but can do much better… They locked the device over tv shows? lmao they need to worry about content more and also customers.  Netflix works with no problems  hulu doest and all because of Media rights for tv shows basically…..WHATEVER

  • coolsilver

    This is sad. I have a Galaxy Tab 7 with gingerbread. Stuff like this makes me wish I had a ASUS Transformer Prime instead. 🙁

  • Oldman

    The new version is not working on my Xoom with ICS 4.03 even though support was supposedly added.  Still running the older phone version, which I’m guessing is the same one ferg07 posted, but the new one is nicer. Too bad. 

  • JohnDrake6

    FWIW, when I called Hulu to cancel my subscription to Hulu+, shortly after the company turned off access to my Galaxy Nexus, the support rep explained to me that the problem is corporate, not technical:  ALL the content providers (over 20 of them at the time of my call) must approve access to each device, a painful, bureaucratic nightmare.  He said that’s why they release them in batches every three months or so.

    I’m coming to believe that the content providers don’t really want to be content providers, at least not via the internet, and are really involved only to drag the process down and kill it.

  • pabby_cakes

    and still no support for the Galaxy player :<

  • Thank God! Finally! Hulu works on my year-old Xoom!

  • LunaSherry39

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    • Glen E Ston

      Cool Story Bro.

  • Android1997

    Works on my Acer iconia a500

    i am the 1%

  • I keep getting a streaming unavailable [91] error on my Motorola Xoom. It says to check my connection and make sure i have the latest official update for my device. I have not been given the opportunity to upgrade from ICS 4.0.3 to ICS 4.0.4 yet.

  • ferg07

    Here is a link to a apk of Hulu Plus that will work on anything. I have been using it on my xoom and galaxy nexus with no issues. 
    Download ModHuluPlus App 

    Download Landscape ModHuluPlus App 

    • what is the difference? I would put it on the nexus.

      • ferg07

        The landscape version defaults watching to landscape mode. I would recommend the landscape for galaxy nexus to take full advantage of the screen. 

    • jstew182

      Do you know if it will work on Google TV?

      • ferg07

        Unfortunately I dont own a google tv but i would be interested to know if it does. 

        • jstew182

          Cool. I will check when I get home from work later and let you know. Thanks for the post though. It does work great on my Galaxy Nexus

        • jstew182

          It doesn’t seem to work on the Google TV. Thanks again for the apk though.

    • socalrailroader

      The first file works great on my Acer Iconia Tab A200 and my Galaxy Note i717, thank you!

    • thislandisyourland

      Works on Epic 4g touch. Thanks! 

  • Brad

    Just installed on Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Get a message that the device does not support DRM engine. I can view the shows but it won’t play. I am rooted and running a custom ROM. 

    • moelsen8

      i would guess that’s why?  rooted + DRM = no watching stuff from google play, netflix, probably this too and anywhere there’s content.  maybe try one of those temp unroot programs in order to get it to work.

      • FWIW,  I use the Transformer with Revolver 4 (which comes rooted) and Netflix has never once been a problem for me. Not a Hulu+ user (I despise commercials in a paid service) so I can’t comment on that.

  • socalrailroader

    I just tried it on my Acer Iconia Tab A200, I still get the “Unsupported Device” message. Speaking of which, I can’t believe it’s still not supported yet on my Galaxy Note i717.

  • NemaCystX

    Thanks to the issues going on with Google Play I managed to download it on the GalaxyTab10 with the web market, but I immediately get a “unsupported device page”

  • Why is the G-Nex still not supported on this app?  

    • Inquizitor

      I assume b/c it’s a Samsung device? Disappointing.


        Nexus S is supported .. not the gnex or  the 10.1 🙁

        • Inquizitor


  • On my Xoom right now, and it says its not supported. Bleach.

    • NemaCystX

      Thats what I’ve been reading on the reviews, maybe they just haven’t enabled the “unlock” on the server end yet since it was just updated. hmm maybe i’ll try my luck again later when I find reports of the Xoom working

  • 1bad69z28

    Will try to see if it shows up in the Sony S store

  • That only took forever.
    Too bad I can’t download it because of the play store errors.

  • NemaCystX

    complete bull, Xoom and GalaxyTab10 have the same hardware pretty much.  Is there an APK available to try for us GalaxyTab10 users?

  • Butters619

    Am I the only one having issues with Google Play Market right now?  I can’t download any apps from my Atrix and when I visit the online store it tries to check device compatibility to send the app to my device it gives me an error.

    • It’s across the board.

  • Ben Warner

    does not show up in he market for the acer iconia A100

  • Jason Purp

    You can’t lean towards Netflix instead of Hulu. They have different purposes. Hulu is meant for TV shows and Netflix is meant for movies, and they’re both the same price and they both do their job very well. Just my 2 cents. I know this barely has anything to do with this news.

    • Netflix instant play has a pretty disappointing list of content. To me at least.

      • moelsen8

        horribly disappointing.  i canceled the streaming after the split happened.  they never had one single title i wanted to watch when i wanted to watch it.

    • Hulu+: commercials
      Netflix: no commercials

      seems pretty obvious to me

      • ocdtrekkie

        That’s because Netflix content is worthless monetarily, it’s all old content the studios aren’t making much on anymore. Hulu content is incredibly expensive because it’s not even out on DVD yet. Hence why Hulu has to have ads, to offset the dramatically increased price they pay for the content.

        Seems pretty obvious to me!

        • Noyfb

          Loved netflix till they stopped sending me new releases on movies, so I went to blockbuster. At least blockbuster has games to rent as well. Wonder why the blockbuster app is not in the market anymore, or maybe its not supported for gnex?

      • DemoManMLS

        Only seems to be current seasons of shows that have ads. I’ve watched a number of older shows and older season of currently running shows with either no ads or at least 1 episode during the season that has ad breaks. Besides the ad breaks are hardly an deal killer for me as the convenience of being able to watch TV shows on the go makes it worth it for me.