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Google Play Store Appears to be Down (Updated: It’s Back)

No, it’s not just your device. The Google Play Store is in fact down at this moment. We’ll see what we can find out. In the mean time, I’m sure it is happy hour some where. Drinks on the house!

Update:  That didn’t last long. All appears to be working again.

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Murdic3k

    Still can’t download from the play store.

  • fvqu

    Whenever I try to update an app I get “Your order is processing, your item will be available in a few minutes.”

  • Eesa amin

    when the hell is getting back up

  • TheWickedShepherd

    I have a personal phone (rezound) with only my personal acccount on it, my work phone (d2g) with only my work account on it. Neither of them work with Play store at all even after 14 hours since the problems started this morning. Deleted data/cache, everything. Nothing works. Driving me nuts.

  • Anjama

    New Google Play sucks. Can’t get rid of OLD useless apps and “lost” 1/3 of apps on phone and tablet.  Also can’t find paid for apps to update. Let’s get the Market back to the way things were.

  • LunaSherry39

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  • anyone get maps to update yet? just got my third nexus in the mail today,kept trying to update maps, not sure if its phone or what

    • Flashget1984

       im having the same issue here with Droid incredible 2, could not update my google map

  • Peter Kelly

    Maybe it was the $3.99 Album Deal they are running

  • Djwatson217

    Play working but now my youtube is down. Wtf.

  • Giovanni Venezia

    Anyone else seeing already purchased apps as not purchased?

    • Happened to me also.  Its cause the Play Store was down.  Try it again now.

  • EdsonDJ

    Works fine on my Galaxy Nexus, but on the Xoom, it’s drawing a blank under “My Apps”. Not to mention apps that I already paid for are shown as if I haven’t bought them.

    • Italianface

      Same here except thats on my gnex

  • Joe Fischer

    Mine is fine…

  • I want Android Market back. Don’t like this whole Google Play thing… :L

    • Paul

      When I first read this, I was hoping that maybe they were changing the name back to Android Market. Oh, well.

      • LARAE

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  • Jeyrivera89

    I thought it was me. It was flagging errors on my updates last night and i just figured it was my phone…

  • Definitely experienced this late last night / early this morning.  Just flashed a CM9 ICS rom on my Atrix 4G and went into the play store to download Titanium Backup Pro (which i already purchased) so i can restore all my apps but the play store wanted me to buy the app again? So i flashed a few more times and still the same thing so flashed it a 4th time and finally it worked.  Didn’t dawn upon me that the play store could’ve been down, since it’s never happened to me before but guess i know now =]

  • MrSteve920

    Scratch that, working fine now.

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Thanassi

    The “Market” working fine on my Droid 2 running Froyo based AOSP Rom “Fission”.

  • MrSteve920

    Not working on G-Nex (toro), just recently updated to AOKP build 29. Was working when I first installed but now it’s just giving me error messages when I try to download anything.

    • msnight04

      Same here. I’m rolling back to Build 28 for now. Even Roman said Build 29 was a little rushed to get 4.0.4 out there. I’ll wait for Build 30

      • MrSteve920

        You don’t have to roll back. The market has been having issues all day for everyone, and mine just started working again.

        • msnight04

          A little late. My phone was already restoring a NAND backup when I saw this article. Thanks for the information though.

  • Brandon Wells17

    Working fine on stock Bionic in the new 4G Corvallis area.

  • TheOiulkj

    what? It’s working fine for me…

  • mtrip98

    it seems to be intermittent

  • Charlie

    Either the outage is location dependent or the Play Store is again open for business… it is working just fine on my Droid Razr in the California Central Valley.

  • Curtis

    Working for me. Verizon LTE, Raleigh, NC

    • Curtis

      Just “bought” the free song of the day, Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

    • Howdy from Greensboro.

  • Mcgovern0302

    Mine is working fine

  • Junk

    When was this? I never experienced downtime. Moto razr cm9 prealpha ics

  • ScottM

    Not dead for me. I just updated my Pandora….


    As of now now mine still works Lancaster pa.gnex

  • Liderc

    Still working -Gnex

  • Carsten Dressler

    Works for me

  • whew, glad to see i’m not the only one

  • dk81

    mine works

  • ragnarok180

    No problems on mine. I even have a few updates that seem to be downloading just fine. I have a Galaxy Nexus with AOKP 29

  • Up on mine….

  • Wes Sandler

    no dice in raleigh.

  • CheeseMcGee

    Working fine here!

  • Justin Everett

    Mine was down for a bit, getting that error and not letting apps update. Back up and working now.

  • John

    hah. seems to be fixed now that you’ve posted this.
    (mine was all f’d up too)

  • mine is up.. but i cant update any apps.

  • bigdav1178

    Not having any problems here.

  • working just fine for me.

  • store works fine .. its your internet connection doing that

  • Greg Morgan

    Mine’s been hit or miss all day, along with 4g in Seattle. I miss the Android Market…

  • smartguy05

    Works for me

  • JagoX

    User error? 😉 Works fine for me.

  • droidian1441

    Mine is still up… Droid Bionic

  • Asd

    You broke it by telling nexus owners they can get google wallet.

  • spearman

    Mine’s working fine

  • Work on my GNex in NYC

  • Sherman J. Buster

    Web and tbolt working fine

  • GazaIan

    Works fine here on both my myTouch 4G and Sensation, as well as my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Funny because mine works perfectly fine….

  • Dan

    Off Topic: Should I unlock my nexus

  • AbbieRosario

    Mine still works on my GNex.

  • sucram

    works for me