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Video: Android User Spends 30 Days with iPhone 4S, Talks Advantages of Ice Cream Sandwich

Making the rounds this morning, we have a video from an Android user who after hearing time and time again that iOS and the iPhone “just work” and are “more polished” than any other device, decided to spend 30 days with one to see for himself. He purchased an iPhone 4S, but mind you, this was not his first iOS device. In fact, he owns the new iPad and other Apple products and is familiar with the ecosystem, however, his goal was to take his experience with the 4S and compare it to using Google’s latest mobile OS, Ice Cream Sandwich

Throughout the video, you will see his handpicked advantages that ICS has over iOS, most of which you will probably agree with (after all, we are Android fanboys and girls). In fact, I agree with some of these as well, in that they are clear advantages to Android. A variety of tasks can be completed quicker on an Android device, as in many ways, it is a far more robust operating system than iOS. Many would argue that being “robust” does not a winning mobile OS make, but that may be an argument for another day (or one that no one can win).

What I hope you all remember though, is that in the same sense that this video was created, there are probably 10 others from the iOS perspective. Each OS has advantages over the other, no one can argue against that, but what it comes down to is which one works better for you, personally. Clearly, we have all bought into Android.

Keep in civil down there, people.

  • Gmcquade

    The “T” is silent in the word Often.
    Good job! I have the first Android still, too. 

  • ScoobySnack


  • Iamstacylynn

    what screen protector is he using?? NO FINGERPRINTS!!!!  amazing

    • ScoobySnack

      It looks like a Zagg to me.

  • Android vs. iOS… the PC vs. Mac debate has evolved…

    I’m an ardent Mac user but I prefer Android… My wife hated her Android phone and loves her iPhone… she’s not a technological whiz and isn’t wowed by the numerous advantages Android has over iOS, she just likes that the iPhone just ‘works’ better than her old Droid X. I like to flash and tweak and modify things and that’s mainly why I stick with Android… plus I think iOS’s UI is too toy-like and simple and Android (I have a GNex) has a much more comfortable UI for me and how my mind works.

    We can argue the merits and follies of either OS… in the end, people are going to go with what they like. iOS isn’t going anywhere any time soon and neither is Android. Pick one, stick with it and respect the opinions of people that choose alternately… they didn’t buy it with your money so why should you care?

  • @pdiasneto

    You should mention that not everybody has the last Andriod version, and the previous are not that good.

  • Mwildberg2

    If you don’t like your iphone I would be willing to take it off your hands. Let me know.

  • Zach Lynch

    i love android but i will admit the one thing that the iphone has over android is that when the iphone gets an update all of the iphones get it. on android only certin phones will get the update and it gets a little frustrating

  • I have a friend who openly admits that android is just to complex for him. For these kinds of people “robust” just means more steps to do something or just to much of everything. My friend went back to BLACKBERRY because he just couldn’t understand android. Sad but to each his own.

  • AME

    I was the biggest iphone supporter up until the Iphone 4. Saw the leaked Iphone 4 and reluctantly left my 3gs and got the Droid Incredible. Many things about Android OS i liked, but I thought the market and the look of the apps were awful. Was really debating going back but decided to stick with Android. Things have improved to my satisfaction and beyond. I still have an Ipad 2 and my wife has an Ipod touch, but 4.0 has completely surpassed IOS. I guarantee Cupertino knows this and we will see a major overhaul to their OS in the next 8-12 months. 

  • Rtinoco35

    eh I had an android an old one the D2G to be exact after about 2 yeears with it, it began annoying me when it closed applications and the screen started glitching out so I switched to the 4s its pretty good I do however miss some of the android features

  • Dirkwan23

    I point anybody and everybody to an android. At one point, we were all newbs to it and learned by experience. If they are technologically impaired, I suggest they get an HTC phone because sense makes a lot of those simple tasks easier. I have no problem when my friends ask me how to do this or that on their android phones. I guess thats just because im a good person

  • I have owned 5 Androids and 2 iPhones. The best phone is the phone I have. The only phone better is the one I want next. Period. I don’t consider ios to be superior to Android or vice versa. I just love the fact that both are constantly improving to stay neck and neck with one another. 

  • Peter Kelly

    He really should have re-installed the Clockr widget after the reboot before he mentioned how he needs 3 clocks.  

    One of which was HOURS off.  Shame that Clockr dude couldn’t fix that really irritating issue on reboots. Maybe he’s helping Fede re-write LPP.

  • richlizard24

    Droid-Life, always pulling up the rear with “news” and always ready to bait its users into a flame war.  

  • cricket223

    Wow someone forgot to proof read this blog post before submitting! Painful to read!

  • SB

    Can you please post a list of apps that perform better on iOS than Android (or that is not available on Android – exclude Insta….)?


      Instagram. :p we don have it yet but you asked to name 1. Btw I have a gnex

  • Droidzilla

    For the tech savvy, it might be. For the average user, I’m not so sure. I have a friend who has a T-Bolt and I’ve told him I could make it a lot faster and the battery last longer etc. He didn’t see the point since he’s really happy with how nice it is out of the box. To be fair, he came from a Blackberry.

  • SB

    On Monday, I moved a friend from a 3GS to a G S2 Skyrocket. There was a refurb available from AT&T for $50 so I encouraged him to get it.

    He is a not a techie, but a heavy data user, so I set things that he regularly uses on 3 screens – showed  him how to use  the phone … spent  a total of 20 minutes tops. I was just super scared that he will call me 5 times before the next morning. This was an ORIGINAL iphone user from early 2008 … then 3GS from early 2010.

    He calls me back the next morning. Not one single question. Says that he spent several hours downloading stuff and playing with the phone. Told me, ” Dude, why didn’t you introduce me to Android before????”

  • trevorsalienarms

    I think the larger point here is, and one I appreciate that the presenter is trying to make, is that there’s a persistent stigma surrounding Android that what you get is a somehow cheaper, less capable and jankier than what you can get with Apple and it’s simply not true. (Maybe it was at one point, I don’t know, but certainly not today.)

    Two of my good friends, who are by all accounts very bright, simply refuse to even consider anything, and I mean anything that hasn’t come out of Cupertino. I mean, they’re like militant about their loyalty to Apple, to the point where if they even see one of my Android devices, they immediately launch into tirades about why Apple is so superior to Android. I don’t get it.

    I did my time with Apple devices, bought one of the first gen iPod touches, had it for years, nice device until the battery no longer would accept a charge. It was fine, I got what I paid for out of it, but at no time did I feel bound by an unbreakable bond of loyalty to the brand. If anything, I got a little bored with it.

    When it was time to get a new smartphone, I looked at the iPhone, it reminded me of my iPod touch but with the phone functionality. I was kind of over that, so I began to look at Android, got an Incredible and never looked back.

    I like what I have and now enjoy our stable of Android devices at home. Never once have I wished I went with Apple exclusively. My friends and colleagues always say “well, Apple products just ‘work'” as if Android devices don’t, and I just don’t see it.

    I’d like to see a video or series of videos on what the iPhone can do that my Nexus can’t. (Besides take decent still pictures…lol.) No one ever seems to be able to expand on how it is exactly that the iPhone is “better”. Better how exactly?

  • Dliuzzo110

    I personally think its irresponsible to buy anything without doing at least a little research to figure out what you want and y you want it. At which point most would come to the conclusion that android is better for many reasons. I had no tech experience and came out realizing it was android hands down. I think 90% of people that buy iPhones is because they think its a status symbol. Of coarse this isn’t true in all cases but from what I see most people that have iPhones have no need for a smartphone and/or no idea how to actually use one for the real nature in which it was intended

  • derrickwillard

    this was a pretty good video, like the guy in the video i own both apple and android products (macbook air, new ipad, atrix) for the tablet and full computer experience i prefer apple, for phone i far and away prefer android. If the atrix’s bootloader wasn’t unlockable and i had to stick with motoblur instead of cm7 i’d hate the phone. my next phone will without question be a galaxy nexus (once att gets them officially) 

  • fanboy1974

    I won’t even consider a iPhone unless the screen is made bigger. I’m betting at least 10 to 25% of the people on this forum would switch.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m betting you pulled those numbers out of your butt.

  • jdrch

    RE multitasking on Android: it only truly works if the app has a service component that runs constantly in the background, usually as a notification. Otherwise Android freezes the app when you switch away from it just like iOS does.

    Hardcore Galaxy Nexus fan here, BTW

    • Benjamin Landwehr

      Well yeah that’s “true” multi-tasking.  But when referring to multi-tasking it’s also switching to previous spots without having to close out and lose your spot.  Like pausing in a game or exiting the browser.

      Nexus fan and user here too, btw. 🙂

      • jdrch

        Good point 🙂

  • monoik

    I have a SGS2, previously I had an iPhone 3G. Right now I’m playing with the iPad 2 (haven’t been fortunate enough to live in a country where the new one doesn’t cost my monthly wage), and in the course of my work I had an opportunity to play with many different phones and tablets running Android, Windows Phone and other more obscure OSes.

    The frustrating thing about iOS is that to achieve really simple things (like turning on your WiFi while being in another app) required a great deal of tinkering (jailbreak etc). Plus, the whole cumbersome experience with iTunes, lack of true multitasking (even the iPhone 4S haven’t got it) and the small screen, even despite the great resolution.

    On the other hand, despite the same iOS shortcomings on the iPad, I think that the lack of content and optimized apps on Android tablets make them inferior to the Apple counterpart.

    SGS2 : Phone 1:0
    Android tablet : iPad 0:1

  • shooter50

    Like others I don’t want to start trouble, I’ve had every high end Android tablet including the Transformer Prime and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and none of them operate as smoothly as an iPad (I had the iPad 2 and now the new one). I love Android and would give anything for an Android tablet to operate as smoothly as the iPad. When people say it just works, to me its because it almost never slows down. It operates swiftly and efficient. So I keep going back to the Ipad and keep on trying new Androids tabs as they come out, always to be disappointed.
    Not being an Android geek, I do have a question. Why do the tablets operate so poorly, yet my Razr Maxx and Galaxy Note run great?

  • Fluidideas.com

    Simply put. Android is FREEDOM!

  • Thanassi

    The only Apple products I’ve liked were iTunes (before Google Music) and the 3-4 iPod classics I’ve owned. But when it comes to computing and mobile phones, WIndows and Android all the way.

  • Does anyone know what ROM he is using on his Galaxy Nexus?

  • thebluegod

    This guy makes a lot of good points. Android has always been the platform for tech-savvy users, in my opinion. Mainly because (I hate to say it) the iPhone just looks more accessible. I mean, it’s just a bunch of icons. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. I love Android cuz I can customize MY device in MY way, but some people (even engineers/technical people) don’t want that level of complexity on their phone and just want a simple OS to talk, text, and check a few emails. Android CAN be a simpler OS if you want it to, but Apple has the upper hand in marketing so they attract all sorts of customers. Android is getting there though, at least in terms of phones.

  • jeff manning

    what is the icon pack he is using in the beginning of the video

  • Android is “more better”. Enough said. 

  • JMonkeYJ

    the maps app on iOS is the thing that really bothers me. it’s the app i use the most since my gf has an iphone and i might be using it while she’s driving or looking something up, etc.

    the maps app is devoid of features that are critical for location-related tasks (navgation is the obvious one, but there are so many more). it can’t be used one-handed…rendering it useless in many cases when you need it most. it’s also ugly (OK, that’s an ad hominem attack, but seriously…super ugly). every time i use it it makes me want to throw her iphone out the car window.

    i guess it’s all iphone users know, so they just don’t realize how terrible it is? it’s such a critical app!

  • Where can I get his boot animation?

    • What’s his name

      I wanna know that too

  • greenbacks

    I would never recommend and idevice to anyone techie or not.  I would much rather answer a million questions on a android device then one question on an idevice.  I own an OG ipad and cannot wait to get me some prime tablet real estate. The only Apple product I care about is the MBP.

  • Cumbersome.

  • Earleepa

    ice cream sandwich is good but the phone that google picked to introduce it on totally sucks.

    • uhhh what? i love my g-nex. When they put out the bug fix update, i’m sure it’ll be even better

      • What bugs are you experiencing?  I’ve had the Nexus for a few weeks with no problems.  Thing runs hot and tears through my battery but I haven’t noticed any bugs.

        • Smooth918

          That is one of the main bugs, as well as 4g, the AOKP ROM fixed my battery issue, but the 4G problem is still there; other than those two I don’t have any other bugs.

        • The only major bug that i experience is the data dropping off sometimes, and in limited 4G areas, it’s constantly switch, which is also a reason why your phone runs hot and drains battery. when i’m in a definite 3G or 4G area, my battery lasts a lot longer

  • I’m going to just go ahead and say both Apple and Android make awesome products. I personally like android because I’m constantly searching for what works best FOR ME. Android gives me the freedom and choice to be able to do so. The experience is all based on the user. You guys are wasting your breath sitting here arguing over OPINION.. It’s hilarious because there’s a guy in my office who will sit and argue his OPINION all day until he is blue in the face and try to claim it’s a fact. 

    Can’t say I don’t enjoy reading some of this though… reminds me of when I was in 5th grade.

  • Balls

    I prefer to support open source software, and group innovation and advancement in software engineering. 

  • mkess

    Two other items that need mentioning: Settings and their fragmented (yes fragmented) approach to Apple products.  On my new iPad, I find that if I want to set something in an app, i have to back out of that app by hitting the home button, find the main settings icon (gears) and then find the app within the master settings area, and ONLY THEN, can I make the change i want to.  Heck, by the time I get their, I may forget what the I wanted to change.

    And their itunes, app store, ibooks, newstand approach is MADDENING. Why is everything all over the place?  Why do I have to back out and go find a song if I’m in the app store?  Clearly, Google’s one stop shop for all is the way to go.

    Why aren’t these things mentioned in Apple reviews? Why?  

    • Sven Enterlein

      It is because you don’t NEED to change anything in iOS. It works right out of the box. And changes in settings are for Android users anyway 😉 /sarcasm

      Back to reality. You brought up a very valid point that I subconsciously noted but never actively thought about. A lot of settings have to be changed in the iOS settings not from within the apps (but not true for all apps!). I guess one can find pros and cons for that but I have to agree that it can be annoying. To my shame I have to admit that I sometimes didn’t even _know_ I _could_ change the settings since I never looked outside the app! 

  • Honestly I use android… I re-code android…. but this guy is an idiot and shouldn’t be doing a review. 1: If iOS finds an address it opens it up in maps as well.
    2: The reason tablets are different than phones is because it is built into the OS to do so, and this is also an ICS first.
    3: about 2% of the android phones out there have ICS on them (officially) try doing this against GB or froyo since most people use that.

    Great idea, but badly executed.

    • mkess

      hate to tell ya, but you can do most of this on GB and froyo too.  both GB and froyo Still beat iOS in most of the things he touches on here.

  • While I fully agree that Android > iOS, it has to be noted that this video is showing ICS vs iOS and let’s face it, ICS is a major upgrade to GB, Froyo, etc.

    There are a lot of people who bought Froyo and other devices that plainly had major issues. My Fascinate was increadibly popular, yet it was flawed big time. You don’t think many people would say f that, I’m getting an iPhone next time based on that experience? I have four friends who did that exact same thing.

    Now I show them my gnex and its better stuff and one will get a gnex soon, but the others are sticking with iPhones 4s because they are far better experiences than they had with their previous droids and fascinates.

  • Jer85008

    For the comments recomending Apple over an Android device (to novice/non-tech users), If you would have asked me this a year ago when I was using my Droid X I would definately said yes. However, after a good six months with my Rezound I would not hesitate to recomend it to anyone wanting a smartphone.

  • FiMachineGun

    No back button for IoS after how many versions?  Some never learn.

    • Tyler

      It’s not like they can go back and add a back button on the iPhone, it would look dumb with 2 circles on the front. 🙂

  • feztheforeigner

    This guy just put all my thoughts into one video. Great job!

  • Putting aside my personal feelings for Apple (I hate them and everything they stand for and every employee of theirs on principle)  I PERSONALLY cannot stand iOS. It doesn’t work for me.  That being said, Android, while I absolutely love the customization factor, isn’t living up to my (possibly foolish) hopes…I used to scoff at windows phone, but the new windows phone OS looks real good..maybe I’ll give that a shot.  

  • I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit of an Android fanboy myself. I’ve had the iPhone3G, I had the 1st Gen iPad, and compared to Android, iOS is not my cup of tea. I agree with a lot of this vid’s points, but looking at it from maybe not necessarily an Apple fanboy, but rather a long time iOS user; is that it would be hard to go from iOS to Android, because of the amount of money spent on iOS apps, being used to the ecosystem, and they probably don’t mind that Apple tells you how to use your device.

    • J in Denver

      Without iTunes, the iDevice lineup is just another product.  iTunes allowed Apple to consolidate content delivery and made it easy for a user to store, transfer and view their content.  Unfortunately it also put them on a very short leash, which is a point you hit right on the head.  Had Microsoft gone the same route with Media Player the mobile device landscape might be very different.  I used a few Microsoft mobile phones before the iPhone was ever conceptualized, and they weren’t bad devices they were just very stagnant in terms of content – probably due to a business user focus.

  • audioruckus

    I went from the iPhone 4, to the Droid Bionic to the Windows Phone (Trophy) to the Galaxy Nexus and finally, back to the iPhone 4S….all in the span of about 7 months.

    At the end of the day, this whole argument always boils down to personal preference.  For ME, the iPhone “just works” better.  I spent hours customizing my android phones, tried another closed ecosystem in Windows Phone using Zune for music, skydive, etc, and then finally decided that if I was ever going to love Android it would be with the flagship Galaxy Nexus with ICS. 

    Unfortunately, even though ICS is SO much nicer than Gingerbread, I still feel like the experience isn’t as polished as I’d like, and the app selection doesn’t hold a candle to the app store.  Even the apps that are on both platforms perform differently, with the Android app usually feeling like a shell of it’s iPhone counterpart.

    When all was said and done, even with LTE, a huge beautiful display and a revamped OS in ICS, I just liked the apple ecosystem and app selection much better.  There are def things to like about Android, I just like more things about iOS.

  • I love competition 🙂

  • Very good video. I had an Android 2.3.3 and now I have an 4S. I got to say, this new version of Andriod is much better than was mine, but I still prefer the iPhone.

  • frankandsimple

    I had never owned an iphone.. was with Android since Droid Incredible and thunderbolt..did all kinds of tinkering with Android.. theming, some programming.. smali/baksmali etc..
    after 18 months decided to give the iphone a shot… First reaction was dismay over the screen size.. returned the phone back.. but then after having used the iphone and realizing how everything just worked.. I sold my TB on ebay and got the iphone 4s. 
    Since then I have bought and sold the Razr Maxx.. and I still think the iphone 4s is the best phone I’ve owned till date.

  • Prime7

    I honestly wouldn’t mind using iOS, but I just like Android’s flexibility. Also, I hate iTunes and won’t use iOS until there is a way to untether it to that garbage.

  • Liderc

    He brings up good points.  The problem is all Android devices aren’t using pure android, that’s where the quality control problems come in. 

    • ddevito

      True, but that isn’t the basis of the video. It’s comparing stock Android vs (stock) iOS

      • Liderc

        But he’s basing his video on the opinions of people who have used another version of Android and have said they didn’t like it or it wasn’t as easy to use as IOS.  Which means the reason he made the video was to show those people that Android CAN be as simple and even better to use than IOS, but most likely these same people have never used stock Android as only 2 devices have ever been released that way.

        We don’t know what the average consumer thinks of stock android because the average consumer has never even seen it most likely.  Until more stock android devices are released and we get to see what the average consumer says about it, it will be hard to determine why they may prefer IOS over stock Android. 

        • ddevito

          The OG Droid and Galaxy Nexus are pretty popular. 

          • Liderc

            I agree, but it’s only 2 phones out of what 50+ that have been released?  Just think of how small of a percentage of people using android devices are using the OG/Nexus, I bet it’s less than 10%. 

    • Droidzilla

      Most of the things he likes about Android over iOS are almost exactly the same on my RAZR or just minor differences. I have a search button dedicated but no dedicated search bar on screen; achieves the same goal.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    The one thing Ill point out, the swiping under recent apps does not close the app. Try opening a music player, and do that, music wont stop. I love andriod, just saying

  • mkess

    Just bought the new iPad and he is right on every topic addressed here. iOS is silly on a tablet.  just icons, spread out and really big.  What a waste on that screen!  I’ll say it 100 times.  iOS doesn’t “just work”.  It has issues like any other OS – with crashes and limitations and force closes.  That being said, I love the new iPad, but I will get an android tablet in the next year too. This iPad will be my first and last iOS device unless they significantly change it.  People should not be recommending iOS for the non-tech savy.  Introduce them to the concept of the app drawer and how to put them on the screen.  Introduce them to the back and menu buttons and you’re set.  Three simple introductions and their set for android.  There is no need to introduce new things.  If they can do those three, they’ve mastered their android phone to a level where it is VERY usable for everything they need.

  • tjmonkey15

    I love my Nexus, but I think the menu button inconsistency is annoying like the back button issue mentioned in this video.  I know app developers are partially to blame for this, but it can be a pain. Even some of the Google apps have the menu button at the bottom when Google themselves asked developers to put it at the top.

    Minor issue, but still an annoyance. Other than that though, it’s nice to see that Android OS “just works” in a lot of ways where iOS doesn’t.  

  • As for me, it is purely a function of maintaining my marriage.  She is simply not as technically adept (and I lack the patience to train) so that means her next phone is an iphone, about which I can remain blissfully ignorant (and can avoid doing technical support), whilst I continue to feed my Android habit (about which she wants to hear nothing).  And that’s how you stay married for 30+ years.

    • Greyhame

      Haha. Nice.

    • Droidzilla

      My wife is all Android and is happy to let me tweak her devices. In fact, she’s never used an iOS device and finds them frustrating when she tries to use her friends’ iPhones (I always hear stuff like, “how do you go back?”). The “fact” that iOS devices are more intuitive is a myth. Most people had iPods, so the transition to an iPhone is an easy one. For non-techies that never had an iPod (like my wife), the learning curve on an iPhone is the same as on an Android (though it goes for longer on an Android, since you can do more with it).

      All that said, my wife can navigate around on her Android very well. I’m sure she could learn an iPhone as well, but the point is it’s no easier out of the gate with no prior knowledge of the OS.

  • ddevito

    I’m tired of hearing how iPhones are the smartphones for dummies, and that it’s what you’d recommend to your tech-less friends and relatives.

    Android, albeit more complex in nature, is just as easy to learn as any other device. Touch enabled devices are easy to use from the get-go, iOS isn’t simpler to use – it’s just simpler in design.

    But that doesn’t mean any tech scared person can’t learn it. Sure, they won’t be setting up Google Voice, Direct Dials or perhaps even the most functional widgets, but humans can do things better than machines in regard to one thing: LEARNING. People can figure Android out just as easy.

    • Droidzilla

      Right on. It’s like comparing an automatic gearbox car to another automatic gearbox car that also lets you use paddle shifters. People could complain about how paddle shifters make driving so much harder than the straight auto and are only good for people who want control over their cars. OK, then why not simply not use the paddle shifter option? Boom, same level of simplicity.

  • Polar_Penguin3

    I will agree that I prefer Android over iOS in most cases but I just want to ask if you really tried to make an effort to use and understand iOS. First off, Android is one of the least consistent operating systems on the market. Every single manufacturer of Android phones has a completely different look to it, and are laid out differently.Most Android phones I have held lag and are very slow. Also, not all Android phones have the search bar at the top, on my phone, which also has ICS, I have to use a search widget. Next, you said to kill the apps on iOS i have to tap the delete icon on the app, which you claimed was so much more difficult, yet on ICS it wasn’t any different except instead of tapping you slide the apps away. Also, with the whole checking you subscribers on YouTube thing you had going, it took less time to check it on iOS than it did on ICS and yet you complained about how difficult it was. Now onto putting music onto your phone, iOS does a much better job in this department because the iPod app is much simpler and much easier to use than the Music app that comes on Android. You said that all I have to do is drop a mp3 file into a folder and I’m good on Android but you have to convert the files in iTunes and what not. Don’t tell me that is you trying to be unbiased, because on iOS you just load the file into iTunes, which takes 1 second, and click sync, which also takes almost no time at all, and boom your done. I don’t think that you took more than a moment’s glance at iOS, and this just proves how ignorant people are about iOS. 

    • Vin2Win

      uhhh, Google Music. Obviously you’re not an avid android user. iTunes forces you to sync with 1 library. No options. iOS is a great OS, but it tells the user what to do, where as the user tells ICS what to do.

      • Polar_Penguin3

        Actually I use Google Music everyday. I prefer the way iOS does music. It’s easier and simpler. Also who has more than 1 library of music that they need to sync to.

        • ddevito

          Explain easier and simpler.

          • Polar_Penguin3

            By easier and simpler, I mean that the layout makes more sense and is more intuitive. 

          • ddevito

            That didn’t answer my question.

            Android (even ICS) has its own sets of UI quirks, I’m not denying that (the new Maps Navigation menu button for starters), but the Music App is very straightforward. 

            It’s no different than any other Android app, so I’m not sure why you single out the Music app.

          • Polar_Penguin3

            I don’t know how that didn’t answer your question. It’s layout is much simpler and quicker. There isn’t much more to say.

          • Tyler

            I don’t see how its any better, android has tabs at the top that you can swipe threw or tap on iOS has them at the bottom. If anything android is quicker because you can start up the last song you were playing in 2 clicks or from the homescreen in 1. Maybe they’ve changed it since i last used it which is 3.x but it still has the basic design pattern. I give neither the clear advantage because they are so similar in styling.

      • I have a Nexus, and I use Google Music, but one thing I can’t stand is that when you want to upload music to Google Music, you have to upload an entire folder, instead of just being able to upload individual files. Since I get my music by the album, but don’t listen to every song on every album, and especially with the 20,000 song limit, I have to upload an album, and THEN delete the songs I didn’t want to have uploaded in the first place. I’m not going to re-arrange the organization of my MP3s on my computer, because that would just be pointless. I really wish Google would let you upload individual files to Google Music, without the app even. Maybe just have it work like adding attachments to an email, being able to do it within the browser.

    • ddevito

      which ICS phone do you have?

      • Polar_Penguin3

        HTC Vivid

        • ddevito

          The video here compares STOCK Android to iOS. So if you don’t like what you see then get a STOCK Android phone.

          Android’s all about choice. Don’t bitch that YOUR phone has differences. Sense has its advantages but to complain that your phone is different than other Android phones is by far the weakest argument anyone can make about Android. weak.

          • Polar_Penguin3

            What do you mean stock? The ICS I have is an official release. Also I’m no complaining about my phone or its differences, I actually quite like my phone and Sense. I’m just saying that is video was made on a completely biased view.

          • ddevito

            Sense is not stock. It’s a skin. 

          • Polar_Penguin3

            I realized that after I replied, sorry.

    • JonLS

      I’m not defending either but Android to me actually seems easier to add music. Plug in your port and drop mp3 on phone. IOS you plug in your port, open Itunes, then drop music in program and let sync. If say I wanted to grab some music off someone’s computer who doesn’t own Itunes I’d have to download the software. For Android you don’t have to rely on using software to add music.

      • Polar_Penguin3

        I will give Android that.

    • Kelly Blankenship

      He was talkin’ about ringtones, not music when he said it was easier to just drop the mp3 file in. He never spoke about iTunes or music. Pay attention. If your gonna argue, at least be on the same topic. Now with that, ringtones are easier just like he said. Unless you want to pay for them via iTunes. Of course you could jailbreak your phone and do it that way. But what everyday normal user knows how to do that?

      • Polar_Penguin3

        I’m not trying to argue, I’m just stating that this whole video is based off of a bias opinion.

        • Kelly Blankenship

          Um… ok? Then you should have said that all along instead of “stating” incorrect facts in response to his video. Cause the last time I checked, the definition of “argue” states:
          Verb: 1. Give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory,
          typically with the aim of persuading others to share one’s view.
          2. Persuade someone to do or not to do (something) by giving reasons: “I tried to argue him out of it”.
          Synonyms:dispute – debate – discuss – reason – contend – quarrel

          With that said. Both OSes have their pluses and minuses. I love my iPhone for it’s games and apps. But I love my SGS2 for it’s customization. Have a nice day! And enjoy my dispute, debate, discussion, or my argument. 🙂

          • Polar_Penguin3

            OMG, I am quiet aware of what argue means, I’m not a five year old. Also, I believe that I did say that this video was a based off of a bias opinion if you even bothered to read the other comments. This is exactly why I don’t like to even comment. Everyone blows everything out of proportion, and 99% of those who comment on this website are just people who are so narrow minded that any time they see something that even vaguely supports or defends iOS they have to harass them about how Android is superior.

          • JonLS

            I think it was the way you wrote your comment that set people off. You kind of went on a long tangent and ended it with “this just proves how ignorant people are about iOS”. 

            Yet you’re an android owner using a skinned phone that didn’t realize that this was an IOS vs Stocked android comparison. Which almost makes it seem like you’re comparing an android phone rather than android OS which are different. Or how I had to really make you think about how more convenient it was to drop an mp3 file on the phone rather than go through software. In a way, you came off a little ignorant. But since you’ve accepted your faults you redeemed yourself.

  • Bodhiballer

    Finally, something to unit the Moto fanboys and the GNex fanboys!

    • TC Infantino

      Hey!  I am an HTC fanboy now, don’t we get a mention?

  • This made my day! Thanks for sharing. 

  • Austinrgoebel

    I love android but i wish they would make more phones in white and release them with standard color phones

    • Droid_Dude

      IMO, white phones are for girls. They would also, I assume, start looking dirty way before and gray or black phone.

  • What rom is he using on his Nexus? Those “Office, Music, etc” screens are cool 🙂

  • Love that boot animation. Also, does anyone know where to get that icon pack? Just want the X for the app drawer, and I can’t find it for some odd reason.

    • NemaCystX

      I think I saw that on DeviantArt, I’d like it as well

  • Steve McD

    This is like comparing Kobe and Jordan. Kobe is good but Jordan will always be better. 

    •  lol which is kobe and which is jordan?

      • Droid_Dude

        Jordan has got to be Android 🙂

  • Djlowproz

    New Google Maps Update today.

    • OhAaron

      Just updated. 🙂 Thanks!

      • ddevito

        New home Navigation screen is fantastic

  • Dan

    i wish i lived that close to an in-n-out burger 🙁

  • I have to say ive owned both iPhone 4s and Android 2.2.2, 2.3.7  (and not ICS yet).  I prefer my iPhone.  Everything just works better.  Its easier, better lay out.  It does exactly what you THINK it’ll do, versus you wondering  if the app can do it.  I think its because developers put more effort into the apps for iphone than Android.  But im a fan of both.   I realize that on my iphone most of the apps i download are games, and informational apps.. on my android most of the apps i downloaded were apps like overclock apps, rom managers, task killers.  things to make the phone work better over all. which i did not enjoy.  the phone should be perfect out of the box.. right?   Also i found myself putting home replacements on my phone to have it look more like the iphone… so why not just get the real thing?

    • Tysoncrosby21

      The simple fact that you admitted using task killers on an Android device renders all your other opinions and arguments invalid. …

      • Masta Marc

         You’re wrong.  When I had my Android phones App Killers were big for battery life as battery life back then sucked.  In fact i started coming to this site which informed me of task killers LOL.   True I know they’re of no use NOW.. But back then  (which was 2 years ago) they were.  I have no had the pleasure to play around with ICS yet, except the rom for the OG Droid and i LOVE IT.  But we’re comparing a lexus to a hyundai here.  hyundai has more features but lexus is better quality LOL.  

        But then again i haven’t played around with Android 4.0 yet enough to switch from iphone.   And i hate Device Check in apps. btw

    • AroundTheFur

      Task killers haven’t really been relevant since eclair. Also, if you don’t enjoy custom ROMs, that’s half of your battle. Personally, I enjoy running ICS on my Bionic. Android has some great applications you simply can’t get on Apple, and vice versa. But if you’re comparing apples to oranges, I have to say that simple multitasking and portability is a boon for Android. All I have to do is log in on any Android phone or tablet, and boom, all of my information/apps/etc. is loaded. I respect your opinion, but I would definitely recommend giving a phone with ICS a second look.

    • i don’t know, i think the guy just showed a few common tasks that don’t really work better.

  • NemaCystX

    I used to be an iOS fan back when I had my iPod Touch 2G lol  but ever since Android was announced I got curious, at the time I had a smartphone running windows 6, my first one at that, and it was the Touch Pro 2 by HTC. I loved it, so many options and features compared to another device, even my iPod Touch. I had to jailbreak my iPod Touch just to get what I wanted for it and how I wanted it was to customize the look.  After a while modders began porting android to windows 6 as a dual boot, I tried it out and I liked it, it was glitchy but usable, I didn’t like the UI (Cupcake).  A few months later I keep reading rumors on Droid-Life about HTC bringing a high end Android device to Verizon, the HTC Incredible at the time, I ended up getting that and ever since then my love for Android has grown to 4 devices, 

    OG DROID Incredible
    HTC ThunderBolt
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    I’m NemaCystX and thats how I got hooked on Android

    • Very similiar experience for me.  I was waiting for ages for the iPhone to come out on Verizon (Had an ipod touch 2g and loved it).  I used to carry a regular flip phone, and my ipod touch.  Then i was forced in to getting a OG Droid as that is what the attorneys were getting and i had to be able to support it…NEVER looked back.  I was instantly hooked.  Im not gonna go through all the reasons android better….but like the guy above, I was iOS….android turned me.

      Since OG Droid….Droid 2, R2-D2, Droid 3, and currently….droid 4.  Will NEVER give up the keyboard…just wish they still had the 3.7 inch screen (4+ is too big IMO….but 3.5 is too small…3.7 is jjjjjust right. Come on android….bring back the 3.7 inch screen…or i guess i should be talking to Motorola.  You listening Moto?  3.7!!!

      • Tyler

        You would probably flip out if i gave you my 4.65″ Galaxy Nexus to try out haha. But anyway, I feel they should make more high end smaller screened phones in the 4″ range. Just because I absolutely love my massive screen doesn’t mean everyone else will like it. Not everyone has as large of hand as me or wants to put such a large phone in their pocket. Choice is one more reason why Android trumps iOS being able to choice which screen size or specs you like. I personally feel all Android phones made my manufacturers should be high end devices and should sell them for longer periods of time lowering the price as time goes on. Cheap crappy speced phones wont get bought as much which means less updates (manufactures have less reason to care) which means more problems like bugs, which means unhappy people which equals frowny face. You can solve the problem by leaving the older high end phones around longer. They wont have bugs and will improve their longevity. Well I’m done ranting.

  • So i’ve been an Android user since launch day OG Droid, currently a GNEX owner, nook color, hp touchpad, and motoactv user. Ive spent plenty of time with various Roms and feel that i have used android a lot. I saw the potential when froyo first dropped, but ICS didnt bring it home. Its much better and i do like it, but it always feels like its an experiment. Force closes and odd performance hiccups are annoying. Why is it after i root and install a new rom or kernel i get better performance than i got out of the box. When will Google get their stuff together and make android something great instead of the latest version of windows 98. Im surrounded by fan boys.

    • PC_Tool

       ” Why is it after i root and install a new rom or kernel i get better performance than i got out of the box.”

      It is a trade off.  While you *may* be getting better performance, you can rest assured that while it may work “perfectly” for you, there are likely dozens of other people using that ROM and having all kinds of problems.

      Kinda like how for each person having FCs and odd performance issues, there are likely dozens of folks on stock that aren’t.

      Every device is different, even ones that are the same.  (This carries over to every piece of tech you can imagine…)

      “Im surrounded by fan boys.”

      Lucky you.  I’m surrounded by drones.

    • Greyhame

      I grudgingly have to agree with you here. If Google wants to quiet the naysayers, they need address the issues present in 4.0.2. Either hire some of the fantastic developers to address them, or put out more frequent updates to resolve the homescreen / app drawer lag, the multi-touch issues, the mic-cut off issues, the radio issues, the battery drain. 

      I recently reset my device back to stock and it wasn’t more than a few minutes before I missed the ROMs exhibit ZERO lag, and add to the experience with so many customization options. It’s way past time that Google implement some of these options (not having notification toggles by now is just silly). I flashed immediately afterwards. The blame isn’t solely on Google though. Carriers have to get on board with the fact that bug fix updates should not need to undergo lengthy testing. Just push them to end users and benefit the entire ecosystem. The sooner OEMs have the latest bug free versions, the sooner they can push out their ICS udpates. 

      You have to admit there’s a bit of an issue when developers, who have normal jobs apart from all they provide the community, can put out multiple builds that run 10x more smoothly than what Google has to offer. 

      Sorry.  /End rant

  • Jnkntrnk

    One MAJOR thing you forgot to mention is how with the new 4G networks in place that Apple in general (excluding the brand new Ipad) has yet to utilize those networks while Android based phones have been since it was introduced

  • StevieWelles

    This is basically my exact situation. I started with the G1, eventually had an iPhone 3G, then several more Android phones, and currently the 4S. When my HTC Inspire died (dropped it), my wife let me use her upgrade. I got a 4S for two reasons. 1, I knew that my wife would gladly take it off my hands when our next upgrade was available. 2, it has the best camera on the market. For the past 4 months, I’ve definitely been missing Android. Primarily: Maps, Google apps integration, Customization, KEYBOARD REPLACEMENT, Widgets, Screen size. Also, as he points out in the video, the way android allows you to choose what app you want to open certain links with is greatly missed after spending time on iOS particularly Camera quality has become very important to me, particularly after using the amazing camera on the 4S. The next Android phone with an equal or better camera on AT&T will be mine.

    • NemaCystX

      I would suggest the HTC One XL then

      • StevieWelles

        I definitely have my eyes on that “One”.

    • Droidzilla

      The iPhone does not, and probably never will, have the best camera on the market. That distinction belongs to Nokia (I really loathe Nokia smartphones, but their Carl Zeiss cameras and Xenon flashes make me drool). The iPhone 4 had a horrid camera (due to crappy processing), but the 4S is definitely a top-tier camera. It’s on-par with the camera in Sony smartphones because the iPhone 4S’s camera is made by Sony.

  • Jksigmon

    The lack of google navigation alone makes me never ever want to go to iOS period if only for that reason.

  • should have told us that the nexus was really in alpha stage

    • Greyhame

      DISCUS needs a DISLIKE button.

  • NemaCystX

    Wow, the iOS fanboys are out in full force in the comments on the YouTube page

    • RCCola85

      And almost all of them are proving just how little they know about Android. Probably still basing their opinions on the G1.

  • YankInDaSouth

    This guy has THE worst screen protector on his Nexus!! 

    • Ben

       I was thinking the same thing, that set aside he makes some great points.

  • Snyder Nate

    What screen protector is he using on the gnex?

    • tomn1ce

      I was thinking the same thing, it looks like the Invisible Shield from Zagg…

  • RCCola85

    I try not to sound like a douchebag when I say it, but I recommend iPhones to friends of mine that I know have no technological know-how. I know if I recommend a Nexus to them they’ll be asking me questions day and night about the simplest tasks…just because they’re too lazy to go on the internet & do a web search. I have converted more than a few techie friends that were initially afraid to make the plunge though. lol

    • Xavier Fields

      and for that same reason is why i never tell my friends to get a droid.

    • KMLN

      I tend to realize I do the same thing I’ve have 5 android phones and 2 iphones 4 and 4s. and those which are not to tech savy get recommended an iphone.

      • CSBrah

        What does tech savy bring to the table with a droid? The abillity to load roms/root/widgets?

        Am i the only one thats sick of widgets and loading roms? 

        Just wondering, not trying to fight ladies!

        • RCCola85

          The fact that you say “ladies” at the end shows that you either are looking to start an argument or are trolling. If not, try again.

          • CSBrah

            You offended by it or something? Adding a sprinkle of humor to my post was all i was trying to do.

            On a serious note, i guess im the only one sick of loading roms/widgets and stuff.

          • Jacob121791

            you don’t have to load ROMs…. Stock andrpid works just fine.

            And idk why you would want to go without widgets but you can do that also if you would like. no on is making you use widgets….

          • ddevito

            You’re sick of loading ROMs? Okay, then don’t do it.

            Sick of widgets? How can anyone be sick of a widget? Just don’t use it…..?

          • geedee82

            Seriously, smh

          • RCCola85

            Not at all, I just don’t waste my time with trolls. If you don’t like widgets, don’t use them. If you don’t like loading ROMs, don’t load them. All the options are available to you, which is one of the best things about Android. People that complain about and/or are confused by having too many options should stick with iOS since it’s so restricted.

            HoodieNation said what I would say about being tech savvy.

          • You are actually… That’s a big reason the rest of us chose android.  

          • PC_Tool

            “i guess im the only one sick of loading roms/widgets and stuff.”

            Then don’t.  No-one ever forced you, and it is not a requirement of Android that your unlock/root/ROM.

            The option to do so is a bonus.  A perk.  It is not a negative.  Using it as a complaint about Android is either ignorance, or a sad attempt at comedic wit.

          • TC Infantino

            You are most obviously a troll, considering you have no idea what you are talking about.  Sick of loading roms?  You do realize that you don’t have to root and ROM an Android phone to use all the customizations that we talk about here.  A stock Android phone can be customized just about any way you like.  So you don’t get sick of ‘loading ROMs’ because you either chose to root and ROM your device or you don’t.  And sick of loading widgets?  A widget is something that you can use to put information or switches on your home screens.  If you don’t want them then you don’t use them, how do you get sick of something that you have the choice of not using on your phone?  You sir are a complete moron and a troll.

          • Tesla33

            then dont do it? android works perfectly fine either way. unlike ios where you dont have that option at all.

        • Tech Savy brings the ability to learn your phone without asking a million questions to the person that recommended it.  Iphones seem to be easier for new smart phone users to figure out, which is a good thing.  

          • CSBrah

            Good point.

          • KMLN

            now instead of getting the million of android questions i get the how do i do this with my iphone.. and I say oh you can’t.. or its’ not as easy as it should be..

          • Droidzilla

            I just tell them, “Oh, sorry; I don’t know anything about iPhones.” Then I cross my fingers and hope they buy into the hype of the next iPhone, because if they go Android they’ll be inundating me with requests to set up things that they could do themselves if they took the 20 seconds to think about it that it requires.

        • Widgets are awesome, as the guy says in the video.

          Stop trolling, it’s getting really really boring.

          • CSBrah

            Some widgets are awesome i do agree. However i find myself making my home screens as simplistic as they can be with the least amount of widgets. I was simply wondering others views sunshine.

          • Steve Faiella

            I think the tech savvy are more likely to take advantage of the flexibility of Android. Custom launchers, widgets to customize their homescreens, rooting and custom roms etc… If you’re not tech savvy then Stock Android VS iPhone boils down to a coin toss IMHO.

          • very true

          • CSBrah

            I do enjoy some launchers but then again ive been on this windows 7 launcher for months now. Which almost completely gets rid of the android experience.

          • iamCC

            I like my main homescreen as minimal as possible but I do take advantage of widgets on my other screens… My girlfriend on the other hand has literally NOTHING on her homescreen but absolutely loves the level of customization on every other aspect of the phone. 

          • Billyrouth2000

            You cant voice your opinion on droid-life without some loser geek getting their butt hurt.

          • nightscout13

            True, but to that loser’s defense, we are all entitled to an opinion, and as with any discussions, people end up in disagreement over one thing or another. Its amazing to me how it took 30 replies to tell 1 guy to stop trolling.

        • Raven

          I have never loaded a ROM.  I have always been happy with the stock OS on my Android phones (currently a relatively old Droid 2 Global).  But, I love widgets. I have 17 of them on my current 5 screen layout (and only 2 real icons).  I couldn’t imagine not having widgets and only having a dumb grid of icons.  That would seem like such a waste of a device.  And therefore, I will never even consider an iOS device until they copy that feature of Android.

          • CSBrah

            Good point, Im mainly here for opinions and views is all.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          You don’t necessarily have to root and rom. There are still hundreds of different mods that you can add to tweak and change the Android experience to make it your own. Launchers, fonts, keyboards, and OEM skins are all things that can be added or subtracted to change the feel of the device without necessarily having to actually root or rom the phone. All those kinds of changes that can’t be done without jailbreaking iOS.

          • CSBrah

            Good point.

        •  I like widgets, but I have chosen to not root/rom my gnex. Just don’t too since it actually works right. My fascinate was a different beast tho.

    • lol, I do the exact same thing.  

    • MattInPDX

      Same. My technology impaired friend asked for my help in getting a smart phone, I pointed him to the iPh*ne. 

      I still get tons of calls/questions about how to do this or that. I also had to jailbreak it for him so he could use MyWi.

      I hate crApple products. I have an iP*d that I don’t use because I think Google Music is much better. Why use phone memory when I can upload 20k songs to the cloud and stream them from anywhere?

      • Lacokanostra

        U can use Google music on an ipad….

        • i have an iPad and the experience stinks!

          • I have an iPad and it’s awesome! Best tablet in the world.

          • Bob Martin

            you obviously never used an Asus Transformer or Transformer prime

          • John

            Hah.. So true

          • Plastic

             Or Windows 98.

          • CoFoltman84

             Or Windows 3.1…

          • Rlockwich

            Or Windows 1.0…

          • Tim

            I have a Galaxy Nexus and love the phone.  However, to say the ipad experience stinks is just wrong, I use my ipad as much as my Windows computer I built.  Why does it need to be you either love Apple or Android, but you can’t enjoy both?  

        • Greg

          I think by iP*d, he meant ipod, not ipad.  Why do people put a * in the middle of the apple products? Situations like this it gets confusing.

          •  Because ip*d is a four letter word on these sights, metaphoricly of course

          • TC Infantino

            It also helps prevent those iPhwn fanbois from finding these comments in one of their iph*ne searches and deciding to come troll the Android fans for shits and giggles.

      • Kris Brandt

        I point my technology impaired friends to the iPhone so I don’t have to help them with it at all.  Life is so much better when your excuse is “Sorry, I don’t know anything about that product.”

        • I point all my techy friends to android so that way I know more about android always and we have a lot of fun with it, that and then there is always something to talk about over code sessions about android.

          • Noyfb

            i said what my new gnex does to my friends and they all insist, with their noses in the air, that iphones are the best. Especially when they try to video chat with me and my genx doesn’t even recognize it and can’t accept video calls from iphone att. 

    • Pete

      I’ve done the same, but out of curiosity what sorts of tasks (especially simple ones) do the people with no tech know-how ask how to do on Android that is completely clear on iOS?

      I actually pushed my wife to the iPhone 4S when I got my GNexus – mainly because she already used iTunes and I figured the integration would Just Work.  There’s been a number of things where she complained about doing something or setting something up that has always Just Worked for me on Android.  She didn’t like the default calendar on the phone, and apparently by default it hides all entries older than 30 days.  She had a heck of a time getting iCloud to work, and it doesn’t even do video.  Google+ syncs my photos and videos all automatically.  In fact, pretty much everything Google and cloud-ey Just Works on Android.  And I hear nothing but complaints about iTunes from anyone who isn’t on a Mac.

      All in all they seem essentially the same – they’re both phones and have apps.  I get that iOS can be argued to have better premium apps but I just don’t get the argument that it’s easier.  

      • RCCola85

        I hear you and I completely agree that Android is easier IMO because there are less hoops to jump through, especially if you’re already tied into Google services. 

        Things aren’t necessarily clearer on iOS, but most people looking for phone recommendations have probably used an iOS device before so there’s going to be a level of familiarity there that isn’t present with Android. Aside from that, the restrictions in place in iOS make it so that there are less options and less opportunity for confusion. I’ve had people enable certain apps as defaults for certain actions and they’ve had fits because the only way they know how to undo it is to uninstall the new default apps. I also had a friend complain that they couldn’t get Flipboard to transfer from her iTunes to her phone. Duh, right? lol.

        It’s just less to explain since most people are unwilling to go through the change & I don’t have the time to walk them through the process. If I know they’re able to follow directions & willing to learn something new (not necessarily something difficult) I almost always recommend an Android phone since you can just do more.

      • sonicyoof

        iTunes is the devil.

    • Thanassi

      Agree 100%. iPhones are for parents and dumb people.

    • fanboy1974

      I do exactly the same here as well. I don’t want to be tech support. IPhones have a place but not in my pockets.

    •  x2.  I told both my parents to get the iPh*ne as well.  I figure if it takes me 30min to explain to my father how to hook up a TV using color coded cables, it would be a fruitless endeavor if he were to get an Android phone.

    • Coderedpl

      The thing is….even the iPhones are still too complicated for some people lol

    • SugaShane

      Tell me, what is it like to have friends? 

  • I was given an iPod once.  That was enough to know I will never own an Apple product again.

    • Willful ignorance and working on simplistic absolutes isn’t something to be proud of.

      • MicroNix

        Is that what you call your fellow iTrolls that never have owned or used an Android device before yet have a comment for everything Android?

        • Dain Laguna

          well to be precise, he wasnt really ‘calling’ him…anything really. and  i agree;  to be that obtuse and hate something after using it once is utterly silly. what other mp3 player did he run out to go get? oh you mean others exist? 

          and before you get your flamethrower ready, id say the same thing to someone using android for the first time and concluding the same as this guy. 

    • I was given a Mac computer once, and have used an iPod, iPad, iPhone… never owned any of them, just used them. I would never buy an Apple product for so many reasons, but actually using the products solidified that thought.

      • CSBrah

        I just cant get used to the MAC OS, however macbooks with windows 7 on them run soooo nice.

      • TC Infantino

        My first computer was an Apple IIe, and it was very fun to program on.  I taught myself how to program basic with that and books, it helped me ace two years of computer science in HS.  I also went to computer camp at the local college, that was a blast.  Later I found out how much my parents had to pay for it, like $1600 and that way back in 1985 I believe, which makes that price even more outragious.  It seems that Apple has overpriced their stuff for their entire history.  I have also owned an iPod, the small one without the screen.  It worked great for music while I was working out.  I don’t hate Apple, or their products, I did strongly dislike their business practices, and Steve Jobs from everything I have read about him.

  • Zman3001

    Problem is that he is comparing a pure Google experience phone (with Ice Cream Sandwich) with the iPhone, which is what it SHOULD be.  Unfortunately most of the Android phones out there are ruined with various manufacturer skins.  The skins further ruin Android because OS upgrades are sporadic at best, and left to the mercy of the service provider (ex: Verizon).  I see this guy bringing up all the shortcomings of iPhone, but he does not bring up any of the shortcomings of the widely available Android phones out there (which are more abundant than the Galaxy Nexus).  I had a few Android phones (Thunderbolt, Droid2, Droid3), got tired of the Android experience of waiting for OS upgrades that sometimes never appeared and how anytime I asked if I could do certain things with Android just to make it work properly that I would need to root my phone.  Went to an iPhone 4S, and have never been happier.

    • I see what you are saying, and I agree there are definitely some shortcomings and faults in the android system, but I’ve come to realize that the VAST majority of android users have no clue that their phone is scheduled for updates, and thus have no problem wit how long it takes to get them. He is comparing the ip4s with a GNex…which is essentially flagship poster phone for each respective OS…fair.

    • farts

       How about all the phones that won’t get ICS and every iphone out has the ability to get the latest iOS.

      • That’s a valid point. But again, we are talking Galaxy Nexus vs. IPhone4S. Because if you want to argue that whole “every phone wont get ICS” point, then maybe you can explain why the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, etc. don’t have Siri…

        • farts

          The article is posted as
          Talks Advantages of Ice Cream Sandwich

          Not the advantages of the nexus vs the iphone4s.  Those are the devices that are used.  So by saying well this is the android experience it doesn’t actually represent the android experience.  Because if you haven’t bought a phone in what the last 3-4 months you won’t be getting the ICS experience.  iOS is the same experience across any device short of siri.

  • I’ve had an iPhone too. Can’t live without the navigation, file managers, and total customization that android offers. And I made that decision when we were on gingerbread… ICS rocks apple’s socks. 

  • zUFC

    This guy has to know what he’s talking about. He had a UFC thing as his first example….haha

    UFC is the best !!!!!!!!!!!         And i agree with everything else also…..

  • RedPandaAlex

    I can accept the argument that iOS can be smoother or more stable or have better apps, but nobody is ever going to convince me that it’s a better operating system. Android is just so much more extensible.

    • I completely agree with you. But it really depends on the definition of “better”. It’s highly subjective. For some people extreme UI smoothness is a must have and the most important thing. For some people (me included) the functionality trumps everything else.

    • MicroNix

      From what I’ve seen of iOS, it isn’t any more stable than Android.  The app crash report that came out a month or two ago tells all that is needed.  Apple is anything but “it just works”.  I’ve owned 4 iOS devices and they lock up, have issues upgrading OS via iTunes, have app FCs and are limited in that the only way to get my music on/off of them is through a PC application (don’t get me started on what a POS iTunes is!)  Anyone who says otherwise had too much to Cupertino koolaid.

  • Dan

    To be fair, when he talks about iOS’s “back buttons” I could make the same comparison with Androids new menu button. 

    • zUFC

      but it only goes in two different places usually, not 4.     it’s either up top or down bottom on the same side. If i’m wrong it may only go one other place on a weird app or something.

      But it pretty easy to remember look up or down. I know what he means. when i play with my girls I-u-no-what it takes forever for me to figure out how to go back.

      Plus he should of brought up the most difficult thing to do. turn on or off WIFI & Bluetooth. It takes like 5 diffeerent steps.

      • SuperBigBlack

        it goes to 3 places top, bottom and next to the on screen buttons

    • tjmonkey15

      I just made the same comment a few minutes ago.  And I agree.  Not a big deal, but a little annoying. And I think it makes his video seem less credible when he completely looked over this issue with Android.  

    • Ethan Ash

      Agreed. However, he was pointing that out because Apple fans are always quick to note the “mess” of Android when in fact their OS has inconsistencies too. It was a smart point.

  • PyroHoltz

    “Many would argue that being “robust” does not a winning mobile OS make…”

    The force exists in this one, it does.

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      I’m glad someone else noticed that 🙂 

    • Mikes

      The force close, that is.

    • nwd1911

      I could also do without “more closer” and “more better” but overall I really like the comparison.  I learned some things about iOS that I did not know previously (and I have an iPhone for work).

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  • YoBro

    Nice experiment. I’d like to do it the other way around.

  • Logan_jinx

    I own a galaxy nexus and a first gen ipad. I really do think that even without all the cameras that my ipad is bstter operating tablet than the majority of android tablets (prime excluded). On the other hand i love my galaxy nexus and i can imagine any ios handset beating it.

  • MekoSuka

    “the new 3rd generation ipad as some of you might like to call it”

    That’s the official name is it not?

    • Nope, official name is ‘New iPad’

      • mjmedstarved

        No… it’s official name is “iPad”… just a 3rd gen.

  • Relativeash

    I went from an og droid to a 4s. A few days after I got the 4s I can’t wait to get back to android. This phone is a piece of garbage.

    • Mattyb1085

      but it has Siri…:)

    • richlizard24

       I went from a Droid X to a 4S.  I’m never going back.  It goes both ways. 

    • TC Infantino

      Are you out of the return window?  If I remember correctly VZW has like 15 days in which you are able to return a phone if you don’t like it.  I believe there is a ‘restocking’ fee of $30 or thereabouts.  If you are looking for some good choices, the G-Nex, Rezound, and the Razr Maxx are all solid phones with top notch specs.  I even read on the XDA developer site that the Rezound will very soon have official ICS…I am already running ICS with the latest leaked RUU.  Everyone here is correct, ICS is wicked cool, awesome, radical, …hmm, can’t think of any other 80’s catch phrases right now.

  • sc0rch3d

    my wife loves her iphone, but at the end of the day iOS is the frontend for her. much of what she does is still google related.

    on a side note, we had a discussion about an emergency situation in the middle of the nite. one thing i know for sure….i sure as hell am not reaching for my nexus or her iphone when i need to call 911. adrenaline causes major dexterity issues. 🙂

    • mustbepbs

      This. The last thing I need in an emergency is a touch screen phone and force closes. I want my go-to device for emergencies to actually revolve around phone calls lol

      • Droidzilla

        I recommend an AR15. It doesn’t exactly make phone calls, but it’s fully touch-optimised for emergency situations.

        • mustbepbs

          I’ll stick with my trusty week long battery life Cosmos 2

  • enigmaco

    What a brave soul to venture over to the dark side.

  • pm83

    Ugh, I can’t stand this guy’s voice…

    • MarkyMark

      werd, he’s kind of a dumb dumb

  • Michael_NM

    F apple. That’s a civil as I can be. 🙂

    • GQGK

      For a second I missed the space in between F and A. So I thought you saying Fapple as in Fap fap fapple.

  • Guest

    Had an iPhone once, never going back down that road again.

    • CSBrah

      Had 4-5 androids phones and i cant wait to never have one again. Rather use my iTouch then my Nexus.

      • MKader17

        I’ll buy your POS Nexus for $100, just so you don’t have to see it anymore, because I’m a good guy like that.

        • mjmedstarved

          I’ll pay $101..

          • 101.01!

          • NexusPhan69

            Ill pay $350

          • BroRob

            Aw! I’m out…

          • Bob martin III

            i’ll pay $850

          • BroRob


          • tomn1ce


        • CSBrah

          Need it for development 🙁 otherwise id love to.

          • MicroNix

            Great.  Are you one of those iOS developers who port their apps to Android and then do nothing but complain about the Android platform because there’s more than one phone?

          • TC Infantino

            This guy can’t be a developer, it actually takes some intelligence and tech savvy to be a Dev.  He doesn’t even know that it is called an iPod Touch instead of an iTouch, and he complained about getting tired of ‘loading roms/widgets’.  Anyone who would even make that claim doesn’t have the brainpower to fully appreciate that the smartphones he is talking about are just portable computers, let alone be able to program code for them.

      • then go away

        • CSBrah

          Tech junkies enjoy reading about phones. Why go away when i enjoy reading about the next big android as much as the next iPhone/Processors/GPUs. 

          • Notinmyhouse

             You clearly don’t as you are trolling here now.

          • CSBrah

            How so? Stating an opinion is trolling? Hmm, need to update my resources.

            Simply stating what im switching to and my reasons behind it, is not trolling.

            coming in here like OMG Y U GUISE USE ANDROID ITS SO BAD. with an androidsux101 username would be more of trolling.

          • Adsfsaf

            love it

          • androidsux101

             Oh – I need a new name

          • MicroNix

            I don’t know….if I go on AppleInsider and disagree with anything iPhone, I’m pretty sure I’m instantly labeled a troll with 500 bitter comments on reply to boot.  You are obviously on a pro-Android site here posting negative Android comments.  What are you expecting?  A house warming party?

          • Kris Brandt

            If you enjoy reading the “next big thing” in general, you could always go to BGR or cNET.  I mean, going to an Android-focused blog is going in the wrong direction for your wants.

          • Dain Laguna

            how so? cnet posts articles that kellex gets up here first and usually lists droid-life as the source article. he is doing exactly what he should if he wants up to date android info.

        • Agreed. Why is he here?

      • Aardvark99

        It’s an “iPod touch”, not an “iTouch” (which would have been just an awful name).

      • Michael_NM

        You can’t remember if you had 4 or 5? You’re certainly an iPhon’t candidate. 😛

        • CSBrah

          Droid 2 the star wars one was kindof like 1/2 lol.

          Plus i consistently have to support my family members that buy droids, millions of questions all the time.

          • Bob Martin

            nope. lol. as long as the star wars version of droid 2 turned on with working 3g and the android OS then its considered 1. unless of course you broke the phone in half and threw away half of it then it would obviously be 1/2. but then it also wouldn’t work.

      • BhaktaRB


      • TexAgMichael

        I think you’re a bit lost…

      • ddevito

        If you hate Android so much why’d you buy 4-5 of them?

        • CSBrah

          Once again i do not hate android. I just am slowly getting sick of it.

          (I was a die hard fanboy of android obviously for awhile)

          • Die hard fanboys usually become the worst haters then they go to the other side

      • Liderc

        I know you’re being facetious, but the iTouch isn’t even in the same universe as the Nexus.  It’s an incredible device, hell it’s the most simple android device because it doesn’t have a bloated skin on top of it.  Are their OS quirks like force closes sometimes?  Of course, that’s what happens when it’s the first and only phone currently with ICS.

      • BS!  List your devices.  Rather use your iTouch?!?  I’m going to assume you are exactly the non-techical person iOS was made for.  What do you develop with your Nexus?  Just curious…

        • EdubE24

          “Dude you’re a barista”…

      • Care to elaborate or have you already done so many times?

      • geedee82

        Well then you are obviously mentally retarded, on many different levels.

      • nightscout13

        What a troll….

  • is Verizon getting any new phones any time soon?

    • LG Lucid. 😛

      Droid Fighter and Incredible 4G maybe next week. We have no idea if either are awesome though.

      • I’m on the revolution now and have my upgrade waiting, won’t be making the mistake of going with an LG again. thank 🙂

        • Jeterndrup

           I am waiting for the Fighter.  I am due for an upgrade today.

        • Everyone who has owned an LG Android handset says the same thing. I also owned an LG and they are the WORST phones on the market, hands down. 

      • MAXX-Owner

        It looks like the Droid Fighter is an HD RAZR. Some people were bent out of shape over the release of an HD RAZR in China. It looks like it just took them time to get Big Red and the FCC to approve of it here. I love my RAZR MAXX, personally, but the price will probably go down when the Fighter comes out if that makes a difference to you.

        Hopefully Motorola will eventually break free from the heavy influence Verizon has on them locking their boot-loaders and filling their OS up with bloatware garbage. I love the hardware of Motorola phones, but the Blur Skin hasn’t gotten a lot better, but a lot fatter on the crappy extra bloatware I have no desire to keep on the phone 😛

    • RedPandaAlex

      That’s a really good question. I’m up for renewal next month and I keep wondering if I should hold out for newer hardware or just get the nexus.

      • r0lct

        Coming from a mostly happy Nexus owner I would hold out to see what the release date on the SG3 is unless you need something now.  I would hate to lose out on what will likely be a very significant spec boost by not waiting 1 – 2 months.  Especially if they pack in saomled+ screen.

        • I dont know why people are mad about this SA+ screen stuff. Isn’t that only  used on a PenTile matrix type screen, which is obviously the worst type to use? If Sammy used that screen on the Gnex I wouldn’t have bought it.

          • Droidzilla

            The screen on the GNex is a pen-tile matrix. It obviously isn’t a big deal since it still looks great.