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Video: Android User Spends 30 Days with iPhone 4S, Talks Advantages of Ice Cream Sandwich

Making the rounds this morning, we have a video from an Android user who after hearing time and time again that iOS and the iPhone “just work” and are “more polished” than any other device, decided to spend 30 days with one to see for himself. He purchased an iPhone 4S, but mind you, this was not his first iOS device. In fact, he owns the new iPad and other Apple products and is familiar with the ecosystem, however, his goal was to take his experience with the 4S and compare it to using Google’s latest mobile OS, Ice Cream Sandwich

Throughout the video, you will see his handpicked advantages that ICS has over iOS, most of which you will probably agree with (after all, we are Android fanboys and girls). In fact, I agree with some of these as well, in that they are clear advantages to Android. A variety of tasks can be completed quicker on an Android device, as in many ways, it is a far more robust operating system than iOS. Many would argue that being “robust” does not a winning mobile OS make, but that may be an argument for another day (or one that no one can win).

What I hope you all remember though, is that in the same sense that this video was created, there are probably 10 others from the iOS perspective. Each OS has advantages over the other, no one can argue against that, but what it comes down to is which one works better for you, personally. Clearly, we have all bought into Android.

Keep in civil down there, people.

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  • Gmcquade

    The “T” is silent in the word Often.
    Good job! I have the first Android still, too. 

  • ScoobySnack


  • Iamstacylynn

    what screen protector is he using?? NO FINGERPRINTS!!!!  amazing

    • ScoobySnack

      It looks like a Zagg to me.

  • Android vs. iOS… the PC vs. Mac debate has evolved…

    I’m an ardent Mac user but I prefer Android… My wife hated her Android phone and loves her iPhone… she’s not a technological whiz and isn’t wowed by the numerous advantages Android has over iOS, she just likes that the iPhone just ‘works’ better than her old Droid X. I like to flash and tweak and modify things and that’s mainly why I stick with Android… plus I think iOS’s UI is too toy-like and simple and Android (I have a GNex) has a much more comfortable UI for me and how my mind works.

    We can argue the merits and follies of either OS… in the end, people are going to go with what they like. iOS isn’t going anywhere any time soon and neither is Android. Pick one, stick with it and respect the opinions of people that choose alternately… they didn’t buy it with your money so why should you care?

  • @pdiasneto

    You should mention that not everybody has the last Andriod version, and the previous are not that good.

  • Mwildberg2

    If you don’t like your iphone I would be willing to take it off your hands. Let me know.

  • Zach Lynch

    i love android but i will admit the one thing that the iphone has over android is that when the iphone gets an update all of the iphones get it. on android only certin phones will get the update and it gets a little frustrating

  • I have a friend who openly admits that android is just to complex for him. For these kinds of people “robust” just means more steps to do something or just to much of everything. My friend went back to BLACKBERRY because he just couldn’t understand android. Sad but to each his own.

  • AME

    I was the biggest iphone supporter up until the Iphone 4. Saw the leaked Iphone 4 and reluctantly left my 3gs and got the Droid Incredible. Many things about Android OS i liked, but I thought the market and the look of the apps were awful. Was really debating going back but decided to stick with Android. Things have improved to my satisfaction and beyond. I still have an Ipad 2 and my wife has an Ipod touch, but 4.0 has completely surpassed IOS. I guarantee Cupertino knows this and we will see a major overhaul to their OS in the next 8-12 months. 

  • Rtinoco35

    eh I had an android an old one the D2G to be exact after about 2 yeears with it, it began annoying me when it closed applications and the screen started glitching out so I switched to the 4s its pretty good I do however miss some of the android features

  • Dirkwan23

    I point anybody and everybody to an android. At one point, we were all newbs to it and learned by experience. If they are technologically impaired, I suggest they get an HTC phone because sense makes a lot of those simple tasks easier. I have no problem when my friends ask me how to do this or that on their android phones. I guess thats just because im a good person

  • I have owned 5 Androids and 2 iPhones. The best phone is the phone I have. The only phone better is the one I want next. Period. I don’t consider ios to be superior to Android or vice versa. I just love the fact that both are constantly improving to stay neck and neck with one another. 

  • Peter Kelly

    He really should have re-installed the Clockr widget after the reboot before he mentioned how he needs 3 clocks.  

    One of which was HOURS off.  Shame that Clockr dude couldn’t fix that really irritating issue on reboots. Maybe he’s helping Fede re-write LPP.

  • richlizard24

    Droid-Life, always pulling up the rear with “news” and always ready to bait its users into a flame war.  

  • cricket223

    Wow someone forgot to proof read this blog post before submitting! Painful to read!

  • SB

    Can you please post a list of apps that perform better on iOS than Android (or that is not available on Android – exclude Insta….)?


      Instagram. :p we don have it yet but you asked to name 1. Btw I have a gnex

  • Droidzilla

    For the tech savvy, it might be. For the average user, I’m not so sure. I have a friend who has a T-Bolt and I’ve told him I could make it a lot faster and the battery last longer etc. He didn’t see the point since he’s really happy with how nice it is out of the box. To be fair, he came from a Blackberry.

  • SB

    On Monday, I moved a friend from a 3GS to a G S2 Skyrocket. There was a refurb available from AT&T for $50 so I encouraged him to get it.

    He is a not a techie, but a heavy data user, so I set things that he regularly uses on 3 screens – showed  him how to use  the phone … spent  a total of 20 minutes tops. I was just super scared that he will call me 5 times before the next morning. This was an ORIGINAL iphone user from early 2008 … then 3GS from early 2010.

    He calls me back the next morning. Not one single question. Says that he spent several hours downloading stuff and playing with the phone. Told me, ” Dude, why didn’t you introduce me to Android before????”

  • trevorsalienarms

    I think the larger point here is, and one I appreciate that the presenter is trying to make, is that there’s a persistent stigma surrounding Android that what you get is a somehow cheaper, less capable and jankier than what you can get with Apple and it’s simply not true. (Maybe it was at one point, I don’t know, but certainly not today.)

    Two of my good friends, who are by all accounts very bright, simply refuse to even consider anything, and I mean anything that hasn’t come out of Cupertino. I mean, they’re like militant about their loyalty to Apple, to the point where if they even see one of my Android devices, they immediately launch into tirades about why Apple is so superior to Android. I don’t get it.

    I did my time with Apple devices, bought one of the first gen iPod touches, had it for years, nice device until the battery no longer would accept a charge. It was fine, I got what I paid for out of it, but at no time did I feel bound by an unbreakable bond of loyalty to the brand. If anything, I got a little bored with it.

    When it was time to get a new smartphone, I looked at the iPhone, it reminded me of my iPod touch but with the phone functionality. I was kind of over that, so I began to look at Android, got an Incredible and never looked back.

    I like what I have and now enjoy our stable of Android devices at home. Never once have I wished I went with Apple exclusively. My friends and colleagues always say “well, Apple products just ‘work'” as if Android devices don’t, and I just don’t see it.

    I’d like to see a video or series of videos on what the iPhone can do that my Nexus can’t. (Besides take decent still pictures…lol.) No one ever seems to be able to expand on how it is exactly that the iPhone is “better”. Better how exactly?

  • Dliuzzo110

    I personally think its irresponsible to buy anything without doing at least a little research to figure out what you want and y you want it. At which point most would come to the conclusion that android is better for many reasons. I had no tech experience and came out realizing it was android hands down. I think 90% of people that buy iPhones is because they think its a status symbol. Of coarse this isn’t true in all cases but from what I see most people that have iPhones have no need for a smartphone and/or no idea how to actually use one for the real nature in which it was intended

  • derrickwillard

    this was a pretty good video, like the guy in the video i own both apple and android products (macbook air, new ipad, atrix) for the tablet and full computer experience i prefer apple, for phone i far and away prefer android. If the atrix’s bootloader wasn’t unlockable and i had to stick with motoblur instead of cm7 i’d hate the phone. my next phone will without question be a galaxy nexus (once att gets them officially) 

  • fanboy1974

    I won’t even consider a iPhone unless the screen is made bigger. I’m betting at least 10 to 25% of the people on this forum would switch.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m betting you pulled those numbers out of your butt.

  • jdrch

    RE multitasking on Android: it only truly works if the app has a service component that runs constantly in the background, usually as a notification. Otherwise Android freezes the app when you switch away from it just like iOS does.

    Hardcore Galaxy Nexus fan here, BTW

    • Benjamin Landwehr

      Well yeah that’s “true” multi-tasking.  But when referring to multi-tasking it’s also switching to previous spots without having to close out and lose your spot.  Like pausing in a game or exiting the browser.

      Nexus fan and user here too, btw. 🙂

      • jdrch

        Good point 🙂

  • monoik

    I have a SGS2, previously I had an iPhone 3G. Right now I’m playing with the iPad 2 (haven’t been fortunate enough to live in a country where the new one doesn’t cost my monthly wage), and in the course of my work I had an opportunity to play with many different phones and tablets running Android, Windows Phone and other more obscure OSes.

    The frustrating thing about iOS is that to achieve really simple things (like turning on your WiFi while being in another app) required a great deal of tinkering (jailbreak etc). Plus, the whole cumbersome experience with iTunes, lack of true multitasking (even the iPhone 4S haven’t got it) and the small screen, even despite the great resolution.

    On the other hand, despite the same iOS shortcomings on the iPad, I think that the lack of content and optimized apps on Android tablets make them inferior to the Apple counterpart.

    SGS2 : Phone 1:0
    Android tablet : iPad 0:1

  • shooter50

    Like others I don’t want to start trouble, I’ve had every high end Android tablet including the Transformer Prime and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and none of them operate as smoothly as an iPad (I had the iPad 2 and now the new one). I love Android and would give anything for an Android tablet to operate as smoothly as the iPad. When people say it just works, to me its because it almost never slows down. It operates swiftly and efficient. So I keep going back to the Ipad and keep on trying new Androids tabs as they come out, always to be disappointed.
    Not being an Android geek, I do have a question. Why do the tablets operate so poorly, yet my Razr Maxx and Galaxy Note run great?

  • Fluidideas.com

    Simply put. Android is FREEDOM!

  • Thanassi

    The only Apple products I’ve liked were iTunes (before Google Music) and the 3-4 iPod classics I’ve owned. But when it comes to computing and mobile phones, WIndows and Android all the way.

  • Does anyone know what ROM he is using on his Galaxy Nexus?

  • thebluegod

    This guy makes a lot of good points. Android has always been the platform for tech-savvy users, in my opinion. Mainly because (I hate to say it) the iPhone just looks more accessible. I mean, it’s just a bunch of icons. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. I love Android cuz I can customize MY device in MY way, but some people (even engineers/technical people) don’t want that level of complexity on their phone and just want a simple OS to talk, text, and check a few emails. Android CAN be a simpler OS if you want it to, but Apple has the upper hand in marketing so they attract all sorts of customers. Android is getting there though, at least in terms of phones.

  • jeff manning

    what is the icon pack he is using in the beginning of the video

  • Android is “more better”. Enough said. 

  • JMonkeYJ

    the maps app on iOS is the thing that really bothers me. it’s the app i use the most since my gf has an iphone and i might be using it while she’s driving or looking something up, etc.

    the maps app is devoid of features that are critical for location-related tasks (navgation is the obvious one, but there are so many more). it can’t be used one-handed…rendering it useless in many cases when you need it most. it’s also ugly (OK, that’s an ad hominem attack, but seriously…super ugly). every time i use it it makes me want to throw her iphone out the car window.

    i guess it’s all iphone users know, so they just don’t realize how terrible it is? it’s such a critical app!

  • Where can I get his boot animation?

    • What’s his name

      I wanna know that too

  • greenbacks

    I would never recommend and idevice to anyone techie or not.  I would much rather answer a million questions on a android device then one question on an idevice.  I own an OG ipad and cannot wait to get me some prime tablet real estate. The only Apple product I care about is the MBP.

  • Cumbersome.

  • Earleepa

    ice cream sandwich is good but the phone that google picked to introduce it on totally sucks.

    • uhhh what? i love my g-nex. When they put out the bug fix update, i’m sure it’ll be even better

      • What bugs are you experiencing?  I’ve had the Nexus for a few weeks with no problems.  Thing runs hot and tears through my battery but I haven’t noticed any bugs.

        • Smooth918

          That is one of the main bugs, as well as 4g, the AOKP ROM fixed my battery issue, but the 4G problem is still there; other than those two I don’t have any other bugs.

        • The only major bug that i experience is the data dropping off sometimes, and in limited 4G areas, it’s constantly switch, which is also a reason why your phone runs hot and drains battery. when i’m in a definite 3G or 4G area, my battery lasts a lot longer

  • I’m going to just go ahead and say both Apple and Android make awesome products. I personally like android because I’m constantly searching for what works best FOR ME. Android gives me the freedom and choice to be able to do so. The experience is all based on the user. You guys are wasting your breath sitting here arguing over OPINION.. It’s hilarious because there’s a guy in my office who will sit and argue his OPINION all day until he is blue in the face and try to claim it’s a fact. 

    Can’t say I don’t enjoy reading some of this though… reminds me of when I was in 5th grade.

  • Balls

    I prefer to support open source software, and group innovation and advancement in software engineering. 

  • mkess

    Two other items that need mentioning: Settings and their fragmented (yes fragmented) approach to Apple products.  On my new iPad, I find that if I want to set something in an app, i have to back out of that app by hitting the home button, find the main settings icon (gears) and then find the app within the master settings area, and ONLY THEN, can I make the change i want to.  Heck, by the time I get their, I may forget what the I wanted to change.

    And their itunes, app store, ibooks, newstand approach is MADDENING. Why is everything all over the place?  Why do I have to back out and go find a song if I’m in the app store?  Clearly, Google’s one stop shop for all is the way to go.

    Why aren’t these things mentioned in Apple reviews? Why?  

    • Sven Enterlein

      It is because you don’t NEED to change anything in iOS. It works right out of the box. And changes in settings are for Android users anyway 😉 /sarcasm

      Back to reality. You brought up a very valid point that I subconsciously noted but never actively thought about. A lot of settings have to be changed in the iOS settings not from within the apps (but not true for all apps!). I guess one can find pros and cons for that but I have to agree that it can be annoying. To my shame I have to admit that I sometimes didn’t even _know_ I _could_ change the settings since I never looked outside the app! 

  • Honestly I use android… I re-code android…. but this guy is an idiot and shouldn’t be doing a review. 1: If iOS finds an address it opens it up in maps as well.
    2: The reason tablets are different than phones is because it is built into the OS to do so, and this is also an ICS first.
    3: about 2% of the android phones out there have ICS on them (officially) try doing this against GB or froyo since most people use that.

    Great idea, but badly executed.

    • mkess

      hate to tell ya, but you can do most of this on GB and froyo too.  both GB and froyo Still beat iOS in most of the things he touches on here.

  • While I fully agree that Android > iOS, it has to be noted that this video is showing ICS vs iOS and let’s face it, ICS is a major upgrade to GB, Froyo, etc.

    There are a lot of people who bought Froyo and other devices that plainly had major issues. My Fascinate was increadibly popular, yet it was flawed big time. You don’t think many people would say f that, I’m getting an iPhone next time based on that experience? I have four friends who did that exact same thing.

    Now I show them my gnex and its better stuff and one will get a gnex soon, but the others are sticking with iPhones 4s because they are far better experiences than they had with their previous droids and fascinates.

  • Jer85008

    For the comments recomending Apple over an Android device (to novice/non-tech users), If you would have asked me this a year ago when I was using my Droid X I would definately said yes. However, after a good six months with my Rezound I would not hesitate to recomend it to anyone wanting a smartphone.

  • FiMachineGun

    No back button for IoS after how many versions?  Some never learn.

    • Tyler

      It’s not like they can go back and add a back button on the iPhone, it would look dumb with 2 circles on the front. 🙂

  • feztheforeigner

    This guy just put all my thoughts into one video. Great job!