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LG Lucid Arrives in Verizon Stores for Tomorrow’s Launch, Poses for Pictures

The LG Lucid, a mid-range dual-core Android device, will go on sale tomorrow in Verizon stores for $79.99 on contract and after $50 mail-in rebate. In predictable fashion, units started to arrive today so that patrons can begin to lineup around the block, in hopes of getting their hands on it first. Wait…

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  • Pagnard1

    I have to admit,  I think you all are extremely harsh and completely off the mark. Why shouldn’t there be a middle of the road phone?  Do you think that everyone could afford or even need a ferrari?  I’m not saying that this is a great phone, I’m not even saying that I would buy it, but why fault someone who can’t afford a $300 phone, doesn’t need that much machine, and frankly shouldn’t be aloud to “drive” a Nexus.  take my parents for example, they like to have email and texting, a little data, maybe sending a picture or two… nothing too extreme.  Why would this not make a good phone for them? I’m just saying.

  • Barkleyfan

    Well, its…colorful. And has twice as many cores as my Thunderbolt. But LG is real Fisher-Price. And for the general publix being “ignernt” the Maxx is certainly deep on the backorder list. Indicating to me that the sheep are capable of research, comparison shopping, etc.

    • Need2Know

       I am — sigh — the general pubic and border on ignernt.  I only know LG as far as my knowledge of smartphones goes.  Here I am doing my research and comparison shopping … to no avail it would seem.  Might I ask what you recommend to someone who is not a tekkie, wants things to work and is not all around stupid?  Thanks.

    • What2Get

      I’m the same as Need2Know. I’ve been trying to decide between the Razr MAXX, Nexus and now this. I use my phone mainly for texting, navigation, email, and game apps – occasionally streaming music. I don’t need the newest thing. I’m still currently using my original Droid which will be 2 years old in June. It’s dying and I need to replace it but I just don’t know enough. I know I want a virtual keyboard but otherwise I am open to suggestions.

  • Ryan Samsel

    Great first phone for a kid…

  • Paul

    Lucid just strikes me as a name that would be used for a high end device.

  • If it wasn’t LG and wasn’t 2.3, I would buy this phone (and I am one of you tech-nerds). I won’t get a phone with a  > 4″ screen (with bezels) – I want a PHONE with internet/maps, not a multimedia device; the bigger screen is a negative to me with the increased carry size.

  • Slapi

    folks this is the true iPhone Killer!

  • iKing_5

    The Android race to the bottom continues….

    • SillyKitty

       What Android phone would you recommend?  I need to upgrade and V is pushing DROID RAZR and LG SPECTRUM …. with a little LG LUCID and HTC Rezound put in.  Any thoughts?

      • iKing_5

        An iPhone….

  • jdrch


  • Kellen, didn’t VZW put an end to mail-in rebates ages ago? What’s up with this phone having one?

    • steven

      alot of our phones have them

    • Indeed they did. Not sure…I hope they do not return to prominence.

  • As much as this….’thing’ makes me shudder, I have to admit there is a place for this type of device. Sure, we’re all gonna crap on it, but it does hit a reasonable price point for the cost conscious. Not everyone wants to throw down $250- $300 on a RAZR, Nexus, or whatever. Keep in mind, we’re tech nerds, but we’re also in that 1% that drools over the next big thing. Personally, I hate it though.

  • I’d love to get a new Android phone to replace my Xperia Play…this one is not it though

  • PyroHoltz

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Liderc

    Verizon has the most hideous logo ever. 

    • Sp4rxx


      • Liderc

        Just pointing out the truth, who really was looking at this phone?

  • Darthseph23

    The wait definitely made me chuckle… =0)

  • manny108

    Ugly.. Why can’t Verizon get the Galaxy Note.?

    • majorhunadadun

      Right?? AT&T is getting all the bad ass phones right now! The Note, One X, Titan 2…

  • WindowsPhone

    Windows Phone


      the @Nokia Lumia 900 is up against the Galaxy S II in @LAPTOPMag ‘s Smartphone Madness. You know what to do. http://newwp.it/HhIqjA

  • Aardvark99

    At that price point what’s better on Verizon? Not everyone wants to pay for a “super phone” or even needs one (not that they frequent this site, obviously).

    • RedPandaAlex

      I just don’t think mid-range devices make sense. Sure, different price points are good for different kinds of users, but the up-front cost of the device on contract is a pretty small percentage of what you pay over the lifetime of the phone for service. You’ll pay 700 over the course of your two-year contract just for data. Throw in an extra hundred up front to get a higher end device that’ll be better supported, I say.

      • Aardvark99

        Oh I agree that it’s silly to fret over $100 when you end up paying way more over the 2-year contract. People do, however. And no matter how you look at it, it is “less” – and it isn’t a bad phone choice if you’re on a budget or just can’t bring yourself to drop hundreds on a new phone. 

      • Zebra

        Yes the upfront cost is a small percentage, but the overall cost is paid out over 2 years. Some people can’t afford that extra amount upfront. Then again, those people shouldn’t be buying smartphones to begin with, but that’s the way people are…

        • darkknezz

          Then again, those people shouldn’t be buying smartphones to begin with, but that’s the way people are…”

          That’s very judgmental outlook you have. For example why shouldn’t those kinds of people have a smartphone? Those kinds of people make up the majority of this country. They are called the middle class. They have a mortgage, 2 car payments, 1-3 kids, all kinds of bills and at the end of the day they may not have something called “a budget to support a $300 phone” Maybe they can spend $80 on a reliable budget friendly dual core handset with the brightest IPS display on the market and spend the other 2 hundred on something far more important like a car maintenance or a family outing. Just saying…

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  • Rayman411vm

    I think the $80 price point is just to under-cut the lumia; which is launching next week

    • Even as an Android user, I’d pick anything else over an LG phone. They never receive updates, and their skinning is on par with a gothic kid in middle school.

      • majorhunadadun

        At least the goth kids were somewhat cool and different from the pack… LG completely sucks! Look at that clock widget! Terrible!

        • Slapi

          Goth Kids are not cool at all.

          • CORYK333

            Beat me to it, well played

      • Zebra

        But if you’re someone like a soccer mom with no tech knowledge, you’re not going to know its skin or care if it ever gets update. The majority of the consumer world is not tech geeks like us.

        • kidtronic

          Real world sales figures contradict that logic. The best selling phones tend to be the ones that are more visually striking with a polished user interface. A soccer mom may not know it’s a skin but she can tell that it’s ugly and unresponsive. 

      • Timbo1

         Its already been promised to receive ICS update, hopefully it would come with LGs new ICS skin instead this slow and sluggish skin……

  • oh look another Android Phone with a pointless skin over the top of 2.3. ::Yawn::

    LG phones are as useless as a I*hone Jail Broken.

  • KleenDroid