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Seesmic Pro Released on Android – Easy Instagram Thumbnail Viewing and Multi-account Views Included

Seesmic, now there is a name we haven’t heard much about in a while. As one of the top Twitter apps back in the early days of Android, this was a must-have for most users. But then the official Twitter app was released along with a dozen other feature-rich options and Seesmic soon disappeared from most of our radars. Today though, a substantial update is available including the option to upgrade to a “Pro” version that hides ads. They also tossed in thumbnail image viewing from Twitter and Instagram, gave you the ability to upload images directly to Twitter, and through the Pro version, added multi-account viewing.

In order to utilize Pro features, you will have to install the free version followed by the Pro version, since it is really just an unlock key. 

Full changelog:

  1. Updates to this version include the following added features:
  2. Viewing from Instagram and Twitter within your timeline
  3. Ability to upload images directly to Twitter
  4. Removed support for Chatter
  5. Implemented ad-support
  6. Various bugs fixes and minor improvements

Play Link | Pro Unlock

Via:  Seesmic

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Awesome.. .more social networking bullshizzz apps – like we need another one of those

  • Firelight

    So Seesmic Pro for Android is like Tweetdeck for Android in early 2011. Everything & all that – except for the not free part?

  • I switched to Seesmic for all my needs a week ago or so. I was using it just for job related stuff but put all except my own personal account into seesmic. I use the official twitter app for that one.

    • Noyfb

      Does seesmic support Google+?

  • jnt

    does it let you view more than thumbnail size photos in facebook yet?  that’s my biggest peeve with the app, otherwise i love it…

  • root and adblocker 

  • JasonSCarter

    Had been using Seesmic until today cause I liked having the Facebook account options to, and perferred the layout over Tweetdeck.  But I don’t like the ads, and I’m to cheap to pay for the pro unlock code.  Switched to the official Twitter app and will just live without the Facebook account options.

    • Jeff J

      Personally, I never liked having them combined. I use the official Facebook app and Tweetcaster Pro for Twitter.

    • Javiggan