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Handcent SMS Version 4.0 Released, Ice Cream Sandwich Support Has Arrived

There are some poeple who choose not to use the stock messaging app and that’s just fine. Maybe you like more custom smileys and features which the stock app can’t provide. For all those things, most people use Handcent SMS. It’s been available for Android since the beginning and it has just recently received a big bump to version 4.0.

The newest version has excellent support for Ice Cream Sandwich devices and even has a brand new interface to give it a clean new look. You can even create a group MMS with your friends that own iPhones. Fun, right? If you’ve been a fan of Handcent, then go check it out.

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  • finnatticus

    How do I get my contact pictures to come up?

  • Mneighbo

    It’s saying that Handcent isn’t compatible with my phone all of a sudden! WTH?!

  • Gs

    Is there a way to turn off group mms? Basically when I sms or mms multiple people I don’t want iphone users to be able to reply to all.  That’s an evil, evil ‘feature’.

  • Sjobalia

    Just wish the stock messaging app supported group MMS threading.  Hate having a cluster of messages and not knowing the proper order when talking to a group of folks.  That’s the one thing that I loved about my Bionic…  But the only thing I loved about my bionic.  

    This Handcent software doesn’t send any messages for me.  Seems I have to use stock to send messages.

  • I seriously don’t understand what people see in these apps. Textured background… ugly color pallets… they look horrendous. For a few features, I won’t compromise with the look of my apps…
    Then again, to each it’s own.

    • cizzlen

      Seriously! I see they’re still supporting that butt ugly icon as well. Even that Verizon text messaging app that came out last year looks better than this!

  • NYAvsFan

    Unrelated I know, but speaking of apps being updated for ICS, any one heard about what the status is of the HBO GO app on that front?? 

  • Udispyn

    I like this because the pop up, I don’t want to unlock, scroll to app or notification bar. Now with the app quickpic, you can set background pics that are not distorted.

  • Smooth918

    Thanks for the Update, this has been my default messaging app since day one…

  • I still have issues with Handcent not recognizing my groups that I set up in Google.

  • Bigsike

    I’ve tried them all and always came back to Handcent it’s just the best imo.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I use to use Handcent SMS, thought it was the absolute best, but that is until I found out about GO SMS, the ULTIMATE text messaging app!!

    • Kevin

      I thought GO SMS was the best text messaging app too but about 5 or 6 software generations ago, the developers did something to the app to where if I attach a picture/mms to a message and send it to a friend who is not using GO SMS too, they only receive a shortcut which they need to click on to go to that site to view the picture.  It used to just send the picture.  That is a deal-breaker for me so I fell back to Handcent.  

  • Joey Lucas

    I prefer SMS popup. It’s cleaner, and looks for like it’s part of android.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I prefer the stock apps most of the time… I just wish Android had native emoji support.

  • Krystlecstewart

    I got rid of HC two days ago because of the blurry pixelated background issue. anychance this has been fixed?

  • Jamaicawind

    So ive always stayed with stock sms….what makes go sms or handcent any better?

  • Destroythanet

    GoSMS is superior imo.

  • Firelight

    Been using this for ages – still my go to app for SMS. I avoid the i#phone theme & go for a dark minimalist look and flat colors to give it more an ICS feel anyway.

  • I can’t handle the phony i*hone appearance. If it was themed like ICS then I’d go back to Handcent, until then the stock ICS messaging app will have to do.

  • horrible themes. I’ll stick to GO SMS and the ICS minimalistic theme.

  • Am I missing something?  I’ve been using Handcent on my Galaxy Nexus since I got it and it’s been working fine as far as I can tell.

  • Mike

    Go SMS 4 life.

  • r0lct

    I see the Evernote and Google Play Movies updates, but not this.

    Edit: App now says not compatible with my Galaxy Nexus. It’s running AOKP but have no problems with any other apps.

  • AndrewScottRox

    I used to really like this app but I keep going back to stock for some reason.

    • TJEgan

      Same, but I guess I will give it another shot and see if it can impress me. I am running Nitroz’s Black Exodus theme… any themes for Handcent that can help keep my black / white minimal look going?

    • John

      yep. stock + smspopup = win 🙂

      • Stewie

        Ditto. 🙂

    • nsnsmj

      The only reason I was even using handcent was because I could have a dark theme. Now I’m using AOKP with the Amoled Blue theme which has an inverted version of the stock messaging app. I may still use the popup from handcent though.

    • BTLS

       I could never go back to stock for many reasons…  I love the customizations available for each individual such as the color and blink rate of the led, a completely customizable vibrate pattern, pop-up and notification bar security settings, blacklists, etc…   It’s nice to be on a motorcycle and know if someone important texts you without even taking the phone out of pocket… Sooooooo much customization – love this app!

  • John

    stock msging app + smspopup have been working great for me.

    •  curious as I only use the stock msging app w/ Swype. what are the advantages of using SMS popup when your text notifications show in the notification bar anyway? 

      • John

        check it out for yourself.
        i’m not always near my phone when i get an sms. i can’t always read/reply/close/delay/delete/etc the message as i seem fit with stock messenger. with the popup, which is highly configurable & rock solid on ICS, i can do all that + a ton more. it’s great. you can change led color/sounds/etc etc etc

  • cafin8ted

    This is my TXT app of choice

  • Is it Holo themed?

    • nope, still i*hone themed. unless you want to choose one of their other hokey themes like “halloween” or “chinese new year”

      • cizzlen

        lol I think that’s GoSMS but yeah they still suck 

    • r0lct

      No, which is why I am going back to stock which I like better anyway.  I was only using it to make sure I can have a custom notification for work texts from our monitoring software. Now I figured out how to handle via Tasker I’m going to dump this ugliness.

  • I don’t really notice much/anything different. Not really interested in the iOS group message integration. But I’ll definitely take bug fixes! 🙂

  • Goatweed

    are MMS messages only carrier supported? Anytime I try to send one or download one when I’m connected to wifi, it never works, When I jump on 4G, it’s fine. This happens on Handcent as well as the stock Messaging app.

    • you can only send MMS over 3g/4g

      • enigmaco

        I hope they fixed that, I had to go into my stock messaging to send mms messages handcent didn’t want to send them for some reason

    • I think it is a bug on the Nexus, cause for example on my OG Droid if I was connected to wifi and tried to send an MMS it would connect to 3G and send it. Hopefully it is resolved soon.