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Evernote Widget Sees Major Update – Speech-to-Text Transcription, Widget Themes, and Customizable Buttons


Both Evernote and the Evernote Widget have noteworthy updates available in the Google Play Store this afternoon. Most importantly, both apps now have the ability to translate speech-to-text on the fly while also recording. So during your next interview with LeBron James over his receding hairline and seemingly extra thick headband to cover it, you won’t miss a word. This is a feature that was introduced with the keyboard in Ice Cream Sandwich, however, it does appear to be compatibile with other versions of Android.

Along with speech-to-text transcription, the Evernote Widget also received customizable buttons along with color and layout options. Nice improvements.

Play Links:  Evernote | Evernote Widget

  • I love this update. My favorite app becomes that much better!

  • Did I just see a pop-up within the app that said “Go premium. It lets you save notes for offline viewing”….!!!!!??? Prior to the update, I had the option of offline storage. I checked I still can access notes offline. What was that pop-up about then….? Anyone else see it?

  • nsnsmj

    They need to introduce themes (especially a dark one) for the main Evernote app.

  • Christian

    You’re running MIUI?? :O

  • Smooth918

    Thank goodness for the color options, that green stopped me from using the widget 🙂

  • as a cavs fan, i applaud your LBJ diss. very nicely done kind sir. nicely done.

    • jldleo

      I applaud you for admitting your a Cavs fan. Lots of guts sir, lots of guts..

    • KleenDroid

      Lebron says hi. Someone recently saw Lebron actually leave a tip at a restaurant.