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Which Custom ROM are You Running on Your HTC Rezound?

We recently had a reader email asking which custom ROMs were good for the HTC Rezound. Since all of us here at the DL offices are proud owners of the Galaxy Nexus, we want to help those with Rezounds out who are looking for a good custom ROM. So help us out, Rezound owners. Which custom ROM do you swear by? Something with no Sense UI? Something with as many customizable features as possible? List them out below and let folks weigh their options.

Cheers Jeremiah!


    +1 to the mods for cleaning up the thread comments :thumbsup:

  • Black Cat Gundam

    Scott’s Clean ROM 4.1 – Simple, solid, and smooth.

  • Mwapple

    CleanROM ICS. Scrolser over on xda developers is amazing, I have tried all the Roms for the Resound and this is the one to go with.

  • hi


    I’ve seen one comment that actually is a response to the article’s question. Show’s the maturity of most people here.

    I have a Rezound and am currently running it debloated thanks to the one-click tool that was posted a few weeks back.

    I’m coming from all Motorola’s, so I’m not familiar with flashing ROMs on HTC phones yet. However, I’m hooked on HTC and can’t wait to see what they have when I get my upgrade in December. The OneX looks great nonetheless.

  • RobMorris

    Cleanrom Developer Edition

  • RezRom ICS 3.2 Smooth Fast, with some nice Tweaks

  • Meticode

    Lately I’ve been running TwiZted SenZe by wildstang, he previously did development for the Droid Incredible. I think the most popular ROM by far is BAMF probably. No legit AOSP ROMs yet because RIL isn’t working for those yet. Love the Rezound though.

  • Stephen Morrison

    Just for everyone else that doesn’t want to wade through all the flaming. The majority of people are using CleanROM.

    • Ethan Sanchez


      • STFU kthx

        No Ethan Sanchez….THANK YOU!

  • Jc

    I hope whoever asked this question has the patience to read through all the unneccesary crap people are saying, lol. Anyway, I’m running CleanROM 4.1 on my Rezound and it runs flawlessly.

  • Neepul_boy

    Not sure I understand the cross-brand bashing beyond a panzy ass need to feel superior. Anyone can rationalize why whatever they are using is better than what the other person is using. I chose the rezound because specs are comparable with an arguably better camera, and $50 is hard to beat. I’m running bamf from latest ICS leak and only complaint is direct sunlight viewing which has no bearing on ROM. Wtb bionic-like sun view in my hardware package.

    • bakdroid

      This site has gone down hill.  All these nexus fanboys think they are the only ones that exist, yet their phones can do everything every other phone out there can do.  Bunch of little whiny babies who are pissed they still don’t have the so called “latest” version of android, yet who really cares about a 0.0.x release of software.  Anyone who has any remote understanding of numbering nomenclature for software knows that the last number means an extremely, tiny modification to the software build.  Who gives a crap?  Someone who apparently doesn’t have a life!

  • I am rocking on the latest RezROM_ICS_v3.3.1

  • KleenDroid

    I read a bunch of comments and am now convinced this place should be renamed “Dummies Life”. It is really sad that so many idiots have been attracted to this site.

    • Del

      Clean has a “c” and an “a” you big dummy.

      • KleenDroid

        Ha… now you tell me. 

  • David Hayden

    CleanROM ICSE 3.7. Then I have Apex Launcher running on top of that. Good stuff.

  • I like that the nexus owners are hatin’.
    And the Rezound owners are reboundin’.
    But after scrollin’ for a couple pages…I’ve  yet to see mention of a favorite rom.
    Rezound fail wut lul?

  • Andrew

    I had a Nexus as well. Got rid of it because.of poor call , dropped calls, no removable, MTP not supported in Linux, speaker volume sucked and no ROMs besides everyone +their moms version of the exact same AOSP with build.prop tweaks. Now I’m running CleanROM 4.1 and used the comprehensive APK list to delete over 60 apk’s from /system/app. I also use Nova Launcher.
    I can now use my phone as file storage, and take great pictures. Oh yeah, I don’t drop any calls anymore


  • Matt

    Scotts CleanRom 4.1 and loving it.

  • I find it amusing that after scanning the first several comments listed I still haven’t seen one rom recommendation. 

    I’m currently running CleanRom 4.1 from ScottsRoms and really liking it. It still has sense but is rooted, stripped bloat ware, and optimized to run even better than the factory image. He has another version that strips out Sense but I haven’t tried it yet.

  • tiptoptommy

    Scottsroms cleanrom 4.1 is pretty solid not much more that a debloated leak with some.tweaks but pretty solid. haven’t run much else due.to broken issues . hope this helps

  • Redefined ICS seneless with beatz patch

  • Rodeojones000

    Love some of the comments on here. Comical. Rezound owners telling Nexus owners to not comment and questioning why they’re even reading a non Nexus article. A lot of you Rezound owners are suffering from a serious case of middle child syndrome. You all need to relax and not get your panties in a bunch.

    • Lacokanostra

      We wouldn’t care if you wouldn’t post on every article about how superior ur phoneis when its not.

      • Rodeojones000

        I don’t post those comments. The Rezound is a nice phone. Regarding superiority, that’s a matter of opinion and up for debate.

  • Hahaha

    was worse iphone owners or nexus owners, both i hate with bitter love….  you got oxymoron bro

  • David

    CleanROM 4.1!!!! BEST ROM EVAR! 😀

  • Grg Harris2

    Well I have a nexus and rezound running ics leak on the rezound and its been awesome so far

  • SamXp

    Ran the ICS RUU leak for a few days and loved the performance, but battery life was poor and it get very warm.
    Now running CleanROM 4.1 and still getting ICS performance goodness without the toasty battery. Love the tweaks, too, the quick setting bar is awesome. So is the MIUI battery bar.
    Oh, and Mobile Hotspot / WiFi Tether work now! No more data dropouts!

  • Eric

    I rooted, and removed some APK’s but I am still running stock.  I am worried about the “no charge” bug in the ICS roms

  • It really bothers me that every time Droid Life tries to poll users about any given topic, the comment section becomes a heathen teenagers facebook wall. The Droid Life community sure has gone down hill over the years. I swear the Galaxy Nexus brought out everyone’s InnerAppleFanBoy…

    • abrego47

      very well said bro!!!

  • I’ve run most of them. The most stable roms with sense were (in no particular order) CleanROM, BAMF Official 1.1(currently on this one), and Nilsp Business ICS. Left GB Roms a long time ago, but the best one by far was Nilsp Business GB. De-sensed roms are Joelz’s Senseless and Scott’s Senseless. Outkast also has one but was too buggy for me. I like Joelz’s most. Scott still has some sense in his senseless but for the most part, it’s senseless. There were a couple of bugs with Joelz’s but it was negligible. For now, I’m a BAMF fan.

    • Thank you for a helpful on topic response. 

      • Tellin’ It Like It Is

        Wish the same could be said for all of your responses..

    • RobMorris

      Did you ever try ineffabilis? Used to be my fave gb rom but now that we got stableish ics builds, scott’s cleanrom is where it’s at

  • Bewara2009

    Stop playing stupid.

  • I actually went from the nexus to the rezound.. im pretty happy with it.  faster with a way better camera and my signal strength is way stronger

    im running BAMF ICS Rezound 1.1    

    • rockaholic112

      I agree

  • brando56894

    Currently Nils Business Sense v3.2

  • ozo012
  • Pc747

    scotts clean rom developer’s edition.

    • ozo012

      How do you like the dev edition?  How’s the battery life on it compared to stock?

  • Bewara2009

    I am not running any kind of Rom, although I am on ICS 4.0.3 something that the nexus won’t upgrade for another 4 to 6 months. feel sorry for ya nexus owner, just hang in there 😉

    • Azndan4

      Uh… I’ve been on 4.0.3 for 3 months already? LOL

      • i have been on 4.0.4 on my nexus for over a month. whats ur point? Both are leaks. I put the ICS leak on my wifes Rezound it runs well but its still a bloated pig. Its a good thing I was able to disable tons of crap. Love that feature in ICS.

    • You’re an idiot.

      Get out. Seriously. You’re an idiot.

      You are ALWAYS running a ROM. Just because you installed the ROM called ‘ICS 4.0.3″ does not mean you are “not running any kind of Rom”. And why would the Nexus not have 4.0.3? New Android updates and such are almost always tied to the current Nexus flagship phone. 

      • I think he means he is running the Leak straight from HTC, not a custom ROM.

  • James007torres24

    the rom u should be on is clean rom. dont ask questions tll  ur on it

  • Jer85008

    Lot’s of great info here folks, thanks!

    One of my biggest gripes with stock Sense is the dialer.
    Ugly, confusing at times, and even a bit buggy when using car mode in the dock.

    How are the dialers in CleanROM and BAMF?

  • JustReboot

    Clean 4.1 Sense 3.6/ ICS/ Nova Prime/

    • Les

      Tried almost all available ROMs for the Rezound but this new ICS leak is awesome especially with Scott’s tweaks in Clean ROM 4.1 using the Nova Prime Launcher . Looking forward to Cyanogen 9 with this new leak, I like vanilla but have become to partial to HTC phones to go to a Samsung Nexus. I’ve seen Samsung abandon to many great phones and tablets in the past. HTC phones always seems to receive continued love throughout their lifetime.

      • rockaholic112

        Better than nova launcher is trebuchet launcher (the launcher used in cm9, for those who don’t know)

  • Devarshib

    Clean ROM for 4.1 for me, but I’m thinking of trying other ics based roms. Pretty decent development community here!

  • Another one for Scott’s CleanRom… 3.7 to be exact. I wasnt ready to jump in with the 4.0+ radios yet.

  • skater57

    Joelz bamf ics 1.1
    Sense 3.6
    android 4.0.3

    Soon to be running
    newtoroots one x port

  • impulse630

    Das BAMF ICS 1.1.  It’s rock-solid and has decent battery life.  HIGHLY recommended!

  • Guest

    How do I get this running on my iPhone?

    • Ekknr

      Damn that was good…Thanks for the laugh in this “my phone is better than yours” post!!

  • My fiancee is planning on getting a Rezound, and I’ve been wondering what everyone is running. Good post for me to collect info XD

    • Derickmc

      You cannot go wrong with BAMF Rezound ICS. Its simply the best rom out there.

      • Thanks! I’ll make sure that BAMF is up on top of the list of roms to try 😀 I’ve heard good things about it on other phones but never tried it on my Gnex

  • Derickmc

    BAMF Rezound ICS has tweaks that allows you to customize the clock on statusbar, enable/disable any statusbar icons, change the carrier caption on lock screen, includes the AOSP lockscreen, wake on volume, and Tons more! Also has a pretty heavy mod section for icon mods, sexy skins, and custom dialers. And my favorite thing about this rom is it comes with a SOLID black status bar, just like AOSP does. No other sense rom on Rezound has this, at least not that I am aware of.

    You can find it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1519052 

    and Here:http://www.teambamf.net/index.php/topic/3185-rom-bamf-rezound-ics-v11-official/

    Android 4.0.3
    Sense 3.6 (You can run Nova or Apex launcher if you prefer the stock ICS look without sacrificing performance). 

    You can also run the De-Sense script to strip all rosie elements from the rom and make it as stock ICS as possible. Script found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1558359

  • Yoderz

    CleanROM ICS Developer Edition. It gets great battery life and runs smoothly. 4.1 has incredible battery life with the new radios, I just prefer the debloated developer edition. 


    • RobMorris

      Amen to that

  • Jared Lizano

    running the standard locked  ics on my rezound.

  • greenback

    what is with nexus hating lets save that for idevices!

    • Lacokanostra

      The problem is that Nexus owners are as sheep like as iphone owners

      • moelsen8

        wow dude.  generalizing much?

        • Lacokanostra

          Look at 90% of the comments regarding any phone which isn’t a nexus.

          • moelsen8

            well, i understand your frustration.  not everyone is like that though (including the guy you responded to, which looks like he’s just pushing everyone to get along).  i enjoy reading about all android phones.

          • Lacokanostra

            So do I. I’m just sick of the blind fan boys

          • Rodeojones000

            90%. Really? So you’ve read every comment from every non Nexus DL article and then did the math?

          • Lacokanostra

            Sorry 87%

          • Triangle

            Community would probably benefit greatly from your departure… Take your negativity and leave

      • James007torres24


      • Triangle

        Grammar much? 

  • HurDur

    CleanROM 4.1 Pro Edition
    Android 4.0.3
    Sense 3.6 but using Apex Launcher.

    Fast, Debloated, and pretty good battery life considering the minuscule battery.

  • zaggs

    Cleanrom 4.1

  • Starvenmarven

    Im running Nils’ Business ICS 4.0.3 Sense 3.6http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1508118

  • Derickmc

    I’m running BAMF Rezound ICS v1.2
    Android 4.0.3
    Sense 3.6

    Best ROM for the Rezound, hands down!

  • Caleb Martin

    I’m still running stock; I haven’t seen any custom ROMs that looked that great.

    • Derickmc

      You must be extremely picky then.. because there are several roms that are amazing.. Unless you’re looking for pure AOSP. But you can run a sense rom and use the de-sense script found on XDA and have a working rom that is as close to AOSP as you’re gonna get.

  • mrcamillo

    I use Clean Rom 4.1 ics with apex launcher, and custom boot animation..

  • Development on XDA is going pretty good it seems. BAMF has a good ROM and there is also a really nice one called CleanROM. I’m outta the loop at the moment since I had to send my Rezound in to get the headphone jack repaired (I traded iPhone 4S, therefore, voiding my warranty through Verizon) and it has been with PCD for over 4 weeks now. Using a borrowed Droid Incredible at the moment, but every now and again, I check XDA to see whats going on. With the new leak that came out, theres a lot of work being done on that build now.

    Before I sent my phone in, I was running a Gingerbread ROM of Ineffabilis that was super smooth and seemed to be pretty much flawless.

    • Face

      The XDA dev thread on CyanogenMod 9 for Rezound has been stalling! 🙁
      No real updates since mid-February.

      • Yeah, that thread is at a standstill pretty much. I’m not giving up hope though. I know MIUI is being worked on over at Rootzwiki, but not a lot of progress at the moment.

  • James007torres24

    if u own a nexus dont post. do the world a favor

    • John

      i have a nexus. so what?

      • Lacokanostra

        The nexus has better sofware and inferior hardware, good for you. Stop trolling.

        • John

          not trying to. i just didn’t understand your hatred towards nexus owners

          • Lacokanostra

            Because of condescending comments like the one I originally replayed to. Or the fact you are trying to defend the nexus on an article that has nothing to do with it. Were sick of hearing how great it is, and hoe inferior every other phone is because its not

          • Triangle

            Stop being a jerk….kthxbye

          • Rockaholic112

            I/we don’t hate ALL nexus owners. Just the ones who brag all about how they have the superior phone, and how everyone else has a terrible phone AKA the vast majority

        • Derickmc

          Nexus does NOT have inferior hardware… Rezound has faster processor, more storage, removable storage and a camera that makes the Nexus look like a disposable.. I’m not hating on the nexus, just saying you are wrong.

          • Derickmc

            sorry didnt see you were replying to someone. my bad. 

          • Lacokanostra

            So therefore the Nexus DOES have inferior hardware?

          • Im going to call you out on the faster processor comment. Ya it does have 1.5ghz, but we all know that OMAP runs circles around snapdragon. I love my nexus and I too am also annoyed at the fact that there are people who actually would like to receive some feedback so they can enjoy their device too, and typical trolling droid life pricks are fighting with each other. It’s more annoying than facebook. 

        • Azndan4

          Nexus – better weight, arguably better screen, no removable storage, on screen buttons
          Rezound – quite heavy, arguably better screen, removable storage

          Which is better? They both have their pros and cons. I don’t think you can fairly say that either has inferior hardware.

          As for software… well… vanilla > everything b/c less bugs

          • CharlesHussell

            “quite heavy”?  you need to do some sort of exercises that strengthen your hands because the Rezound feels great in my hand.  

            There is nothign wrong with the size, weight or thickness of the Rezound.  You are delusional.

          • rockaholic112

            I had my 6 year old sister hold it and she said it was fine. That’s not the same as “quite heavy. The back also has a design that makes it feel great to hold

        • Inferior hardware to what exactly? And your comments are a lot more flaming  (yes I mean it both ways).

        • Brickers

          You define troll in this thread, careful where you point your comments.

    • KnightCrusader

      I have both of them. Am I allowed to post?

      Oops, too late.

  • Josh Groff


  • Stevewest87

    scotts runs far better than stock did for me, faster no bloat and way better battery life

  • Face

    Stock. Come on Cyanogen! >_<

    • steve west

      that was my plan but scotts has enough in it that i made the jump still i would love some cyanogen

    • RobMorris

      Soon, once RIL is fixed it’s smooth sailing

  • James007torres24

    boo. nexus.

    cleanrom. ics. 

  • Mmoreimi

    Stock because nothing that great is really out there to use as a daily ROM

  • Stevewest87
    • WallyIAm

      Thanks for an actual response.  Took me half a page to get here.

  • Dshudson

    Nobody does… lol 

  • baniels

    I don’t have an HTC Rezound. This question is ridiculous.

    • Lacokanostra

      Go f*ck yourself. I’m sick and tired of you pretentious Galaxy Nexus owners

      • baniels

        Chill, dude. It was a joke and I have a Bionic. 

        • Bewara2009

          U lost bro? Cause it says rezound not bionic

          • baniels

            Nope. Did you forget to consider context before posting? Bro? Read the post above mine and maybe your brain will understand.

          • Pewoi

            THIS MEANS WAR!

          • im a guest

            You just raped his mind

      • Stephen Morrison

        Seriously. That’s really annoying. Why are Nexus owners even in this thread?

        • This isn’t Nexus-Life?

          • Lacokanostra

            Nope its a Verizon Android site

          • Josh Groff

             Specifically Droid(hence the name), so let’s all focus on the RAZR and 4 and how they’re the very best like no one ever was. 🙂

          • Lacokanostra

            Lets be real the nexus has amazing soft but lack luster hardware

          • John

            I haven’t had any issues or dislike about mine. Sure an argument can be said about the camera, but it’s always worked great for me

          • Bob martin

            no lets be real. the only true enemy on this site is Apple.

          • Josh Groff

            And Microsoft. 😉

          • Bewara2009

            And be truthful that the nexus has tons of issues that aren’t fixable.

          • I wouldn’t call it “lackluster.” I RESPECTFULLY disagree. I want to ensure “respectfully” is noticed due to all of the animosity in this community that ensues out of minor disagreements. Anyways, here’s why I say that: Both the camera and the screen blow the GNex’s out of the water. I don’t mind the camera on my GNex so much, but I do wish I had the Rezound’s screen. I HATE pentile…even if it is HD. Shared pixels are a HUGE no-no for me. However, as far as processing power goes, the TI OMAP 4460 SoC @ 1.2Ghz, from what I’ve seen, is faster than the 1.5Ghz Snapdragon that’s in the Rezound. Not by much, but a little. The GPU of the Nexus, was a disappointment for me, but only because I’m a huge videophile. That being said, there’s nothing I’ve thrown at the Nexus that it couldn’t handle video-wise, but I know that day isn’t far off. I’d say the Rezound’s hardware is generally better than the GNex, I freely admit, but only marginally and not enough to notice except with the camera and the touchscreen (to the trained eye).

          • Smart captain obvious

            what? the galaxy nexus isnt a verizon phone? thats weird cause i thought it was. well im sure its at least an abdroid phone. put it together and the nexus is a verizon android phone just like u said this site is.

          • Quit Whining.

            He was implying that it’s for ALL VZW Android phones but Nexus owners are a large number if not a majority. Your lack of spelling and grammar do you no favours.

          • Rezound ain’t a droid…

          • Bewara2009

            Your mom isn’t an apple either.

        • moelsen8

          gotta get through the workday somehow.  rezound isn’t a bad looking phone, and i applaud htc for the way they’ve handled the bootloader crisis.  i’m done with motorola, and so if the nexus didn’t exist, this could have very well been my phone right now.

        • jjrudey

          Us Nexus owners rule the Android world.

          • Stephen Morrison

            Yeah, just wait till we get s-off.

          • moelsen8

            i’m curious, i know the htc unlock doesn’t give you s-off, but as i understand it, can’t you do all the things that you could with s-off, like flashing kernels etc., only you have to do it through fastboot or something?

          • Stephen Morrison

            As far as I know, that’s about right.

          • Derickmc

            I ALMOST bought the nexus… Then realized that I could get a better phone (Hardware and storage wise) for much cheaper with the Rezound… I think the nexus is sexy but with no removable storage, a 1.2ghz cpu and a mediocre camera at best, The Rezound was the better option, especually since it was priced at $120 compared to the Nexus at $229.

          • Lacokanostra

            Careful the Nexus owners might kill you! Don’t mention you have an unlocked bootloader also cause that kills their while argument

          • Towelie420

            I’m sure the resound is an amazing device. I myself was attracted to it. The problem is, even though it has an unlocked boot loader, there tend to be problems with the availability of custom
            Roms that are bone stock android built from source (Not a rom that has been de-sensed) .. the reason why is because of RIL issues and getting the radios to play nice with the rom. I know there is still no ice cream sandwich rom for the thunderbolt for this reason.
            I love the bone stock experience the way Google intended it without any non sense or Blur.
            If there is an ICS rom fully working for the rezound please list it !

          • Pewoi

            GUYS SERIOUSLY…. its all about the Droid 2.

          • MarkyMark

            Not sure who is worse, iFanBoys or the Rezounders

          • Price for storage have to agree. Other than that bigger phone w/ lcd and old processor with a lot less developer support is not very appealing.

          • Bewara2009

            And I rule your mom. u geek.

          • jjrudey


      • U mad?

      • Guest

        U MAD, BRO?

      • John

        wow, relax

      • Are you angry, brother?

      • PanicsWhenUbered


        • Pewoi

          This is awesome.

      • kidtronic

        I get it. You’re bitter. I would be too if I was in your situation. But picking on poor Bionic owners isn’t going to turn your Rezound into a Nexus. Suck it up. 

    • majorhunadadun

      Not to someone who owns a Rezound! I’m running the latest stock unrooted ICS leak. It’s awesome! I had the Nexus… Had!

    • KleenDroid

      This comment is funny. And its even funnier because it got all the children wound up.

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