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Which Custom ROM are You Running on Your HTC Rezound?

We recently had a reader email asking which custom ROMs were good for the HTC Rezound. Since all of us here at the DL offices are proud owners of the Galaxy Nexus, we want to help those with Rezounds out who are looking for a good custom ROM. So help us out, Rezound owners. Which custom ROM do you swear by? Something with no Sense UI? Something with as many customizable features as possible? List them out below and let folks weigh their options.

Cheers Jeremiah!


    +1 to the mods for cleaning up the thread comments :thumbsup:

  • Black Cat Gundam

    Scott’s Clean ROM 4.1 – Simple, solid, and smooth.

  • Mwapple

    CleanROM ICS. Scrolser over on xda developers is amazing, I have tried all the Roms for the Resound and this is the one to go with.

  • hi


    I’ve seen one comment that actually is a response to the article’s question. Show’s the maturity of most people here.

    I have a Rezound and am currently running it debloated thanks to the one-click tool that was posted a few weeks back.

    I’m coming from all Motorola’s, so I’m not familiar with flashing ROMs on HTC phones yet. However, I’m hooked on HTC and can’t wait to see what they have when I get my upgrade in December. The OneX looks great nonetheless.

  • RobMorris

    Cleanrom Developer Edition

  • RezRom ICS 3.2 Smooth Fast, with some nice Tweaks

  • Meticode

    Lately I’ve been running TwiZted SenZe by wildstang, he previously did development for the Droid Incredible. I think the most popular ROM by far is BAMF probably. No legit AOSP ROMs yet because RIL isn’t working for those yet. Love the Rezound though.

  • Stephen Morrison

    Just for everyone else that doesn’t want to wade through all the flaming. The majority of people are using CleanROM.

    • Ethan Sanchez


      • STFU kthx

        No Ethan Sanchez….THANK YOU!

  • Jc

    I hope whoever asked this question has the patience to read through all the unneccesary crap people are saying, lol. Anyway, I’m running CleanROM 4.1 on my Rezound and it runs flawlessly.

  • Neepul_boy

    Not sure I understand the cross-brand bashing beyond a panzy ass need to feel superior. Anyone can rationalize why whatever they are using is better than what the other person is using. I chose the rezound because specs are comparable with an arguably better camera, and $50 is hard to beat. I’m running bamf from latest ICS leak and only complaint is direct sunlight viewing which has no bearing on ROM. Wtb bionic-like sun view in my hardware package.

    • bakdroid

      This site has gone down hill.  All these nexus fanboys think they are the only ones that exist, yet their phones can do everything every other phone out there can do.  Bunch of little whiny babies who are pissed they still don’t have the so called “latest” version of android, yet who really cares about a 0.0.x release of software.  Anyone who has any remote understanding of numbering nomenclature for software knows that the last number means an extremely, tiny modification to the software build.  Who gives a crap?  Someone who apparently doesn’t have a life!

  • I am rocking on the latest RezROM_ICS_v3.3.1

  • KleenDroid

    I read a bunch of comments and am now convinced this place should be renamed “Dummies Life”. It is really sad that so many idiots have been attracted to this site.

    • Del

      Clean has a “c” and an “a” you big dummy.

      • KleenDroid

        Ha… now you tell me.