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Video: Carbon for Android Looking to Be Your Third-Party Twitter Application With Slick Interface

With the official Twitter application leaving us a bit lacking, the market for third party applications is ripe for the picking. A few weeks ago we first brought you to Boid, an application that adheres to the Android Design code and looks to have a lot of promise. What we now bring you is a sneak peek of the next big third-party Twitter application, Carbon for Android. It is impressive to say the least.


If Carbon sounds familiar you shouldn’t be surprised. They made their name by building quality Twitter clients for webOS devices. They just recently released an application for Windows Phone 7 and now they are taking the experiences from those two applications and putting it into an Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired Android application.

The transitions are smooth and the user interface is slick. The video shows off multiple Twitter account support while still following their overall design. It looks buttery and makes me want to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Carbon has been hard at work getting things ready behind the scenes and they promise a beta to be released fairly soon. Personally, I cannot wait. What do you think?

Via: Carbon for Android (Google+)

  • jdrch

    Not sure what the hate towards the official Twitter app is all about. The UI is consistent, it supports multiple accounts, there are no banner ads. I’ve tried them all and it’s still the best for me.

  • can someone post the .apk in a dropbox link or something. G+ is blocked at my job lol.


  • PC_Tool

    “It looks buttery”

    This phrase needs to DIAF.  Yesterday.

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  • But does it have a widget?

  • Is it ICS only or compatible with older versions?

  • The app looks nice. Constructive feedback — some of the transition animations are a bit much, but maybe it looks differently in hand. Were the flip animations taking the user to different Twitter accounts? I liked the graphics on both sides. I just found the transitions to be a bit choppy.

    On an aside — I appreciate anyone who likes Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz CDs — Vol. 6 in this case.

    • Smooth918

      Got all Six Mushroom Jazz, + Live in Tokyo, Back to House, & House of OM, 

  • The reason I’m still on Plume is because of the widget. Are there any other twitter clients out there with a good widget?

    • Billyrouth2000

      Download APW widgets

    • Smooth918

      I like this one best, Twicca and it does have a widget: http://goo.gl/KjRle

  • Joe

    This looks good, but so does Boid. But I can’t leave the functionality of Tweakdeck. I don’t like leaving the FB app open, so I use Tweakdeck for all my notifications. Also, I have to be able to change the size of the font, I know it may seem silly, but with the screen on the GNex, its a waste to only be able to see 5 tweets at a time.

    • GamerChica

      I use tweetdark its tweetdeck with a dark interface

  • NorCalGuy

    Y don’t you ask kellex he has had it for like a month… tried to blur it out but we knew what it was

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    How is it on Tablets? So far nothing is better than Plume for tabs.

    • Smooth918

      Have you tried, Friendcaster

  • watchthesky

    I wish echofon would make an android app. It would be so nice to sync with my other devices. Are there any clients that sync with computer apps?

    • Joe


  • Gej785

    This looks beautiful. It should make iOS users envious! Forgive me for saying the [email protected]:twitter 

    • EricRees

      We’ll let it slide this one time 😛


    I wish it or tweetdeck posted to G+…let me know if im wrong!

  • It looks sick.  I’d love to try these other clients, but I’ve grown dependent the TweetDeck lists and columns.  

    Until someone can replicate that functionality, which saves me from having to load all my followers into my main feed, I’m sticking with TweetDeck.  Or can anyone suggest another client with similar functionality?

    • John

      Have you tried TweakDeck?

      • No I have not.  I was under the impression that it was just a color change mod.  Or does it do more?

        • Joe

          it’s been updated. ever since twitter took over tweetdeck there have been no real updates. tweakdeck actually updates, but has all the same functionality

          • John

            ^exactly 🙂

        • CORYK333

          I think the app you are confusing it with is “TweetDark” in terms of the “color change mod”.

      • Michael_NM

        Tweak what? 😛

  • fartbubbler

    very nice looking.

  • If either carbon or boid comes out with a widget that functions similarly to plume but doesn’t look like hell, I’m in.  I really hate how rounded plume looks.  It is the one blemish on my phone, yet probably my most used app…

    • Billyrouth2000

      Use apw widgets there’s a free and paid version. The paid version allows all widgets to be themed

  • Michael Forte

    Boid looks pretty awesome. It’s only in alpha right now, but I’m pretty sure once it’s done it’ll overtake anything else.

    • The alpha tag on Boid isn’t doing it justice. It feels nothing like an alpha release and is receiving constant updates (I would say average 3 a week but has been slowed down a bit in recent weeks.)

  • It’s going to be tough to beat TweetCaster

    • Bert336

      I 2nd that motion! although this seems to look a lot better than Boid…

    • I imagine TweetCaster will remain the best Twitter client until Issimo (or Twittissimo) is released to the public.

  • fvqu

    I’ve been using Boid for a week now and love it, never going back.

    • fun fact: The Boid team is consisted of all 17 year olds.