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TeeFury’s “Wrong DROID” Shirt Takes Aim at Licensing Fees, Parodies Star Wars

As Android fanboys, we love a good t-shirt design that includes anything related to our favorite mobile OS while taking pot shots at the competition. Today’s TeeFury shirt (that is available today only), is a great example of all of that. The shirt is called “Wrong DROID” and is a parody on the R2-D2 capturing scene by Jawas in Star Wars, but also a “satirical take on the license fees” that Android OEMs pay to the likes of Microsoft, according to its creator. 



Cheers David and Chris!

  • I love the shirt but i agree with some that say it looks like it against android.  If the words “wrong droid” weren’t there it might not be so negative.  If the words weren’t there, I might view it as “the jawas are celebrating their new droid capture.”  

  • Mario

    It’s not satire, because it’s true.  Read the docs from any Moto Droid phone: ‘Droid’ is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd.

    So, no, the jawas got the right droid.


    I wish the shirt was Luke and Android in speeder with 2 imperial troopers with apple logo and windows logo. saying “these are not the droids you seek”.
    One of my favorite Star Wars/Android crossover tweet

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  • Devilsephiroth

    Looks like another Android shirt I need to buy

  • Droidzilla


  • Drink JD!!

  • Michael Forte

    I don’t know, to me this almost makes it look like you are against Android, not for it…

  • Ahku Droid

    The problem with teefury is that they have too many awesome designs and now I have too many t-shirts…

    I think I’d like this design more if the Droid’s eyes weren’t X’d out, though I probably will buy it because I am weak like that.

    • EvanTheGamer

      You can say that again…I’ve probably spent hundreds of dollars on teefury, RIPT, and the like. Damn good design!

  • trevorsalienarms

    Graphically, I like it…the little Jawa dudes are cool, but I don’t get it. Seems like there’s maybe something clever there, but this shirt hasn’t found it. Showing the Android mascot as incapacitated is probably not the best way to entice Android fans to buy either.

    Ranks up there with the shirt design of the uncharacteristically angry Android inexplicably holding up an ice cream sandwich… I lol’d.

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    • Jmartinez06

      you don’t get it? Damn that’s a HUGE fail! watch star wars, obi tells a few troopers who are looking for c3po and r2d2, these are not the Droids you’re looking for… Damn even my little one got it!
      So sad..

      • Noyfb

        so it should be storm troopers with andy the android saying “wrong droid” not the jawas

  • fanTom007

    The android is missing a control knob! He will run away!

    •  No Android is to be fitted with a retraining bolt…unless you are Motorola.

      • WAldenIV

        Even better, a restraining bolt.

  • justincase_2008

    looked at this shirt from his r2d2 phone….

  • Kiter86

    Is it making fun of the people that think all Android phones are Droids?

  • Michael_NM

    I’m big fan of Android, Star Wars, and satire, but I don’t get it. 🙁

    • Exactly… I had the same thoughts. Where did this stuff from Microsoft licensing fees come from? I see no symbolic Microsoft in the pic.

    • Devilsephiroth

      They nabbed Andy instead of r2d2

  • im usually all for Android ts but this one isnt tickling my fancy.. that and im not a star wars fan (please dont hate me)

    • CORYK333

      Agreed, either i really need to smoke less weed or they dropped the satire ball with this 1, bc i’m failing to see the patent/MSoft/Android meaning here. Maybe its bc i cant stand star wars, not when i was a kid & not now. (I embrace the hate)

  • sc0rch3d

    kind of sending the wrong message that DROIDs are easily rendered helpless and non-functional.

    aside from that …. HILARIOUS. love the video too.

  • WAldenIV

    I’m not sure that satire is the way to go here, at least not in this instance.  I don’t expect this shirt to sell well.

  • one of them should be making a call using a Droid 2 R2-D2 edition.  standing in the back behind the pack saying “can you hear me now?”