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Hands-on with Seidio’s 3800mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy Nexus [Contest Too] (Updated: Winner Picked)

No that is not a military vehicle on your screen, that is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with a Seidio 3800mAh extended battery attached to it. It might look like a tank, but it will certainly power your phone through a full day thanks to more than double the juice of a standard G-Nex battery which weighs in at 1850mAh. I picked one of these up (the NFC version of course), to see how big it really was in person, but also to give one away since they pack a $75 price tag. Before we reward one of our amazing DL community members though, let us talk about it for a moment so that others can decide if their pocket can handle one. 

So how big is it? In the comparison shots below, you can see that the thickness matches up almost perfectly to a G-Nex extended (2100mAh) and standard battery stacked on top of each other. It’s thick, people. It adds a decent amount of weight, meaning you will notice a difference. It also has a purely black cover which of course does not match up to the coloring of the actual phone. So not only does this beast stick out a half an inch or so off the back of the device, but it stands out in looks as well.

What about a single life charge? I’m not going to lie, slapping this on the back of my phone would be the equivalent to someone scratching fingernails across a chalk board. I’m a minimal phone elitist, meaning I love my phones thin and sleek and without massive, non-matching humps on the back. Basically I’m saying that I have not fully tested this battery, however, at 3800mAh this thing includes more power than the 3300mAh battery tucked into the DROID RAZR MAXX which can last you anywhere from 2 to 3 days. This battery should easily hit numbers like that. The big thing here is that this battery is not slender like the RAZR MAXX’s. If you are interested, you have to ask yourself if the added weight, thickness, and black non-matching back are worth it to you. For some, the answer is a definitive, “Yes.”

Other notes? The new back plate has a soft, almost matte black finish and feels a lot like the new Ringke SLIM case that I reviewed last week. It doesn’t feel that bad in hand and is essentially slip resistant. This version of Seidio’s battery is also the NFC-capable one, so you won’t miss out on any Google Wallet opportunities with this attached.


Since I sit at a desk all day long blogging away with a chargers are arm’s reach, a beastly battery like this is not necessarily topping my list of must-have accessory. So we thought we would save one of you $75 and give it away. Sound like a plan?

To enter:

1.  Follow us on Twitter if you aren’t already.
2.  In the comments, tell us how badly you need this extended battery.
3.  Tomorrow at 9AM, we will choose a winner from the comments.

Good luck!

Update:  Our winner has been picked!  HuskerDroid10 was randomly chosen and will take home the NFC capable, 3800mAh Seidio battery for the Galaxy Nexus. He hopes that this tank will get him through sporting events, something his current battery cannot do.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I bought my Galaxy Nexus with a second battery, because the Verizon store I went to was out of the extended(go figure). I go part way through my normal day with one battery, and switch the battery out at my halfway point. Not even using 4G, I have it set to 3G to save battery(ha!). Would appreciate this giant battery, even though I know it wouldn’t fit in my otterbox case.

  • Blake Cabalka


  • Why I need this battery so badly:

    Because Verizon’s Extended Battery is far too contained.

  • Adartilth

    A full charge for me only lasts 2 and a half hours on the samsung extended battery =/

  • I so need this, just can’t get through an entire day on a full charge!

  • I have to charge my phone everyday at work to be able to make it through the day.

  • @droid_vans_life

    I wake up go to school then go straight to work. Ask me if my phone makes it past the train ride to work. Let me answer that no it does not. No phone at work is like me trying to flash a ROM and md5 sums dont match. So annoying :p

  • Black78heart

    Extra juice please. Hold the ice.

  • I’ll keep it nice and simple.

    I travel from Arizona to Mexico quite a bit where coverage is very bad and my battery never lasts me more than a few hours. I also go on off-road trips and this extended battery would be a life saver.

  • ManBearPig618

    I need it. Badly.

  • Derek Britton

    I am gone for long weekends all of the time and it would be great if I didnt need a charger everywhere I went

  • znewman

    During my normal day of work my phone dies at least once due to heavy use.  With this I might actually make it through a day.

  • I have to keep my phone on the charger throughout the day.  That’s how bad I need this.

  • Angel Calderon

    Im sorry but if my phone looked like this with a battery i would most likely never bring it out of pocket, what am i saying, this thing wont fit in my pocked, i would need a book bag to hide it. And forget about flying with it. The FBI might think is a weapon of mass destruction. You must be deeply in love with this phone to not see that it looks more than bad, so bad that i would rather have “the fruit phone” strapped to my forehead.

  • Darren

    Need one! Am away from my desk ask day.

  • Andrew

    So badly

  • Josh Groff

    I need this as an excuse to buy a Nexus. Otherwise, RAZR MAXX wins.

  • Sp4rxx

    more juice or not, that battery makes the nexus look as ugly as sin…. bye bye sleekness – hello brick!

  • thedanks

    This battery would really help me.  The building i work at has really bad verizon and wifi reception… it has a lot of insulation and its just in a dead verizon area.  My phone is always searching for different signals and this would really save me a lot of headaches.  Thanks for the chance!

  • I need the extended battery because I basically carry around a generator to keep this thing charged when I’m not near a plug…kills the battery so fast!

  • Kevin Smith

    I could use this pretty badly… I was at a bachelor party in Atlantic City this past weekend and had to constantly run up to the hotel room to charge my phone for a few minutes. Talk about ruining the party.

  • supra_2nr

    Would love this for my gnex!   I was looking at buying one but id rather not!

  • Don23lucia

    I need this thing between work, college, 3 kids, soccer, football, ballet, and karate. I need something to keep my phone going cause right now it dies before my day really starts!


  • Matt Ponkey

    Humpback or not, I need 2 to 3 days without a charge for when I’m on the road.

  • This battery would help me sooo much.
    Im sick of having a charger in every room.
    I want my nexus to be free, even if it is with a tank on the back!

  • Caveman418

    I am traveling from workstation to workstation from 6:00AM till 4:30PM everyday. I do not have time to stop and let my phone charge or leave it behind because it is the only way for my family to get in touch with me. As it stands now, I have to turn everything off on my phone that is absolutely unnecessary (GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, screen brightness) and only manually check my email to keep my battery lasting as long as possible.

  • Eddie

    With no wifi at work, my battery is dead by 3pm unless i have time to charge it. I need an extended battery!

  • droidify

    This would be a perfect compliment to my fanny pack. 

  • I wake up at 5am to go to work and I am usually up until 12-1am.  I work in a area that has 4G coverage.  It would be nice to not have to worry about having my phone plugged in by noon.

  • broadwayblues

    I am tired of carrying around 3 batteries to get through the day. I also don’t have another $75 to get one of these tanks. Please pick me! 

  • CJ Vanilla

    I need this battery because im always charging my phone. Ill be stuck playing a game at a friends house with no way of telling my family at home that im going to be killing droids for another hour…

  • JMonkeYJ

    this would be perfect for long road trips/flights/etc. choose meeee!

  • You could say I’m your average 20 year old kid but that would be a lie. Ever since the OG Droid days I have been in love with Android. The issue is that with a love as strong as mine it quickly turned into an obsession. I would be the kid that would show his family, friends, and pretty much anyone willing to listen all the latest apps the day after they hit the market. I loved productivity, 3D GUIs, and gaming. I always run custom roms and overclock and end up changing everything every couple of days for the first few weeks of owning a phone.  My dad used to joke that he wanted to borrow my phone to cook up some eggs.  Some would say that I am a lil bit of a facebook, reddit, and youtube whore as well. My daily life is very busy and I’m almost always out and about from early in the morning until the parties die out. I keep headphones with a mic in one pocket, charger in the other, and my gnex almost never leaves my hands. I talk on the phone with friends and girls anywhere from 5 mins to 3 hour conversations across the day and sometimes I am multitasking like a boss using Google Nav, the Browser, Messaging or other apps while I’m on phone calls.  As you might conclude I am forced to run my phone an minimum brightness all the time unless I’m showing someone something on the beautiful screen.  I constantly am flipping toggles, killing apps, trying to squeeze the most out of the extended battery from VZW.  I would love to show off the sleek, skinny gnex the way it came out of the box but my lifestyle makes me favor function over form.  My charger and the nearest outlet is like my ball and chain no matter where I go.  In fact my phone died while typing this, luckily I was using Evernote.  I wish I had the $75 to drop on another extended battery but I don’t and if this battery lasts as long as you have been saying, it would really make things a ton easier for me.

  • Packratako

    I need it for work im either on a call or using the internet for research cuz my work internet is slowet than.my 4G. And of course some few hours playing draw something or oregon traveler!

  • Kitsuneudon

    I’m looking for an extended battery so I don’t have to be searching for power outlets like a fiend if I’m gaming on my Nexus.

  • Barlog

    I do heating and Air service and I’m either on a roof or under a house by myself,and I don’t like crushing my Nexus in my pocket so I keep it in my tool bag. So having this battery so big would not bother me one bit especially if it’s gonna keep me with piece of mind knowing I’ll have a good charge when I need it, and not have to climb down the ladder if it dies.

  • pharmdy

    Need my phone to last all day for taking lecture notes! My G-nex is the ultimate mobile tablet, and will be a beast with this battery!

  • delriogil

    I might just impress the ladies with this in my pocket.

  • daware

    I’m not afraid to strap this to the back of my Nexus.  I have the extended battery from Verizon, and on my days off it is simply not enough!  I want to get the battery life of a RAZR MAXX or better!

  • I need this because I work in IT at a highly sensitive location and I don’t have any working USB ports to charge with 🙁

  • Cjl1092

    I would love to finally be able use my phone all day and not have to bring my charger everywhere if I had this battery, Being at a college where a 802.11g signal is shared by over 4000 students I use my Nexus rocking 4G all day in order to do work and surf the web but boy does 4G suck battery down like a Hummer sucks gas. I would just love to slap that puppy on my GNex and go without having wires falling out of my pockets every time I go to take my pen out.  

  • Slimfady

    I travel very frequently and I constantly worry about my phone being charged. It would be nice not to feel this way for once.

  • jab416171

     I can’t stand having my phone die before lunch, I need this puppy!

  • I need it so that I don’t have to be chained to a power outlet all day long!

  • FknTwizted

    bad! I work 2 jobs and never around a charger, and if I an its for only a minute or so.

  • I would just like to have my g-nex last longer than 6-7 hours.

  • thatguyx

    Do want, only a few days into Nexus ownership and my battery is dying as my data is rising.  Must play more…

  • C.J. Novotny

    I wonder if it will fit in my skinny jeans lol!

  • My phone dies in the middle of night class, and I can’t check what time it is when I’m bored!

  • Lilschil

    I need it for my wife’s GNex, so she’ll stop yelling at me about how she has to always charge her phone. So in essence … I need this battery to save my marriage… eh, happiness … eh, ah.. got it.. sanity!

  • I’m going to New York in a few weeks and I’m really anxious about my phone running out of juice during the day.  Normally I charge the phone at my desk most of the day, but I have a feeling I won’t find too many outlets around the city where I can just charge my phone all day.

  • I work at Best Buy Mobile and I’m constantly sending customers to check out some Droid Life.  BUUUTT the guy I work with has the Samsung Extended battery and he is constantly giving me crap when my battery runs down before his.  So, Droid Life, pretty please let me have this battery so I can throw it in his face how long my battery lasts.

    Thanks You!

  • I just got to have it. I listen to music and view videos on my GNex all the time. And hence it’s always running outta juice. And thus I have to keep it plugged in ALL THE TIME. The ‘giant battery’ would save my GNex from being rendered into a wired desk phone. Please please please, gimme #MyPrecious… 🙂

    Sidenote: after reading “someone scratching fingernails across a chalk board”, I’m feeling that scratch and it’s damn irritating. I’m still here and still dropping this comment; ain’t I?

  • Mcgyver512

    Power draining ……. almost…………gone…………4hrs…………since…………………….charg..

  • Doublea501

    The amount i need this battery cant really be compared with anything but, if i really had to compare it with something, it would be an unknown force pulling my hair out for me.  Notice, I have no hands.

  • Tex

    Left my house to coach a T-ball game with 30% battery, by games end it was dead. T-ball games are only an hour!

  • tomgillotti

    Military life style requires this tank of a phone, since I do fly around in a flying tank 😉

  • I found myself starting on long bike rides recently (27 miles on my second ride in years), and want to use my GPS to track my progress.  I’m thinking the standard battery won’t make the cut once I really get into things…Basically, I’d use the standard battery for day to day (so as not to embarrass myself too much) and the Howitzer for the long hauls (bike rides, all-day walks, camping for a few days, etc.)

  • Owewil3225

    I needed this battery cause without it i just have a Google $299 paper weight. My battery life is shorter then Kim Kardashians marriage.

  • symetriic

    I will use this on my annual 206 mile bike race from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Lotojaclassic.com. For a 10 hour ride I need a 10 hour battery!

  • I would like to have this battery so I can use google music on my way to AND from class (one hour walk both ways).

    I’m also graduating at the end of April and moving to louisville, and will need the extra juice to run my GPS all day long so I can find out where the heck I am going.

    I carry the 1850mah and 2100mah batteries with me and can’t make it 8 hours with my usage 🙁 It’s either this monster or I buy a second extended battery and carry three around with me.

  • Julie

    Really need it…would love to not have to charge my phone once/twice daily. 🙂

  • Peteg9699

    My kids love to play their apps on the phone but I have to charge too often for them to truly enjoy their games. This battery would go a long way to fix that. @peteg9699 on twitter.

  • Clinton Smith

    I need the Seido 3800mAh because otherwise my fiancée will make me switch to her old iPhone which still seems to get better battery life than my Galaxy Nexus.  Noone wants that.

  • Droid Virus

    I really need this extended battery basically because my phone won’t last the whole day.

  • This would really add a bulge to my pants…maybe the ladies will notice me now.

  • Justin Hunt

    The nieces need a new toy. I can’t imagine what would be better than a giant battery.

  • Justin Hunt

    The nieces need a new toy. I can’t imagine what would be better than a giant battery.

  • I need this battery oh so badly because I wear skinny jeans and could really use the extra size to stretch my pockets out a little bit.

  • timnunes

    I’m at work for 14 hours a day sometimes. Other times I’m only at work for 9 hours, but either way, when I finish work there’s barely enough charge left to get me home. I need an extended battery so I can stop worrying about it!

  • Alex

    I need this battery because I am addicted to my phone. I can be on it all day if I do not make myself put it down. Checking Facebook, Twitter, and of course Droid Life.

  • give me the tank!

    need one, maybe but good to have for sure. got regular nexus battery and extended battery but still have to have a usb cable just in case. 

  • Zomghxc

    I need this battery because I want to use my phone.

  • Stlbryson

    I need this battery! I unplugged my gnex this afternoon and, as usual, I was down to 50% within a couple hours. It totally sucks to always have to worry about turning off wifi and 4g. Maybe, just maybe, with an extended battery beast like this I could go a full 4 hours…or more…before even thinking of getting the charger out!

  • I need this to get through the boring work days in IT! I kill my battery wayyyy to early and wayyyy too often! Help me out DL!!!

  • Miketoasty

    I love the Galaxy Nexus and use it tons for work and for fun and so desperately need more battery life!

  • SicMe1Kanobi

    I’m in the air and half my life is in hotels… This Seidio for my Nexus would quench my thirst for juice when no plugs are available!!!!!!!! Neeeeed this baaaaaad…

  • Help me keep my Nexus from dying! 4G and being in buildings on campus without good service is a real battery killer

  • I live an hour away from my fiancee, and she loves sending pictures (you know, of puppies and kittens and other things that men like), so more battery means more hotness, err cuteness!

  • I live an hour away from my fiancee, and she loves sending pictures (you know, of puppies and kittens and things that men like to look at), so more battery means more hotness, er cuteness!

  • Robsmith Nikon

    As a Police Officer I am always using my phone at work. I currently carry a standard battery, an extended battery and a car charger with me everywhere I go in an effort to keep my phone alive. I use my phones camera to do quick snapshots of suspects and such. I pull info from the web on the fly and look up drivers license photos of people in the field and use the wifi hotspot to get data on my laptop. A large battery like this might be what I need.

  • I need this so badly! I just picked up a second job landscaping that will have me working a 6am – 2pm shift then a 4-9 shift every night. I need a battery that will last through all of that THEN a few more hours while im in the library studying for my computer engineering major at OSU. Please I need this! 

  • TravisHannon

    I need it to last during music festivals! bogged down 4G and 3G kills battery life! #firstworldproblems

  • Ulnek75

    wow. i’d like one. on weekdays i’m at school from 8 to about 7 then work after.  i have some text books in my phone and i use it to do homework in between classes.  with the screen being on all the time, i go through the battery pretty quickly and i have to switch batteries.  sometimes i forget to charge and i’m out of luck.  it would be great to get through my day without having to switch batteries .

  • Cgriffith0012

    Hmmmmmm…..because I’m better than everyone else?

  • I am actually very sick and tired of battery life on my Android phones. I am getting to the point that I am actually considering going to the Motorola Razr Maxx! As much as I hate a locked bootloader, I hate a dead phone even worse. I am always on the go and do not have time to be charging my phone in a pit stop fashion. 

    So Droid-life, hook a brotha up! 

  • Claytonhoppe

    i need this battery because the stock is just not cutting it.

  • RWW

    Sure, it’s gawd-awful ugly..  but some times you’re out in the woods and need your Nexus to last more than  13 hrs, right?


      Ned Beatty wishes he had this accessory if he did he might not have had to squeal like a pig. 

  • i <3 tanks

    I should win because I never win anything on here so why not win this gynormous tank accessory!


    when my wife asks me “am I fat” i hold up the profile of my phone if it obscures her shes not fat and i tell her so…. I NEED THE BATTERY!


    I dont always want to look like Quasimodo but when i do i sport my G-nex with the 
    Sedio 3800mAh battery.

  • Russellneal88

    I travel too much to be by an AC charger very often. I’d use this 🙂


    I need this because while i am married the hot mommies at the playground will not leave me alone. the sight of me playing WWF with my totally sexy phone must make them gush. Time to end it now!

  • Shadow18z

    Because carrying two batteries with me is pretty silly.

  • Brianusn07

    I need an extended battery because i simply never won anything through droid life yet. and this would  be a good way to start my contest winning streak. 🙂

  • As a government employee, Army reservist and student. I am constantly on the go so keeping my G-nex charged all the time is quite a challenge. This battery would be wicked useful for me.

  • Gene Sok Yun

    I can barely make it to lunch without draining my battery.  My job requires me to be online and on the phone constantly,  You have to understand, I NEED THIS BATTERY!!!

  • Cmonnats23

    I need the super extendo battery so I can surf the web for a full 24 hours and not have to worry about having enough power to last me the whole day!

  • Nick Petrefski

    Everytime I leave the house for longer than 3 hrs my battery is red!

  • it would be nice when im tethering to have that extra umph

  • I don’t need this extended battery, but I sure would like it.

  • twix_y

    I’ve always wanted more junk in my nexus trunk

  • Everyday, I go to my college classes and then work (at the school) for 6-8 hours after. On average, I’m at school for 11 hours a day. Because I use my phone for everything, the normal battery just doesn’t cut it. I need an extended battery just to make it through my long days!

  • How badly do I need the Seidio extended battery?  VERY VERY VERY BADLY. Really; very badly.

  • Adam Cargal

    Most of the time I’m not too far from a charger, but sometimes I work away from my desk.  Having this battery on days like that would be amazing!

  • froader

    I can’t even play a round of golf using GPS on the gnex. This extended battery should do the trick!

  • I work 13 hour days at my job, and my phone last maybe half of that.  I can’t do anything about it tho because there’s nowhere I can charge it.  I’d love to have this thing to try and stay connected!

  • I need this like Mark Sanchez needs a trust circle.  Your good enough, your consistent enough, and dogonit people like you!!!

  • GazaIan

    I need this, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve underestimated the weight of the Nexus… I lift it and it goes flying because it’s so light…

  • Craig LeBaron

    I NEED this so that I don’t have to explain why I’m always charging my phone at work. No, of course I’m not on it all day. I just forget to charge it at home… Every day… Yeahrightthatsit.

  • Kal5el

    I’m a college student and my extended battery can’t make it through classes. I need this battery!

  • Tony g

    The sedio battery is overpriced. Hyperion has a 3800mah for 20$. Comes with nfc.

  • I work twelve hour shift over night and the extra juice would come in handy.

  • Mayze23

    I need it because I have 5 kids that want to play my Gnex all the time!

  • I could def use it cause I am constantly using my GNex.. whether it be for games or surfing my battery doesn’t last a full day without needing to be charged! hook it up droid-life!

  • zachjen

    with my work I am never around a charger so I’m always fiddling the settings trying to get ever ounce of juice out of my battery. This would solve that problem.

  • HowDoIShotWeb

    I need 3800 mAh on board because, well, I’m an addict. That and I’d like to poke a Razr Maxx user or two.

  • jon

    So I won’t leave a meeting in the middle of the day and then find out that my battery sucked up 20% even with the screen off!

  • Standard battery is not much enough to use all day.

  • kikit

    I would very much love to have this, I have been wanting to pick one up for a while but haven’t had any money to do so, its just more than I have right now, unfortunately my job doesnt pay me enough to get things that I would like to have.  I could definately use this too since I am away from a charger all day long and my battery for my Gnex now dies super fast since I use it for voice calls mostly.  Please pick me.

  • GuidZilla

    Need one for when i’m bored waiting for Turkey to show up to my blind… 3g in BFE helps pass the day 🙂

  • real4life72

    I ride my motorcycle alot and even tho this battery added to my phone may make my bike drag the road a bit it sure would be great on long trips with no charger.

  • Tim Buchanan

    How does it compare to the $7.00 one you had posted on here the other day?  Cuz…I bought that one.

  • Tsabhira

    SO BADLY. I love this phone, I do, but the battery drains away in just a few hours of games and general screwing around. I’d be willing to put up with the ugly to make it last longer.

  • Soapinmouth

    i neeeeed it i use my phone for work related features and the horrid reception always kills it there

  • Chris

    I so don’t want it, but I do need it.   I wish it wasn’t so huge, but even my 2100 battery isn’t cutting it. So if you could so kindly help a fellow geek out.  I’d walk your dogs for ya.  🙂

  • Rauldom333

    I would like it because I can’t even afford the $25 Verizon battery. 🙁

  • I need this so I won’t die every time my phone does.

  • Jlankford3336

    I have to charge my phone at least three times a day. It would be so nice to get through one shift at work with out charging! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Well, with that battery I will make good use of Flash player if ya know what I mean 😀

  • I travel a lot and always use my phone for boarding but today on a layover from Texas to Reno my phone died leaving me without my boarding pass!

  • I would use this a lot because I can barely keep a full charge all day. Plus I will also use it to bring back Yo Mama Jokes! For example: Yo Mamas so fat, she got a bigger belly than my phone does.

  • jwrb18

    I work in am office and stream internet radio all day and have to charge my battery by 11am each morning so I need this so I can go without charging for longer.

  • Bill

     Being in the rural areas, I don’t always have a place to plug the phone in to charge it (out visiting with folks in their yard or field). So an extended battery would be the best!

  • Matt O’Leary

    It would be nice to go a few days between charges. And it would be useful at those all day conferences when I can’t recharge easily.

  • I’d love to have this thing so I can  have a contest with my co-worker which one of your phones will last the longest without a charge, my Galaxy Nexus or his RAZR MAXXX.  🙂
    It’d be awesome to not have to charge my phone halways through the workday or having to use a charger when using Waze.

    Oh also with this thing attached to phone, would look like my Nexus has a goiter 🙂

  • i need this battery something serious. i run heavy equipment for a local municipality here in Nashville, TN and they dont run on 12v systems, so i dont even have the luxury of a car-charger. usually a little after lunch, my battery is toast. i would love to have this and it would make a big difference for me,

  • Jason Brown

    it would be nice being able to use my phone all day without having to turn down the brightness on such a beautiful screen and not have to undervolt in order to get decent battery life.

  • James_C_L

    between being a dad, and having a 4 hour round trip commute for work, im rarely near a charger.
    please make my life easier!

  • Kerb7777

    Ok this is much needed! I just bought this phone and am still figuring out the ins and outs, but the battery life sucks bad!!! Now question that big honken thing looks like a leach attached to ur hand! Now is the phones case going to fit? No… so back to the drawing board boys! As awesome as this phone is i cant believe they couldnt come up with a better battery and we payed enough for this devise! Come on Samsung!!!!

  • SD_Scott

    I need this battery as I am recharging my phone three times a day already with the extended battery…  I use my phone all day long (tethering, streaming, texting, calling, etc.) and wish I could do away with the hassle of carrying a charger with me everywhere I go.  I don’t really mind the extra weight/bulky appearance as long as the damn thing lasts me a full day on one charge!

  • I already have an extended battery, carry an extra charger and also have a 3300 mAh external battery. That is still not enough to satisfy me in one day. Hopefully witht the addition of this i could.

  • Scolo1988

    I want to be able to turn on my GPS, use Pandora, stream it via Bluetooth in my car, and play Draw Something (not while driving obviously) without my battery dying immediately.

  • Iamkeeler

    I need it because what says slim and sleek like a monster battery doubling the size of my slim phone. Oh wait…

  • rolltidedad

    Awesome games and social content kills my battery…I’m tethered, and unfortunately it’s not wireless

  • I attend college in a very small desert town in New Mexico. My signal here is TERRIBLE. The only way I can make it through a whole day is to be in airplane mode most of the time, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a phone at all….

  • Mike W

    I want it because I wanted a mix of the RAZR maxx’s battery life and some ICS. Plus I love carrying a tank in my pants… 😉

  • i bought the 8 dollar extended battery that was on slickdeals the other week and it SUCKS. I get about the same battery life I do with my normal battery. I could really use a GOOD Extended battery. Help a brother out Kellex.

  • Uniball415

    If I need to start a fire with my phone battery in a survival situation like Bear Grylls at least I’ll know I’ll always have a charge

  • Jon

    Bought an extended battery for my Droid X and love it.  Getting a Nexus this week so this is timely!

  • seafarer76

    Need this for the next time I go to the Warped Tour.

  • dsass600

    Cause the battery sucks,

  • frutlups

    Need this for the next time I go to the Warped Tour.

  • It’s my Seido 3800mAh Extended Battery, and I want it now!

  • chssmsterwnook

    Well, my battery is at 100% now, and it wouldn’t last me to 9AM tomorrow morning, so I hope that I win so I can use my phone. 

  • bassman418

    No thank you. I’ll easily swap my battery out while the other charges. To make the phone look like that is insane. I got the Samsung OEM battery and charging box with cord for $28. Hell if I wanted to spend $75 I could of bought 2 more OEM batteries and had 4 batteries. Which will look much nicer and last MUCH longer than that beast. Also using AOKP and Franco
    Kernel’s nightly ( and with full brightness and clocked at 1344) I get great battery life. I did the same thing with my Thunderbolt. Had 3 batteries I rotated and never had power anxiety or giant heavy ugly phone. LOL

  • Chucky32

    I really need this extended battery because where I work (the dungeon) I do not get a very good signal and so I go through batteries like there is no tomorrow.  So pick me!!

  • allan

    I would just love to be able to go pass 5-6 hours without charging. Plus makes one hell of a phone anti thief throwing mechanism. 🙂

  • Timfantry

    I need this so i can Droid Life all day long with no interruptions. 

  • Blomgren23

    I need this like a fish needs water!

  • im a plumber. i stream the Sirius app on my phone while im at work all day,
    this will save me from having to sit in my truck for my lunch break charging my phone so i can make it through the rest of the day. i need this battery!

  • Migamix

    I’m rocking one now.. with the case designed for it… I’m trying to do a forced draincycle (crackflashing)… I’m sure like usual.. it will be all the way into lunch before I have to plug it in… got the wife one for her evo3D… now that looks silly (camera size)… so far… super happy… now I have 2 3800’s , OEM standard, oem ext. I’m good for power now.

  • I need it really bad. I’m a photographer and I am never able to keep my phone charged. Plz Pick Me

  • sam4327

    I need this battery badly! I work in a hospital doing 30 hour shifts at a time. My phone doesn’t even last the entire first half most of the time unless I let it be a pocket weight. 

  • An Idea

    They should of at least made the battery wrap around the phone and turn it into a case of sorts, allowing for even more battery while also not looking as bad with a little bit of protection.

  • Rhia R.

    Haven’t had the Nexus for too long, but having a spare battery (not to mention an extended one) always comes in handy in case I need some extra juice.

  • Wsifonte

    I need this badly because,

    I need it badly!!! :}

  • Guy

    I need this as much as the New York Mets need money

  • i need it because i live in northern wisconsin where any signal is precious and that really kills a regular battery.

  • I don’t really need the battery on account I am constantly plugged into a wall.  I have had the urge to fap at work where there isn’t an outlet.  I guess that would be kinda cool.

  • Travis Keany

     Like most of this stuff, I don’t need it, but I want it.

  • I need it pretty badly, Seems my Gnex wastes more battery life when I have bad to now reception, and often ends up dying when I’m in the middle of school ( a couple of dead spots all over campus)

  • Sometime my G-Nex only lasts me about 4 hours … with the extended battery.  Need this badly.

  • andystolemywallet

    I’m too broke to buy a GNex, but I never win contests that actually could help me, so I figured I’d take a shot.

    I need it to remind me to buy a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Res219

    Because I am sick of carrying around a charger!

  • Jae_85

    i would love one

  • 4g is a killer on my battery. I would love to have this to last longer

  • Kon-Kon Chao

    I want this pretty badly… like really badly!!!

  • Butbka

    Need it rally bad, don’t have access to charger most of the time. I need more juice!!!

  • Eric

    Well it’s 6pm and I just had to plug in.. light usage today, too.

  • Icehunter

    I need this to finally have a battery that can last all day. That and making my girlfriend even more embarrassed when we go out is always a plus. =D

  • I work in the telecommunications industry and because of this I’m constantly either on the phone or sorting through email to find issues and resolve them.  It would be nice to get through the whole day and night without having to charge my phone.

  • aholland1

    I love my Nexus, but I am not a fan of the battery. Even with the “extended” battery I am dying for my charger by 8pm, and the DC subway is murder when it’s jumping between access points. This thing ain’t pretty, but it would be nice to make it through a work day AND go out to dinner without worrying about about the battery failing me. Thanks for the opportunity DL!

  • Qeegan

    I hate not being able to use my phone freely … It always seems to be attached to the wall like some kind of security blanket … Please free me from always having my phone attached to the wall. 

  • famouspat

    The extended battery is a must for me.  The moment when your night of posting pictures and checking in turns from going home at 1am to waking up somewhere else at 9am. That battery need to stay up all night with me for inside joke tweets. 

  • Kurt Edens

    I am a graphic designer / web designer and do so for a sign company and on a freelance basis. I work a lot on the road on my way to meetings, during or after them and sometimes while I am on the road doing sign sales, service, and installs.   I use my gNex to tether my LTE coverage and even with the occasional availability of a car charger, I die every day.  Sometimes at crucial times.    It really looks bad to ask clients if I can plug in during our meeting so I can access cloud services,  my cloud portfolio, site examples or even just to send/receive emails and such.

    Work aside  This doesn’t leave me much time to test out and work on my WIP line of rom themes and my current  story like boot animation series Ive been working on at lunch and on breaks…  


  • Keyan X

    You know how badly I wanted Klondikes bars? Well this is two Klondike bars…with the thick chocolate coating.

  • I need this because I’m on campus and in the lab at school for 12+ hours a day most days of the week.  Not having a dead phone on my way home would be awesome!

  • Long bus rides every weekend for Hofstra Baseball = extended battery dead within a few hrs and torturous remaining time without my beloved Nexus.  I would LOVE this battery.

  • SteelGator

    Wow this is a quick turnaround contest. I would love to win this because I will need the juice coming up very soon. Taking the kids for all day out door events, the 3800 will make sure I have the power I need to run my phone.

  • Afox2015

    I kill my battery in about an hour and I start my day at 7 am and I end at 9pm. Too many games and flashing of roms. Twitter is afox2015

  • Deltaechoe

    A new battery would be awesome considering the stock battery i have dies about halfway through my work day…

  • I need to tweet my pr0n stars that I’m following 24/7!

  • KreeTerry

    i need this so bad because i can barely but this phone down, between flashing new roms with boot manager, playing shadowgun or angry birds space, catching up on twitter with boid, and all the other none essential tasks i do any extra juice is greatly appreciated.

  • Ryan Frank

    i realllllllly need this sometimes.. it would be nice to have for days i know are going to be away from a charger

  • Chad

    I would love to win this. My job requir me to work in very rural areas. My phone is a lifeline and when it constantly searches for a signal it kills the battery. This would be an awesome thing to win.

  • Deslotnick

    I need one THIS badly! (Holding my arms outstretched)

  • somethingwired7

    As a student, I am frequently leaving my residence early in the morning around 7ish and not returning until at least 11pm after my shift at work is finished. At least two to three times a day I am relegated to my car and/or outlet to juice up my nexus which is “no bueno” in my book. Can’t read Droid-Life without my device!

  • drewbie_al

    Simple: At my office, I am lucky to get 1 bar of 1x signal, let alone 3G or 4G.  Even with LTE off, I have to recharge by lunch time.  I figure I can get through a day with this battery.

  • Greg

    From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, I am out and about. Very rarely do I get the opportunity to charge my GNex on the go with the type of work I am in. I have had my eye on this battery but just too expensive for me at the moment. It would be a life saver. Please consider this loyal DL reader.

  • I need the extra juice to power my late night Shadow Gun sessions when I can’t sleep or waiting for some code to compile.

  • Had to wait until i got home to make this comment, phone was dead 🙁

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    I need this because I’m rarely home as of late and absolutely need a charge.  Carrying around 2 batteries and my charger around is not acceptable for how much I have to use this for wi-fi tethering and what-not without being plugged in.  Also my friends use it quite a bit as well so when I am finally having a break, they’re using it for their laptops or just faster wi-fi speeds then our place offers.  With this, I’d be free of having to monitor my day around my phone battery less which would be absolutely fantastic.  

    My phone seems to like to drain quite a bit even while idle, so, even better.  I also during my off periods love to watch YouTube clips with my friends once in a while so it would be nice not having it drain 10% in 10minutes of watching videos on YouTube or Netflix.  With the Seidio battery I feel like I can stop lugging around batteries or stop worrying about not even being able to make it through 4-5hours of use when I actually use my phone.  The only real time I actually make it through 12hours is when I see maybe.. 30minutes of screen time while on 3G(which I never do, I need it too much.  Just an example).  So if I could win this, thank you!  Plus I could give my brother one of my batteries. 🙂  My twitter is @BlackBlizzNerd for proof that I followed you.

  • I need a battery that will last AT LEAST 12 hours since i work 12 hour shifts at my county’s medical examiner’s office. Thats right.. i pick up dead people for a living. i need more battery life to combat the dead. Morbid? Yes.. True story? Unfortunately.

  • I chew through my OEM & my standard extended battery on a daily basis… this one would save me from lugging them both around. 

  • Heavy user and drain my battery quick. Would be nice to use my phone longer.

  • g_what

    My battery barely lasts 5 hours depending on use (today was one of those days). For perspective, that means waking up at 9:30 and the phone is in desperate need of a charger by 2:30. I love owning a smartphone (the D1 got me hooked), but I sorely miss dumbphone battery life (easily a full day, usually more).

  • nightscout13

    I play alot of Draw Something, so my extened battery lasts only 3 hours…..

  • StormbladeX69

    I live in an area with poor signal so it drains my battery very quickly. My wife and I both have a GNex, and even with the extended battery we have to carry extra batteries with us EVERYWHERE, and usually try to pack chargers with us as well, including one of the separate battery chargers. I’ve been looking at the Seidio battery for quite a while, but due to things like my HIGH Child Support obligation haven’t been able to afford one. This thing would help me out in a BIG way. Thank you for your consideration.

  • I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED it, The VZW Extended Battery just doesn’t cut it! With the amount of usage my Galaxy Nexus gets I barely get half a day without having to charge!

  • desiman26

    I need this extended battery since I am constantly on the road using the gps. 

  • muscal

    Charging my phone 3 times per day is simply unacceptable. This would allow me to live untethered to a wall plate. Please pick me for the sake of living a normal life.

  • Brad

    I need this battery because…well my battery life sucks!

  • I need this battery so I have enough power to text my girlfriend and my wife all day. First world problem.

  • I need the battery due to constant searching for service seeing as I live in the mountains at school.

  • Desperately need this battery – how else would I minimize waiting for my phone to charge? Oh, and it runs my life too. 

  • I need this badly for when I come across a chick stupid enough to let me shoot endless hours of HD video of her doing dirty stuffs! I believe I can make this happen. Seriously speaking, you can’t tell me that if I pull out <—- no pun intended —- my seXXXy Nexus a girl won't rip her clothes off right then and there! I will share said videos when it happens with everyone on Droid Life! True story. What if my phone dies when she's just getting into the good stuff? We can't have that happen man! Support me in my mission brothers and ensure I'm well equipped for the quest! 😛

  • I need the battery so I can use is a self defense weapon from 4G LTE speeds.

  • Ben Schulz

    I want to have my phone screen brightness at 100% all day and all night long.

  • Andrew Weckerly

    I work at Best Buy Mobile and need the extended battery so I can demonstrate why the Nexus is so much better than the iPhone all day long!

  • JosephCabrera

    I need this like America needs a balanced budget. 

  • mlbvsnba

    I use my phone all day in high school and soon I’ll be driving (GPS + standard battery = …crap) and be off to college, so this battery would be amazing!  That, and….well I WANT IT!!

  • fgonzo98

    Checking for updates on droid-life.com and an.droid-life.com every couple of minutes ALL DAY and NIGHT for latest news chews up a lot of battery life…pressing REFRESH – NOW!

  • I need these things badly:

    A battery for my Galaxy Nexus that will last a work day (my 2100 dies by 2PM)

    Something to lift my phone’s speaker off the desk helping my ringtone sound less muffled.

    A phone that I can pretend is a two tone boat when I pay “cars” with my nephew.

    An extended battery that supports Google Wallet functionality.

    A reason not to buy a Mugen extended battery.

    A passive contraceptive.

    This Seidio 3800mAh extended battery will meet all those needs and more!!!! Hope you can save me $75!!!

    • Fakerjs

      I used to love playing “cars” when I was a kid.

    • Trojenman

      A passive contraceptive….. hilarious

    • Migamix

      with a Soundboard app you can have car horns and everything… yay

  • Gallardo94

    I need this so I can actually use 4G. I’m always telling people how awesome my phone is but then I realize I’m using a Flagship LTE phone with LTE off. Kind of counter productive…

  • Eric Payne

    Would be nice to have this for camping trips where power options are limited, but $70 is way over priced. Free on the other hand i could handle!!!

  • Most badly I need this.

  • Brian Walker

    I wouldn’t say that I need it every day, but there are days where I’ll take the wife and kids out on an all day adventure, and I have to seriously limit my phone usage. This would be nice to use when I know I’m going to be away from a charger for a while. 

  • Steve

    This is hysterical !!! WOW how ugly is that LOL Just buy a Razr Max and dump the nexus as I did , you will never look back and dont give me crap about locked boot loaders, who cares , rooted in seconds , free wifi tether , killer battery life , awesome screen  and really thin !! The perfect phone !!

  • I work 15-18 hours every day, and as you already are aware the Nexus doesn’t last me but 8 hours.  This battery would save me from having to pay the 740$ for the Razr Maxx because I am in contract.  Also my GF would love this because it would stop me from getting hit on at the bars 😉

  • GPS + 4g tethering for my old phone really puts a drain on my battery when im geocaching with my girl friend!

  • tyguy829

    I’m in a dorm where they throttle the internet to 100kbps so people don’t use it for bandwidth intensive tasks like streaming or gaming.  Because of this, I pretty much rely on my Gnex’s LTE to provide internet to my other devices like my laptop around campus.  As you know, wireless tether sucks battery like no other, and my phone is usually dead by 1 or 2 p.m.  This would help me make it through the day for sure, and I can definitely tell you that I would take ugliness & 4g  over sleekness and 100kbps internet any day of the week.  Please DL Crew, save me from wifi that runs at the equivalent of 2g speeds!

  • I need this battery so my phone will finally last longer than I do with my ladyfriend

  • Cflores860

    I need that battery like a fat kid needs cake

  • Tyler

    My friends Motorola Atrix gets 1 – 2 days on its battery and i need to be able to tell him about my awesome battery! 😀 And my phone dies in less then a day … 

  • drparty

    I need this battery cause I actually use my phone like a bawse, all day every day!

  • Davros

    I need this because my kids keep stealing my charger when they go to their friends for the weekend >: l

  • hello2000

    I need this battery cause I’m a little bitch who uses his phone all day and crushes the battery by noon. Should I limit the usage to normal amounts? Yah. Do I want to? Heck no! Send me that car battery and let’s get to business!

  • Chris

    Going on a trip, I get lost a lot, no Gnex life means I’m essentially list in a foreign country and I will never return home. Could you live with that on your conscience? If not, all you need to do is ship that extended battery my way!

  • strikeir13

    I need it as bad as the thing looks cuz with it I’ll get kicked out of my apartment by my girlfriend for extreme bad taste. I’ll have to pay Angry Birds Space with full brightness while downloading my entire Google Music collection all night just to survive using my phone to keep me warm. Standard battery won’t cut it.

  • I need this battery.  The fate of my earth depends on it!

  • sahilm

    I go to school, so charging mid-day is not an option. The reason I really need this battery is that:

    My battery life sucks. Sounds simple, but here’s my battery, right now:

    30% with 33 minutes of screen on time during the day.

    I have better battery stats installed, leankernel running, but the battery is a serious problem for me.

    Help a student play his Angry Birds Space at lunch 🙂

  • Jodie

    i need it bad like charlie sheen needs hookers and drugs lol hope i win

  • Kiter86

    Need this battery because I enjoy 4g all day long!

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Id love to have this battery as I can kill my Nexus in about three hours. I’ve tried everything!

  • ArmanUV

    so do you guys choose randomly or do I have to make a smartass comment to win this?
    if yes then here you go: 
    [insert hilarious comment here]

  • Battery life is the only thing my friend’s RAZR beats my Nexus at (oops, now Hulu too…crap) so I need this to even the game. 🙂

  • Lakerzfan80

    First and foremost I wanna say I charge my phone maybe 3 to 4 times a day and I have that was sold verizon store recently I was laid off from my company after working there for 10 years so I can’t really afford to spend 75 dollars on a new battery and even though I think the mugenn 1 is better I’m willing to take a free battery anytime

  • Could really use this, so that my Nexus can provide the 1.21 gigawatts required to power the flux capacitor in my DeLorean. 

  • I need this battery, so my phone will be fat like me

  • InfrnalSky

    This would be perfect for me.  I do oil work and work about 10 to 12 hours a day.  I have a wife and 4 kids, so I hate being away from my phone in case if anything happens to them.  My Nexus barely lasts 8 hours.

  • I work in a hospital where I don’t have the convenience of being able to plug it just anywhere. Also I have a 80 mile commute (each direction) to and from work. This would be perfect for me.  

  • TankerTuff

    I would like to watch a movie or play a game without the low battery warning popping up.

  • evilkokonut

    So I don’t have to be tethered to the outlet all day

  • I need this battery so bad so i can stay out at the strip clubs they wont let you charge your phone there even if you tip well.

  • Destroythanet

    My 2100mah battery with my stock 1850 in my wallet as a spare trumps this imo.

  • My nexus is running AOKP milestone 4 and while I get great battery life. I’d like to, for once, not worry about charging my phone every night.


  • Athomson16

    I need less stress in my life and more droid life in it. What a better way then to have a big battery like this. I’d get twice the droid life!!

  • SysWiz

    I could use one for when I am wifi tethering on the go.

  • drew

    My battery dies before the day ends, plain and simple.

  • HuskerDroid10

    This would be great for sporting events since my phone always dies looking for signal.

  • Tweekex

    Frankly I am tired of being warned of low battery by 1pm, which is why I would love this battery 🙂

  • Ron Parish

    Well, I don’t need the battery right now, but in the next very short while I am expecting to own one of these great phones. The Seidio extended battery is just what I will need for my phone when it gets here. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • scanullas0201

    Would be nice to have my phone last a whole day at Disneyland without me having to swap batteries. For some reason, the network in that area has random dead zones.

  • Since my Nexus can barely last half a day with moderate use I would like to try this out, its not that ugly. 

  • Xalmasterx

    I currently have the 2100mAH battery in my galaxy nexus and i cannot make it through the day. I am a power user and love every aspect about the gnex except the battery. My favorite time with my gnex is when i have it plugged in and am able to use it to its full potential. With a screen this beautiful and the processing power that this phone has its a real shame that you cannot use half of its features without it dying by 5pm. Saying this i am really curious to test out this battery and try to design a wrap around case solution that would simply wrap around the thick portion of the battery and contour it to better fit the phone. I think with a properly fit case, this added heft can be masked and the phone might not loof nearly as bad.

    • I have the battery and purchased 2 silicone cases off ebay for $4 each. I proceeded to use one of them to test out where I need to cut to make it look good. After i butchered the one silicone case, I got the perfect dimensions, cut the other case to precision and it fits perfectly. Yes the battery has bulk in the back, but I go from 8am to 8pm without charging once, full brightness, 4G connected and constant use. Very happy with this purchase. And the case that I customized for it haha

  • DCABuckeye

    My mom is in heaven and it takes more than the stock battery to reach her.  I also have numerous occupations/situations that require me to get contests to recognize that I truly, truly need this.  Or any other item that is up for a giveaway. 

  • Tsorenson50

    I need this battery. My work allows me to have my phone but does not allow me to charge it art work. Don’t ask why. I work for the state I live in and out is a policy of the whole division I work in. I follow this site religiously and love updating my phone with everything you show us. I would just get a cheeky but I want to keep my nfc working. Please consider me. I follow you on Twitter…@travilaaa

    • Tsorenson50

      Cheap not cheeky lol

  • I need this battery because my parents-in-law just got RAZR Maxx’s and shove it in my face how they have been using 4G all day and still have like 75% battery left when they get home from work.

  • ericsorensen

    You know that $7.99 extra battery you told us about earlier has a nicer backplate that matches.

  • David Cohen

    I am always looking for a charger and I need a charge that can last me 2 days!

  • I definitely could use more adult videos time.

  • Johnbombo

    I am hideously ugly and grotesque to look at. I need a battery that suits my hard to look at appearance!

  • Forrest Tracey

    I work in a remote area and often times a charger is not close by while I’m out in the field. This extended battery would be a big help!

  • EdsonDJ

    I bought the cheapo $8 one you guys posted a while back and for some odd reason, it doesn’t last that long and its actually worse than the OEM 2100mAh. That’s with running the same ROM and kernel (AXI0M M2/franco M2). It could be just a defective unit, but I’d rather have Seidio’s battery because I’m familiar with their products and I trust the brand more.

  • i badly need this seidio 3800 mAH battery.  bought the 2100 extended battery from verizon, but that doesn’t last long at all.  i use my phone very heavily from contacting prospects to business owners.  the seidio 3800 mAh on my galaxy nexus seems to be the solution to this.

  • Sonic_44

    This extended battery would make my Droid-Obsessive-Life SOOO much easier because I have to use my phone to navigate all over San Antonio, TX for work on a daily basis. Then, when I get to where I need to go, I have to use my phone still for each job to test stuff and make sure customer’s accounts are right. So I could finally not have to worry about charging and risking my phone frying in the heat of the Texas sun. Plus, I use NFC all the time at gas stations and quick meals from Micky-D’s and Taco Cabana!


    super badly, if even a word. Can barley get through school.. browsing the web for research on 3g… it dies so fast 🙁

  • ericsorensen

    I need it really really bad! Because, being married, I don’t want chicks hitting on me…And this thing should take care of that problem nicely.

  • Marcantony44

    How badly… I work in IT… for a company the doesn’t give me a phone or pay for one. the nice part is at least i get to pick my own hardware… When I am on the road I am a mobile office.. currently i run 3 batteries all stock batteries because the price difference to an extended battery seems more then i can swallow right now. I use all 3 batteries in 1 day.. HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME! 

    I am tethering most of the day or on conference call and when i get on a bridge sometimes its HOURS before we drop. Please help me out…

  • Andrew Robitaille

    Must play more angry birds.

  • Got Fragz

    I could really use some long battery life. I’m definitely a heavy power user. Drained my extended battery in about 6 hours today. Always on this beast.

  • How bad do I need that battery? Well I go through 2 extended batteries on a daily basis and still don’t have enough life between the times I can’t charge it up!

  • Thanassi

    Please send me this.

    Because my dog died.

  • Iny

    I want this simply to experience using my phone all day and not being in panic mode trying to find an outlet to charge my phone. I want to use my LTE without worrying about sucking my battery dry. I want to keep a badass live wallpaper on for more than 2 minutes. I want to use my navigation app without having to plug it in to my car charger, which honestly, doesn’t charge the damn phone anyway.

  • I need this battery badly because i sure do use my phone alot throughout the day, sometimes cannot charge my phone or it is annoying having to charge it while im in school. Would not mind the big bulky back,  if i want to show off my phone id just switch back to the regular battery lol

  • Jeff Badger

    I don’t need it since I already own it, so feel free to give it to someone else. I will say this, though…I’m so glad I bought this battery. It’s still pocket-friendly and I don’t have to worry about LTE, GPS, brightness, and everything else. It is by far a fantastic investment to those who don’t want to worry about their phone, its usage, and their location.

    The only I thing I recommend is buying the case so that everything is the same color. The case is also the almost black matte finish.

  • Ghub1

    I need this because I use phone for work and I need the juice to be efficient. Plus I have enough swagger durvto AOKP to combat the fafyness of the battery

  • Tellas Woods1

    My reason for needing this battery is simple…. I’m tired of having to plug my GalNex in everywhere I go. I need more (from the movie) Battery Juice, Battery Juice, Battery Juice

  • Zake32

    I would love to have this extended battery so i can take my phobe out on the golf course and actually be able to use the golf gps software i bought for my phone. Currently i can barely get through 9 holes before battery is tapping out..

  • alex57900

    My battery keeps dying

  • Hans can have it instead of me.  I need it for Golfcard app so I can get a whole round in before the battery dies.  Thanks for your service Hans!

  • FortitudineVincimus


  • Will

    I use my Nexus to play ROMs of the Game Boy games I own, and that just slurps up battery, so I’d LOVE an extended battery for it.  

  • Dodge4bbl

    i just really want one to try…i bought the cheap one you guys advertised a few weeks ago and want to see if this one is any better than the cheap one.

  • Chris Cousin

    An extended battery could come in handy for when I make extended trips to our data center and I don’t have access to a charger for a while.

  • Mwarthurs22

    All the extended trips I go on for work this would be a pretty sweet addition..

  • beng8686

    I need this battery soooo bad… been wanting to buy for a while now but can’t afford the jump (need the seidio case to go with this beast). I’m constantly on the road and in poor coverage areas that drain my Sammy extended battery within a few hours. I need to unhook from my charger and feel FREEDOM. I NEED this thing! DL would be doing someone a huge favor giving this battleship kit to me. End transmission. (Plugging into charger)

  • Probably a want more than a need, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth…

  • xboxkid

    I need a big a** battery so I can crank the brightness way the eff up, have LTE on all of the time, stream life, game constantly, and not think about battery life ever 🙂

  • I just had a new baby girl and I been taking her and my wife between doctors appointments. I have been noticing my GNex Dies alot between offices because of lack of signal. I REALLY need this battery to help on days I have to go in these  areas. Hook a Daddy up 😀

  • IlanAlpert

    Need it so badly I am using the last of my battery just to type this up and it’s only 5pm!

  • CodeToJoy

    Need it?  meh.  Want it?  Sure. 🙂

  • Ooooooooh I want I want I need I need gimme gimme gimme gimme please. 

    I can’t explain it. It’s like when a child sees the moon through a telescope for the first time. Just sheer wonderment. I must have it. 

  • Albokay

    Backstab has been stomping the hell out of my phone when i play. I need this beast on my team to battle the drain.

  • Mganale62

    I picked one the other day and i can easily get 2days out of it where as the extended battery 2100mah i picked up wwhen i got my phone couldnt last me all but two thirds of a normal day,,,so aftwr a couple of days with it i couldnt behappier.

    • Mganale62

      I also got the siedo surface case for it and is very nice,,all black and it is very nice in the hand,,non slip surface and i also noticed when i vo to hit the power key i dont hit the volume rocker at the same time,,,really digging it

      • Jeff Badger

        I agree 100% with getting the case too.

  •  I like big butts and I cannot lie.

  • Professandobey

    Honestly, I would like to win it for the rarer occasions: hiking, mountain biking, etc. Day to day the standard battery does just fine for me, even though I have to plug it in at work.

  • DrAndyRoid

    I need this extended battery because I’m a full-time college student, with full days of class; I simply cannot get through my days on a single charge. My professors deduct half a letter grade if our phones make an appearance out of our pockets so I can’t even charge it in class. Womp womp I know, but I seriously can use this tank of an accessory. 

  • Aaron Brodsky

    I would love to have this huge beast.  I normally sit at a desk all day too, charger nearby, but on weekends when I’m out and about all day, maybe into the night, even the 2100 extended battery wont cut it.  This would be great for those days!  Please pick me! Thanks!

  • A.C.

    I have very early mornings and long evenings. Having a battery last longer than 3/5 of my day would be the final piece to my Nexus perfection.

  • willsours

    I need this thing so I don’t get hopelessly lost in the woods while I’m out hiking with “My Tracks” and my compass locked up behind a dead battery!

  • I would sacrifice my slim battery and sleek phone look for this battery to that I can power and play Space Birds and other apps all day long without having to charge my phone at noon. 

  • I use my phone all day everyday out and about without a charger in reach. I travel alot for it and use it at conferences to provide “backchannel” support for those not attending. With little coverage in some areas, its zaps my battery searching. I would love one of these to save my battery life and use my phone longer between charges

  • Hahaha

    i wnat this for my rezound so i can petend i have a nexus….. naw good luck nexus owners

  • topherct

    I am already using the 2100aMH extended battery on my Nexus and I can’t get a full day out of it.  I don’t even bother turning on 4G without a charger next to me.

  • A Taylor

    I work for a cable company and need my cell phone for work, and also personal use using wifi etc.  My battery allways dies within 3-4 hours with having 4g and wifi switched on just so i know when the new baby is going to arrive

  • Kentholio

    Can’t tell you how badly I need one. I’m in the field all day, and have little access to charge. I have two little girls and need to have a phone that works. Love the phone, but I regret the purchase. Can’t afford one of these, even tried one of those $8 pos’. I’m a big guy, so I’m not worried about any ridicule that may come my way from using this beast.

  • Jake

    My friend insists the MAXX is the best battery life on a phone, this should shut him up quite nicely.

  • staticdet5

    I’m a medic.  Some nights, my shifts don’t end.  It stinks when my phone has to stop, but I have to keep going.

  • Travisgary

    im also in i.t.  and i have to charge my “extended” battery by about 2pm, then i can make it home,  and do nightly duties,  and then lay down in bed and watch, i mean research stuff.   then hook it back up to the 120 ac for some much needed juice. 

    cant link this to twitter due to work restrictions..

    tweeter is  @travisgary:disqus 

  • Slot_Machine

    I need one because I need POWER, UNLIMITED POWER! but this is a good start.


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  • My wife and I are adventurers and often spend long days out hiking, or at theme parks, our we pack up for a camping weekend. While I wouldn’t use this on regular days, it would be amazing at times like that. A few miles into the woods, there aren’t so many charging opportunities, but it would be awfully nice to make an emergency call if we needed to.

  • MattSweeden

    Because Im having to deal with constantly charging my phone cause of constant data use…my GNex rarely gets a break from the charger :/

  • Way to color match, Seidio…

  • Tferrell7368

    As an Emergency Medical Service worker, I use my phone alot. Giving and receiving direction, and patient information. A beastly battery like this would go along way and keep me from worring bout battery power and constantly being concerned with a charger. Thanks for the chance to win. DL rocks!

  • Konnect00

    well I can use this to power my neighborhood up if the power ever goes out again. heh(:

  • anezarati

    i’d love to have one of these.

  • Nick20719

    I use my phone 24/7, from meetings to hanging with friends. This would come in handy since i always seem to want to take pictures while playing on FB and texting friends which leads to my phone dieing after 7 hours on 4G LTE…

  • I need this battery badly so I can make it through a full day at work 🙁 constantly have to be calling and emailing to get in touch with people drains it throughout the entire day

  • Theeohiostate

    my battery always runs out when I’m hammered in the city. Then I can never find my way home.  This should help

  • ChuckDz3

    I’d love to win this to simply to make it through the day on one charge!

  • ManiDePRico

    I need this battery badly…. I have three batteries, and switch between them all at least once in a day.

  • Rick

    Waffling back and forth between getting a Galaxy Nexus or a Razr Maxx. This would make the choice easy!

  • Well, since I live in downtown Atlanta, I feel like I need this battery for one crucial aspect. Theft deterrent. 

    “Give me your..” *I hurl my phone/brick at his face and knock him out cold*. 
    Not to mention if he does get my phone, I will have PLENTY of time to Seekdroid his ass.

    •  I was an avid Seekdroid user as well…since the “Free App of the Day” offer from Amazon.
      Try Cerberus.  It’s so much nicer!
      Oh, and Seekdroid can’t activate GPS on android 2.3+ (unless the rom you’re running re-enables this permission…which none on the GNex do that I’ve found).
      Cerberus needs to be installed as a system app to do so…but this didn’t work with Seekdroid at all.

  • CurtisNic

    im always working and browsing blogs on my phone, the battery evaporates in about 6 hours. would love that big bump if it could help me make it through the day

  • AbbieRosario

    I only badly need this battery so that I can look like a fool with such a large battery.

  • Tsteege

    DL, is just awesome.  [Suck up]

    Anyway, I work out in the field doing data collection via GPS.  I have two batteries now, but I hate powering down and swapping them out.  I would love to take it off your hands and “TEST” it for a long time.  LOL, thanks again for all the good work DL.!  [Suck up #2]

  • Jonathan Sims

    I work on a military base with spotty coverage for 12 hours at a time. So I have to charge my phone at least once during the day. I really need a larger battery to help me out.

  • I would love this extended battery as I often go to school all morning and then directly to work with little to no time to plug my phone into a charger. I have always loved extended batteries but with the $75 price tag winning this competition would be awesome. 

  • fartbubbler

    I’d use one of these if the Zombie Apocolypse started.  But then, most of the people I’d call or text would probably already be zombi-fied.  

    Guess I could play hours and hours of Stupid Zombies.  Or stream The Walking Dead…

  • I hope to win this battery because it would help me endure my future 16 hour flights to India!

  • I’m in and out of the office most of the day and not in the car long enough to make plugging it in between job site really worth while.  What’s worse is these job sites tend to be in low service area (as in my office and house) so the battery is gets drained pretty quickly. it was almost enough to make me regret getting the nexus … but that feeling past quickly. this thing is a beast (if only the battery were as well).

  • Teng247

    i want this badley cuz i wanna win something

  • If i ever enter into a shot put event using my Gnex and want maximum range, i’ll slap on the Sedio 3800mAh!

  • yellowsnow

    I need it so badly I took my kids suppository to relieve the constipated feeling I was having.

  • BrianWenger

    This is one constest I will not enter. However, by posting this comment I may have inadvertently entered said contest.

  • MudRacer

    I need this to run a marathon across the amazon forests.

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    I got the monster battery and case for $8 from an online cellular store

  • Most of the time I am good with the standard battery, however when I go camping, this monster would be perfect to get me through the weekend.

  • MTPenguin

    I need the battery worse that I need an iDevice……

  • kfath1978

    On the road from 7am to 6pm five days a week….would be nice not charging my phone all the time too!

  • languagestrange

    I need this battrocity for my G-Nex to help boost my T-Bolt’s self-esteem. 

  • I’d like it so I can have my phone last longer than four hours on battery. 

  • amosk

    Quite frankly, I would never put that on my phone. I carry a spare stock battery in my pocket and take 20 seconds to swap it in during the afternoon. That, imo, is so much better than carrying that beast around. 
    Carry a spare, barely noticable, backup battery in my pocket or a tank…hmm, not a hard decision.
    The only way I could see somebody wanting this is if they didn’t need to keep their phone in their pocket, and didn’t have access to a power outlet for a day or more. I think that describes like 3 people in the USA…

  • I would use this because I use my phone for work and play. 😀 
    I’m an IT professional at a local hospital. Not only does the service suck on this side of town (Kinda drains battery as the Nexus tries to attain better signal) but also, I get tons of emails and work related texts as well as my personal things such as non-work related texts, twitter and the usual showing off my phone to iPhone users and Razr owners. I thought of buying this multiple times but that $75 is kinda alot. I dont usually run dead, but I’m running for a charger by the time I get to my car at the end of the day! I’d love this battery, even though it looks weird, I really wouldn’t mind. I also use navigation on 4g sometimes when I go to conferences and this thing drains faster than my car charger can keep up lol.

  • Well it’s not fun having to take the 5am train home with a dead phone after being out all night. An extended battery like this would solve the problem instantly. 

  • It’s definitely a beast. But I’ll tell you what, when your battery is about to die, you’ll wish you cared more about having this battery then you would about sleekness. Or maybe YOU would, meh My nexus is still craving more juice regardless.

  • 4yr old son is hooked on Angry Birds, wife keeps stealing my phone for Draw Something, and I fear the 4 gees because of my analness of getting the most battery life I can.  I also don’t mind having a big backside… on my phone that is.

  • whosinaname

    I need this because I work in a basement with poor reception….. My battery dies faster than a person wearing a red shirt on StarTrek

  • gettingoutofthedoghouse

    I need this battery so bad..  I’m  noob and forget to plug in the phone, and just as the battery is dying, SWMBO calls with some urgent honey doos!

    Please Droid Life, keep me out of the doghouse..

  • Since I leave the house at 5 a.m. and am out doors for most of the day, The added juice will allow to me to keep the phone on my side rather than in the truck on the charger being able to get a hold of more people easier. Plus, who doesnt like the look of a small tank in your hands?!

  • Hendrixj92

    I need this because if my battery dies, then my heart stops beating and since I live in the middle of nowhere ill be dead before anyone gets here to save me. and you don’t want that on your shoulders now do you?

  • I need this battery reallllly bad lol.
    I am a 16 year old socialite so Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and my girlfriend really kill my battery at times.
    Not to mention hours of playing Angry Birds Space or Where’s My Water.
    All of this, along with jacking my school’s wifi, really affects my battery lol

  • Nshawn43

    i have 3 extended batteries that i rotate through during my day . im never near a battery during the day while at school and by the end of the day im at 10 percent battery running to the car so my phone doesnt die.. I would love to have an extended battery so i can atleast last a majority of the day before needing to switch…

    • Nshawn43

      never near a charger i mean

  • James Nichols

    I would love this battery. I love my nexus and I use it all the time and I hate to run to a charger.

  • jimmyk0789

    I really need that battery I work 14 hour days and I have to charge my nexus at least two times while at work and with that battery I would have to worry about missing calls or emails because my phone is dead 🙂 BTW I love this site

  • Morpheus282

    Why I need the battery:
    I spend a lot of time on the road and in the middle of older buildings with metallic film on the windows.  Since my phone doesn’t get much of a signal thanks to this film, the 2100 mAh battery only lasts about two hours before I have to charge it.  The 3800 mAh battery might actually get me through until lunch before I have to charge it.

  • Angryunibrow

    I’d like this so my phone can look like a BOSS

  • As a storm chaser, a great battery on my phone for Wi-Fi tethering / video and still capturing is a must. The car’s power is reserved for the laptops in the car leaving the Nexus to its own battery (disappointingly). Haven’t upgraded the battery yet (gas costs suck up the chasing budget)!

  • JSG

    I need this because I play words with friends, wordsmith, wordfeud, hanging with friends, and recently draw something and scramble with friends all day long while at work. I also hotspot off of my gnex all day long while playing said games.

  • I work in the field all day and very rarely have the opportunity to juice up. This battery is a must for myself because by the end of the day I am barely making it by on a single charge.

  • ramifications

    My galaxy nexus dies in about 6-8 hours every day. I have to live next to a charger 🙁 I could really use this! Thanks Droid Life !

  • Mark Schofield

    I need the power as I utilize my phone all day for work and need to recharge midday to be able to finish my work. I have found myself in the field several times with the phone going dead and unable to plug in anywhere.

  • Josh

    Anomoly Warzone eats up all my battery. I need more!

  • Aaron

    I need this battery because I hate charging my device, and would not mind the extra bulk for some extreme usability.

  • JaredKirk

    Considering I can kill an extended battery in like an hour to an hour and a half, I think I need this 🙂

  • Dan

    I really dont need this, but it’d be nice

  • JaredKirk

    Considering I can

  • i need it to actually be able to USE my phone and make use of the 4g connection it has instead of always limiting it to the 3g connection….

  • John

    i need this badly because i cannot get through my typical workdays without charging this badass mofo. as a definite power user, i NEED this ridiculously awesome battery. 

  • Joe

     While battling crime and flying over Metropolis, there is no way to charge my Galaxy Nexus. I could use this battery to make sure I am always able to be contacted, no matter how long my day is.

  • I work in IT in healthcare and am constantly using my phone. I do get a lot of e-mails and phone calls, but mostly I am showing off my awesome GNex to iPhone and BB users who wish their phones were as sweet as mine. I also hope by sticking this in my front pocket, I can impress the cute nurses and residents with my phone bump. “Is that your phone’s extended battery or are you just getting an erection?”

    “Baby, let’s hit the janitor closet and find out!”

    • Lacokanostra

      Im suffering from second hand embarrassment

  • will bartlett

    I would love this battery. I already have 4 batteries due to external chargers, one that broke, plus the normal extended battery. I would love my phone to be able to live for a few days before i have to charge it. 😀

  • as a college student, the only time I have time to charge my phone is when I’m sleeping… and well since I’m never sleeping the simple math here is is I can’t charge my phone :'( please support the poor college student who’s only social life some times is my phone.. 


    In the directions it says to follow us on TWITTER right ? Well If people are posting comments below, Does that mean they didnt follow directions correctly or do comments posted here go to TWITTER too if they are linked ?

  • I need it real bad for golfing.  When you cover as much ground as I do on a golf course the GPS drains the battery dry.

  • I’m going on a business trip to Vegas in a few weeks.  Last year my Samsung Fascinate went through 2 batteries a day at this convention.  I definitely could use every bit of extra juice.

  • DrDroid

     I am a medical student with $200,000+ of debt and work long hours in a VA hospital with thick walls and sketchy reception. The 2100 mAh just doesn’t cut it in my environment. It would make a world of difference to me!

  • ceejw

    I need this battery badly, so I can sell it on ebay.

  • badly enough to sacrifice looks over functionality

  • spliff

    I need this badly because I’m a driver. I’m on the road 60 hours a week, my poor nexus can’t keep up with me

  • Adam

    I need this so i can turn on 4g without fear of battery death

  • MKader17

    I don’t always need my Nexus to jump start my car, but when I do I prefer to have the Sedio 3800mAh.

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    • rdunseith

      I prefer a naked Asian girl with my Sedio. But thats just my personal preference,

    • Angel Calderon


  • Just posting this I used up 50% of my stock battery.

  • Jeff Simpson

    I’d like to just see how it compares to Seido’s other batteries. Seido isn’t the most honest of companies when it comes to reporting their battery life specs (see link at end of comment). Not as bad as Mugen, but not the best.

    The 3200mAh extended battery for the Nexus 1 measured only 2691mAh.
    The 3500mAh for the EVO 4G was only 2821mAh.
    The 1600mAh battery for the N1 only measured 1305mAh (compare that to the stock 1400mAh that measured 1357mAh! Imagine replacing your stock 1400mAh battery with a 1600mAh battery and getting shorter life!)

    Note: This is not my site – it just blew my mind how blatently dishonest battery capacity specs are for some brands!

    • MKader17

      Or maybe an actual test. I’m always down for free stuff, but the only information I got from the post that I didn’t get from looking at a picture was,

      “The new back plate has a soft, almost matte black finish and feels a lot like the new Ringke SLIM case that I reviewed last week. It doesn’t feel that bad in hand and is essentially slip resistant.”

  • I need this because even on a regular school day, which is just a few hours long, my phone is dead by the end without me even using it that much! I just use it to listen to music for 10 minutes on the way to school, the rest of the time it is sleeping. And yes, I have tried uninstalling apps and using battery management stuff and whatnot, but it did not work for me. Hopefully, this battery could fix my problem.

  • Eric Gilkey

    I need it because I don’t want to have to put my phone down when I’m away from my charger. I miss it too much!

  • I need this in order to power through my morning and evening commutes playing games like Osmos and Wind-up Knight without worrying about my Gnex’s battery life

  • I need it because it’ll really come in handy for days such as this weekend when I take a long bus ride down to Virginia Beach VA from NYC, and when I get really busy work days and can’t seem to get to my charger

  • I need this because. I just lost my job, my girl dumped me, and my motor blew on my car. I need something good to happen! Plus I can’t get more than 4 hours out of my stock battery :'(

  • moelsen8

    i could use more juice!  been interested in checking it out, but not at that price.

  • DroidDIY

     I need this really bad, God was not kind to me and hopefully the bigger battery will make an impressive bulge in my pants to impress the ladies!

  • Chandler

    I need this because I am in class and medical research all day from 8 to 8. The only way to keep sane is to keep connected to the world any break I get, but that usually ends at 3

  • Geo

    I need this so I can actually use my phone. I’m out of the house from 8 am – 8 pm and I’d like to use it more instead of barely touching it. It could also make for a good tank toy.

  • ravik212

    In case my car battery dies I can still use my phone and restart my car.

  • Do I really have to write down why I need this battery? JUICE!! My stock battery is lasting me just 4 hours at its best so…

  • would love to have this for my nexus 2 to 3 days sounds good

  • This would save my life period.

  • sofunnytom

    I use my GNex so much, I have to take a spare charger to class every morning…

  • Mustang5Oh

    I NEED one of these batteries as I’m constantly reading your site and then flashing new ROMs per your recommendations. Also I read twitter and play games a lot! Add to that I’m in Military so I travel a lot and use navigation which is rough on battery. So please hook me up with this beast!

  • h8thepain

    I JUST picked up a G-Nex. I drained half my battery in about 5 hours, just going to breakfast and church.  I’m desperately going to need a battery this big while I’m training for my marathon and am using RunKeeper and playing music with DoubleTwist!

  • Josh515

    I really need this battery so I don’t have to worry about recharging my phone overnight and in the middle of the day!!

  • zapote21

    I want one… Seidio should give me one because its a guaranteed sale of a new Surface case and holster also…lol

  • Joe

    I travel a lot and I don’t always have a car charger available.


  • I already carry a spare stock battery for emergencies, but still find myself draining both batteries before I can get to a a place to charge. This would be a nice emergency back up for those times. (But honestly, I wouldn’t use it as my DD, since I like the slim look better.)

  • i run my company pretty much off of my Gnex. having my phone on me all day with no where to charge it is getting to be a big problem. this battery would help me be more confident looking at my emails more often and just not worrying if its going to die in the next hour. Please DL, I NEED THIS!!

  • RashadGattis

    I need it because if i dont get it i wont finish typing this comment on the mobile version of this site…

  • Hunter

    I’m constantly on the go and never near a plug long enough to juice up. I’m always swapping batteries at mid-day which is such a pain.

  • Hans Kwazneski

    Hope to win!! And I’m active duty Navy, always on the run, always on call! and this 2100 mAh REALLY dies! Quick too!! 🙁

    • Kaufkin

      I don’t need it this bad. if I win, give it to Hans K.

      •  Agreed.  Hans, you win it if I win because you’re serving the country.

      • Timothy Wing

        I second the motion!!

        • PR2

          I’m in the Navy myself.  But hell, I don’t own a G-Nex… If I win Kwazneski can have it!

        • mbaldwin85

          In that case I should win because I’m a Marine. On second thought give it to Hans considering that he works for the USMC Taxi Co.

          All is fair in service rivalries.

          • Hans Kwazneski

            HA! Our sister squadron is a helo squadron too! Right down the road 😛 (notice I said sister, haw)

          • Noyfb

            Hans, twitpic a picture of yourself in your blues on droidlife twitter. 
            I vote the The Swabbie should get it

          • TC Infantino

            All is fair in service rivalries huh…   I was US Air Force, you know, the service you can get into when you ace all five sections of the ASVAB test? 

          • Josh Groff

            I only got an 81 on the ASVAB. Air Force has some pretty strict physical requirements though, so they didn’t let me in (navy is a bit more lax, but still won’t let in a 6″ 220lb dude for nuclear/IT…) :/

            Might be able to get in after the summer though. 🙂

          • Kaufkin

            Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential. 🙂

          • Josh Groff

            Intelligence is just as essential. In my case, I prefer brains to brawn.

          • MKader17

            That went right over your head, didn’t it?

        • CompCrash

           Adding to the “give the battery to Hans” motion!

    • amosk

      Hans, I don’t want it either, but I if I win it is definitely yours. Thanks man!

    • I feel ya brother. I work as a firefighter and a part time law enforcement officer. I kill my battery off by noon most days. GPS, legal references, emergency call notification and dispatch… blah blah blah.  My current extended battery got me about another 30 minutes it seems like! Stay safe out there brother. 

    • Hans Kwazneski

      I _> But seriously, Thank you.

    • Truth Revealer

       I would definitely not be surprised if Hans isn’t really in the Navy

      • Hans Kwazneski

        Tell you what, if I win, I’ll take a picture with it while wearing my cammies 😉

        • Since OP will give pics, if I win Hans gets it.

          Besides I like my sex life.

  • I need it so bad that my phone died while typing this 

  • mikesuds

    I don’t need it… My Nexus gets a full day on AOKP with Franco’s kernel or leankernel. 

  • komradefox

     I need this battery for when i use my phone’s GPS while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Would be amazing to have so i can record more of my trip.

  • Homes315

    I need this because I use the bathroom on the reg. Sometimes I watch a 22 minute episode of family guy, sometimes 15 minutes of drawing with friends (I get detailed).  Either way, my bowel movements run like a German train station and I need this bad boy to keep using my phone.

    • mikesuds

      Every other serious response is a coverup for what they will really be doing, which Homes315 has clearly and honestly laid out here. Give the man the battery.

  • AndrewThompson

    Why do I need it? Because that I got that bad 3rd party 3800mAh that has no manufacturer and doesn’t actually hold a charge!

    • Jeff Simpson

      Seido is only marginally better than Mugen. Go with OEM!

      http://batteryboss.org/ (not my site, it just blew my mind when I read it just how dishonest the capacity specs are for aftermarket batteries)

    • That’s the one I have. AndroidCentral had an article about it from CellularFactory.com literally holds a charge for less than the stock battery, yet it is “3800 mAh”

  • Sean Rector

    I need it because I’m away from a charger for over 8 hours+ at a time.

  • How badly do I need this?  I need this measurably more than I need a hole in the head, and significantly less than I need $1,000,000.

    • Josh Groff

       That is a fairly large range. 😉