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Galaxy Nexus Wins “Smoked by Windows Phone” Challenge, Microsoft Store Refuses to Acknowledge It (Updated)

Since CES, Microsoft has been running a campaign to raise awareness for their Windows Phone lineup called “Smoked by Windows Phone.” It is a challenge of sorts that asks you to enter your Android or other phone into a battle with a Windows Phone to see if it can beat it at simple every day tasks. Tasks could be to find directions to a near by 4-star restaurant or snap a picture and upload it to Facebook. Fun, right? Not so much for the owner of a Galaxy Nexus who stopped by his local Microsoft store this weekend to take the challenge. 

Within the last week, Microsoft upped the bounty for their “Smoked” challenge, offering up a $1000 special edition laptop to those that could beat Windows Phone or the opportunity to trade in your current phone for a Windows Phone should you lose. The owner of Skattertech took his G-Nex in and won, according to his standards, but not so much according to the Microsoft store’s standards.

What was his test? Once he got to the front of the line of people taking the challenge, he was asked to power down his phone and then back up again to kill off background tasks. Then the task itself was for him to display weather on his phone from 2 different cities faster than the Windows Phone. Since he had disabled his lockscreen and had two widgets on his home screen showing weather in 2 different cities, all it took was the press of a button and he was done. The Windows Phone user on the other hand had to swipe away a lock screen, causing her to be a split second later than our friend with the Nexus.

So he won? Nope. He was told that he lost because the Windows Phone “displays the weather right there,” which I’m not even sure is an actual reason. A manager came over after a handful of questions from our Android friend and was told that he lost because he needed to display weather from 2 different cities in 2 different states, something that he claims was not made clear up front. He was never given his prize.

Update:  Microsoft is doing the right thing now. Ben Rudolph, who runs the challenge in the video below, announced on Twitter that they will indeed award Skattertech with the $1000 laptop and a Windows Phone.

Here is an example of the challenge:


Via:  Skattertech, reddit

Cheers Robb, Ashot, and everyone else!

  • Total BS. Watched the video 2 times. It is all a set up. The guy use short cuts on his phone. Also why would they have you reboot your phone if it wasn’t a set up. Facebook and maps are background apps. The hole contest is a fraud. Microsoft is a pathological lying machine and the reason for the lack of pc development. As far as the W7P goes, JUNK!

  • Johnatencio303

    Really? you idiots are going to argue about grammar? stop attacking people. just talk about that piece of crap windows phone.

  • Dean Milord

    Whats funny about the video is that they have these noobs who barely know what phones they have.  Then they “show up” with their phones not setup with half the options the phone has; let alone prepared for this challenge.  And pit them against someone who knows everything about Windows Phone.  This suppose to be a “fair” challenge??  I’m glad someone who knows how to use Android properly/fully showed up and shut Microsoft up!!!!

  • Knlegend1

    what about ios?

  • moozicmon

    There is no way he is uploading faster than an LTE device. Unless he is on wifi…

  • Jeff

    ROFL Thanks for the $1000 laptop sucka!!!! LOL

  • WickedToby741

    Somebody needs to come up with a “Guide to Smoking a Windows Phone.” Microsoft has been giving special instructions to employees on what challenges to issue to what phone users, so shouldn’t it be fair that we can customize our phones to give us an edge in such a competition? I want someone to compile a guide of apps and settings that will give Android users the upper edge in challenges issued by Microsoft. You know, things like disabling the lockscreen for the challenge, placing two weather widgets on the main homescreen, one of current location and one in another state, and using Tweet Deck or a similar app to post to multiple social networks at once.

  • Mark Slomski

    first of all the windows phone was probably connected to the stores insanely fast wifi. lets see it on 4g service only no wifi. my droid razr can smoke a windows phone those tools in the video don’t even fully understand their phones. I can take a pic tap the corner and one touch upload to facebook. And to microsoft who screwed my pc’s hardrives with your crazy ass windows vista then constant errors with win7. and reinstalled so many times made me spend another $250 on another product key for the same damn disc i bought already. Take your crappy ass windows phone and stick it where the sun won’t shine. Good day to you.

  • mule0331

    Instead of stacking the deck with a built in widget, why not just compare side by side things the phones will do that the other wont.

  • andrew z

    Looks like Microsoft, left too many Windows open.



    • Ashclepdia


  • Jared Lizano

    rezound smokes the windows phone on taking a picture and uploading to facebook.

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  • Wireless Hero

    They can keep the Windows Phone.  I wouldn’t even use it if it were given to me.

  • Windows Phone…Good for getting directions and uploading pictures to facebook! 

    Google Play Market – 450,000+ Apps
    Windows Phone Marketplace ~70,000 Apps

    Number of Windows Phones – ~25
    Number of Android Phones – A Lot more

    Yep, Definitely smoked….by Android.

  • Why on earth would you need constant access to two cities weather?

    That’s not a feature, that’s a bug imho.

    • I travel a lot and often keep the weather where I am and the weather back home.

    • The other city is where my girlfriend is!

  • Destroythanet

    ICS FTW!!

  • Prime7

    Pretty clever how the prize is a Windows Phone (and if you lose, you also get a Windows Phone).

    So…either way, you lose because you have to take a Windows Phone.

    • Rodeojones000

      Actually, winning the challenge gets you a $1000 special edition laptop.

  • James Lucas II

    All of those android people don’t have core apps installed or widgets loaded lol they could win easily. Like places or just knowing how to use upload to facebook from the photo instead of going through the app. Bad comparison they were not power users vs a trained windows phone rep lol!

  • Lakra43

    How about instead of them choosing the task, have the challenger choose the task. That gives the challenger the advantage that they have, and if they are so confident with their phone, they should have no problem with that.

  • HornKirsten14

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  • Tim_Horton

    Good thing the challenge wasn’t who can BSOD the fastest or he’d have had no contest.  

    • Josh Groff


      • Droidzilla

        When you and another troll get together to make it look like you’re random commenters, be sure to also “like” the post you reply to. It makes it look more credible.

        • Josh Groff

           I just thought the comment was genuinely funny.

  • Sam

    1st Place: Windows Phone
    2nd Place: Two Windows Phones

  • Manny

    Why do they call it the Windows 7 Phone? Because it’ll never get more than 7% of the market share!

    • Windows Phone 7, actually, but hey.

      It’s a good OS. Nothing wrong with it. Microsoft are just being arrogant.

  • Good thing they didn’t have to make a phone call on it.

  • 6895533

    my galaxy nexus will smoke him at taking a picture and uploading it to facebook ill take the picture faster then he can blink his eye and with verizon lte ill uploaded faster then what he takes to come his hair, then i can say smoked by my nexus B**CH 

    • ckeegan

      Exactly, there is no way he could take a picture and upload to facebook or any social media outlet faster than I can with the galaxy nexus.  at least not with the method he showed in the video. not even counting upload time.

      • twohawks

        Lower your photo resolution.  If you try to upload a full res photo you will get smoked.  I’m sure Ben’s photo resolution is set to create the smallest .jpg possible for fast uploading.

        • ckeegan

          It you watch the video, the “challenge” ends when the upload is in progress, not complete.  There is no way from screen off to uploading a Windows Phone can beat the Galaxy Nexus if the Galaxy Nexus user knows what they’re doing.

    • CORYK333

      I dont know about the “comb” his hair part, he’s bald!!!

      • MKader17

        I think that was part of the joke.

  • m

    Ben Rudolph,
     please video & shoot the laptop and windows phone MS gave you….then post it on youtube.

  • Dliuzzo110

    They should makethe two people switch phones and give the prize to the winner not the faster phone

    • I’m A Tester

      I like that idea!

    • MKader17

      x2. Nice idea.

  • Mpineda25

    Imagine if we didnt have android or ios and had no other option but windows phones…I’d rather use two cans and a long rope..Windows phones suck !!!!

  • Reyztec

    i wonder if they are still doning this. id love to go to there store now and give them a challenge. I bet my rezound would smoke that pos.

    • Skytile

      From what I remember, the competition is running until the 29th.

  • MrEnglish

    Bollocks. Phone to phone or app to app. Are they comparing the hardware, the software, the user familiarity with the device…what?

  • jonny6pak

    Real tests of speed occur at adjacent urinals at sporting events.  

    • CORYK333

      I tend to go for accuracy over speed

  • I use to never want a Windows phone. And I still don’t. 

  • UVB_76

    I’d love to know where that “4 star” Claim Jumper is.

    • Droidzilla

      You shut your mouth! Their pot pies are teh ub4r! NERD RAAAGGEEE!!!!

  • FusionSaint

    Rooted modded android phone with comparable specs will win every time. 

    • I’m A Tester

      It’s not really a matter of how fast the phone is…it’s how fast the user in this stupid marketing scheme.  Makes no sense MS…

      • FusionSaint

        Sorry, I was assuming that anyone who rooted, and modded their android phone would have known their phone well enough to beat any MS jockey they put up…

  • I think this is rather silly.. It’s like giving a sword to a huge buff guy and saying your sword will break before his does. of course it will; he’s a trained professional. the guy in the commercial spent the last month doing these things so he’d have a few seconds advantage over everyone else. If any normal customer were to try on both phones they’d be much faster on their own phone because they’d be like “How the heck do i work this windows phone.” 

    true story

  • Cooperma

    Windows Phone has beat a lot of Galaxy Nexus’ since the contests inception at CES.  However…if a person knows exactly what they want to do…they could probably game the test just like he did.

    • PC_Tool

       Who gamed what, here??

      • Cooperma

        Sorry for the delay!  Been in meetings all day.  Not implying he cheated, hell i would do the same thing.  Gaming might be the wrong word either.  What i was saying is he knew what challenge he wanted and he pre configured his phone to do so, even going so far as to remove the lock screen.  Not saying its wrong, just saying unlike some of the iphones 4s’ and the Galaxy Nexus this dude knew what he wanted to do, and went out and made it happen.  

        • PC_Tool

           I honestly do not see any indication that he knew what “his” test would be prior to reaching his place in line.  As I read it, he happened to luck out…as it were.

          Where are you reading that he had foreknowledge of what “test” he would be up against?

          • Cooperma

            I havent checked the newest rules…but at CES, they talked about what they frequently did with their phones, deciding on one that worked for both.  Maybe they changed that portion…

  • normal every day users are not in any sort of “race” to get a task done. This proves nothing but a guy who knows exactly what hes looking for an how to do it vs. a normal user who doesnt care how fast something is done, just that it gets done in the end. I dont care if my GNex takes 10 seconds or 30 seconds to upload a pic to facebook.. as long as it does it I’m happy. This commercial/contest really shows nothing outstanding or out of the ordinary.

    • PC_Tool

      I call bull.

      If you had two G’Nex devices and one did most tasks 10-20 seconds faster, you’d be all over the faster one.  Don’t try telling anyone speed doesn’t matter.  It’s why most folks think “Speed Limit” means “Speed Minimum,” and why Moore’s Law exists.

      In almost all aspects of technology: Faster is better.

      • Dliuzzo110

        When was the last time you had to take a pic and upload it to facebook in 3 seconda? Chances are youre gonna take a bunch of pics and then upload the best at a later point.

        • MKader17

          Well of course everytime you take a picture you aren’t going to race to get it on Facebook, but the point for Windows marketing scheme is that you can get on with your life faster there’s not any way to casually compare this to other phones without making it into a race.

      • Josh Groff

        If I go 20 in a 35, I can get pulled over. Limit pretty much means maximum, and having no lower limit implied, tell me how that makes sense. 😉

    • Josh Groff

       Lets see which uploads to Dropbox faster. 😉

      • ckeegan

        or launches Angry Birds Space faster…

        • I’m A Tester

          Hah!  Is ABS even available on Windows Phone?!  🙂

          • ckeegan

            No, Rovio basically said it wasn’t worth their time.

  • sc0rch3d

    the contest is rigged in favor shaved head guy. he knows exactly the things to tap and where they will be on the screen. you’re asking an everyday user to do something that you know how to do easily, but not necessarily with great speed (speed of user that is, not phone speed)

    • Should be fair as shaved head guy is familiar with his phone as the android user is familair with his phone.  Shaved guy does not know which phone he may be racing against.  The contestant has come in for this test too.  Shaved head is asking about fairly simple tasks and very common tasks to do.  I would guess 95% of the facebook users upload pics from their phones and directions are used probably by 90 – 95% of the phone users.

      Yes I know shaved head is up to the task but its also just MARKETING.  Android would have done it if they had thought of it first.  Hmmmmm…..why no iphone?

  • Microsoft just got Samsung’d!!!

    • Microsoft started dominating the smart phone market? You mean they got Blackberry’d.

    • Qqq

      Samsung had nothing to do with this, Microsoft got owned by the dev community.

      • Actually nothing he was doing required being rooted. So it was Samsung/Google. Not the developers.

  • EC8CH

    Next up on the Smoked by a Windows Phone Challenge…. eating crow

  • Jcdenton771

    So all Windows Phone can do is upload pictures to facebook and get weather from 2 different cities in 2 different states at the same time?

  • MKader17

    Its a great idea by Microsoft, but displaying two cities of weather? Really? If I set something like that up and knew all the questions, I could beat another G-Nex or any other phone all day long as well.

    I hope some good comes out of it and Android looks into how to doing these tasks faster, though most of them are pretty damn fast now.

    • SchwannyT

      This is a perfect example of how MS has no idea what people use their phone for.  Its been a long time since I was in 2 different cities in 2 different states at the same time…..

      • Just take a trip my friend.  Its nice knowing you’ll be headed to rainy 20 degree colder weather.

  • Chris Peck

    How about not letting the Windows guy with his app pre-loaded and ready to go pick the task? Maybe pull from a bowl of 100 or choices. I realize it’s a commercial, but, seriously?

  • Dsfasdf

    I tested a Windows Phone and was impressed with it. At least it’s not an iPhone.

    • Josh Groff

       I like the UI, reminds me of my Zune HD. That being said, I wouldn’t buy one as a contract upgrade.

  • Skytile

    Right. This is almost exactly what happened when I won (or tied, which counted as winning in the rules) for a post a photo to facebook competition. They didn’t tell me all the rules beforehand, apparently, so I didn’t know that when I was done, I had to put my phone back on the starting podium. It’s pure bull, first off, that they don’t have the rules to each challenge written down, since they have three pages worth of general rules overall. They change rules once you compete so that you don’t win, because at the end of the week, they want to be able to say that nobody beat their Windows Phones.

  • Droidzilla

    WP7 – The “special” child in the room. Don’t make fun of his market-share; he’s handicapped!

  • Lilkerv90210

    it would be cool if they won fairly. Microsoft put the common user up against someone who is obviously paid to know how to use their phones in everyway. Definitely a good challenge

  • Tim Swann

    the rematch should be with a phone that gets activated in front of him and is simply a random task pulled out of a bag. This way neither can prepare…I still think the G-Nex wins!

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Im glad they made good on it

  • Dear Microsoft, no one will by Windows Phone. Please stop it now.
    Sincerely the world.

    • rals


      • Droidzilla

        I kind of like it as a slogan:

        No one will.
        -by Windows Phone

        • Internetuser1

          you sir, win 10 internets

        • dylan84

          Amazing slogan actually. Especially for something nobody wants.

    • LiterofCola

      Dear baedert, learn proper grammar.
      Sincerely, the world.

      •  Dear random guy I don’t care about, learn to differ between typos and grammar.

        • Josh Nichols

          The funny part is it can be either a grammar error or a typo, so you should still learn proper grammar.

          • Guest

            Grammatical error

          • nwd1911

            Dear Grammar Nazis, why are you harshing on baedert’s mellow?  Perhaps you could learn something from rals or Droidzilla who can point something out without being dicks…hell, even make it funnier (that’s you Droidzilla).  You have taken away part of my enjoyment from his funny comment.  Congrats.

          • LiterofCola

            Dear nwd1911,

            You’re welcome.

          • Quit Whining.

            Aw, poor baby’s fun was ruined?

    • Joelseph

      I only clicked like because there was no love button.

    • I’m buying a Windows phone…. The problem with stupid Android is that it lags after just two months of usage.

      • user311

        Way to respond to an 8 month old post. Though I guess it relates to how late to the show MS is.

        • No there was an article on WP yesterday and a link to this. WP7 sucks but WP8 is quite good. People need to give it a chance. It is very, very smooth.

  • fanTom007


    • Droidzilla

      This. The real challenge would be to hand the phones to two, ordinary users and see who does what faster (or have someone using an Android/iPhone/BB who has practised like crazy for specific tasks that their OS does really quickly, and then challenge the WP against those tasks).

      The entire thing is a publicity stunt pure and simple, and the fact that someone actually won means even a rigged test backfired on WP7.

    • Mike

      yup.  I think Kellen should take his GNex to his local WinMo store and post the results. 🙂

      • Josh Groff

         I would love to see that 🙂

  • jjrudey

    This story has really been blowing up. There was a tweet from Ben the PC guy or whatever apologizing and offering a rematch on a random challenge though.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    epic fail

  • Phroghollow

    Guys Microsoft came through in the end http://bit.ly/GQS9Jt

  • -= )v(urphy =-


  • Kevin Bojarski

    Sounds like it was resolved, and the guy got his laptop

  • Michael_NM

    MS still makes a phone OS?

    • New_Guy

      Something like that =)…

  • Guest

    Hey @sahaskatta , @Microsoftstore & I want to make things right. So I’ve got a laptop & phone (& apology) for you. Email me!

  • sr_erick

    You should also include that the win was eventually acknowledged otherwise this will be nothing but a flame fest.

    • It should be a flame fest.  The only reason they finally caved and gave him his prize is because people got pissed and “flamed” Microsoft.