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Galaxy Nexus Wins “Smoked by Windows Phone” Challenge, Microsoft Store Refuses to Acknowledge It (Updated)

Since CES, Microsoft has been running a campaign to raise awareness for their Windows Phone lineup called “Smoked by Windows Phone.” It is a challenge of sorts that asks you to enter your Android or other phone into a battle with a Windows Phone to see if it can beat it at simple every day tasks. Tasks could be to find directions to a near by 4-star restaurant or snap a picture and upload it to Facebook. Fun, right? Not so much for the owner of a Galaxy Nexus who stopped by his local Microsoft store this weekend to take the challenge. 

Within the last week, Microsoft upped the bounty for their “Smoked” challenge, offering up a $1000 special edition laptop to those that could beat Windows Phone or the opportunity to trade in your current phone for a Windows Phone should you lose. The owner of Skattertech took his G-Nex in and won, according to his standards, but not so much according to the Microsoft store’s standards.

What was his test? Once he got to the front of the line of people taking the challenge, he was asked to power down his phone and then back up again to kill off background tasks. Then the task itself was for him to display weather on his phone from 2 different cities faster than the Windows Phone. Since he had disabled his lockscreen and had two widgets on his home screen showing weather in 2 different cities, all it took was the press of a button and he was done. The Windows Phone user on the other hand had to swipe away a lock screen, causing her to be a split second later than our friend with the Nexus.

So he won? Nope. He was told that he lost because the Windows Phone “displays the weather right there,” which I’m not even sure is an actual reason. A manager came over after a handful of questions from our Android friend and was told that he lost because he needed to display weather from 2 different cities in 2 different states, something that he claims was not made clear up front. He was never given his prize.

Update:  Microsoft is doing the right thing now. Ben Rudolph, who runs the challenge in the video below, announced on Twitter that they will indeed award Skattertech with the $1000 laptop and a Windows Phone.

Here is an example of the challenge:

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Skattertech, reddit

Cheers Robb, Ashot, and everyone else!

  • Total BS. Watched the video 2 times. It is all a set up. The guy use short cuts on his phone. Also why would they have you reboot your phone if it wasn’t a set up. Facebook and maps are background apps. The hole contest is a fraud. Microsoft is a pathological lying machine and the reason for the lack of pc development. As far as the W7P goes, JUNK!

  • Johnatencio303

    Really? you idiots are going to argue about grammar? stop attacking people. just talk about that piece of crap windows phone.

  • Dean Milord

    Whats funny about the video is that they have these noobs who barely know what phones they have.  Then they “show up” with their phones not setup with half the options the phone has; let alone prepared for this challenge.  And pit them against someone who knows everything about Windows Phone.  This suppose to be a “fair” challenge??  I’m glad someone who knows how to use Android properly/fully showed up and shut Microsoft up!!!!

  • Knlegend1

    what about ios?

  • moozicmon

    There is no way he is uploading faster than an LTE device. Unless he is on wifi…

  • Jeff

    ROFL Thanks for the $1000 laptop sucka!!!! LOL

  • WickedToby741

    Somebody needs to come up with a “Guide to Smoking a Windows Phone.” Microsoft has been giving special instructions to employees on what challenges to issue to what phone users, so shouldn’t it be fair that we can customize our phones to give us an edge in such a competition? I want someone to compile a guide of apps and settings that will give Android users the upper edge in challenges issued by Microsoft. You know, things like disabling the lockscreen for the challenge, placing two weather widgets on the main homescreen, one of current location and one in another state, and using Tweet Deck or a similar app to post to multiple social networks at once.

  • Mark Slomski

    first of all the windows phone was probably connected to the stores insanely fast wifi. lets see it on 4g service only no wifi. my droid razr can smoke a windows phone those tools in the video don’t even fully understand their phones. I can take a pic tap the corner and one touch upload to facebook. And to microsoft who screwed my pc’s hardrives with your crazy ass windows vista then constant errors with win7. and reinstalled so many times made me spend another $250 on another product key for the same damn disc i bought already. Take your crappy ass windows phone and stick it where the sun won’t shine. Good day to you.

  • mule0331

    Instead of stacking the deck with a built in widget, why not just compare side by side things the phones will do that the other wont.

  • andrew z

    Looks like Microsoft, left too many Windows open.



    • Ashclepdia