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Forget NFC Payments, Pay With Square Wants You to Pay Just by Saying Your Name

NFC and Google Wallet seem to be all the rage these days, but mobile payment machine Square has figured out a way to make things even simpler than tapping your phone to a terminal. Pay With Square is their new app which allows you to pay without anything but your face and name. Confused? Through this app, you create an account that has a picture of you attached. You then use the app to find your favorite local business and set up a “tab” with them, sort of like you do at a bar. When you go to pay for your goods or services, you simply tell them your name, they look for your picture and name on their screen, verify that it’s you, and you walk out. From there, a receipt is generated and sent to your phone for confirmation and also so that you can leave a tip.

Ready to give it a try? Some of your favorite food carts, photographers and other Square users may already have activated the service.

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  • Not too sure how this is going to pan out but on the bright side seeing so many developments in the mobile payment scene is great! Diversity is always good. As for me, I’m going to wait around for the launch of mPowa in the UK and in other parts of Europe. The rate of .25% per card transaction is quite difficult to overlook. Check it out yourself at http://www.mpowa,com

  • Burnside

    I used this for the first time about an hour ago at Nong’s Kaho on Alder in Portland, OR and it went smoothly. Will use this again. I think it will get to the point with my regular places that I won’t even have to say anything. Just walk up, give a quick smile, get my food a few minutes later and walk away. 

  • Jukes

    Most vendors can’t even tell the difference when some 18 year old uses their siblings ID to buy booze, how would this be any different?  I feel that this system relies way too much on the individual employee at checkout.  I can see places asking for various forms of ID at checkout, just to be safe…

  • Dmzman

    Paypal is about to release a similar service.  I’d feel a heck of a lot more confident and secure by going with Paypal’s device rather than Square’s.

  • Dmzman

    I will not do business with Square!  I signed up, got the device in the mail, and had a question about where they got some information on me.  In this case, I wanted to know where THEY got the info about the make, year, model, VIN, and date of purchase of my car which NEVER had a loan, lean, or lease on it, something I have have a legal right to know.  Apparently, they didn’t think so.  Despite my repeated requests for that info, all I got back was a canned letter again and again from some flunky, a Justin C about how they have a right to verify information using third party verification services.  I kept telling them over and over I had no problem with their checking me out, I just wanted to know where the information about me came from, that’s all.

    The fact that they refused to divulge that information sends a big RED WARNING FLAG about this company.  I would up smashing the device with a hammer and tossed it in the trash.

  • Talkdj

    My BoA Visa has my picture on it…..That said no one looks to see if it’s me on the card, then again I do most of the swiping these days.  I can see the day when a disgruntled waiter or waitress decides to “get back at the business owner” by tapping on all the faces on the cash register/computer screen and charging them whatever amount of money.

    I wonder if anyone is using this in Cleveland.

  • ostensibly

    My name is Werner Brandes. My voice is my passport. Verify me.

  • jdrch

    Hey, at least it’s not blocked on the 2 largest mobile carriers and is actually available, unlike Wallet (blocked) and ISIS (vaporware).

  • Qqq

    Google Wallet is soooo two months ago.

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  • Nope

    Having lived in a family that has multiple retail operations, and also working in high volume retail environments (Wegman’s FTMFW) I can say with certainty that this will amount to nothing but a niche product.  This shifts the burden of payment on the clerk.  Not happening.

  • Paul

    I’ll stick with cash for now. If this stuff ever becomes mainstream it might be worthwhile.

  • Craig

    I don’t see myself doing enough transactions that any of these gimmicks are going to make a meaningful difference in my life than just handing over the Visa card.

  • Pete

    Why does all of the NFC talk focus on mobile payments with your phone?  I stumbled on an article somewhere that talked about setting up automation using NFC tags…things like swiping your phone when you put it in your car and having it turn on your bluetooth, disabling wifi, and setting your audio volume.  Or swiping it on your nightstand and having it set your alarm and silence your sounds except for phone calls.  Or any number of things.  Stuff like that seems like it would really show off the potential of NFC moreso than a payment system that only a fraction of people can use.

    How ’bout a feature on how to get and set up tags and automation using NFC?

    • GQGK

      You can set that up yourself. NFC tags are under $3 a piece and there’s an app that lets you do all of that with your phone when it recognizes them. Just leave them in your car, on a nightstand, ect…

  • Won’t work. John Smith will always have to help them find the right one from a list of 30 people, and I always have to spell my name about 4 times before someone get’s it right. Writing a check would be faster than this.

    • Kurt Edens

      You are not taking into account that your account would already be up on there screen or at least pulled up in there system when you are in their store with the service active.  Just like the app will show you when you are at a participating merchant by reading your gps data, the store likely has only the name of those actively in that store at the time on the square pay interface they use to process your payment.  So long as no one shares your name at that exact location at that exact time with a similar appearance, you won’t have to spell your name at all.   And for those rare moments of people with the same name and appearance being at the same store at the same time with the service active, a protocol could be established (like the security word check in some of the videos)   

      Dont know if I would ever use the service, but it isn’t necessary to bash a truly innovative way to pay,

  • expectation:
    “can you put it on will?”
    “you’re all set”

    “can you put it on will?”
    ….confused look
    “can you put it on will”
    ….still confused look
    …..”let me get my manager”

  • steve30x

    So i get how it works, not needing cash or having it on hand or making sure your credit/debit card is with you 24/7, but in big metro cities once this hits big chains, your telling me i have to say my name and probably last name to make the search faster and have them ask you to spell out your first or last name if its not popular like “Trevino” or “Keohane” etc.. by then i would have been out of the store with a simple swipe LOL.. i see google wallet taking off faster than this once NFC is standard on all phones and speed pass is on alot of stores, gas stations etc..

  • Steve

    What this ripoff company doesn’t tell you is they hold your first transaction for over a month !!!!!! They held a $1500 credit card payment to me for that long !!! I will NEVER use this crap ripoff service again !!!

    • /sigh

      They hold the money because there’s been a lot of drama from the credit card companies that square is ripe for fraud, so they’re super extra cautious.

      It sucks a lot, and it has happened to my wife, but she contacted them and explained that it was a payment to her business, and they cleared it in a couple of days and raised her max amount that can clear automatically.

      It’s not a ripoff, and it’s not their fault really, it’s them bending over backwards to prove they’re not going to let false charges go through because they were accused of that by all the established companies when they first started.

      Also, IIRC, this is only applicable when you are typing the CC numbers in. If you swipe a card, they don’t hold it.

      Edit: So what I’m saying is I understand your frustration, but that doesn’t make it a ripoff.

      • Kurt Edens

        well said quiklives.   Square has been superb for me, allowing me to do jobs for clients that cannot afford to pay with cash or an equivalent without the commitment and outrageous costs of a merchant services company.   If people actually read what they were agreeing to and the rules and terms of the services they use (especially those with financial ramifications) then we would not see posts such as this. 

        If that were the case, What the above post would actual say is:     What this company did tell me when I signed up was that if I run my first transaction without swiping the card they do not immediately process the funds as a security measure because I have no history with them and did not have the card physically in my possession to swipe.  And because I ignored what they told me, I RIPPED MYSELF OFF BY KNOWINGLY PLACING MY FUNDS IN LIMBO,SMH

      • Sporttster

        >>and raised her max amount that can clear automatically.<<
        As someone who has suffered from a number of fraud charges on various cards, I can tell you that is decidedly NOT a good idea, at all. I use Paypal. I just got hit this past week with 7 $80 Starbucks card refills on my Visa I use through them. Now, how on earth they got through Paypal I have NO idea, but they did it. I'll get that back but it's still a MAJOR hassle when you get hit with fraud like that, and I'm a cautious guy. Be VERY careful with auto or easy quick pay schemes. Believe me, they can backfire terribly!

  • Mark Wilk

    “Charge it to the game!” ::walks out::

    • Kierra

      Lol .

    • Intellectua1 Intellect

      Definitely the best comment.. I almost spit my Limeade all over my girlfriend..

  • Topsitee

    Gimmick, would lead to so many problems 

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    This would be pretty sweet, but risky if someone has your phone.  Unless it recognizes who it is and stuff like that.  I don’t really see it taking off, though.  Cool gimmick though!

    • dan0matic

      you preset your photo in it and they would have to log into your phone and change the picture to get away with anything. I don’t see a whole lot of risk with this. Probably a lot less risk than using a credit card alone. 

  • Jhsj

    It would be cool if chain stores picked up on this

  • I really don’t even care bout the idea but whats up with the chick in the commercial? NICE

  • user311

    Its not going to work; It sounds like a whole lot more work than just tapping your phone and going.  Plus, I’d prefer the device that people use to actually charge me for a service or good to be on my person, not control led by a random vendor. 

  • Sean Bello

    awesome idea if it works right

  • They can add add a new scene to Faceoff now, they steal each others phones and run up each others bills… -______-

  • ArmanUV

    Unfortunately this will never take off because it needs the business owners to support it. Google wallet on the other hand, works with existing paypass infrastructure.  

  • Michael_NM

    I better start taking pictures of rich people and remembering their names. 😀

  • Michael Forte

    I could see it now, identical twins trolling each other.

  • Jerry Wilcox

    that would be great idea, for larger cities and everything. But most smaller cities, townes, etc would have a hard time getting things going i would think. Great for people who hate carring cash on hand though.

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    i like the idea;.. may even give you a “VIP” feel to go into a place, order; give your name & walk out… 🙂

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    • WAldenIV

      It seems to me that it would it take longer to set-up and longer to look up your picture than  to simply use NFC.

    • Phil Stout

      I am a huge fan of this idea. Such an innovative simple idea. I love the function that “auto-opens” a tab when near the place. 

      • Junk

         I wouldnt call this innovative. It is a simple idea though

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Galaxy Nexus post.

    I hate Nexus users post.

    iPhone post.

  • Butters619

    I can’t wait for the day when I can just walk into a store, pick up my groceries, and walk out without ever having to go through anything more than a walk through lane that requires no stopping.

    • snowblind64

      I believe they are trying something like this in Europe. All of the merchandise in the store has RF tags and you simply push your cart through a lane which scans everything. Not sure about the payment part though. I wouldn’t want funds deducted from my account automatically without my consent or the ability to view the total before authorizing payment.

    • GooGooFruit

      I do this all the time already. Just pick up a few light items and I’m on my way.

      • mjmedstarved

        I think he means without being a thief by definition..

      • Jason Purp

         I laughed so much. I love you.