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Review: Samsung Galaxy Nexus HDMI Portrait Desktop Dock

Here it is, the portrait HDMI Desktop Dock for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. After months and months of waiting, a couple of retailers have brought it to our shores for your friends here at DL to poke at. It will run you $60 plus shipping, so the big question you all have is, “Is it worth it?” Let us find out. 

Before we get started, a brief overview of the dock itself is in store. It’s made of really solid plastic in a similar color to the phone itself, has a non-slip rubber grip pad on the bottom, a microUSB port on the back, full HDMI port on the side, and that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t have space for an additional battery to charge like some docks and there isn’t an audio-out cable like on the POGO dock – HDMI and microUSB is it. Overall, the build feels nice and looks as good as the Nexus.

Extended battery support? Yessir, the Galaxy Nexus LTE fits perfectly in the dock even with the extended battery attached.

What about functionality? This is where things get a little tricky and potentially incredibly disappointing. The dock works wonderfully as a charging mechanism, but the HDMI port and its capabilities are limited. All you can use HDMI-out for on this device, is to watch movies. I’m not kidding. You won’t find HDMI mirroring anywhere near this pup, something the instruction manual says as clear as day (photo below). Also, if you plug a microUSB from the dock to your computer, you can’t sync files or move things around. They actually recommend that you do not try to charge your phone through the dock and a computer. It’s a charging dock that can play videos to your HD device and nothing more.

Worth it in the end? Until a developer finds a way to unlock full HDMI mirroring capabilities, the HDMI-out portion is essentially worthless for every day use. Sure, it works well for watching videos that you have recorded on your phone , but how often does one actually do that? And without the ability to sync to a PC, it really is only good for charging. It looks nice and charges well, but at $60, you may want to pass on this one.



  • I just want to watch my NFL mobile app in all its glory, on a big screen. This article said only vids u’ve recorded but then it also said only movies. Does that mean NFL mobile will work or not? Wtf??

  • roebling

    Not working with jelly bean. Movie plays great for about 9 seconds only. Then, picture artifacts begin to fill the screen. Quickly the picture degenerates into streaks of color. Sound is fine, though.

  • Hahahahha.

  • Also perfect for streaming music playing trough Sony TV ! Audio gets routed if tv is on.
    But is there a way to change that ugly blue robot-image or is it baked into the chip… ?

  • Earleepa

    Why would i want to spend any money on accessories for a phone that sucks as bad as the nexus. I sat next to someone with a razr and he was getting 3 and 4 bars while i had nothing. He was watching videos while all my nexus did was continue to buffer. A gorl i know has a cheap pay as you go phone and when she plays her music it sounds like its coming from a loudspeaker. When i play mine you can barely hear it. I can hardly wait for my two years to be up so i can get rid of this piece of crap. Data signal keeps getting dropped. Its just all around a piece of junk. I’ll take bloatware any day as opposed to something i cant even use for its intended purpose.

    • BTLS

      I’ll buy your nexus… $30 & a vicodin pretzel?

      • Earleepa

        you’ll need that $30 to have that vicodin pretzel removed from your anal cavity.

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    • kniceguy

      HA! That’s so funny the last time I heard that I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur!

  • Steve Schneider
  • Genetic_Bloom

    Any chance of sharing that wallpaper? I like it a lot.

    • BDizzel1982

      I second that request 🙂

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    • BTLS

       your neighbor’s step-mother is a whore

  • Justusiv

    Has anyone gotten the MHL DVI cable to work properly? everywhere i have ever read it flickers so bad its unusable. 
    Also heard it was only doing that on the CDMA version.

  • SecurityNick

    Where is the freakin’ car dock?

  • MikeCiggy

    Samsung has really dropped the ball with accessories for this phone. I love my Nexus. But wish I had some real accessible with actual functionality. Hopefully as you said a developer in our community can actually make this thing useful. But until then ill keep my $$

  • Samsung’s HDMI implementations often make me wonder how the company manages to make products that even boot. On both my Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S II the HDMI functionality is confused by a HDMI to DVI adapter and won’t display the full resolution when connected to a screen that way. Extremely annoying and the only devices I’ve ever come across that has this issue – HDMI to DVI is a physical conversion after all. iPad, PS3, computer, camera, nothing I have has any issue with my DVI-only screen, except the Samsung products. 

  • Christian Bennett

    Wait a week, moto will have a newer slightly improved phone and you will stop receiving factory support. Then tell me the future resistant GNEX isn’t better.

  • Bill Mitchell

    LOOOOL nice one

  • Joe Frawley

    Unless you do drag on the weekends… please cut your nails. They are so creepy.

    Anyway, that dock sucks. There are so many other ways to play media without spending 60 bucks.

  • What a joke! This is worthless.

  • Keii Graham

    They can’t hear what people really want due to all the money they have stuffed into their ears.

  • Trey Fordham

    This let’s me use UBUNTU right? jk. actually with a bluetooth keyboard, hmmmmm…..

    Read the post, I feel dumb. And ridiculously disappointed with this product as is.

  • this is the official one guys. Works great! 

  • David LaCivita

    Ugh, so disappointed in Samsung.  This is likely the last phone I will buy from them.

  • Paul

    Another Nexus dock, another letdown.

  • Angryunibrow

    Does Kellex do these reviews in his bathroom?

  • All I want is a simple landscape charging dock for around $20-$30. 

  • Bionic Man

    i love my GNex but accessory wise, i mean sh*t is Samsung purposely trying to screw with GNex current/soon to be users?? i mean they take forever to release these accessories and then they   neuter the damn things. sheesh!

    • Lavoisier1794

      Who knows, maybe sammy is focused on making sure the SIII launches with a full set of accessories .

  • Another disappointment for the nexus.

  • Seems nearly like a one-trick pony for $60…

  • bikerbill

    I have a HTML adapter and it mirrors everything from my phone to the TV. Games ,texts ,backgrounds ,everything .. I’ll still k with that and save 60 bucks

    • will bartlett


  • Jake

    It sucks that the official dock crippled mirroring. A month ago I paid $4.99 on Amazon for an MHL adapter (Skiva brand). It mirrors 1080p just fine.

  • depending on how good the updates are for the nexus, if they ever get here. this is looking like my first and last samsung phone

    • Ekknr

      Whiner alert..we get it, you hate your phone. Sell the damn thing already!!!

      • just got a new one, waiting to see if its any better, its already rebooted 2 hours after I fired it up

        • Ekknr

          Yep we heard already…

          • not been on it much so dont know about the mic cut out, somehow the camera seems a bit better

          • DroidzFX

            Now the cameras very from nexus to nexus. Your like a phone 

            My phone never reboots and its UV and OCd

          • no not really, I mean it just did it, the new one, the old one did it alot, im praying the updates fix it, love the look and feel and other things,

          • will bartlett

            simple, install 4.0.4. quit whining about stuff you can fix

          • nah, not into all that,4.0.5 soon,, i hope

          • will bartlett

            you’ll just keep waiting. my phone is flawless. GG

          • JustisLewis

            The condescension you’re putting out is disgusting. Yes I’m rooted and rommed, but I don’t look down on those who dont. It is perfectly reasonable of him to want his phone to perform magnificently right out of the box

          • Al

            It’s called getting your moneys worth. You dish out the cash you expect perfection or close to it. GN far from it. The G1 was fantastic right out the box to the very end. Google needs to get Moto or HTC. Samsung is overrated.

          • Bodhiballer

            This reply thread is over,and that’s not  me saying it, it’s the commenting system.

          • so let me see if I understand your IQ level, so if you bought a new car and the engine was bad,lights didnt work ,radios didnt work etc, you would think it was up to you to fix all those problems yourself ?  wow what a low IQ you have

          • will bartlett

            Why did you get personal? Did I say I had issues before 4.0.4? No. Cause I didn’t. Best phone ever. Just saying that you can stop being a crybaby and posting the same thing on every post. You can fix your problems. Stop being a baby.

          • am really hoping the updates fix it

    • hkklife

      This is what Google gets for going with Samsung crap for TWO Nexus devices in a row!   Say what you will about Motorola, but they always have good battery life, great build quality and phenomenal RF performance and voice quality. Plus, they have stuck with industry-standard microHDMI instead of the clunky and bulky MHL silliness and the accompanying slow charging speeds. Separate microUSB and microHDMIU ports are just SO much better!

      Give me HTC or Moto hardware with stock Android anyday. 

    • geedee82

      I am running android 4.04 on my Gnex, Axiom AOKP Crossbreed, and it is flawless.  Jokes on you if your running stock firmware on a nexus.

      • Ginosylum

        Running 4.0.4 with Franco’s M2 and its amazing. By far the best phone I have ever used. I agree Google isn’t doing a good job with updates, but there are plenty of very easy ways to get the latest software and make your phone perfect.

    • ddevito

      The updates have NOTHING to do with Samsung.

      So you Sir, need to zip your lip.

      • LionStone

        So? Phone is still a SAMSUNG no matter how hard you tweak it and he’s hoping the updates fixes his NEXUS…he probably doesn’t care WHERE it comes from.

  • Teng247

    $60 and no mirroring?  Samsung i am dissapoint

  • Lacokanostra

    I love how you guys have time for a dumb dock and cases review for a nexus but haven’t done a Spectrum or a Transformer Prime review.

    • Lulz

      thats nexusmotoandignoreeverythingelselife bro

    • geedee82

      I can understand a Transformer Prime review although that should probably go under Android Life but who the hell cares about the spectrum.  The Galaxy Nexus is by far the most popular phone right now among us android nerds on Verizon.

      • Lacokanostra

        How is the Spectrum inferior to the Maxx. Plus they promised a prime review 2 months ago and they probably sold the review unit they got.

        • Lavoisier1794

          One word: Bing.

          • It doesn’t have Bing. 😛

          • Lavoisier1794

            The one I tried in the VZW store used bing as default for searches in the stock browser- just like my revolution.

  • tomgillotti

    Where do you guys find this MHL adapter?

  • did find out something, when you send your nexus back for a new and then put google wallet on it, you get another 10 bucks  lol

  • im not sure a gnex is worth that much   lol

    • dude, is there a reason you even hang out here? The GNex is the best Android phone out there. Your problems have to be from user error.

    • ddevito

      Funny, your Mom said the same thing about you earlier.

      When I ate her out for lunch.

  • @Kellex:disqus It would be interesting to see if the dock supports fast charging. I believe MHL is only speced 500ma, which would give slow charging…

  • good lord what a total waste of money,its worthless

  • Motta2003

    Crap…for a flagship device they should have had these out a long time ago and there shouldn’t be any limitations what-so-ever IMHO for a Nexus device.  Hope HTC gets the next Nexus build and learns something from the short comings of Samsung.

    • CORYK333

      HTC will do just fine if they get it. Dont forget, they did the Nexus One. Accessories were on point & it was the best overall device i’ve ever had, & i’ve had multiple devices from each of the top OEMs….Moto, HTC, & Samsung

  • Skyskioc

    Hey Kellex, Why does it always sound like your in the bathroom doing your reviews ? Killing 2 birds with one stone maybe ? LOL Keep up the great work. Thanks for everything your team does….

  • Sean Wood

    FAIL!!!!!! Go MHL…

  • fartbubbler

    as much as I love my GNex, I can’t believe how poorly Samsung has botched the accessories.

    • cheeseGroper

      i agree, this dock shouldve been way better than it is seeing as they waited to release it 4 months after the phone was released too..ugh stupid samsung..

  • Wow, I’m so glad I decided to wait to see a review before purchasing. Definitely skipping this one.

  • Christopher Heuer

    Glad I spent $8.50 on the MHL adapter, since it’s way more useful than this dock at 1/7th the price…

    • mjmedstarved

      Same here.

    • pezjono


    • Which one did you purchase? I got one from amazon that was 18 bux. and it’s terrible! 

      • Christopher Heuer

        One from Monoprice.com, but it looks like they raised the price and are out of stock now.

        • Sinistar83

          Hey I got the MHL adapter from Monoprice too, question when you use it does it only work in landscape mode or is it supposed to work in portrait??
          Every time I’ve used it it forces the desktop in landscape mode and then if I run a portrait app it will not switch to portrait mode, it will run that spp 90 degrees sideways to fit the monitor.. very annoying.. Didn’t dins a setting anywhere to change that..

      • FelisLachesis

         I got this MHL adapter


        It’s $11, so a bit more than the $8.50, but so far, I’ve had no problems with it at all!  It even supports HDMI mirroring!

    • Noyfb

      I got an hmi to hdmi adapter and 10 ft hdmi cable all from amazon for $20. Works amazingly.
      For adapter:

      • Noyfb

        Also, it received 60/ 5 star ratings out of 72

        • Noyfb

          Works on my apps, camera videos and pics, internet and internet videos, haven’t tried it with any games yet.

          • Shannon Kerr

            I use something like that but my screen seems chopped off when displayed on my 1080p TV.  Do you see the same cropping?

          • Noyfb

            no its a perfect mirror on my toshiba 1080i tv

  • John


  • Bobby

    what a worthless piece of junk.

  • What a piece of junk.  So glad I bought a MHL adapter instead.

    • 4n1m4L

      my mhl adapter did mirroring too i thought… did i miss something?

  • Steve Edholm

    How about a dock with a headphone jack??  It seems so simple yet no one is doing it.  Like right now, I am at work.  My phone would be in its dock if I wasn’t streaming music.  

    • Lulz

      the dock for the droid charge has a headphone adapter..

    • The landscape dock has a headphone jack.  Whenever that comes out.