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Kindle for Android Update Includes Assortment of Comics, Children’s Books and Graphic Novels

The Kindle app for Android received a sizable update yesterday that includes a handful of new categories. Children’s books, comics and graphic novels are all now a part of the service through your Android device. They also gave you the ability to send documents and files to your Amazon cloud account through “Send-to-Kindle” email addresses, a service that will give you access to them down the road.

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  • TC Infantino

    Lovin Kindle on my phone, only problem is that some of the book series that I want are not available in the kindle library.  I go through about a book a week, lately been burning through Stephen King’s Dark Tower series now that he has finished it.

  • Noyfb

    My favorite magazine is not in the kindle store, Scientific American. A very popular magazine, wonder why it is in the kindle list. It has scientific american fro 1800’s and early 1900’s but not up to date new magazines. Neither does G books. 

  • thesaber2000

    Just dl it and it fc’s all the time now

  • Ace87

    Anyone else having trouble updating the Kindle app with the new market? I get an error every time.

  • thesaber2000

    Comics and graphic novels? Yes! Please!

  • Tweekex

    Using Helvetica I see..

  • Stewie

    Looks more like it got a sizable BLOAT …  13MB ?  and that is just the app itself, no books or anything else ….

    Geez …

    • Is that still an issue?

    • Gaijintendo


  • T Hall

    Now I can read the Walking Dead on the Xoom!!!!

    • justincase_2008

      You could have been doing that long ago. Comixology has a app and comic book store. Or load your CBZ/CBR files into a app called Perfect Viewer.