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Custom Theme Friday: Nexus Plus for AOKP Build 28 or Rootzboat 8.2

Even if we posted a new custom theme for the Galaxy Nexus every day for the remainder of the year, I don’t think we would be able to post them all. There is such a strong and passionate developer community surrounding this device that reminds us so much of the good ‘ol OG DROID days. The next theme we are spotlighting is Nexus Plus, which will run on top of the Android Open Kang Project’s Build 28 ROM or Rootzboat 8.2. Both of which are fantastic ROM choices for Nexus owners. 

This theme aims to darken, but also colorize certain aspects of the device. It’s very pretty and sort of gives off that nice blue glow which Ice Cream Sandwich is best known for. If you are looking to further your Nexus experience, then we recommend trying it out.

You must be on AOKP Build 28 or Rootzboat 8.2 to flash this theme!

Instructions for installing:

Rootzboat 8.2 Theme Zip File | AOKP Build 28 Theme Zip File

  1. Download zip file and place on phone’s storage.
  2. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and create Nandroid backup.
  3. Locate zip file and install.
  4. Reboot and enjoy!

If you run in to any issues, please don’t hesitate to shoot your questions down below.

Via: RootzWiki

  • ABerry5

    Anyone know how I can get only those navigation icons.. that reflection effect is awesome

  • Dshudson

    will this run on Build 29?

    • waltassault

      I went to the rootz wiki for this and the file is labeled with a ….b29. I tried it on build 31 and it causes a boot loop but should work on build 29. too bad for me. I like this theme very much

  • Jeevanjot

    i have been trying to install and this is my second try.  im very new to android too (just switched from iphone to android :P).  so my phone is rooted and instealled that rom.  when i get done installing this theme, its keep showing that animated “android” screen.  and wont go past it.  i did go to clockworld recovery mode and backed up eerything.  what am i doing wrong????  please help.

    [email protected]

  • RamZafar

    Help! Anyone else get stuck in a boot loop? 

  • Zwireless

    Quick question – Everytime my keyboard is opened, like when texting, A keyboard icon appears in the notification bar and when i drag down it says “Select input method”…anyway of disabling this? Btw sick theme lovin it so far

    • Sean Hellman

      I don’t actually use AOKP so this is a shot in the dark but my guess is that its an option somewhere in RomControl in settings. I would look for something like “Show IME switcher” or something of the like. I did notice that when I tested it so its something to do with the rom itself, not my theme. 

  • Where can I get just the X icon for the launcher so I can use it in Nova?

  • Hockeyshot14

    i flashed this and when i went into recovery it said downloading file and all i could do was turn the phone on. Could not get in recovery! what should i do? is something wrong?

  • Hockeyshot14

    i flashed this and i tried to go into recovery, but the recovery said downloading file and didnt let me do anything but turn it wrong. whats wrong? what should i do?

  • 21chip

    WOW Rootzboat 8.2 this Rom is super snappy. Is this overclocked? Its so fast in scaring me. Hope its safe heat wise. I hope the battery last as long as the stock Imm30B.

    • mr h3llman

      Sounds to me lime you ended up in download mode instead of recovery. If you are rooted with clockwork mod simply power down, hold both volume buttons and power to boot into “fast boot”, scroll using the volume button to recovery and use power to select. After that click install from SD and fond my them e’s zip. Enjoy!

  • 21chip

    WoW  Rootzboat 8.2 its so much fast then the 6.1 i was in love with. I hope the battery life is as good as the Stock Imm30B 4.0.4 that i came from. Anyone know. Is Rootzboat 8.2 overclocked? It moves so fast, Is it safe? Man did i say this is a fast ROM because it is!!!!!

  • Jamaicawind

    Im not sure if i should also mention this but i downloaded this under the AOKP rom. I dont wanna flash back because this theme is sexy but the whole not knowing if im on vibrate or not is kind of annoying =/ 

    • mr h3llman (Sean Hellman)

      Keep an eye on my thread over at Rootzwiki. I’ll be posting an updated zip in the next 48 hours with multiple fixes for both roms. My apologies for that! I would just press volume down once for the time being.

      • Jamaicawind

        oh thanks =) dont worry its not a huge issue thats gonna make me take off the rom but its just weird for me haha and ill make sure to keep an eye out for i! =)

  • Jamaicawind

    As much as i LOVE this custom rom, is no one else getting a notification at the top that says when their phone is on vibrate?

  • RumbaCembe

    Curious if we have one theme installed do we have to reinstall AOKP or just install the new one over the old one?

    • Sean Hellman

      If you want the most absolute pure effect of this theme I would recommend flashing it from a fresh install of either rom. Otherwise you are likely to have remnants of the previous theme in there with my stuff. 

  • I love the clock! Any good recommendations to replace the analog one??

  • Gareth Johnson


  • SD_Scott

    Super sexy theme…

    • SD_Scott

      I can’t get the Apps icon to change to that sweet X though…

      • Sean Hellman

        Its because I only themed Launcher2.apk for the moment being as I am planning a release of a fully themed Nova launcher as well as a fully themed Apex launcher. If you follow the link to my thread I instructed someone how to get that icon using root explorer. 

  • realfoxm

    Every time a gnex pic is posted w/ a custom rom it always looks sooooo good it’s making me want to root and flash.

    • Some Random Dude

      Do ittttttt! 🙂

    • Obi_Shwan

      This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Finally got around to unlocking/rooting my Gnex because this just looks so nice. Love it so much that I copied the clock and everything…couldn’t be happier.

  • Quyendg

    Just tried to flash it on my AOKP Build 28 ROM and now my phone won’t boot.  Awesome…  I guess this gives me an excuse to flash a new ROM instead.

    • SD_Scott

      I flashed AOKP 28 this morning and then this theme within an hour after and no problems…

    • Sean Hellman

      Feel free to PM me over at Rootzwiki if you are still having problems and we can get you figured out.

  • Liderc

    Liking the Nexus app circle, looks good. 

  • hexodat64

    Would this work on a different version of AOKP? I’m on Milestone 4

    • Sean Hellman

      It may, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I believe Build 28 contains added SystemUI and Framework items that could cause things to become not so stable if flashed over an earlier build.

  • shdowman

    That is beautiful!

    I haven’t yet taken to rooting and rom’ing my nexus as I have been happy with it as it stands. This would be nice to look at though…

    • Some Random Dude

      You’ll be happier if you root ^_^

      • shdowman

        Yeah…that wasnt very true when i had my Fascinate lol. But hey…its part of the reason i got a Nexus…to play with it. We’ll see if you’re right.

  • Greyhame

    Those are some nice looking pics!… you do that work yourself Kellex?

    I might need to hop back onto AOKP to try this awesomeness. Thanks for the tip!

  • microdot

    Wow, looks eerily similar to my homescreen design that i posted back on feb 22nd on xda

    • I looked at yours, and it only looks like you two are using the same wallpaper. 

      •  I did the same, and thought the same. Way to spy your wallpaper, Microdot.

    • Sean Hellman

      If you created that wallpaper yourself and would like credit for it please message me over at Rootzwiki and I will make that happen. Username is mr h3llman. 

  • Aroldan284

    Will this work on a different phone running Aokp on it

    • Sean Hellman

      Not at the moment as the majority of what is themed is only affecting XHDPI drawables and the Galaxy Nexus is currently the only phone that uses that. What phone are you using? I may start porting it to a few other devices. 

    • Sean Hellman

      Not at the moment as the majority of what is themed is only affecting XHDPI drawables and the Galaxy Nexus is currently the only phone that uses that. What phone are you using? I may start porting it to a few other devices. 

  • termiNader

    Weather widget/skin?

    • will bartlett

      learn to scroll down and read comments. it has already been posted

      • termiNader

        Didn’t see that. Thanks.

  • Wallpaper please!

    • skubadoo


    • Open the zip, go to framework and get the framework-res.apk. Open the apk as a zip and go to res > drawable-nodpi. The wallpaper is inside, as “default-wallpaper.jpg”.

      • I hope it’s not illegal to do this…

        • moelsen8

          awesome, thanks.  this was my first reaction to the post too!  that wallpaper is banging

        • John

          illegal? 😉

        • Yes, the cops are likely at your door now…

        • Sean Hellman

          It’s ok 😀 I stole it off Zedge haha.

      • Trying to follow this to pull the icons out. How do you open an apk as a zip?

        • jgabler5025

          7zip, or just rename it to .zip

    • picaso86

      clock and weather widget please!!!

      • mr h3llman (Sean Hellman)

        Fancy widget pro with helveticlock clock skin and sgsII weather skin with the widget background hidden 😀 I also really like it with ICS lock screen skin or any of the ICS variations. Oh and make sure you change your widget text color to 33b5e5 as that’s what I themed everything with
        . Enjoy!

  • Michael Forte

    Interesting, not really a theme person since I love the look of ICS compared to older versions of Android but I may give this one a try.

  • I’m really only interested in the clock widget. Does anyone know how I can just get that?

    • sc0rch3d

      from the forum…go read 😛

      “Paid version of Fancy Widget. Using Helveticlock skin for the clock and SGS Weather skin for weather icons. Pro version is well worth the dollar or two! “

      • Sean Hellman

        I would also recommend using the ICS Lockscreen clock skin. 

  • YankInDaSouth

    That’s a nice looking theme!!