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Motorola Announces the MotoActv Golf Edition – GPS Tracking, 20,000 Courses, and Virtual Caddy Included (Updated)

Now this is a move that totally makes sense to me. You have a fitness tracker with built-in GPS, why not add some golf capabilities to it? Rather than using a battery draining golf app on your phone for 18 holes or lugging around one of those big ol’ Sky Caddies, wouldn’t a watch replacement fit nicely? I’d say so, and that’s exactly what Motorola has announced today in the MotoActv Golf Edition.

In this new MotoActv release you will have yardage on 20,000 golf courses, giving you distance to the front, back and center of greens. You can keep score right from your wrist and then take your finished rounds online to view them through the MotoActv site. With built-in GPS, your rounds show up virtually so that you can see where each shot was played from. You can also compare your game to the way pros approach particular courses, well, aside from the “muni” that you and Joe Bob play for $9 on Friday’s twilight special.

The Golf Edition will be available for $299 on April 1.

On a related note, I’ve reached out to Moto to figure out the differences between this new version and the current MotoActv. Would certainly be thoughtful of Moto to offer current MotoActv owners a chance to add on this golf software, assuming the internals are all the same.

Update:  Good news current MotoActv owners! Motorola has informed us that a “beta version of the software enabling golf features” will be available to all MotoActv users in early April. Other details will be available as we get closer to that time frame, but this should excite those of you that already own the device.

  • Cyberduk

    Motorola needs to provide more info on this new device. Has anyone seen this list of 20,000 courses? Can I geo-plot my own courses if they’re not on the list? I’ve seen it listed in the 8gb and 16gb versions, which is it for $299? Are all the same features available as on the sport only versions?

  • This is cool and I really hope they release it to other MotoActv owners.  I actually use mine for hiking and fly fishing more for the same reasons.  I wrote a little web page that converts the data that gets exported from the motoactv to KML format so that I can track all the places that I have hiked and fished on google earth/maps.  

    I was just thinking the other day that they should release specific versions that cater to other outdoors enthusiasts.

    If you are one of the other 100 or so people that actually bought this and want to convert your data you can here: http://www.lonestarprod.com/motoactv/

  • Figgs

    you’re all missing the obvious….nobody can swing with this on their wrist…it will get in way….

    •  You are missing that it has a belt clip…

    • RunningGolfer

       I tried this for 9 holes the other day to track a walk and it was fine on the wrist and had no effect on my swing.  Most golfers don’t tend to knock parts of their bodies with their wrists when they swing anyway… Maybe you need some lessons from your pro.  Looking forward to getting the golf-software upgrade soon.

  • omarcastz

    MotoACTV owner here. I am in love with mine. I have the 16 GB one and it was an invaluable tool for me. I used this little device to train for the Los Angeles Marathon as well as during the Marathon itself this past Sunday. I really think this is the best thing going out there in terms of fitness monitoring devices. It has the functionality of an iPod Nano, it has bicycle computer functionality, it can pair to a heart rate monitor, and the GPS on this thing is really good and locks into my position withing seconds (I had the Nike+ GPS watch by Tomtom and it took forever to lock on and it was not very accurate). I have compared this with fitness units from Garmin with members of my running group as well as my marathon racing group for GPS accuracy. It is very very close or exact with the garmin units. The unit has continued to improve with each software update and it has displaced several devices. Still looking forward to the bluetooth headphones with heart rate monitoring capability.

    Not sure if there is a difference between this golf version of the device other than software, but I have been impressed by mine. It is easy to dismiss this as an expensive unit but until you use it as a true fitness device and start to see its capabilities you probably won’t get it. If you need a cheaper solution for just jogging around, there are of course better alternatives in the form of smartphone apps or cheaper devices by nike. I guess what I’m trying to say is, this is a great device for serious fitness enthusiasts and it has been worth every penny. I’m sure this golf version will prove to be the same for golf enthusiasts.

  • kretz7

    Why not just release a software update for the current MotoActv?????

    • hkklife

      The same can be asked by Droid 3, X2 and Bionic devices who own perfectly capable hardware that has been orphaned by Motorola’s lack of software updates, relentless rollout of new hardware and endless fascination with all things “RAZR”. 

      This ACTV is #2 on my snoozer list right behind Moto’s Lapdocks and overpriced multimedia desktop docks. 

  • Garmin already makes a Golf GPS watch which sells for $200:


    • Bkguarna

      This. And as an owner of the Garmin I’m really happy with its performance compared to some of the apps i’ve tried on the razr… I’d rather trust the GPS company that’s been doing this longer and better.

    • samIam

       Wow. Talk about overpriced.  That Garmin really takes the cake.  $200 for a small fraction of the capability that the MotoACTV provides?  Get real.  No mp3, no WiFi, no bluetooth, no capability to work with a heart-monitor, no accelerometer to measure # of steps, no over-the-air updates, & no mention of # of courses it has in in memory (so probably far fewer).

  • i just won a MOTOACTV from a give away, im excited for it to get here to try. 

  • Bobby

    I finally see a use for this. Except I could always get a 4000mah tank battery for my gnex and just use an app to do the same thing.

  • Kierra

    Overpriced tech. 

  • will bartlett

    they maxx’d the motoactv.

  • Michael_NM

    If I could hit the links more than twice a year, I’d actually consider one of these. Wait, it’s Moto. I couldn’t break my boycott. It’s going to take a lot for those clowns to earn my cash again.

  • MKader17

    It cost more??? I thought it was just some nice additional feature. I would never use it anyways, but why should it cost more? Hopefully its because it needs more memory to store all the course data.

  • teejaycard

    out of this, the moto active, wimm one, imwatch, and sony smartwatch i think for the price and what i want to use it for which is minimum i’m going with the smartwatch. 

  • Sruel3216

    who cares. especially at $300

    • Paul

      Exactly what I was thinking. Way too much money for that.

    • Paradisimo

      While I agree that this is about $50 overpriced I actually think they are smart to target the golf market.  Golfers don’t think twice about spending $200-300 on a new gadget if they think it will improve their game somehow.  A new driver costs at least $300 and a dedicated GPS unit can easily reach the $150-200 level.  

      • golf perhaps, but coupled with all the active uses it fits in the ballpark of similiar devices. Search around for GPS Sports watches and you’ll see what i mean. I use mine for cycling and this fits into the ballpark of similiar devices. The online software needs some serious work though if they want to get serious. I used to use my android device (though i found my iphone 3g was more reliable at tracking than my OG Droid) But now that i have my GNEX i dont want to risk it out on the trail and this device captures speed and all that jazz. Heres hoping they keep working on it and not release 10 different versions this year.