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Lookout Publishes First Ever Lost Phone Study, Findings Won’t Likely Shock You

Worldwide security giant Lookout, has published the first ever lost phone survey. By analyzing the data from over 15 million of their users, Lookout has realized that people spend nearly $30 billion on lost devices each year. Keep it in your pocket, folks! Along with publishing all of this data, Lookout has created the Mobile Lost & Found website, which interactively shows people where phones are being lost and helps you get a sense of just how expensive it is to lose your smartdevice. 

More interesting data retrieved is:

  • People in Manchester, England have the highest likelihood of losing their phone out of any other population in the world.
  • In the U.S. people lose a smartphone about once a year.
  • Phones are more often lost at night. Two-thirds of phone loss happens between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. local time.
  • During the week of Carnival (aka Mardi Gras), more phones were lost around the world than during your average parade-less, bead-less week.

The top ten cities where losing your phone is just an everyday thing:

1. Philadelphia
2. Seattle
3. Oakland
4. Long Beach
5. Newark
6. Detroit
7. Cleveland
8. Baltimore
9. New York
10. Boston

Bars in Silicon Valley should definitely be in the top ten. On a personal note, I lost a phone once. It was an LG Voyager and I loved it dearly. Have you ever lost your phone and never found it?

Via: Lookout

  • Jpv190

    I have lost a samsung slim, witch was my dads. he got really mad..

  • Gryff

    I just lost my Droid Charge while snowboarding… A hard lesson learned… 🙁

    Note to self: Bring different phone snowboarding or actually zip up pocket!

  • Ladyvirgo777

    I’ve never lost a phone, but i wish i had lookout when my phone was stolen. Two thugs robbed me and when we called my phone the #*%holes said they where @ the liquor store spending my $$ and having fun on my phone. I hope they r using prison phones now 😉

  • T4rd

    Never lost or broke my phones.  My wife on the other hand broke three LG Voyagers (dropped one and busted the LCD, dropped another in the toilet and wore the hinge out on the other which I handed down to her from my upgrade to the OG Droid).  They Voyager was awesome in my experience though.  Besides running 3rd party apps, it was almost as functional as my OG Droid while still being a dumb phone.  The keyboard was unprecedented too.

  • Higher_Ground

    The very first phone I owned was an audiovox flip phone and I lost it in what could only be described as a once-in-your-lifetime end-of-high-school kegger.  We had hundreds of people and 5 kegs at a friend’s parents’ house in the woods.  Of course I blacked out and woke up minus one cell phone.  Literally 6 months later someone called me and said they had my phone – they were about 3 years younger than me and lived 40 miles away… and supposedly found it in their couch.

    Only other phone I came close to losing was my casio boulder.  It fell out of my lap one night after parking on the street.  I found it a day later halfway down the block in the gutter.  Had some scuff marks but otherwise worked just fine 🙂

  • I lost one once Nextel i90 lost it at a bar. When it first came out. I don’t think I lost it but got swiped of the table we were using. 

  • Lakerzz

    haha, I love that Voyager!! Even had the TV service. Everyone of my friends would think that the antenna was a stylus, and try to pull it all the way out!!

  • gimlet72

    Has anyone lost a phone and used a gps service to find it and get it back? My wife lost a phone once. I called it and the guy ransomed it back to me for 30$

    • Noyfb

      I left mine at my local watering hole after I left, got home, called my phone and the waitress was nice enough to have picked it up and saved it for me to came back and get it. It was my OG droid, and I gave her an extra tip for saving it.

  • Danofiveo

    I lost a phone once. I didn’t even know I list it. It feel our of my pocket when I was getting back in my truck after shopping. A good samaritan gave it’d to the store Clark who called me. It was an LG Voyager as well. It was broken so was replaced by insurer.

  • subiedude85

    I haven’t lost one yet and I liked my Voyager too but was overly pleased when I got my d1.

  • Oh man, I had an LG Voyager before my Droid X and I really did love that phone, within its limitations. Passed it on to a friend who was using a half-busted flip phone at the time.

    I’ve never lost my phone, and that’s saying something – my first cell phone was a Kyocera/Qualcomm bar phone with changeable faceplates in about 1999. I’ve had dozens since then…

  • Ikagi

    In Oakland people dont lose their phones it gets stolen!


    nope, only locked myself out of those basic phones from the early 2000’s… 4 digit pin… dam wtf was it? lol. but now lovin my gnex 🙂 with lookout of course… not loosing this baby..

  • zepfloyd

    Living in Philly I’m sure most of these ‘loses’ are more like stolen, hahaha.

    • There’s a reason SEPTA is telling people not to use their smartphones on the Broad St. Line!

  • Devilsephiroth

    From my cold dead hands

  • I’ve only had one phone stolen, my stats are probably skewed i’ve had like 10 phones in the past 2 years, though (2009 OG Droid, Droid incredible, fascinate(returned back to incredible) back to the fascinate(broke the incredible) back to a droid incredible(trade), droid X(traded with the ex for a couple of days then back), thunderbolt(switched back and forth with the incredible for a while) Galaxy Nexus 2012)

    OG Droid (x5 several damage replacements, one stolen)
    Fascinate (return)
    Fascinate (warranty replacement)
    incredible (trade)
    Galaxy Nexus)

    ok so 7 phones since may of 2009

  • aharrson

    LG Voyager was the only one ….at least so far. It wasn’t a smartphone, but I loved that phone. Joy to type on!

  • Peteeer.

    On the LG Voyager note, I loved that phone with a passion when I had it, fell in the lake when kayaking.

    & I left my Droid 2 in the bathroom when I was changing, & I saw exactly who stole it, although he was big and I was just 13 so I didn’t say anything.

  • Just passing thruuuuuuuuuuu

    I lost my LG EnV and was so happy, I was going to get a new phone! Sadly, a nice sumaritan found it in Hollywood and called my contacts to find me and return it.

    A month later it fell in the sink and I had to get an LG Dare.

    • PC_Tool

      “I had to get an LG Dare.”

      You poor, poor thing…  How did you ever recover?  😉

  • MotoRulz

    Never lost a phone in my life.. *fingers crossed as I knock on wood 

  • AE35

    Nice little study to promote Lookout. But I still liking Avast. To get Lookout Premium features it’s $30 a year.

  • wpscompute

    Lost my new G-Nex after only 2 months… I almost cried.  I would have except for my OG Transformer, now with ICS, and my OG Droid.

  • Blame it on the alcohol.

    • mjmedstarved

      I’d blame it on the weeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

      (.. if I were to lose it)

  • Erie8609

    Team Philly! I never lost my phone I’m the 1%

  • Wow….in my 12 years of owning a cellular device, I have not once, lost a phone; knock on wood

    • LUCY

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    • Michael Quinlan

      15+ years for me.  Even if you only consider “smart” phones, I apparently should have lost 4 or 5 by now. I never knew I was such an underachiever.

      In 3-1/2 years my son has “lost” 2 phones – 1 flip phone (lost/stolen) and 1 smart phone (stolen).  Both were recovered with a little detective work.

      • Ouch! lol 

      •  14+ years for me, and I’ve had one since I was 6. Started off with the badass Moto Startec.

    • Owewil3225

      7+ years here.havent lost a smartphone yet. I tried loosing a old flip phone i had but they brought it back  🙁

  • PHILLY #1  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Greg Morgan

    I live in Seattle, there are a lot of zoned out ditsy people her, so not surprising.

  • MayoYvette22

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    • Greg Morgan

      Spam much?

  • The wife had her Thunderbolt stolen in a bar around midnight.  I cursed the bastard that stole it.

    • clearly they dont know their phones…..

    • rals

      After he got it, did he ever return it? 😉

      • rals

        I only Joke as my wife had a thunderbolt, and I bitched out verizon for sending 3 failed phones with different issues and finally gave my wife a rezound….talk about night and day difference. 

  • I am not going to jinx myself by responding to this post.

    • Bobby

      but you just responded….

      • PC_Tool

        …and he won’t be able to reply until his phone is found, returned or replaced.  😛