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Fruit Ninja Updated, Online Multiplayer Now Up and Running

What better day to launch an awesome update than on the day Rovio releases Angry Birds Space. The paid-version of Fruit Ninja has been updated in the Google Play Store to allow for multiplayer action. Once you find a foe, you go head-to-head swiping at fruit that matches your color. It’s a ton of fun and as you can see from the screenie above, this guy had no idea how to play and kept swiping my fruit resulting in many penalties.

If you’re a ninja, then be sure to pick up this update.

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    f***** finally but it erased my high score and all my stuff šŸ™

  • Iny

    This update erased all of my scores and unlocked items. Great…Ā 

  • Escobar

    THD version isn’t updated, come on Halfbrick!!

  • Higher_Ground

    so where’s the Puss in Boots Fruit Ninja update?

  • I like this game!

  • Travillion

    I lost my data when I updated. Anyone else have that problem?

  • X2caleb2X

    What’s with the permissions GPS state, camera

  • King Speedy

    And it needs my contact information because…

    • King Speedy

      Nvm, I’m assuming it’s to do with the multiplayer

  • BrianWenger

    Oh my god. It’s like a year overdue compared to the iOS version.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Better late than never I always say. Same goes for Temple Run. Sure it’s been available on iOS for months now, but still, Android is finally getting the game and that’s really all that matters in the end anyways.

  • possomcrast1

    It seems like they kind of upgraded the graphics too.

  • Half brick. Y U NO UPDATE THD

  • First rule of being a ninja, you do not talk about being a ninja. Shame on you Tato.

  • Zebra

    Finally the paid app gets some support. They stopped updating it about a year ago but continued to update the free version.

  • Happybird

    Along with some *** permissionsĀ 

    • maratu

      I assume the contact stuff is for the multiplayer, the gps for the ads, but the camera? Why the camera? I have the LBE Privacy running, I hope it is blocking enough…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Hell yes! First Angry Birds Space and now Fruit Ninja update with online multiplayer! Badass…thanks for posting this man, or else I’d have never known! Definitely been waiting for such an update.

    THEN this upcoming Tuesday, Temple Run finally! What a glorious month for gaming(both console AND mobile!)

    • Woot!

    • Sagis

      forget about all these silly games, Defender 2 was just released, there goes the work day

  • TimmyTim

    Can I play against someone on an iPad with my 10.1?