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DROID Pro Update to Build 4.7.3 Rolling Out, Better Keyboard Backlighting and Other Fixes

The Droid Pro is now receiving its official update to build 4.7.3. It may not be Ice Cream Sandwich, but at least it’s something. You will notice better backlighting for your keyboard, the addition of updated VCAST apps and VZ Navigator apps, plus a handful of other helpful bug fixes. Go grab it and let us know if you notice any other mentionable fixes.

The update is 19.9MB in size. More info.

Cheers Brett and Chris!

  • me da error a la hora de instalar la actualizacion help please

  • BSweetness

    I really like my Galaxy Nexus, but of the dozens of phones I’ve had over the years, the Droid Pro is still my favorite of them all.  A nearly perfect form factor for my needs.  If they would release a true successor to the Pro with up-to-date tech across the board (or even nearly up-to-date tech across the board), I’d buy it day one.

  • Aardvark99

    I wish this phone had been more successful so that manufacturers would be encouraged to explore different form factors for Android phones.  

  • I got pushed at around 1am EST last night if anyone cares to know..

  • hkklife

    Just installed the leaked .zip last night on my wife’s Pro. I didn’t have much time to play with it but I did make a few observations:

    -Lock screen unlock is MUCH smoother. Sliding between homescreen panels is also much smoother, as is opening the app drawer. The Pro now “feels” as fast if not faster than my Bionic.
    -Camera focuses a tad faster
    -Keyboard backlighting still isn’t perfect but it seems to be much reliable in dim conditions so far. This was her #1 annoyance previously.
    -When typing on the onscreen keyboard in portrait mode, the input lag is totally gone. Also, this may not be new but the box highlighting a text entry field is now red instead of orange.
    -Even though it is just a 20Mb download, it bumps the Pro up to 2.3.4.
    -No comment on the bloatware and it’s too early to tell if the bad battery drain issues introduced by the first GB update are fixed. Since she has another 11 or 12 months to go on this phone until she’s up for renewal, I certainly hope they are resolved!

    As is the case for all Moto GB fixes lately, this is a very welcome update but it is honestly what should have been released last year. Moto and VZW should be ashamed for letting the Droid 2/Pro/X line go for so long in such a buggy state!

    • tjmonkey15

       I agree completely with your last paragraph.  It’s great that Motorola is supporting the phone with updates for this long, but it’s not right that there are this many things that need to be fixed months/years after the phone has been released.

    • Trueblue711

       I have a feeling Verizon forced Moto to do this latest rounds of updates. If Moto could have it their way, they probably would’ve left it.