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Deal: Best Buy Selling Galaxy Tab 8.9 For $350, Throws In A Keyboard Dock For Free

Best Buy has your deal of the day going on right now. If you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 from their website it will only run you $349.99. On top of that already really good price, once you add it to your cart, Best Buy throws in a keyboard dock for free. Pretty good right? This is the 16GB WiFi version of the Tab line, but Samsung’s tablets still stand as some of the best Android tablets out there. Head on over to Best Buy’s site if this sounds right up your alley.


  • Steve S.

    Just picked this up for number wife. It’s a great deal! So far the only downside is the camera. Its pretty slow.

  • DanSke

    To buy or not to buy. That is the question.

    Eh, tempting, but I think a bigger, better tablet is on its way and that is why we see these deals popping up so they can clear out the inventory. 

  • Interpol818

    Yup. Same here gnex and ipad3. Love it

    • rukkus78

      me too heh.

  • Ugh, so freaking tempting. I’m holding out for the Nexus tablet, though. I like the smaller tabs better…I’d really love to see a keyboard dock for that one!

  • tu3218

    Trying to sell my Acer a500 an get this!

  • cucabueno

    does this have ICS yet?

    • Dan

      Not officially.  “Soon.”

      • cucabueno

        so they do plan on releasing it…?

  • Pdiddy187

    I picked up a 10.1 for $345. I put AOKP on it because out of the box I wasn’t pleased. Now I’m a very happy owner.

  • htowngtr

    I don’t see where it’s giving me the KB for free.


    • r0lct

      yeah, me neither, anyone else check this out?

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    So how many different iterations of this tablet are there? Sheesh… 7, 7.5, 8.9, 10.1, 16.9, 20/6, 58+6.9(36-4)….

    • martyjones

      Love your use of “iteration.”

      • -= )v(urphy =-

        It works =)

  • MFG

    Just bought a new iPad yesterday. I feel dirty but the apps really are better than the ones on my Tab 10.1 LTE. 

    Best of both worlds, I guess. GNex and iPad…

    …that is, until Google gets their tablet act together.

    • ArmanUV

      exactly my setup. 
      I totally agree with the quality of apps being superior on the ipad. even the tablet optimized android apps don’t take advantage of the big display. Just compare an app like alien blue or reeder to any android tablet app. 

      • LionStone

        To me, I don’t really care about how polished an app is (they’re close enough for me)…its the form factor and UI I’m using the apps on that I care about. The ipad is clunky and hefty compared to my 10.1 and their OS is well, we know how old that is. Soon ICS will be on the 10.1 and it will be a nice upgrade. The customizations (different keyboard etc. if I wish), widgets, slim form factor, superior UI and other small things such as: better FFC (2.0mp) and flash for rear camera, are what keeps me All Android. Yes, the small things are not used that often but it’s still nice to have options whereas on any ipad, you don’t. My sister got the new one so I’ve been checking it out, the screen is nice though 🙂

        • ArmanUV

          It’s not just about polish. The ease of use of the functionality of ipad apps is superior in my experince and I have an iPad and a HP touchpad running ICS. 
          ICS isn’t that different from honeycomb in terms of UI. The speed is definitely imporved but nothing groundbreaking like the jump from 2.3 to ICS on phones. 
          One VERY important thing that’s missing on ics is multitouch gestures on ipad (four finger up for multitasking, pinch to got to home screen, …). When you get to use them you never want to go back. It feels extremely natural and responsive to swipe 4 fingers to quickly switch between apps. 

          • Charles J.

            I agree with you guys, not only are they better, but there’s more. I’m like “this is where all the apps have been hiding”! I’ve been playing Sky Gamblers, NBA Jam, Home Run Battle 2, Temple Run and more! Most of these games can’t be found on Google Play. I’m sorry but my eyes have been enlightened, google play needs a ton of work.

          • Dlaciv12

            Apps maybe but the OS is NOT tablet ready. All that real estate for a grid if icons? No thanks.

          • GawkerRedesignSucks

            If all you want to do is play games, I can see why you like the iPad.  I’ve had both and I’m definitely happier with Android for work (ICS that is).

          • Charles J.

            I have my android phone that I take everywhere with me, that I customize to my liking. Which is why I enjoy the google experience better in a phone. I couldn’t use the iPhone it’s to restricting for something I use everyday as a pocket computer so to speak. For work or heavy lifting, I use my laptop. This is why the iPad works for me, because I’m not using it to replace anything. It’s a niche device that I enjoy, that serves it’s purpose.

    • GawkerRedesignSucks


      I have an iPad 2 and it was cool until I put ICS on my TouchPad.  I gave the iPad to my wife and I haven’t had a single situation in which I was like “Man, I wish I had my iPad right now.” ICS really is nice on a tablet.  I can only imagine the experience if I had some newer hardware.

      On another note: You may have been better off saving a hundred bucks and getting an iPad 2.  Seems like there’s been nothing but negative articles about the new iPad.

  • Grrrrrrr. Maybe I will sell my laggy TFP and buy this…

    • Will Frame

      If you think your Transformer Prime is laggy, you definitely won’t be happy with this.

    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      I don’t understand how your browser can be laggy on the TFP.  I’m on a TouchPad and my browser is smooth as silk.  You’ve got WAY more powerful hardware.

      Although I’m using a custom ROM and Dolphin Browser HD.  That may be the difference.