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Current MotoActv Devices to Receive “Beta” Golf Software Update in April

When Motorola announced a new “Golf Edition” of the MotoActv this morning, my instant reaction was, “Well, what about current owners? Will they see a software update to include similar software?” We reached out to Moto who informed us that there will indeed be a an update to bring the golf software to existing MotoActv owners. It will carry a “beta” tag and will be available some time in early April, close to when the “Golf Edition” is released to the public. So no, you do not need to pawn your current device on Craigslist in order to get the 20,000 courses and virtual scorecard that were introduced today.

  • David Verba

    +1 to Moto for listening to its customers with this device. Frequent updates, incredible functionality, with more capability to be seen & Matt (forums manager) responds personally to questions and suggestions. I had been eyeing the device for a while, and when I went to Amazon and started reading the reviews and how Matt responded to each negative and many positives I was sold. It also helped that had a $239 + free wrist strap deal going on, thus I bought two for GF & myself.

    If the people who make the Moto phones would follow the MotoActv, I might actually give their phones another go.

  • MayoYvette22

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  • Booboolala2000

    Almost, almost makes me wanna take up golfing. Almost. Pretty sweet though. Whats next, riding in cars?  Opening doors? Like what they have done in regards to indoor activities and it seems to get more accurate over time (maybe the updates) Golf? More of a social event than sport. Kinda like drinking and driving outdoors. 

  • Sam

    having bought a motoact for 199 at best buy 2 days ago, i’m very glad to hear this.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    I would totally use this. I love my motoactv.

    and first!!