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Case Review: Ringke SLIM Extended Case for Galaxy Nexus LTE

The original Ringke SLIM case for the Galaxy Nexus that we reviewed a few weeks back still might be my favorite case to date. Well, until now. The newest version that Rearth USA created for the LTE Galaxy Nexus with an extended battery just surpassed it.

At $25.99, you may think the case is expensive, but in the package you will find a screen protector and cleaning cloth, something most case companies make you pay separately for. It’s also one of the higher quality cases you’ll find that has a leather insert on the inside for protection, along with plugs for your audio and USB ports to keep them safe. And all of that is done in one of the slimmest and most minimal cases on the market.

For the extended version I went with matte black and damn is it sexy. It feels great in hand, isn’t slippery, and adds just enough sex appeal that I may not take it off for a long time. It’s a beautifully made case.


  • www.meticul.com

    Hands down the best case for Verizon GNex extended. It fits perfectly. I had the Casemate Barely there and it almost fit. Ringke is much more durable and it’s the ONLY case I will ever need or want for GNex extended battery. Verizon extended battery. I have no affiliation with Ringke and didn’t even know they existed until now. I am extremely picky. Bad ass case. It has just enough lip and fits snugly. It’s the only case to get for GNex if you want a slim fit.

  • SuperChargedJ

    Just got mine and I love it.

  • Can this fit over the seidio innoccell 3800 mah battery? Any know? If so….Im all in!

    • fvqu


  • I received mine in the first batch and after taking it off only a few times, it has started to crack. Really a bummer….


    • Cowboydroid

      Mine has done this as well. Seems like they didn’t think about stress points, as this could have easily been avoided with a slight adjustment in design. You just have to be extremely careful when pulling it off, and start from the bottom.

  • Vincent Rissolo

    Would you choose this over the Otter Box Commuter case or the Diztronic?

  • Bluefatalis

    will this case fit the 3800 milli amp battery??????

  • Jack Landers

    Ordered.  Thanks!

  • Billzilla2005

    I have the gloss white, my girlfriend said my phone looks like a stormtrooper

    • Billzilla2005

      Update on my case, the edges of the case the paint has started to wear off and there’s the dull plastic starting to show, this appeared only the second day i had it, little disappointed

      also was into Verizon over the weekend so my girlfriend could get a iphone (i know) and the guy there about came himself when he saw my case 

  • Austinrgoebel

    I want this case, i just question how huch protection it really gives, i dont need to drop my nexus and have the screen crack

  • beng8686

    Seidio all the way… perfect slim protection.

    • MrWicket

      kinda bugs me that it only partially covers it.. either make the cut out or don’t cut so low all around.. my OCD senses are tingling!

  • Steve Edholm

    I have the slim one.  If you have a cradle of any kind, you have to constantly take it off.  Mine has started to crack.  I moved back to my old one (plus my old one supports both extended and regular batteries)

  • Willy

    So is the lte metallic a silver, gunmetal, or what?!?!  cant really tell on the website?

  • Dr Sauch

    Mine just arrived last night, best case ever.

    • napes22

       Which color did you get?  I ordered the white and I’m wondering it it’ll be too plasticy looking.

      • Dr Sauch

        I also ordered white (honestly, I wanted black matte but they were sold out).  The white is definitely glossy, but because of the excellent design of the case, it doesn’t look or feel plasticky.  It sits perfectly flush on the phone and around the edges and there is NO wobble or rattle between the phone and case when handling.  

        tl;dr – The case is so well-designed that the color doesn’t matter.

  • Zebra

    Diztronic TPU Case – $10, includes a screen protector, and fits both battery sizes. And it actually covers the front edges of your phone…

  • Firelight

    My white extended back case from Rearth should be here today (according to USPS tracking). 

  • Nicholas Conner

    Hey Kellex, or anyone else, do you happen to have the Seidio Surface Holster that you could test with this case? I love the Surface holster, but not so much a fan of the Surface case. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a clip style holster that will work on the phone naked. I like the look of the Ringkey SLIM but I want to be able to use my holster.

    • Cory

      I just got the case and I can tell you it does fit with the seidio surface holster. It’s not a super snug fit like with my diatonic, but it definitely locks into place and isn’t really going anywhere. Hope that helps

  • Ritchiec87

    Nice. I got the metallic silver blends in well with the phone. Kinda wish I got the matte black looks pretty sexy batmobile status!

  • whenjasonattks

    I don’t like cases but I really like this one. Might consider it.

  • Burntoast

    Yeah I got my in the mail today and its better than anything i would have found at wallmart.

  • Seems like it leaves the edges exposed. Isn’t that what a case is supposed to protect?

    • Noyfb

      Exactly what i was thinking. the thin aluminum-like frame around the edge of the screen is easy to dent which i found out the hard way. That’s why I bought Cimo Gloss Tpu case white, and a white cruzer just in case. The cimo fits snugly and is form fitting.

    • r0lct

      You would have to drop it a pretty specific way to dent the side and not hit the protected corners first.  It’s obviously possible, but I would imagine it’s a small fraction of drops.  Or that’s not how you see it?

  • Ray

    Looks like is sold out in the black color

  • Guest

    This is for the 2100 mah extended right, not the 3800 (or whatever it is)?

  • Teng247

    Had the androidified case from cruzerlite but got this in white today and damn is this sleek. Makes my phone feel thinner

  • Still using the SGP ultra capsule case on my gnex with the extended battery, and lovin it 😀

  • Enfpruiz21

    Still doesn’t beat the Otterbox, but looks good. I like how Otter has just the right amount of weight and sturdy feel to it, which perfectly corrects the ergonomic problems I have with it naked.

    • Enfpruiz21

      Also, my case fits the extended.

      • mjmedstarved

        I have both cases and BOTH fit the extended battery for the record.

    • Comparable case?

       I bought the Otterbox and was pretty impressed…at first. Now I think Otterbox is just garbage. At least for the Nexus. I have broken two holsters (have two more) and have also broken the case where it snaps into the holster. Looking for a different case now before I break another one. Very disappointed in a 50 dollar case. I can say their customer service was pretty good though.

  • Michael G

    I use the one VZW gave me for free when I picked up my GNex.  Works fine.

  • ChuckDz3

    Not that it’s a big deal but didn’t they have this priced at $20 a couple weeks ago? I thought they’re whole campaign was ‘we listened, we delivered, and we made it $5 dollars cheaper’ ? 

    • napes22

       It was a limited time offer for anyone who pre-ordered.

  • Lakerzfan80

    I want the white one cuz I just love white but I think with the clash of color with the naked part that does show from the Gnex makes it look awkward yet the black dosent stand out at all and makes it look its just part of the phone so I think I’ll just stick to my red cruzerlite case :-/ not until a true white non TPU case comes out …knowing my luck it will be the week before I decide I want the SG3 lmao …that’s how it always works out

  • badz

    I got one and I’m diggin it so far. I’ve always gone naked with my phones, but this one is in fact pretty slim.  One bad thing is that it covers the 3 contacts on the side of the phone, in case any accessories ever were to come out in the US that make use of them.

  • Adam

    Just got one today.  I thought I liked the bodyglove, but this one is my new fav.  Super slim.

  • time_span

    So glad I pre-ordered this. It has arrived at my house but I wont be back till Firday/Saturday :/

  • eze4

    Alright i don’t see the big deal. The stock back fits snug & securely over the extended battery why dont people see that

    • lamenting

      Obviously it doesn’t or else they wouldn’t have created a new one just for the extended battery.

      I have a different case where everyone said “it fits fine with the extended battery” and I put it on..yeah it doesn’t. It covers it, but isn’t a perfect snug fit like the non-extended battery case.

    • napes22

       The stock back will put unnecessary pressure on the screen.

  • Lakersgo12

    Funny part is that I ordered Sunday with fre 2-3 day shipping and I have nothing

    • 2-3 Business days is usually the delivery rate, and depending on when it shipped out, you should have it tomorrow or Saturday

  • I just wanted to point out on the other case, the Incipio Feather, on one of their pictures (second to last) it has a jack going into the top of the phone. Pretty funny how wrong it is lol.

  • Nexus4Life

    It says screen protector is an extra $10.99 not included.  That makes it an expensive case!

    • kulanapan

      I believe that is extra. I ordered one yesterday and haven’t received it yet, so I couldn’t say for sure. But he does say above that it comes with one.

    • It does come with a screen protector, I got mine in the mail today.

  • xlDIGITALlx

    How is it with the stock battery?

    • Adam

      They make 2 versions… one for stock, one for extended.

      • Jswanson1970

        Actually they updated the description, it’s now one case fits but batteries.

        • Jswanson1970


  • LOL. They must be sponsored by Verizon.


  • Michael_NM

    First, you pimp an Incipio case, then you make me want one of these… and I don’t even have a Nexus. 😛

    • 4n1m4L

      theyre dropping like rocks on ebay. You could probably get one for under 400. I did

      • evltwn

        got mine on craigslist for 350. 🙂