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Angry Birds Space “Cleared for Takeoff” on the Amazon Appstore, Starting at 1AM Tonight

Tonight at 1AM PST, everyone who has been patiently waiting for Angry Birds Space, can head on over to the Amazon Appstore and pick it for just $1 if you want the ad-free version (or free w/ads). This is sure to be a very interesting chapter in the evolution of the monster gaming sensation that is Angry Birds. No telling when it will make its way to the Play Store, but it shouldn’t be too long, if you don’t feel like loading Amazon’s store on to your device for this single application.

So, now that we know where and when and for how much, does that mean we can stop posting about it? Never.

Via: Amazon

  • Josh Groff
  • John Jenness

    Oh nice Amazon! Free version or .99 version not compatible with Kindle Fire! You have to buy the $2.99 HD Kindle Fire version! Thinking about rooting it more and more.


    Worth it. By fa the best version of Angry Birds to date. It’s super fun and a lot more challenging.

  • John Jenness

    Didn’t see it on Play for my Razr, when to the site…sent it to my Razr from there. Works perfectly. My co-workers Droid X had it in the Play app. 

    • Josh Groff

       I searched it and took the market link from my phone’s browser, but pushing it works just as well.

  • Raven65

    It’s available in Google Play (still HATE that name) now – but only the free ad-supported version so far.


    Got it, orbital stuff is pretty cool! Thanks again DL for the heads up!

  • Blade765

    I was able to buy it, but anytime I open it, it tells me I don’t own the app and forces me to quit! Get your **** together amazon!

  • Dns

    9 minutes late amazon owes me a pizza

  • Funskey

    Only amazon gets the ad free version. Besides the store is great for plenty other apps an regular discounts. Eg I purchased supermarket mania 2 there for 1.99 . Usually all my purchases are there

  • Ams1650

    Never Heard of 1am Tonight??

    Isn’t 1am in the morning???

    • Josh Groff

       Technically yes, but it depends on your perspective.

  • “for this single application” ?? The Amazon App Store has a ton of great deals, a daily free app… everyone should have it!

    • Josh Groff

       I’ve gotten 70 free apps of the day so far. I love Amazon. 🙂

    •  I havent actually got the FAotD in about 3 months. They all suck now.

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    What is so wrong with Amazon App store; 1 extra app sitting around in my drawer does me no harm! i have enjoyed the freebies since day one;.. so I just ignore the ones i have no need for or are simply junk!;.. chill ya’ll…

    • Josh Groff

       I get ALL the free apps. Never know when you’ll need children’s games in the future, and free is hard to beat.

  • so how about that galaxy SIII?  pretty sweet phone ya?

  • lungzb

    So what about the Galaxy Note users? Free with Update???

  • Zebra

    Would be nice if the Play Store would sell the ad-free versions of the games.

  • wastry

    Rule 34 has this game beaten, plowed, tied up and raped with a tire iron

  • TomZ

    I’ll wait for it to arrive at the Google Play Store.  That amazon appstore will run in the background every once in a while when I had it. Plus the update app feature on it shows apps I installed from the Google store. 

    How long before we see it on the real app store?

    • moelsen8

      yeah that was the kicker for me, seeing that it ate 10% of my battery the one day when i hadn’t touched it in weeks.  gone.  and i’m glad i’m no longer obsessive compulsive with the free app of the day garbage that i never used anyway.

      • Josh Groff

         Considering one of those free apps was splash top, I was pretty happy, never had problems with it running because I use the back button or force close it.

    • Evan Knofsky
  • I thought you guys weren’t going to be posting about this? Oh wait, that’s right – easy traffic.

    • Liderc

      You’re so hip…


  • Knlegend1

    I can’t wait but I refuse to buy this game in the Amazon app store. I’ll buy MP3’s all day long, but apps….nah.

  • Lolz

    the amazon app store is a piece of garbage

  • OhAaron

    Do people still play this crap?  Yeah, I’m not installing anything from the Amazon crap store.  Google Play or go away.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yes, yes I do. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Brianepatt85

      Can someone explain to me why the amazon app store sucks? There’s a free app of the day. Why avoid it? I don’t get it? Is there something I don’t know?

      • they don’t like change

        • Josh Groff

          I don’t like Obama (as a president) either. (I must say, his voice is cool, he would’ve made a good actor) :/

      • moelsen8

        it’s slow, naggy (or was for an entire year before the last update), the interface needs a lot of work, it runs in the background sometimes and drains battery, you end up having to juggle apps and remember which is installed from what source, app updates are slower than GP since they need to be reviewed there, the more apps you have in your list, the slower it runs overall..  that’s in my experience.  it’s just better having everything on play for me, it feels more official.  but if you like it and haven’t encountered the problems I have, kudos, to each their own.

  • awesome. lemmie know when it comes to GP.  No amazon crap-app on my device.

    • Inquizitor

      Agreed. However, are we really gonna start calling it GP now? I don’t know how I feel about that. Only one typo away from getting arrested…

      • Mitchell Chea

        Arrested for what exactly? What would the typo be?

      •  in b4 v&

    • Brianepatt85

      Amazon app store isn’t great but theres a free AP of the day everyday. Its worth having on you phone. They’ve given away some great aps.

    • Josh Groff


  • EvanTheGamer

    It’s not really a ‘monster’ game per se…as birds and pigs are not monsters, they’re animals…get with it man!

    • Blood

      And a monster isn’t a mythical creature?

    • Timotato

      Dude, monster as in big/huge/large, not the creatures. 

      • EvanTheGamer

        Err…okay, my mistake…I guess I got a little head of myself. Or misread it.

        Sorry, I’ll put myself in time out..

  • This looks like it has some cool new features. I’m pretty much done with Angry Birds but I’ll try it out just to say that I did

  • DanSke

    In anticipation, millions of Apple users have formed a line in front of their phones…

    • richlizard24

       And Samsung is still jealous.

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  • Jacko

    Im way too excited about this.

  • moelsen8

    Just freed myself from amazon app store a few weeks ago. Please tell were talking hours and not days/weeks/months to come to android market? I don’t want to install it again.

  • NotOfficial

    Im so sick of Amazon.

    • Loki

      2:40 a.m.cst, and its not in amazon or play