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Unnamed Samsung Executive: Galaxy SIII will Run Quad-core Exynos Processor

According to the Korea Times, Samsung will include one of their new quad-core Exynos processors (probably the 4412) in the follow-up to the Galaxy SII, a phone that most of us refer to as the Galaxy SIII. Not that anyone should be surprised by this since they have used variations of Exynos chips for some time now in devices, but not one of them uses a quad-core variant to date. Questions had been raised over its availability for the first half of this year, so if this unnamed “high ranking company-executive” is right, get giddy. The Exynos chips that were included with the Galaxy SII still outperform most of the competition. This new architecture should really fly though without sucking as much juice at 32nm. The GPU to our knowledge is still the same as the chipsets used in the SGS2, which is nothing to complain about.

Still no date to discuss, but we do have tons of fake or semi-fake Galaxy SIII photos to talk about.

Via:  Korea Times

Cheers pyroholtz!

  • Djyosnow

    So the chances for vzw to get a high end pimp phone are: Slim to none??


    I really don’t need a quad-core phone…I can’t think of any use for it.

    • I don’t care how many cores phone has, one or sixteen, as long as it fast and good on battery. If Samsung thinks four cores are better – let it be.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    and as I have been saying… that is the Verizon death blow so move along, nothing to see here

  • r0lct

    Looking forward to them making another Nexus even if it doesn’t hit until Dec and it has basically the same specs.  Unless HTC can match or beat them in hardware then I’ll be happy with them making a Nexus.  I have no faith in Moto catching up with those two, let alone pulling ahead.  Nexus or noting at this point.

  • wastry

    Here’s hoping it’s the 5250 (hey, a guy can dream, right?)

    • riteshk

      Highly unlikely. Its aimed at tablets. That chip is a quad core A15 monster, almost too much for a phone. But I wish they’d put that Mali 604 MP4 quad-core GPU in the S3 … !

  • Hekks

    im tired of all this talk about processor. someone get smart like motorola and make a VERY SLIM phone that lasts 3 days without charge and ehavy use.

    • Larizard

      And release an “HD” version with ICS a 3 months later…

  • Lets hope they actually decide to test battery life

    • riteshk

      GS2 wasn’t good with battery life? Mine lasted a day easily with typical smartphone usage. I have a Galaxy Nexus now & it lasts more than a day with similar usage, this one should be even more efficient.

  • I really hope Samsung will not cheapen this phone for US. I really hope so.

    • riteshk

      Carriers. Blame your God-awful carriers.

  • in other news, iPone 5 will use the then 7 month old A5X chip which is really just a slightly souped up A5 from early 2011!! 

    It is so awesome not waiting once a year for last years tech!

    • … And it will still sell like gangbusters. Oh, whatever.

    • richlizard24

      It will probably use the A6, which is quad-core. 

      Also, again with the Apple mentions? Get over it already.

  • tjmonkey15

    This is only worth discussing if they’ve figured out how to make this processor work with LTE radios.

    • Butters619

      Yeah or else it will only be in the international versions and us US folks will get a dual core.

    • Droidzilla

      They have. Discuss.

      • tjmonkey15

         Awesome!  Now I’m much more excited for this phone.

    • James Jackson

      reportedly is LTE SOC.
      but all this info is from no name

  • riteshk

    I really hope the GPU is updated and not just a higher clocked Mali400.. It has to have a better GPU than the Snapdragon S4 and the A5. I know the Exynos 5 has a Mali 604 MP4 and its not entirely impossible this would have the same GPU. Hell, we don’t even know if this has the A9 4412 or a newer A15 based Exynos 5!

  • I’m just not that excited for all these new phones because I’m looking for a quad-core, HD non-pentile screen with a SLIDER. Are there even any on the horizon? I really want to ditch my Droid 3, and Motorola altogether. No more lies and locked bootloaders for me.

    • Michael Forte

      A phone like this is doubtful, sliders just aren’t as popular anymore.

    • Droidzilla

      I think your best bet is to invest in a really small, BT keyboard. They actually make cases like that.

    • wastry

      Sliders are unpopular and getting more unpopular.  Droid 4 is your best bet if a slider is a “must-have” feature for you

      • I refuse to support Motorola any longer. Droid 4 is out, and with all the quad-core phones coming out, I’m not wasting my upgrade on a dual-core phone.

  • Michael_NM

    Happy to hear about the processor, but
    I feel sorry for the sammie exec. It’s too bad he doesn’t have a name. 😀

  • Great! Now just pop one of these into my G-NEX and I’ll be good to go!

    • Droidzilla

      SGSIII will likely have this processor and a sAMOLED+ screen at close to the same size as the GNex with a better form factor. I can’t see why you would want to keep your GNex hardware and just change out the chip (Sammy phones are usually very hackable; they gave CM an SGSII).

  • nwd1911

    I’m just glad we have so many angels of the processor to look at.  I hate it when they only release one by itself.

    • Liderc

      I love angels, they’re pretty.

  • Michael Forte

    Is the quad core Exynos compatible with LTE?

    • nwd1911

      Yes, and they built the radio into the processor.

      • Lacokanostra

        Fap fap fap fap fap fap

      • riteshk

        That’s what embedded means.. 😉 Not really into the processor, but into the SoC. So, the radio is not a separate chip but its one chip that has the CPU, GPU and the radios built in.

        • Lacokanostra

          He wasn’t replying to you, and he posted that 2 minutes before you posted your comment. Just for clarification

          • riteshk

            Oh okay.. I saw the times now. Anyway, my post just helps clarify it. The radio is not built into the processor but its on the SoC as opposed to being a separate chip in itself.

          • nwd1911

            Thanks for the clarification, my non-tech brain just knows that there is a shiny square of metal that does amazing things…beyond that, I am likely to misquote.  I hesitated before posting that knowing I would some how eff up 🙂

          • riteshk

            Its okay. That’s how we learn. 🙂

        • MKader17

          What does that mean for us? Ability for smaller phones? Better Integration?

          It sounds great, I just don’t know what it means lol.

          • riteshk

            If its the 4412, its built on the 32nm process, the previous generation was built on the 45nm process. What that means is it will be much faster at the same clock speeds, a lot more power efficient (longer battery life) and having the radios inbuilt onto the SoC will add further to the power efficiency as the radios would not be separate chips. 
            Hope that explains what you wanted to know.

          • nwd1911

            I have heard the following, but will let you verify/clarify:  
            built on a 32nm process and based around A9 architecture

          • riteshk


    • riteshk

      It has LTE and WCDMA radios embedded in it. Less power consumption and better performance.. 🙂

      • LiterofCola


      • C-Law

         But WCDMA would mean AT&T if it came to the US 🙁 Hope there is a CDMA2000 variant for verizon

        • riteshk

          WCDMA is used all over the world. What bands though, I’m not sure but as the radio is built into the 4412 SoC and not a separate chip, I would assume it would be world bands along with LTE and HSPA+. If not, the US variants would have different chips (something I absolutely hate about the US carriers along with all the other crap they create)..

        • FortitudineVincimus

          Not a chance… neither that chip nor the Tegra can do CDMA/LTE and if they do try to make a VZW version it will not be a true SGSIII in the end as the specs, size, hardware, software, etc will be different. Thus, a different phone.

          No chance for VZW for this phone.