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HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaked, Now Available for Download

As owners of the HTC Rezound await an update to Ice Cream Sandwich, some sneaky person has leaked the official update build onto the web for everyone’s pleasure. The operation to update your device is extremely simple, but may take some time depending on your Internet connection due to the fact that the file is a humongous 640MB. If you feel like tasting some sweet ICS on your Rezound before it is released to the masses, then follow the instructions down below to ensure a proper installation. 

Instructions for installation:

  1. After downloading the file, rename it to PH98IMG.zip.
  2. Place the renamed file onto the root of the SD Card.
  3. Power down your device.
  4. Reboot into the bootloader by holding VOL DOWN + Power.
  5. The flashing process should begin automatically.

Give the device some time to reboot and once it does, you will be off to enjoy your weekend with ICS. If you have any questions, shoot them down below and we will do our best to tackle them.

Via: Android Police

  • JOE


    A couple up front. I don’t know if you ever noticed when you record any audio using your
    camera or 3rd party stuff. The audio MAKES AN ANNOYING CHIRP, CHIRP (FEN SUCKS).
    That is fixed.

    Also bluetooth support for devices is much better. I bought a bluetooth keyboard/ pad
    set up. With the gingerbread it didn’t work. And now presto!!! It works great and i can see
    the little mouse on the screen like a computer. I use my phone using the MHL adapter connected to the HDMI of my HIGH DEF PROJECTOR. I sit 18feet away. We watch netflix and you tube videos. Now with the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard I can sit and control my phone from 30feet away. Your phone turned any screen into a COMPUTER!!!!.

    I will re post Moore updates and fixes as they come.


    I got mine from here and just followed the directions. But i copyed the ZIP file onto my phone ROOT AND SD CARD ROOT.


    One tip (it resets the whole phone. so back up your accounts, sms, contacts, and stuff to your EXTERNAL SD CARD.

    I got it from here (http://community.htc.com/na/htc-forums/android/f/176/t/14988.aspx)

    I am soooo pissed all the RAZR got them. My friends have the raze and it updated to the ICS ALREADY FROM VERIZON.

  • herrmann

    trying to root phone… i have it unlocked but it wont root … keeps saying i need busybox… what do i do?????????? please help

  • Nathan Golden

    I spoke to a HTC Representative yesterday 05/02 and he confirmed the May 9th release date.  He did however add that the update will roll in batches and could take up to 22 days from the release date.

  • Hetal Desai

    i am on complete stock from Verizon. 
    do i need to root the phone?
    is this rooted image?
    how do i go back to stock?

  • Mdeezle66

    does the phone need to be rooted or will it root my phone after installation?

  • Mdeezle66

    does the phone need to be rooted or will it root my phone after installation?

  • Rageboardr

    HAs anyone done this recently asuccesfully. I have been tryiong, but my phone never updates. It tries to load a few files in the bootloader, but says no image. what am i doing wrong? the file is named correctly and is on the sd card not in any folder.

  • Luckydinorancher

    If i do this does it let you keep downloaded skins?

  • Chris

    Since I am not familiar with smartphones(looking for my first smartphone now), when I first heard ICS, I immediately thought it was internet connectivity sharing. That just because I am a computer geek, not phone geek. =p

    Anyway, what do you guys think I should get, Nexus or the Rezound? I know Nexus has ICS now but rezound doesn’t. What are the main differences between Rezound’s sense and Nexus’s ICS. How much better is the ICS environment or is it personal preference?

  • Rephael Inbar

    Hey gurus/experts:

    I followed the procedure above and this is what happened:
    1. Success (although it took a very long time)
    2. Success
    3. Success
    4. Success
    5. The flashing process started – saw files being replaced/extracted successfully. Then the phone was showing the white HTC screen for a while and shortly after re-started as usual. However, I still have Gingerbread and now the phone cannot access the SD card (although all the contents are there as I can see it thru my PC).

    First, any fixes to the SD card issue?

    2nd, What the heck happened to the upgrade??

    Thanks for any and all advice!

  • Randy Luna

    this download is invalid

  • Randy Luna

    update is not available

  • Randy Luna

    doesnt work when rooting to new update. any suggestions.

  • djkoz78

    So the HTC Vivid was already updated to ics which is on AT&T so I’m happy for those guys, but I’ve heard nasty rumors about VZW holding onto an update even when it’s ready so people will get frustrated & upgrade to a different device. I can safely say that every single HTC device I’ve ever owned felt like but the time the update finally made it around my 2 year contract was up. But every body so far that I know of including myself who didn’t wait for a Nexus was told that the Rezound was ICS ready & would be quickly update in the first half of 2012 now we are being told later this year sometime. I hope I have to eat crow on this but I wouldn’t hold my breath for this any time soon. Maybe BC there’s already a leaked version it’s not too far off. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

  • What does it mean by, the root of the SD card?

  • Kaluna00

    Hello All,
    I installed ICS but it is sucking the battery dry… I would like to go back to the gingerbread rom… is there anyway to get a current version an IMG file, or a version that will pull an OTA from verizon?

  • Washingtonwill12

    how do you get the PH98IMG to the root?

  • Joe

    Ok, it was zip.zip. I correcter that and it seemed like it updated and rebooted. Checked the software version and it was 2.3.4 ????? Where did it go wrong ?

  • Joe

    Ok so I downloaded the file, placed it on the root of the sd card and cannot get it to work. I read the suggestions and I will just wait for OTA update.

  • trying to load this leak but the file won’t update in bootloader plz help

  • jamisles02

    One problem that I see is that when I go into Handcent, any contacts who I have their pictures set as their Facebook icon don’t appear.

  • Ben. H

    I got two questions.

    1. If I install it will I still be able to get updates from HTC through software update?
    2. How do I return back to 2.3 (Gingerbread)?

  • 1221rezound

    Is anyone else having the battery issue after installing? Also, the only other problems ive found are some minor things in the browser, like ocassional foreclosures and when a pop-up comes up, the bar where the link and refresh bar blocks the exit button on the popup so u cant exit out of it (it blocks the whole screen). Other than that, it runs beautifully and is very nice. If anyone knows the problem or solution on the battery problem (loses battery very quickly, much quicker than before, on gingerbread), please let me know. Thanks

    • 1221rezound

      Also, it wont let me put the alarm volume all the way down

  • only issue i’ve noticed so far, i have an airport extreme at home, and the only time it will connect to the wifi is when i put it in airplane mode, then turn ON wifi. works other places. i’m trying to find another AE to test with at work.

  • Just did this. Has anybody else had an issue with both the WiFi and the LTE icons showing at the same time (when WiFi is on)? It’s not using 4G but in the quick settings it shows 4G constantly as “turning on”.

    • yes, but only on my wifi network at home (so far). it works as it should at work, but i’ve noticed this as well.

      • Exactly. Seems like the first one I set it up on this happens. I relocked my bootloader so I could install the Stock ROM to get the new radios, then I unlocked my bootloader again and flashed the rooted version. I still had the same issue initially, but I fixed it by removing some bloat (freezing and uninstalling).

        It actually seemed to correct after removing the Caller ID app. Maybe just coincidence.

  • Need help.  Picked up a rezound on saturday and intantly wanted to do the update. Every time i try to apply the update it starts out normal, but freezes at the “checking…[ph98img.zip]  It says ***LOCKED*** at the top of the screen, not sure if that matters.  I turned off the fastboot, but that is pretty much the only thing I know how to do on my own.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • nevermind. looks like i had it on my phone’s memory, not my card.

  • i downloaded, renamed, copied, rebooted into bootloader, when it gets to the PH98IMG.zip, it says No Image, the does nothing. FWIW, i’m still locked, not rooted. lil help?

  • Orthius1969

    am using this now and it works great it fixes the hotspot problem also great software

  • Yoderz

    I ran the update yesterday and then installed scrosler’s CleanROM right after. Took a while for the whole process, but it is totally worth it. For the first time since owning the phone, I no longer feel like I need to have a charger near by. I’m losing around 1- 2% of my battery per hour on standby instead of every 5 minutes. I don’t have any of the power saver systems running. It’s basically the stock ROM. Loving it.

  • Redblits89

    The rezound has beats audio installed does this update come with beats audio as well?

    • That one guy

      yes, beats audio works everything is working on mine. This is the perfect mix if sense and ICS. This also took me 4 times before it worked.

  • mike

    I tried uploading the ZIP file but I got a message saying “no image or image not found” .

    • twohawks

      I’m having the same issue.  I’ve done a ton of things to make sure I got a good download (checked MD5 — it was good).  I turned off fast boot, made sure the filename was correct ”
      PH98IMG.zip” with no extra “.zip”  (also without quotes — of course).  Rebooted into the boot loader and it keeps telling me “no image.”  I’ve been working on this all night.  Haven’t received much input and still having the same problem.  🙁

      I’m not liking this leak very much. 

    • twohawks

      Mike, did you find a solution?  I’m still having the same issue.  I can’t get the image to flash at all — I’ve tried this multiple times and have downloaded the file from each mirror just to make sure I wasn’t getting a corrupt file.

      Anyone else have any suggestions?

      • Dwellthen

        Yeah man you just dont put the .zip on the file name..it is a zip file

  • I downloaded the file and put it on the SD Card (not in a folder). Then I shut the phone down and got to the HBOOT screen. What do I do now? If I restart it still says i’m running Gingerbread.

  • Bodhiballer

    Boo for Sense 3.x – the word is that Sense 4.0 is really light and much improved, but it looks like the legacy devices won’t benefit from those improvements.

  • Will I be using a different launcher here?  Most likely! I wish Sense had more ‘look’ options as far as dock was concerned. .

  • NotoriousNeo

    Loaded this sucker on my Rezound. Fairly smooth build. Things from the previous verison that kind of irked me like the occassional lag when opening the app tray have been addressed, but can still crop up every now and then. Not sure if this is totally finished as there’s traces of stock ICS littering the build including ICS-style notification windows (mixed with regular ones), a setup screen that’s nearly G-Nex in look and other random things like some widgets (search, bookmarks) and wallpapers (phase beam, nexus, bubbles). 

    I was kind of hoping for a Sense 4.0 interface, alas…

    • How’s your camera? Mine just shuts down right after trying to open it.

    • G.A.22

      Does it have the disable apps feature in this version?
      It would be so like VZW to disable the app disable feature…
      Their bloat must run!!!
      It sucks that carriers can decide what features ICS has…

      • I was able to disable apps.

        • NotoriousNeo

          Yeah the disable app feature is there and my camera runs just fine.

        • G.A.22

          Thank you for the reply, so you can just natively go and “disable”all the VZW bloat from consuming resources?
          I want this feature along with the native screenshot vol down + power (can you confirm that too?) On my Droid incredible 2! ;D

  • Growlor

    Anyone try a Bluetooth mouse with this (or any of the other ICS builds?) I tried it with the GB that came standard, but it was just too weird (didn’t function like I expected.) I am hoping the Android 4.x ICS will make the mouse act more “PC-like.”

  • Caleb Martin

    “Verizon Location Agent removed – impacting battery life” Wow, they actually fixed something…

    So… if I install this, will it keep me from getting the official OTA once it is released?

  • that one guy

    so I Followed the steps and nothing happen. any ideas

    • twohawks

      Make sure you have renamed the file correctly.  You may have named the file [filename].zip.zip.  Make sure the 2nd .zip isn’t there.



    • OhAaron

      Unfortunately, it’s going to be quite a while.  I jumped ship to the GNex, because it was still in the Development & Planning Stages.  I’d guess Q4. 🙁 It’s a damn shame that Moto has gone downhill so much.. 

  • summit1986

    File is humangous big… Like universe.

  • Balls

    it looks the same

  • Tyler Casilio

    Ah thats boring!  Is that what it will actually look like, because I feel like every time something like this happens, the actual outcome is not whats shown

  • I hope the Incredible 2 gets both these updates!!

    • thebluegod

      Yeah it pretty much will get the same exact build. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people at xDA cook up something for the Inc2 using this leak.

  • I see a bunch of Gingerbread…

  • Famest3r

    Root and fix it its not that hard it took all. but three hours and you’d think I was running an aosp Rom. or just use nova launcher. who cares what the manefacturer gave you turn it into what you want. this phone has the best screen, camera and look of any phone out. and has a step by step program to unlock and root.

    • “This will not work if you used the HTC Bootloader unlock tool. Your device must be fully stock with a locked bootloader.”The rooted version also says:”flash in recovery – will require the stock build if you want the new radios, too”

      So no, just get a Nexus.

      • Famest3r

        Or you could just flash the new radios unlock it and flash an ics Rom and you’re right on track and you have a solid signal and camera. just saying

      • Orthius1969

        if you relock the bootloader load the software it will work then you can just re-root thats how i did mine

      • Ted Wickins

        ya lets downgrade to a nexus just because ics isnt on the rezound yet lolol. dude rezound trumps a nexus. 1.5 ghz dual-core > 1ghz dual-core

      • Kyle

        What does it mean, “locked bootloader?” If you have a fully stock Rezound, would this work?

  • You  might want to go look at that Android Police link.  There are four downloads linked there, the first three are non-rooted, which the version here appears to be.  Note this comment:

    “This will not work if you used the HTC Bootloader unlock tool. Your device must be fully stock with a locked bootloader.”The rooted version also says:”flash in recovery – will require the stock build if you want the new radios, too”

  • Derickmc

    I personally love sense in top of ICS. I think its flawless. I’ve always been a fan of sense… the “Nexus” ICS is boring to me. Very few widgets, and the ones you do get are lame. I do like the minimal look to it, but get bored with it pretty fast. I also love widgets and unlike stock ICS, Sense has awesome widgets. I’ve been running ICS on my rezound for a month now I have loved every minute of it. Sense 4.0 looks promising too!

    • jroc74

      Even tho I dont like what ICS will look like with Sense UI…I agree with this.

      The functionality, enhancements custom UI’s bring to stock Android doesnt get enough credit.

    • Orthius1969

      You are so very correct I had a nexus for a night then returned it boring and little fun

  • Diablo81588

    The only thing i see that even resembles ICS is the version number.. Leave it to HTC to ruin ICS with their ugly skin.

    • Derickmc

      its personal preference.. I love sense. I think it makes stock android come alive, weather its GB, ICS or even FROYO… To me, Stock android is boring. Very few widgets, and the ones you get are plain as can me. I happen to love widgets, which is why sense is awesome to me.

      • Htc

        Yes +1

      • jroc74

        Have to agree with you on that one. Seriously…custom UI’s dont get enough credit for what they do good.

  • Shayes1018

    Do I have to be rooted and if not where do I find the root of the sd card?

    • Tim242

      Root of the SD card just means not in a folder.

      • OhAaron

        I found that out last night, when I was flashing 4.0.4 to my GNex.  I was like… it doesn’t have an SD card.  I just stuck it under “downloads.”  Worked like a charm!

        • Tim242

          You finally got your Nexus!!! Welcome to the club! 4.04 is nice, but AOKP 4.03 has a lot more customizations : )

  • Chris

    Do these carrier builds still allow you to disable the skins? I thought that was a feature of Ice Cream Sandwich.

    • No, that was never a feature of ICS.

      • Lavoisier1794

        I think he was thinking of the bloatware delete feature of ICS. Disabling skins would be nice though….

  • So the rezound is about to get a version of ICS that is newer than what I have on my galaxy NEXUS. wtf Verizon/Sammy/Google.

    • Dude

       It’s a skinned HTC Sense version… Why would you complain? I guess you can try to download this on your Nexus if you really want it

      •  I don’t want the HTC skin… but I do want new ICS. Gnex is on 4.0.2 and this has 4.0.3 while I know 4.0.4 is out as well.

        Just knocking the gate keepers for taking so long in releasing versions.

        • Dude

           That’s the problem with you people. You’re never satisfied. You have the only phone with a good ICS and you still find a reason to complain.

          •  While its good… it has its issue that I know are fixed in these later versions.

            Its so good as is, I haven’t rooted/rom’d. So I’m satisfied but there is a reason I bought a nexus device.

          • I have the Nexus and you really need to be rooted, romed and kerneled. It really makes ICS that much better; pure ICS will always look and run the best.

          • Ted Wickins

            your complaining because you have a nexus and its made by samsung who sucks. rezounds the best phone out right now and thats why its 10x cooler that we get ics

          • Lavoisier1794

            While the GNEx is fine. It could use an update for the radios. My wife’s Nexus will sometimes lose 4g when my revolution doesn’t. She doesn’t mind it too much but hopefully 4.0.4, whenever it comes, will fix it.

          • Noyfb

            The Gnex does need a little tweaking and some minor fixes

          • OhAaron

            It does!  I live in a 3g only area, and I was only getting -125 dbm in my house.  My Bionic gets -93 dbm.  I just flashed 4.0.4 last night, and my Nexus is now tied with my Bionic in radio quality.  Every thing is better. You can see an unofficial change log here: 

  • Tony Wong

    Does installing this wipe out all data and apps?

  • MarkyMark

    Beauty of skinned devices: manufacturers can just throw a few new icons in and update some version numbers and BAM latest software. Customers are non the wiser.

    • CORYK333

      As opposed to the average user freaking the fck out bc they woke up 1 day & their phone was alot different??? Just look at the average users reaction to the “market/play store” change for a perfect example. We (1%) can root & remove, but u have to look at an OEMs bigger picture (99%).

  • Almostadr

    Why no sense 4.0?

  • so in other words, they leak it to get you folks to put it on your phone to see if it trashes your phone befrore releasing it to the public

    • Let’s get our tinfoils hats, everyone!

  • Do I need the latest OTA for this. Im still on what the phone was in the box with. I am rooted and debloated but can I still flash this 

  • DroidzFX

    Looks like same old boring interface. 

    • hkklife

      Yup. Sense (at least 3.x and below) has NOT aged well at all.  It was pretty spiffy back in the WinMob/Droid Inc days but now it looking very, very stale and cluttered.  And what a resource hog Sense is!

      Still, it’s good to see HTC being so aggressive on rolling out their ICS updates.  I still really, really want it for my EVO View!

  • dk81

    Well for everyone trying to hate on the nexus at least ics looks like ics on it

    •  That’s true.

    • jroc74

      Same could also be said for the ICS leaks for the RAZR. 

  • RumbaCembe

    Wait where is the ice cream, all i see is a bunch of nonsense 

    • OMG that was so god dam funny to me

    • How’s the yam farm doing?

    • ArmanUV

      BAZINGA htc

    • OGDroid

      What happened to oems needing to keep some of the holo theme in order to keep play store access?

  • Youshouldknow

    This might be a stupid question but do i have to root first to do this, or can i just follow the steps? 

    • No root needed. 

      • Youshouldknow

        okay thanks. 1 more question if I wanted to go back to GB, can I just do a factory data reset?

        • Lacokanostra

          I need yo know also!

          • Qqq

            Nope. There’s more to it if you want to go back.

      • Lacokanostra

        If I flash this will I be screwed in the future?

      • Guest SF

        “No… Root is needed” or “root is not needed”  ??  

    • youngnamlee

      Root is needed in order to flash the zip

    • youngnamlee

      nevermind, tim would know more than me!

  • Chris G

    Why would I want to upgrade to ICS during March Madness?

    • JRsm7

      what’s the different? you obviously have time to go on here.

      • JRsm7


  • Hooray, it’s exactly the same (ugly and bloated) as it’s always been.

    • Ryan

      Dude do you do anything except troll post so you can state over and over and over and over exactly how ugly the manufacturers skins are? We get it. Now go hump your G-Nex until you have something useful to add.

    • CORYK333

      I’ll just copy/paste my reply to some1 earlier—->.As opposed to the average user freaking the fck out bc they woke up 1 day & their phone was alot different??? Just look at the average users reaction to the “market/play store” change for a perfect example. We (1%) can root & remove, but u have to look at an OEMs bigger picture (99%).

    • TC Infantino

      So you don’t like the HTC Sense skin, so what?  Some people actually like the functionality of Sense and all the things it can do.  I am running Scott’s CleanROM 3.7 ICS on my Rezound right now, it is totally awesome, fast, sips battery, and has Sense.  If you don’t like the look of Sense, then don’t buy an HTC.  And if you don’t have an HTC and are just trolling the comments to say how much you don’t like Sense, you can of course respectfully STFU.

  • KB Smoka

    This will obviously kill root right?

    • Keith Sumner

      no, it’s a leaked build

      • Sikesjb

        just because its a leak doesnt mean you wont loose root. its a whole different file structure and probably bootloader.

        • brian

          Use voodoo OTA root keeper in the market it worked when I installed the leaked 4.0.4 on the Nexus

          • Sikesjb

            Didnt work on the A100. It’s a gamble either way.

  • RogueHarvest

    I’m running Scotts CleanRom but this is still fantastic news!

  • Keith Sumner

    What’s the point of carriers adapting and releasing the newest version of Android if they completely change the look/feel/functionality of it to the carrier developed user interfaces?

    • Jared

      What is the point of waiting for an updated version of Android if the only thing you want is a new skin?

  • Smeckle

    So now the Rezound will be officially more up-to-date than the Nexus? Nexus is still OTA 4.0.2, right? I’m running a ROM so I don’t know.

    • jjrudey

      Well this isn’t officially released. So no. But if you’re counting unofficial, 4.0.4 was leaked a while back for the Galaxy Nexus so still no.

    • I hate seeing this misinformation being spread so much. Each device gets updated based on what the hardware is, and different software versions is inevitable. One company using SnapDragon CPU’s may be altered of a vulnerbilty using their chips that doesn’t effect say tegra 3 chips. Thus they will get a bumped software verison if warranted. The number isn’t everything boys and girls.

      • Smeckle

        I really don’t care if they’re different, I was just wondering. It doesn’t matter to me since I don’t do OTA anyway. And I don’t know what “altered of a vulnerbility” means.

        • GuidZilla

          Really that difficult to see altered as alerted?

  • But…it looks…the same 🙁

    • That’s the beauty(?) of HTC’s Sense. 

      • I think you mean that’s the bad thing about Sense.  It’s looks just as horrible and outdated on any version of Android.

        • Noyfb

          Sense… for people who don’t like change

          • Chris

            if you like cents, how can you not like change?