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Friday Poll: Do You Have Plans On Buying the New iPad?

We are all consumers. Whether we choose to enjoy Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS is all just a single choice that each one of us make. For some, they enjoy Android phones, but prefer iOS tablets. We all have our separate preferences and we are free to choose whichever makes us happy. With that being said, did any of our readers happen to fight the crowds this morning and pick up a new iPad? What are your thoughts on it? And please, no Apple bashing.

For those who still don’t own a tablet, we are giving away two Transformer Primes, so don’t forget to enter for your chance to win.

Do you have plans on buying the new iPad?

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  • Closing thread. Children arrived in waves. It’s a piece of technology that we wanted opinions on, not a 5th grade pissing match.

  • Granted

    Well this was it, the post that finally signified the end of the original good Droid-Life. The final nail in the coffin. People will try to rationalize because that is troglodytes do. But a site named Droid-Life, a site that itself has always held a firm stance and distaste on all things Apple, a site who’s founder would censor the word iPhone, now has completely sold out, lost convictions and integrity, and has the nerve to post an iPad ad to us and then demand “no Apple bashing”.

    Have you lost your damn mind?! I mean your soul was sold a long time ago, but this is even beneath you guys. This is not Wired. You don’t get the luxury of building a fan base with an audience to a brand and then try to whore us out to their main competitor. Sadly though, most of the automatons here who can’t think for themselves probably won’t even notice or see what this is or how truly despicable and pathetic it is. I’ll bet you a thousand dollars Kleenex changes the name of the site soon to encompass everything, giving some whored out devils advocate speech about times, technology, different tastes. You’d almost think he was a politician…well guys and gals enjoy this hypocrisy. But I guess it’s hard to want or demand better with something you sustain, while you get enveloped in a crowd can’t think for myself mentality. And I’d be absolutely sure that would coincide with age demographic. Main I must the absolute last person left here from when the site started, because I know none of those guys would have stood for this downhill jog into human feces and todays heresy pointing towards things to come. well you’ve finally disgusted the last of your original supporters. “No iPad bashing”….where the phuck do you think you’re posting this crap?! You guys enjoy being the product while thinking your a community.

  • dont really understand all this hate for apple,or android for that matter, just two systems doing the same thing, just going about it in two different ways,I have both in my home, I think owning one or the other is just stupid, enjoy both

  • Firemanprice

    Got mines yesterday, I preordered on the 7th. This screen is absolutely beautiful, I like Andriod and Apple. Still have my Droid X but I use my iPhone 4s for every day use.

  • InvaderDJ

    I’m not planning on buying it because tablets just don’t work for me. I bought the $99 Touchpad, have CM9 on it, and barely use it.

    But if I was planning on buying a high end tablet I wouldn’t look at anything else except the iPad. Unfortunately the app ecosystem for Android tablets just doesn’t match up. Plus, it would be nice to have an iOS device that I don’t have to have a contract for. Android on the phone and iOS on the tablet would give me the best of both worlds.

  • MrBlonde04

    Nah, I’m hoping to win a Transformer Prime instead lol ^_^ but with my luck I dont see that in the foreseeable feature ^_^

  • What’s an ipad

  • This is INSANE.  This is an Android blog — not a tech blog, not an Apple blog.  If your readership is down, this isn’t gonna help. All it does is start flame wars in the comments. That’s not a healthy community.

    • Granted

      Thank you Shawn. You summed up what said at length. It gives me a modicum of hope to see people like you post this. I bet Apple and IPhone enthusiasts sites take very kindly to a post about the new Android. See shill comment to this post of an example is yes, yes they don’t.

  • TheOiulkj

     What’s that? The prequel to android tablets? nah

  • RationallMan

    I’m not going back to having all of my content held hostage by apple. 

  • Michael

    Again, another mention and advertisement of iPad on DroidLife? Shocker! Kellex, you know you either own one already or want one. Be a man and admit it by doing us all a favor.

    Either that, you’re clearly feeling bitter and jealous of it’s attention and success, as well as rest of you who are lying through your teeth. Stop fooling yourselves and go get one. Enough said.

  • Manny

    Droidlife’s weekly debate.Ever think of concentrating on your own releases. You droid boys always have apple on you mind.

  • EvanTheGamer

    There should be a “Hell NO!” option, a “Who gives a damn about another unoriginal iLame tablet!” option, and a “Why is Droid-Life posting a poll regarding an Apple product? Have you guys lost your minds?” option.

    That is all…lol.

    • Granted

      I guess I forgot Evan has been here for a while. I’m glad to see you actually see how disgusting this as well. Just wait, you’ll see the site get a new name that will incorporate everything with some lame explanation. Time to check out some other “authentic” Droid enthusiast websites I’m starting to think to myself.

  • Jessica Casteel

    i could barely afford to buy my DROID 3, how the hell am i supposed to afford a damn iPad?  

  • Randy21671

    I just got the keyboard dock for my Asus Transformer Prime, I love my Transformer Prime. This has an 8mp camera compared to the 5 mp camera on the IP3. This came with 32 gb for $498. and has a slot for micro sd. and a micro hdmi cable plug in.

  • Stewie

    The issue here is that your ipad has no real competition, in that, what I mean is that they only make one, unless you count the chinese knockoffs.

    They charge too much, plain and simple, and you can quote me the value BS all day long, but if you already have a laptop, you don’t NEED a tablet, you WANT a tablet, android ot otherwise.

    And if I decide I NEED a tablet, I don’t want to be tied to itunes, and I want it to be my own experience, not what Stevie decided it should be.

    If you want something you have to work on to get it to be yours to enjoy, then go android.

    If you like Stevie’s idea of what you should have, and have the work of ensuring everything functions with it, etc. done by someone else, no problem, get the ipad.

    I’m not bashing, I’m stating fact.

    • Manny

      Problem with Steve’s Idea is that it actually works. Android is like windows..Untill google makes the software and hardware its always going to suck.

      • Granted

        You completely validated his “B.S.” prediction and have probably just scanned for words that seemed to talk I’ll of Apple, referenced by the fact that you called him Steve.

  • My A500 will keep me happy

  • Taglogical

    lol. That is all.


    If it’s not ANDROID it’s not worth asking.

  • iKellex

    Droid-Life is proud to announce we’ve acquired the iPad-Life domain and will be updating our website to iPhone and iPad news within the day.

    • Granted

      Haha! I swear to God, I’ve said in my post, what you joke about is almost positively going to come true with these turncoats. “Man, we are making some money with these stupid Droid kids, but just think if we completely sell out all we’ve stood for since we started, have absolute zero integrity, and leech off of some of that Apple cash cow like everyone else is doing!” -Kleenex

  • Of course I’m going to buy the “new” iPad.  I need a nice chopping block to make me feel classy.

  • This is what I think of the Over Priced, Over Pixel’d, Under Tech’d iPad:

    Dear Customer, There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more, and those that work hard to charge customers less. Both approaches can work. We are firmly in the second camp.We are excited to announce four new products: the all-new Kindle for only $79, two new touch Kindles – Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G – for $99 and $149, and a new class of Kindle – Kindle Fire – a beautiful full color Kindle for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games, web browsing and more, for only $199Amazon once posted that on their home page and it really sums it all up for me, iPad 1 launched in April 2010, that is 2 grand and 3 incremental upgrades that millions of the same iSheep spent on a tablet that really is just a over sized iPhone

    • ArmanUV

      why are you comparing ipad to kindle? the android equivalant of ipad3 is transformer prime or infinity (not yet released) which is the same price or even higher than ipad3 in some regions

      • I wasn’t comparing to Kindle, I was comparing how businesses choose to do business.

        • ArmanUV

          and how is that? ipad is not more expensive than high end android tablets. In fact ipad 2 for 400 is a far better deal than most current android tablets. kindle fire is in a seperate category. It’s still a great device and it’s probabely worth around 300 rather than 200, but that doesn’t mean anything for someone who is looking for a high end 10in+ tablet. 

  • George264

    Why is this on Droid Life? IT IS iOS!

  • Jeremy Turnley

    I might at some point pick up a used/refurbed iPad 2, though – just to play with. I had an iPad 1 for a while, and it was by far the best platform for reading my gaming book PDFs that I have had yet, but it was a bit slow. I honestly wish there was a 12″ 4:3 tablet out there for this purpose, I would definitely snatch one up.

  • Muskovitz J

    As much as I prefer Android on my phone (I use a Galaxy Nexus), I got the new iPad for a few reasons. Mainly because my Masters program requires one (they gave us iPad 2 and I flipped mine), but also because there still isn’t an Android Tablet that compares. However, if Asus is really making a Nexus Tablet, I will buy one. Especially if it’s under $250.

  • Inquizitor

    For myself I’ll wait, but I will no longer accept a tablet that doesn’t match the iPad’s resolution, and preferably its GPU as well.

    I would definitely recommend the new iPad to almost anyone, though. At the end of the day, I have yet to use/see an Android tablet that truly compares to the iPad’s fluidity, screen resolution, and app ecosystem. I really hope one day Android dwarfs it, but it’s still a way’s off. :

    • imronburgundy

      Reading these posts on a new iPad and I agree, this screen is amazing.

  • Unbiased

    What a surprise – a poll on an Android site asking if Android users will buy the iPad.  Is this site the Android version of BGR?  

    • Inquizitor

      That is far too harsh an insult. These guys would never dare report on a “Droid Prime.”

  • cvhovey

    Hell hasn’t frozen over…sad to see DroidLife went off the deep end!

  • I own the new iPad and I own a Galaxy Nexus.  I think you get what best suits you.  I’ve found that with the Galaxy Nexus I really have no interest in Android tablets, it doesn’t offer anything different than what I have aside from more space (I’ve owned three android tablets and sold or returned them all).  While in general I like android tablets more than the iPad, it falls short with the lack of certain apps (Hulu Plus, HBO Go, XFinity, ABC Player, Reeder, etc) I’ve grown to love and really has a lack of games.  Considering most of the pros of an android tablet are already accomplished by the galaxy nexus (or the nexus s prior) I just don’t see much of a point – I want diversity in my options.

    • Granted

      Well if that suits you for games, well then. personally would be fine if I didn’t have any games so it’s not that big of an issue to me. Having an Xbox 360 and a personal computer has all those games and then it also has truly amazing games.

  • jeff3yan

    Don’t really see the point in loyal to a bunch of inanimate objects. Given that, I’ll probably take a look at the iPad. Loving my AAPL stock though!

  • Kdkinc

    yes…. when they stop making clay target pigeons 

  • I’m a confirmed Android user for phones  – Droid, Droid X, Thunderbolt, now Galaxy Nexus –  but I am also a confirmed and zealous iPad user – in fact I use it more than my phone – last thing at night, first thing in morning.  I LOVE my iPad.  I was in line last year, for the 2 – and I was in line online to buy the iPad (3).  It may only be incremental, but it’s an amazing product – not great for business – but for pleasure, it’s exceptional.

  • Kwickcuts

    why would i buy a product from a company that encourages slave labor and could care less about the working conditions of the people who make there product..

    • ddevito

      I hate Apple , but all electronics manufacturers arevthw same in that category

    • Be sure to also drop the following companies’ products, then:

      Microsoft (Xbox 360)
      Nintendo (Wii)

      Yep.  All of them use the same contractors, in some cases the exact same factories.  It’s just that the media focuses on Apple because it’s the biggest target.

      • richlizard24

         Don’t forget the revered Samsung.  Better send those Nexus’ back. 

      • Granted

        Oh that’s right,i forgot if other companies do it then it makes it right and negates the fact that Apple does.

  • RogueGeek

    To celebrate the arrival of the iPad3, I purchased a Transformer Prime.

    • ArmanUV

      you should have waited for infinity pad. prime has many problems (my brother has one). 

  • Michael_NM

    The only thing from apple I will ever regret not purchasing is stock.

  • This is like one of those FOX News polls, “Is Obama out to turn your daughters into sluts?  
    o Yes o No”

  • Blindcat
  • Dshudson

    haha NO!

  • Mark Coppock

    My ASUS Transformer Prime is a far better alternative for me.

  • Until someone (way smarter than me) puts Android on it working well, I really have no use for one.

  • dang1

    I have a Dell Streak 7b wifi and my girlfriend has the iPad 1 wifi. Tablets got old really quick. Too big to carry around, not as useful as my laptop or desktop when I’m in one place. Now that I have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, tablets are even more useless.

  • bogy25

    I wouldn’t take an ipad for FREE if you offered. Well, maybe to burn it and post it on YouTube – hehe

  • Msk

    I bought one because of app selection for tablets. I have a gnex and a nook color running cm 7. But tablet app selection is not there yet. I fully expect tablet apps for android to catch up in the coming year. When that happens, I’ll get an android tablet and the new iPad will go/stay with the wife. I am die hard android, but this is the way I see it.

  • Havoc70

    No…Never for Crapple product.

  • DeWitt

    Love my Galaxy Nexus, and the OG Droid it replaced, but the iPad is still the only viable tablet for me. Doesn’t mean I won’t revisit in the future, but for now it is “the” answer. I bought it for some specific apps originally, but I am constantly amazed at how much I use it for general purpose surfing. My briefcase is lighter because I rarely carry my laptop anymore.

  • Wait, there’s a new iPad?


    No, I will never buy one. Just the software makes me sick. Don’t really like the design of the hardware too.

  • Michael_NM


  • DadzBoyz

    I own a Xoom 4G.  I like it.  It’s not complete though.  the OS is lacking.  Teh developer support is non-existent.  The corporate support (corporate and insustry specific apps) are non-existent.  I hate Apple.  Hate it.  I may HAVE to buy an IPad to do my work because Google hasn’t properly seeded and pushed the business viability of the Android Tablet.  Man.  I really don’t want to but an IPad, but my business (Financial Planning) has bought into it hook, line, and sinker.
    Check out Finantix.com  They say Android app coming, but when?  Can I count on that????  Everyone seems to say that but there is no follow through.

    • Granted

      That was a nice commercial for your website. I’d have zero respect for what you said if you were at least one of those honest morons telling us about how their moms sisters cousins dog made 4 million sitting at home getting high and posting spam on his laptop. But the way you choose to do it? Well you’re like those spammers used toilet paper pieces that get stuck inside their crevices when they wipe. I’m sure whatever you are selling must be awesome since you have to use pseudo-retarded means to spam it with.

  • No, it’s not worth it. But iPad 2, especially refurb, is looking good. Not sure why do I need it though, I have a tablet already.

  • moelsen8

    Negative.  If I had an extra 5 hundos laying around, sure.. I wouldn’t mind having having access to Apple’s app store, if only for all the games it has that Android doesn’t.  But back in the real world, I’d rather spend that money on something else.

  • Sorry iPad as usual you disappoint. Not only do you have way to many unnecessary pixels, you are over priced and under tech’d. I’ve seen a Galaxy Tab’s 1280×720 and it shows no pixels to my eyes and I doubt to just about anyone elses. 1080p is a nice standard that you could of conformed to, but as usual didn’t. You don’t need that many pixels on such a small screen, totally unnecessary as you don’t gain screen real estate, you just have pixels so small you can see them, which is achieved at around 1280×720 as seen on most tabs today so why burden all the devs with another non standard res? I mean PCs/Macs, android tabs, windows tab, windows phone, android phones all use 1080p or 720p now or soon but NOPE, I called out a year ago you would CLAIM you are better than HDTV and you did!

    Apple, you are nothing more than magical smoke and mirrors and your loyal iSheep line up in droves 🙁

    • What?  I can pixels on a galaxy tab, both the 7 and the 10.1.  As for not “needing” that many pixels, well, that’s likely true.  But in their quest for resolution independence (something I appreciate) it’s easiest to multiply the original iPad by a scale, in this case 2 (or 4 depending on your perspective).  

      As for it being a burden, it’s not really, original iPad apps should scale fine, just as 4 pixels instead of 1, and updated apps simply need to double or quadruple (again depending on your perspective) the graphics.  

      As for standards, iPad has been out for 2 years now, a year before most (Xoom?) and I believe sells more in a quarter than most other tablets do in their life (Kindle Fire and Nook Color/Tablet might be the exceptions).  So who’s the “standard” then?  I’d argue it’s the company that was there first and has sold more than all other tablets combined.  Is it the same standard as a TV? Not now, but why does it need to be and why shouldn’t it strive to improve on that?  TVs are woefully behind in terms of resolution.  If it’s the aspect ratio, some tv is still 4:3, some is 16:9, movies are 1.85:1 or 2.39:1.  Still images are 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, etc.

      And of course they claimed they are better than an HDTV.  You show me a TV that has a DPI even close to it.  whether or not the improved quality is appreciative is irrelevant, it is still better objectively at least in terms of resolution.

      • iPad 1 launched April of 2010, two years later we have now had the 3rd iPad. That to their loyal iSheep is a wasted 2 grand! iPad 3 is the only one that doesn’t suck specs wise. iPad 1 with it’s 1024 res was pitiful. That simply is too low and obviously pixelated and really hard on the eyes. iPad 2 just bilked 30 million out of another 600 bucks for a couple cores and a camera that the first should of had. iPad 3 is a decent tab, that is if it wasn’t the 3rd over priced iPad in 2 years.

        My only ONLY point on the resolution is this: You don’t need more pixels than the eye can see on such a small screen i am guessing that is somewhere between 1280 and 1600 horizontal pixels. I say this because I LOVE high rez displays and a Galaxy Tab at 1280 is basically pixeless to my eyes and that means just about every one elses too. Let me tell you a story of just 100 or so pixels and the burden on cpus/gpus. Call of Duty cannot get their game to run at 720p60 on xbox, so they cheated to 640p. a few hundred pixels meant all the difference in the world. That is on a high powered xbox! The iPads unnecessary resolution will also prove tough when not UPSCALING and as usual all devs have to retool all their apps made for 720p/1080p devices to work on iPad. 

        Sorry, i saw iPad this morning, the display looked like a Galaxy Tab which only sports 1280×720 resolution. More pixels is better when you get MORE screen real estate, which you absolutely do not on a 9.7″ iPad!

        • trumpet444

          I know to most people on here it just sounds like you are finding something to complain about the new ipad. I tend to agree with the basis of your argument. I really get what you’re saying about too many pixels. On one hand, for the tech world to move beyond the HD standard of 1080p, someone has to jump out ahead. And that’s great that Apple has done that. But on the other hand, it is just as ridiculous as making the MotoActv screen 1080p.   I also agree that this seems like it’ll be a burden on developers.   

          Btw, I used to own an ipad. I also have a ton of big purchases of some pretty good games and apps tied to that itunes account as well. I very well may end up buying the new one. But I also like my android tabs/phones too. Being a sycophant to any particular brand will make you unhappy because you’ll just miss out on possible great products of another

        • So they’ve put out two new models in 2 years (1/yr).  How many Tabs has Samsung put out?  How many Xooms has Motorola put out in the year or so since the Xoom launched?  We’re already past the droid 4 2 years later.

          Also, how did they waste 2 grand?  You’re making the assumption that people bought them all, have no use for the one they’re using, and did nothing with the previous ones.  I bought my iPad 2 for $600, I sold it two weeks ago for $425.  Assuming others do similarly, say even 50% return and they bough the $830 one each time, they’ve only “wasted” $1660.

          The iPad 1 wasn’t too low, the ppi is 131.96, the galaxy tab (10.1) is 149ppi.  So how was the iPad “pitiful” and “pixelated” and “hard on the eyes” but a tablet released more than a year later is fine?  The iPad is “obviously pixelated” but the Galaxy Tab “shows no pixels”??  I call BS.

          The amount of pixels isn’t relevant, it’s the ppi.  And it’s generally accepted that you need to get above 300ppi to be above the point that a human can see.  The new iPad is around 260 (so not a true ‘retina’ display like that on the iPhone or even on a Galaxy Nexus) but the argument is that you’ll hold it further away than you do a phone so it’s still great.  I’m glad you’re enjoying your tab, but I’ve owned a Galaxy Tab and I could see the pixels, it’s only 149ppi

          Also, what devs made apps for 720p/1080p?  iPad apps weren’t in that resolution.  If you’re talking about converting from Android to iPad, I think it generally works the other way around.

          As for size, yes the iPad is a whopping 0.4″ smaller than your tab.  But guess what?  It also don’t have an always present 80pixel bar across the bottom of the screen for a menu bar, which reduces that difference.

          And just to make a point clear, the Galaxy tab isn’t 1280×720 – you’re making yourself look like a fool trying to argue this with inaccuracy.  It’s 1280×800 (oh but where’s the argument now for standards?)

          • My fuzzy math is as follows:
            – April 2010, iSheep buys a iPad, which at the time really, truly is a $500-800 over sized iPod Touch
            – March 2011, same iSheep buys iPad 2 for a camera and a extra core, little bit lighter and thinner, another $5-800
            – March 2012, same iSheep, was a little pissed at the last $650 blown, buys iPad, the new iPad, iPad HD no just iPad, didn’t he already buy 2 of them? yes, but this one has a RETINA display that is a million more pixels than a HDTV all packed in in this tiny 9.7″ display BUT they say I will love it so whats another $650! (avg)

            This iSheep along with millions others spent $1600-$2000 plus in less than 2 years on a over-sized iPod

            I did say it was fuzzy math so deal!

          • I’m not disagreeing with your math on how much someone would have spent buying all three iPads, I’m disagreeing with your logic in that they would have and kept all three.

            Because everyone needs to own 3 iPads simultaneously?  Again, you’re forgetting about resale value.  People either sold them, didn’t buy all of them, or gave them to people as gifts.  It’s not a waste.
            Using myself as an example: I gave my original iPad to my girlfriend, sold my iPad2, and now own a new iPad.  I spent $1900, sure, but I also gave someone a gift (used, but still), got $425 from the sale of the iPad2, and I own an iPad still.  There’s no waste.  Unless by waste you mean any money spent on an iPad/Apple, in which case that’s your opinion.

          • Joe

            LOL, this thread is too funny.  Android fanboys bit(#ng about Apple followers being fanboys…

            I purchased a Xoom from Costco when they first came out and took it back within a week.  Purchased an Ipad HD, or whatever you want to call it yesterday from Sams, saw it when I was there shopping last night, no lines no waiting, and am finding that I like it much better than the xoom or my Droid, or Droid X or Nexus Galaxy.  I am starting to believe Android will never pull it together.

            I don’t like how Apple locks down the system but I also really hat getting saddled with BS apps on my Android phones.  Finally, call me old school but I really hate how Google invades my privacy.

          • Bob Barker

            It also don’t have an always present 80pixel bar across the bottom of the screen for a menu bar” 

            1) Settings>Display>Hide status bar
            2) Kick back, relax, &  enjoy

          • Two points: I was trying to illustrate how silly nitpicking over 0.4″ was, especially when you lose screen real estate in Android.  

            Secondly, hiding the status bar is not built in to Android by default.  You need to install an app and possibly root the device.  Maybe on some custom ROMs or certain skinned versions of android, but it’s not there by default as far as I know.

            If I am wrong and it is in fact in honeycomb/ICS then I’m honestly confused as to why there are so many threads and posts dedicated to how to root and install and application.

            But again, it’s not really a complaint about android tablets.  I didn’t go “AHHHH, MUST RETURN YE TABLETS” because of screen real estate – it’s just interesting to me that he’s harping on the iPad because the resolution is useless without higher screen real estate when the usable difference is so minimal (around 0.25″)

          • shanklin07

            I know what your saying on how you loose screen real estate in Android by having a status bar always present but I just hate that idea. Androids status bar is what makes Android so great so I would argue that those pixels are more useful than not having them their at all like on the i*ad. I know what you were saying made sense in terms of content displaying on screen but in terms of “usefulness”, it isn’t a waste of pixels for Android to have an always present status bar. 

        • angermeans

          So what you are saying is that pixels don’t matter as long as it is less than your precious galaxy tab, but once they are then they are useless? You make no sense and in your futile attempt to call out apple fans as “isheep” you have not only made yourself look ignorant, but you also make yourself look more foolish than what you call isheep

    • Jack

      Your an idiot,Apple makes great products but their OS is bland.Their bundled software is however pretty awesome & their build quality is great.Android makes amazing OS software but does not have the developer support like Apple does nor do they have the type of entertainment content that Apple does either but both are great especially if you own the Galaxy Nexus.I enjoy the products that both companys provide & I’m really sick of all the narrow minded people that bash either company and their products.If you don’t like Apple then don’t buy their products,If you don’t like Android then don’t buy their products.It’s that simple.I enjoy both so I purchase both.Really people are so ridiculous and immature.You all need to grow a brain & Grow up!!!!

      • jimbob


      • Calling me a child because I don’t choose to follow Apple shows your NARROW mindedness not mine. My arguments are valid. Apple offers the least technology and value for the most money. I choose to not follow this type of company and year after year of $60 iPads eventually will turn their owners into the same type of resentment. 

        Amazon once posted on their home page :

        Dear Customer,There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more, and those that work hard to charge customers less. Both approaches can work. We are firmly in the second camp.We are excited to announce four new products: the all-new Kindle for only $79, two new touch Kindles – Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G – for $99 and $149, and a new class of Kindle – Kindle Fire – a beautiful full color Kindle for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games, web browsing and more, for only $199.

        So i am narrow minded because i choose to like/enjoy/folow companies like Amazon and Google who do everything in their power to charge consumers less? OK then I am narrow minded! you got me!

        • You argue that a tablet has “too many” pixels even though you would be the first one to support Motorola with their new (enter some number) core phone.

          You argue that Apple needs to conform to some standard.  You suggest 1080p or 720p which are the resolutions usually used for watching movies.  You also say that you are not able to distinguish pixels beyond 720p.  What I am getting at is it makes no difference to you how high the resolution is; even if the movies are up scaled your eyes won’t be able to tell the difference.  So why are you complaining?

          In the comment I am replying to you say that Apple offers “the least technology (sic) and value for the most money.”  You try to trick the reader into believing that you have supported this in one of your previous comments but you never did.  You never gave any evidence regarding the technology built into the iPad and therefore have nothing to base the value on.  The iPad 3 has the highest resolution screen on a mobile device, a quad core cpu, a dual core cpu, 1gb of RAM, and flies through the OS (which is most important anyway).  Plus it is made out of metal instead of plastic.

          I want you to show me one Android tablet that is as fast as the iPad 3, has the app selection of the iPad 3, has the screen quality of the iPad 3, and has the gaming graphics (with a huge supply of high quality games) as the iPad 3.

          As much as I like my Galaxy Nexus and other Android phones that I have owned, Google dropped the ball with the tablets.  The only tablet I may consider at this point is the Prime because of the keyboard dock.

          Being an Android fanboy is just as bad as being an Apple fanboy.  Those who truly like technology will look at all products on the market to see what best suits their needs.

          • MarkyMark

            I’ve looked at all of the products on the market and decided not to buy an iPad until they either start offering me $600 worth of value or bring their price down so that I’m not simple buying a status symbol.

            p.s. your “made of metal” argument was stupid. We aren’t hammering nails or anything. You must be one of those people who equates heft with quality.

          • Nobody is going to buy anything unless the value of the product is greater to the individual than the money he has to give up to get it.

            I don’t think that everybody buys it as a status symbol. Anybody who wants the fastest and smoothest tablet experience will most likely pick the iPad (I’m not saying that won’t change, but as it stands the iPad is still the smoothest).

            Those who want a cheaper tablet and are fine with some lag and a lack of a lot of high quality apps will go with Android tablets. (Again, if you can find me an Android tablet without lag please post a youtube link of it in action).

            In regards to your “made of metal” comment, please point me to any android tablet that feels more solid and high quality than the iPad. I’m not saying they don’t exist but I have not felt one (transformer prime is definitely the closest in my experience).

          • Andrew

            TF Prime I’ve owned and used avidly every single day for 3 months and it never lags. 

          • Clifford

            The new iPad only has a dual core processor. But boasts quad core graphics.

          • TheTroof

            Boasts = needs it just to run that ridiculous screen

          • Chris

             don’t even begin to entertain Hitler’s useless comments. He’s probably in line at Apple store as I type this.

        • I don’t think he’s calling you narrow minded for choosing to buy products from Amazon and Google, but rather that you’re bashing Apple for seemingly idiotic reasons.

          • Chuckers

            on the topic of idiotic reasons, what gets me the most is that apple upgraded the screen which alone is not enough to warrant repurchasing. But wait they added more cores and ram….99% of users will not see an improvement in anything they do. Plus they needed the extra cores so that the new screen wouldn’t run slower than the iPad 2.

        • Chris

          NO, you really are an idiot. It’s same thing as you bashing on other males with bigger dicks than you and coming up with reasons to make yourself feel better. Get a life.

      • MrEnglish

        It’s hard to reason with kids who think they know everything, which is what I’m finding out ends up being the loudest demographic in the tech arena. Good post.

    • Too many pixels?  That’s a new one.  Are you going to argue that it’s too fast, there’s too many quality apps, and the camera’s too good, as well?

      Until you can never see pixels, no matter how close you get to the screen, there will always be room for improvement.  “Good enough” doesn’t get you customers when “very good” is available.

      • Not new at all. On a pc, the screen real estate we’ll call it, gives you more room to work on the screen, this IS NOT THE CASE WITH A IPAD, the higher the res does not afford you more things to do on such a small screen. So you stop when you cant see a pixel, just doubling the resolution is great for scaling but not apps designed for 2048. 2048 was totally unnecessary on a 9.7″ screen and while in it of itself is no big deal, it’s the marketing behind it and the iSheep that follow it that piss me off. 

        1080p is a standard, but NOPE. 720p is more than the eye can see and eaisest on system resources but NOPE. iSheep and Apple are now calling the iPad magical once again because of a 128 more horizontal pixels than the current FULL HD standard of 1080p, which now suxors because apple roxors! 🙁

        • And yet every Android tablet maker is working on a 1080p, 10-inch screen.  Are they wasting their time, too?

          Resolution can help you read smaller text.  Resolution can help you spot detail in a photo you’re editing.  In a game, it helps bring out texture detail and lets you spot a target from further away.  You don’t need a bigger screen for that, you need a sharper one.

          When you’re dealing with a device that’s all about the screen, it’s pretty important to have a good screen, don’t you think?  It’s not about whether it’s “totally necessary,” it’s about whether it improves the experience.  It’ll help with Android, and it’s already helping on the iPad.

          • I am not against higher resolutions, I suggest the marketing behind apples retina display and the iSheep’s second coming of 128 horiz pixels more than 1080p, it’s overall usefulness on a 9.7″ screen as the unnecessary part. and when I saw the magical new iPad it looked just like a Galaxy Tab 10.1 running 720p or pretty damn  close. 

          • ArmanUV

            EVERY DAMN COMPANY IN THE WORLD does simliar marketing. why do you care? how many times a day do you see ads on tv about magical and extraordinary products? I’m not even talking about tablets here it could be a shampoo!
            and let’s say retina display is unnessacary. what’s your point? it’s not more expensive than ipad2 at launch and it’s not more expensive that transformer prime. 
            I am 100% that you would have been all over a samsung tablet with a high resolution and no one could convince you that the extra pixels are worthless. 
            unfortunately some people think that by calling 50% of the market “iSheep” makes them superior. grow up it’s just a tablet. 

          • i buy the shampoo that makes that one chick orgasm in the shower.. clearly im uneffected by marketing of any kind.. 

          • ArmanUV

            Lol well did it work?

          • angermeans

            Im sure once Samsung accomplishes it (which I hope they do as I’ve been waiting years for this kind of screen innovation and the screen on this new iPad is the sole reason that I made the purchase even though I do prefer android) he will be on every forum talking trash to the “isheep” he for some reason has some useless vendetta against. He is a moron and is one of those people that can’t take the fact that he doesn’t have “the best.” It is sad and more and more you see this coming out of Android fanboys. If you ask me someone that worships apple (and may look past some things that android fans may not) is much less ignorant than and android fool that refuses to admit that something “isheep” have is better than his and he feels he has to discount it. I’ve never understood it as chasing “the best” especially in android is futile and you will never have the best for long (if you really have the best as it is I’m the eye of the beholder as it is on opinion only). It sounds as if he read one article that mashable has written to get page hits and is screaming at the top of his foolish mountain.

        • imronburgundy

          You’re an idiot. I used to be an apple hater on this site just like you until I actually gave it a longer chance than 5 min. Their products are just downright superior. Their processes downright kill Androids. I just switched from DX, to IPhone 4s to Galaxy Nexus, back to iPhone 4s and if Android doesn’t get their coding tightened up, probably will just stay on Apple. I’m sure I’m inviting the boo birds with this post but who cares.

          • MarkyMark

            Since you don’t care…

            Just stay with apple you sound too dumb to want back anyways.



          • imronburgundy


          • Jack-Attack

            Examples of superiority and “killing processes” please…

            Until then thanks for blowing smoke

          • JackAttack

            None? didn’t think so…


          • Philip A. Kaiser

            I have never been an Apple hater and I happen to love my touch. I also happen to love owning an Android tablet and a Nexus. However, when my brother in law was in the market for his first smartphone, I asked him, what do you want it to do for you, and what do you want it for. Based off of his needs and his intentions, I advised him on an iPhone.

            Your comment shows that you went from Apple hater to Android hater. Maybe you should reflect on the fact that you shouldn’t be ignorant and just outright hate something you don’t understand.

      • Is a Retina Screen on the iPad 3 Overkill? http://mashable.com/2012/03/05/ipad-3-retina-display-overkill/

    • LOL @ 
      Experiment shows people have hard time telling Apple iPad 2 from the new Apple iPad

      • angermeans

        Believe me everyone can tell the difference.

    • angermeans

      Unnecessary pixels? Are you kidding me? How can one have to many pixels. That has to be one of the worst arguments I’ve heard in the last couple of days against the iPad. If your going to make an argument at least start with a good one. The best thing you can do to a mobile touch screen device is to increase the pixel density especially when 98% of said device is screen. I’m sorry my android friend, but I’ve owned two 1280×800 Android tablets in the last year (Motorola Xoom and Transformer Prime) and you can very much “see the pixels” you have zero arguments when comparing the retina display on the new iPad and the galaxy tab. Don’t be ignorant and don’t be a fool. I usually ignore posts like this as I prefer Android over iOS (love my Galaxy Nexus) and just finally made the jump to the new iPad. Being a fan is one thing but to completely ignore facts is quite another. You really need to check out the retina display on the new iPad before making a comment like yours as it is not only very noticeable, but is honestly the best display I have ever seen on a product period. It has many benefits and if apple has the tech then why not? Especially when it comes with no downside to performance. The only screen that looks ok at 1280×800 is the Prime and that screen is put to shame next to the new iPad. Just go take a look and you will see just how foolish your comment really is.

  • Nope.  I have myself a Transformer.  My next tablet (if worthy) will be the  Asus/Google Tablet (Nexus?).

  • Elwin2k10

    Don’t need to now that I am winning one of two Transformer Primes!!!   😉  seriously though, my friends and family would never shut up if I went over to the dark side! 

  • Eom

    Come on. You write for a living. “Do you plan on,” or “Do you have plans to,” 

    “Do you have plans on” is just about the worst headline writing I have ever seen.

    • Elwin2k10


      • Eom

        Okay, the worst headline writing I have seen today. That was a little over the top.

    • Michael G

      Didn’t know this was an English-Grammar-Composition enthusiast site.  

      • Eom

        I must be in the wrong place. 

        • Unbiased

          I support you Eom.

    • Ben Klene

       just about the most poorly written headline I have ever seen*

      Pot, meet kettle.

  • MattM1974

    I’m completely loyal to the Android platform when it comes to phones, but I think the iPad offers the best tablet experience. I owned the original and just received the new one today. Plus 2 apps, at least one of which will probably never be on Android; Garage Band and Zite. GB being the one that will never come to Android. 

  • tjmonkey15

    Too expensive.  Plus I’ve already paid for a handful of Android apps; it’d be stupid to get a non-Android tablet.  

  • iWon’t

  • Bob

    Hell no!

  • OFD

    What is an ipad? Is there somewhere I can read about it?

  • JRsm7

    There should be an option that says “Doesn’t buy or understand the need to purchase a tablet”.

  • RGiskard

    No, but that is a Samsung-made display.  Once they start offering a 10″ android tablet with 264ppi, they’ve got a customer…

  • Michael Forte

    No, I’m planning on winning that Transformer Prime 🙂

    • Me too!  Kellex, pick me and Michael!!!!!!

  • Ricky Schleining

    Kind of an odd question to ask on an Android Blog, but yeah NO WAY!!!

  • hippo

    based on my research (walking by the line at a best buy at almost 10am), this ipad is going to be a failure.

  • jjrudey

    This is droid-life may I remind you.

    • Lacokanostra

      As a Transformer Prime owner please name a tablet that compares.

      • It depends on how do you compare and what do you need from the tablet. Every Android tablet in some aspect exceeding iPad.

        • Lacokanostra

          Explain. Don’t just use abstract terms. Check the prime forums. We have the greatest android tablet ever, yet we have a browser which is choppy and constantly force closes. That’s a huge downfall in my opinion.

          • Easy. Every Android tablet runs Android, iPad does not. If you want to use Android on your tablet and some unique Android apps, then Android tablet is much better for you than any iPad. You can’t compare incomparable.

          • Lacokanostra

            Very abstract terms. As a dissatisfied Prime owner you don’t make a good argurment.

          • I’m not trying to convince you to own Transformer Prime or any other Android tablet. I don’t work for Google or ASUS. If you like iPad then buy iPad, that’s fine. I’m just trying to explain my point of view. Every product has it’s niche, if this niche is not yours then it’s fine, buy the other product. There is nothing religious about it.

          • Exactly

          • I’m not trying to convince you to own Transformer Prime or any other Android tablet. I don’t work for Google or ASUS. If you like iPad then buy iPad, that’s fine. I’m just trying to explain my point of view. Every product has it’s niche, if this niche is not yours then it’s fine, buy the other product. There is nothing religious about it.

          • ArmanUV

            if there is onething everyone agrees on is that ipad apps are far superior to android tablet apps. I have a hp touchpad running cm9 and half the apps I (have) to use are phone apps stretched to fit a 10in screen. not the best use of screen real state

          • Bob Barker

            this is a changing trend tho as Android continues to grab market share and developers

          • ArmanUV

            true but it just takes too long to change. i have a gnexus and 9 months after release of ICS, not even 20% of apps I use daily are updated  with ICS design standards. honeycomb tablets have been around for more than a year but how many quality tablet apps do you see on android market (sorry play store :D)

          • angermeans

            I have a feeling this grabbing market share will end once windows 8 comes out. Android (I’m tablets) just can’t compete (at least in its current form). I have both the transformer prime (also had the Xoom since launch) running side by side and there is no comparison. Android is slow and choppy (even with the quad core tegra 3), has about 1/20th of the applications (and that will continue to grow as it has been as market share will continue to grow in apples favor), has no where near the build quality, the current iterations of screens that are now on android (I know it will change but at what cost? I really thing android will continue to struggle as screen res gets higher I think everyone will admit that iOS runs much better than android and at half the specs), and let’s face it the OEMs are ruining Android one skin at a time and it is killing the platform to have have way to many tablets that are abandoned a mere 6 months after release. Android OEMs need to show a lot more respect to their customers as most will only get burned once or twice before jumping platform,s and if one doesn’t like iOS they now will have windows phone/windows 8 on great hardware (the only company in my opinion that can go tow to tow with apple on build quality). There is a reason Andy rubin and others are “doubling down” on android and google is taking matters into its own hands and are rumored to be releasing a nexus tablet as the current slew of android tablets are doing nothing.

          • Android has one great competitive edge over other platforms – price. I don’t think that any tablet is worth more than $200 and many people are agree with me. So, which other platform can support a $200 tablet? Yeah, right.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Depends… I like to watch movies in formats other than mp4, no apple app for that. I like Widgets, no apple equivalent. Google TV remote is something I use. Basically, the apps I need, I have and like. Maybe Angry birds isn’t as slick or I don’t have a thousand corny games, but I didn’t buy my tablet to take the place of a game boy, I bought it for times I don’t need my laptop but my phone isn’t enough.

          • Robsmith Nikon

            CineXPlayer = 
            AVI and XVID movies on your iPad.  It’s free too.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Learn something new everyday. Does it work on iTouch as well? I am constantly converting movies for my daughter.

          • I’m sorry, but you are comparing iPad apps to Android phone apps, not tablet apps. Compare then Android phone apps running on tablet to iPhone apps running on iPad, same crap.

          • This hasn’t been fixed at all?

          • Lacokanostra

            I haven’t pulled the last update because I had warranty issues but as of 2 weeks ago, no that wasn’t fixed.

        • Lacokanostra

          To be fair I’ve also had warranty problems. I’ve hadn’t had my prime for 2 weeks because it stopped charging. But the browser issues where always there I just ignored them.

      • JoshHenry

        I love the transformer, but its dosent support lte or even 3g… What kinda tablet/ net book doesnt do that?

        • the kind that doesnt want to be tied to a carrier. we already have sell phones and pay for the 4g subscription why would i need to pay for something twice?

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Agreed. This is why we tether. Its not as if you are going to be somewhere with your tablet and not have your phone with you. One toggle, bam, internet.

          • exactly. those of us that dont have a $4,562,234,560.74 in the bank actually dont mind a few swipes and taps on the screen to get connectivity. 

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Seems like such a waste of money. At least with ATT (whom I hate) you could buy blocks of data and not subscribe, not VZW though.

          • angermeans

            I don’t know where you have gotten your information but Verizon doesn’t make one “subscribe” to a data plan unless they subsidize the price of a phone and they don’t subsidize the iPad it is only month to month.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            First off, you are wrong about phones. They will not let you activate any smartphone on their network without a data plan. I tried. I wanted to put my OG Droid on a spare regular line and just use wifi for the data stuff. They told me to pound sand. While you might not be stuck in a “contract” for devices you pay full price for, you are still billed the same every month. The only difference is you can disconnect whenever you feel like without paying an ETF. This is in contrast to ATT with the iPad that has you just buy a block of data and use it at your own pace at until you run out. Either way, tethering from my phone to my tablet costs me nothing and beats both of those options with a nice unlimited data plan that costs nothing extra. That was they main point.

          • Granted

            We get our information from the land of hard facts. Because what you said is absolutely incorrect with Verizon. But maybe you will say that’s not what you meant to cover your wrong statement. Anger clouds logical thought.

    • Chris

       Yes it is, but who is responsible for bringing iPad into the picture and posting it here? KELLEX! Tell him to stop being bitter and jealous over its success and just go buy one already since he secretly will go out and buy one, or has one already.

      • Granted

        He needs one to go with his IPhone.

  • Random

    I have the galaxy nexus and the ipad 2s. striked the iron while it was hot 

  • Maniko (Meister_Li)

    Eh, I find it largely useless. All I want to do with a Tablet I can do better with my classic Transformer. Sure, the screen is impressive, but it doesn’t matter really if I can’t use it for what I want to use it for.

  • jonkyu

    I think you forgot the “you’re joking…right?” Option.

  • bedwa

    Meh. Unenthused, just enough specs to stay on the curve instead of ahead of it. That or I’m a spec whore

    • normmcgarry


    • tjmonkey15

       I’m a man whore.

      • Pfigurella

        Don’t make me have to he-b*itch man-slap you.

  • Happy Camper

    Hell yeah I bought one already. And before you people start I own a Droid Bionic.

    • Exactly. That was the point I was trying to make. To each his own! 🙂

      • Happy Camper

        Yup and so far I’m very happy with my new Ipad. First tablet I have owned.

      • I’ll be a happy camper if I win the TFP!!!

      • Granted

        You’re spineless with these pathetic actions and horribly hypocritical with your long stance on keeping this a pure Android only site. I’m sure your plan is to ease your way into an all encompassing tech site with shady pathetic posts like these though. And I called it too. If you think people here will embrace that garbage you’re as insane as you pathetic with this post on a Droid site.

        It has not one damn thing to do with quality of the product. We don’t come to a DROID ONLY site to hear about your erection for the new iPad. You can dismiss me if you want, but I click your stupid ads and read your articles and give you traffic and have for a super long time. Trying to sell us crap with every other post is one thing and bad enough. But you’re insane to think the majority of people here won’t pack up and leave once you start posting this non-Droid garbage. And I think you’re highly aware of the many, many competing Android ONLY enthusiasts websites out there today. But do, do just dismiss what this was built on, and it wasn’t a tech website.

  • jonnywin

    I am interested in the new nexus tablet though. Provided the price point “rumor” is indeed “confirmed”.

  • feztheforeigner

    Pay that much for a giant iPhone? No thank you

    • It’s not a giant iPhone, it’s a giant iPod. There are no telephony functions in it.

      • feztheforeigner

        When you’re right, you’re right.

  • If it’s only considered the “New” iPad and have another one coming along the way this year, I do not think it would be in anybodies right mind to purchase this waste of labor unless you have nothing better to spend your money on.

  • Greg Morgan

    Nope, Father in law bought one, but still don’t want it. Still think of it as an oversized iPhone.

  • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid

    Yes! First one to vote “NO!”

    • Granted

      I couldn’t even vote for once. There was no option to show a complete distaste for the direction this once great site is hating to.