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Friday Poll: Do You Have Plans On Buying the New iPad?

We are all consumers. Whether we choose to enjoy Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS is all just a single choice that each one of us make. For some, they enjoy Android phones, but prefer iOS tablets. We all have our separate preferences and we are free to choose whichever makes us happy. With that being said, did any of our readers happen to fight the crowds this morning and pick up a new iPad? What are your thoughts on it? And please, no Apple bashing.

For those who still don’t own a tablet, we are giving away two Transformer Primes, so don’t forget to enter for your chance to win.

Do you have plans on buying the new iPad?

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  • Closing thread. Children arrived in waves. It’s a piece of technology that we wanted opinions on, not a 5th grade pissing match.

  • Granted

    Well this was it, the post that finally signified the end of the original good Droid-Life. The final nail in the coffin. People will try to rationalize because that is troglodytes do. But a site named Droid-Life, a site that itself has always held a firm stance and distaste on all things Apple, a site who’s founder would censor the word iPhone, now has completely sold out, lost convictions and integrity, and has the nerve to post an iPad ad to us and then demand “no Apple bashing”.

    Have you lost your damn mind?! I mean your soul was sold a long time ago, but this is even beneath you guys. This is not Wired. You don’t get the luxury of building a fan base with an audience to a brand and then try to whore us out to their main competitor. Sadly though, most of the automatons here who can’t think for themselves probably won’t even notice or see what this is or how truly despicable and pathetic it is. I’ll bet you a thousand dollars Kleenex changes the name of the site soon to encompass everything, giving some whored out devils advocate speech about times, technology, different tastes. You’d almost think he was a politician…well guys and gals enjoy this hypocrisy. But I guess it’s hard to want or demand better with something you sustain, while you get enveloped in a crowd can’t think for myself mentality. And I’d be absolutely sure that would coincide with age demographic. Main I must the absolute last person left here from when the site started, because I know none of those guys would have stood for this downhill jog into human feces and todays heresy pointing towards things to come. well you’ve finally disgusted the last of your original supporters. “No iPad bashing”….where the phuck do you think you’re posting this crap?! You guys enjoy being the product while thinking your a community.

  • dont really understand all this hate for apple,or android for that matter, just two systems doing the same thing, just going about it in two different ways,I have both in my home, I think owning one or the other is just stupid, enjoy both

  • Firemanprice

    Got mines yesterday, I preordered on the 7th. This screen is absolutely beautiful, I like Andriod and Apple. Still have my Droid X but I use my iPhone 4s for every day use.

  • InvaderDJ

    I’m not planning on buying it because tablets just don’t work for me. I bought the $99 Touchpad, have CM9 on it, and barely use it.

    But if I was planning on buying a high end tablet I wouldn’t look at anything else except the iPad. Unfortunately the app ecosystem for Android tablets just doesn’t match up. Plus, it would be nice to have an iOS device that I don’t have to have a contract for. Android on the phone and iOS on the tablet would give me the best of both worlds.

  • MrBlonde04

    Nah, I’m hoping to win a Transformer Prime instead lol ^_^ but with my luck I dont see that in the foreseeable feature ^_^

  • What’s an ipad

  • This is INSANE.  This is an Android blog — not a tech blog, not an Apple blog.  If your readership is down, this isn’t gonna help. All it does is start flame wars in the comments. That’s not a healthy community.

    • Granted

      Thank you Shawn. You summed up what said at length. It gives me a modicum of hope to see people like you post this. I bet Apple and IPhone enthusiasts sites take very kindly to a post about the new Android. See shill comment to this post of an example is yes, yes they don’t.

  • TheOiulkj

     What’s that? The prequel to android tablets? nah

  • RationallMan

    I’m not going back to having all of my content held hostage by apple. 

  • Michael

    Again, another mention and advertisement of iPad on DroidLife? Shocker! Kellex, you know you either own one already or want one. Be a man and admit it by doing us all a favor.

    Either that, you’re clearly feeling bitter and jealous of it’s attention and success, as well as rest of you who are lying through your teeth. Stop fooling yourselves and go get one. Enough said.

  • Manny

    Droidlife’s weekly debate.Ever think of concentrating on your own releases. You droid boys always have apple on you mind.

  • EvanTheGamer

    There should be a “Hell NO!” option, a “Who gives a damn about another unoriginal iLame tablet!” option, and a “Why is Droid-Life posting a poll regarding an Apple product? Have you guys lost your minds?” option.

    That is all…lol.

    • Granted

      I guess I forgot Evan has been here for a while. I’m glad to see you actually see how disgusting this as well. Just wait, you’ll see the site get a new name that will incorporate everything with some lame explanation. Time to check out some other “authentic” Droid enthusiast websites I’m starting to think to myself.

  • Jessica Casteel

    i could barely afford to buy my DROID 3, how the hell am i supposed to afford a damn iPad?  

  • Randy21671

    I just got the keyboard dock for my Asus Transformer Prime, I love my Transformer Prime. This has an 8mp camera compared to the 5 mp camera on the IP3. This came with 32 gb for $498. and has a slot for micro sd. and a micro hdmi cable plug in.

  • Stewie

    The issue here is that your ipad has no real competition, in that, what I mean is that they only make one, unless you count the chinese knockoffs.

    They charge too much, plain and simple, and you can quote me the value BS all day long, but if you already have a laptop, you don’t NEED a tablet, you WANT a tablet, android ot otherwise.

    And if I decide I NEED a tablet, I don’t want to be tied to itunes, and I want it to be my own experience, not what Stevie decided it should be.

    If you want something you have to work on to get it to be yours to enjoy, then go android.

    If you like Stevie’s idea of what you should have, and have the work of ensuring everything functions with it, etc. done by someone else, no problem, get the ipad.

    I’m not bashing, I’m stating fact.

    • Manny

      Problem with Steve’s Idea is that it actually works. Android is like windows..Untill google makes the software and hardware its always going to suck.

      • Granted

        You completely validated his “B.S.” prediction and have probably just scanned for words that seemed to talk I’ll of Apple, referenced by the fact that you called him Steve.

  • My A500 will keep me happy

  • Taglogical

    lol. That is all.


    If it’s not ANDROID it’s not worth asking.

  • iKellex

    Droid-Life is proud to announce we’ve acquired the iPad-Life domain and will be updating our website to iPhone and iPad news within the day.

    • Granted

      Haha! I swear to God, I’ve said in my post, what you joke about is almost positively going to come true with these turncoats. “Man, we are making some money with these stupid Droid kids, but just think if we completely sell out all we’ve stood for since we started, have absolute zero integrity, and leech off of some of that Apple cash cow like everyone else is doing!” -Kleenex

  • Of course I’m going to buy the “new” iPad.  I need a nice chopping block to make me feel classy.

  • This is what I think of the Over Priced, Over Pixel’d, Under Tech’d iPad:

    Dear Customer, There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more, and those that work hard to charge customers less. Both approaches can work. We are firmly in the second camp.We are excited to announce four new products: the all-new Kindle for only $79, two new touch Kindles – Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G – for $99 and $149, and a new class of Kindle – Kindle Fire – a beautiful full color Kindle for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games, web browsing and more, for only $199Amazon once posted that on their home page and it really sums it all up for me, iPad 1 launched in April 2010, that is 2 grand and 3 incremental upgrades that millions of the same iSheep spent on a tablet that really is just a over sized iPhone

    • ArmanUV

      why are you comparing ipad to kindle? the android equivalant of ipad3 is transformer prime or infinity (not yet released) which is the same price or even higher than ipad3 in some regions

      • I wasn’t comparing to Kindle, I was comparing how businesses choose to do business.

        • ArmanUV

          and how is that? ipad is not more expensive than high end android tablets. In fact ipad 2 for 400 is a far better deal than most current android tablets. kindle fire is in a seperate category. It’s still a great device and it’s probabely worth around 300 rather than 200, but that doesn’t mean anything for someone who is looking for a high end 10in+ tablet. 

  • George264

    Why is this on Droid Life? IT IS iOS!

  • Jeremy Turnley

    I might at some point pick up a used/refurbed iPad 2, though – just to play with. I had an iPad 1 for a while, and it was by far the best platform for reading my gaming book PDFs that I have had yet, but it was a bit slow. I honestly wish there was a 12″ 4:3 tablet out there for this purpose, I would definitely snatch one up.

  • Muskovitz J

    As much as I prefer Android on my phone (I use a Galaxy Nexus), I got the new iPad for a few reasons. Mainly because my Masters program requires one (they gave us iPad 2 and I flipped mine), but also because there still isn’t an Android Tablet that compares. However, if Asus is really making a Nexus Tablet, I will buy one. Especially if it’s under $250.