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DROID Pro Update 4.7.3 is Ready, Here is the Changelog

A new Motorola DROID Pro update has been approved by Verizon as build 4.7.3. It’s not Ice Cream Sandwich, and it probably never will be, but it does address a handful of bugs including better keyboard backlighting. V CAST apps and VZ Navigator will also be loaded once the update is received.

When these changelogs go live, you can usually expect to see the update hit your handset within a week.

The update is 19.9MB in size. More info.

  • tonixtonix

    honestly, i love this phone even though it is buggy as hell and resets itself all the time. i have mine rooted with z4root and rooting is a must for this thing!

    i use titanium backup and bloatware freezer to freeze all the crappy preinstalled spyware and data hogging software. i read that if you want to update and keep root, you need a program like ota rootkeeper.
    overall i am happy with the form function of this phone since i need a physical keyboard.

  • Average Teen

    I asked my dad for an android with a physical qwerty. He got me this piece of crap. Maybe it’s good for you if you’re used to a blackberry but this just didn’t fit the bill for me. There were so many times that it froze and I had to take out the battery and restart. I highly reccomend you to NEVER get this piece of bs. My contract’s not up till december but i’m already looking at new phones

  • Just installed the upgrade today, although I wasn’t having any of the aforementioned problems. I was a bb user & this switch was dead on for me. I really like the phone, if they came out with a new version I would happily buy it especially if there was a front view camera. I really use this phone alot can’t complain. 

  • Kensout

    This is a great phone, same hardware as my droid2, but weirdly runs a whole lot better, less buggy.  Works great for email, and texts.  I run my own business, I dont need to waste time typing on a screen or slide out keyboard.  Love the qwerty keyboard, and really hope someone comes out with another.

  • Duker

    I’ve owned a Droid Pro for over a year and love it.  It’s a good cross between the Android and Blackberry.  Frankly, the other Android phones with bigger screens are better for people who use the phone to watch videos, playing games, and social networking. I don’t.  Mine’s all business and it’s perfect for that.  No nonsense stuff.

  • Kmac940


    • Kensout

      well duh, its a great business phone…  so much better than my blackberry was.

  •  always liked this phone never got the chance to get it but I before I did switched to android I was all blackberry and this phone almost seemed like the phone of my dreams it felt sorta like a blackberry with the qwerty keyboard and business look with Android… Anybody with the phone care to give a quick opinion on it

  • I forgot this phone still existed O.o

  • thebluegod

    Wow I don’t own this phone but some of these bugs are downright hilarious. 
    “Pressing the spacebar key will no longer cause the device to lockup” !!!! LOL did Moto not test this before? So every time you type a word it locks up? Man typing a text message must suck (/sarcasm).

    • ozo012

      I didn’t really have this problem when I was running stock but it may not be properly describing the situation in as much detail as it should.  When you would double tap the space key, it would auto suggest the next word that was most commonly typed after the previous word you had (never had been that way pre-Gingerbread) it COULD occasionally cause the phone to lag a little bit but it was to show you the word it was displaying (I disabled the auto-suggest the day after Gingerbread came out for the the phone).

  • Chosenway

    I actually have one of these and just decided to root it yesterday…Should I hold on doing this update if I’m rooted? anyone…anyone? bueller…bueller?

  • ozo012

    Yeah but there’s a bootstrap you can use (I think I used the Droid X one?).

  • If no one remembers this phone existed do upgrades matter?

  • Michael_NM

    Not asking to be rude, I am honestly curious. Do any Droid Lifers own one of these?

    • I wouldn’t get it even if it had an unlocked bootloader…

      • ozo012

        <– This guy, but I've been running Cm7 on my daily driver on it.  Looking to get a Rezound since somehow Verizon never processed my upgrade properly.  May just Ebay it and wait for something else though. Came over from Blackberry to this form factor in Nov 2010.  Having the physical keyboard is something you guys may overlook.  I'm far from a Droid Pro fan boy (the Motoblur software BLOWS on this phone).

        • Isn’t the bootloader locked?

          • ozo012

            Bah damn you Disqus, there’s a bootstrapper (I think Droid X) I used to flash CWM.  Only thing I really miss from CM7 that was on stock is side button functionality (which I had bound to the camera).

          • Ah. I forgot you could do that.

          • Ah.

    • hkklife

      My wife has had one for nearly a year now.   It’s not a bad formfactor at all and it’s VERY snappy due to only having a 320×480 screen but being powered by 512MB RAM  + 1Ghz CPU.   But the screen really leaves a lot to be desired (bad viewing angles, dim etc).   Battery life is surprisingly weak as well with the stock battery.    All she uses it for is heavy e-mailing/text messaging/viewing of Word files, so it’s perfect for her.  But even she is ready for a bigger and better screen in her next device.   I thin she regrets not getting the Droid 2 Global for a few bucks more. 

      The Pro’s GB update last year messed things up quite a bit, primary stability, keyboard backlighting and battery life so I am hoping this update fixes a lot of things under the hood that aren’t mentioned in the changelog. 

      I don’t mind the keyboard but I feel that the device could benefit from having about a 3.4″ screen and a bit wider keyboard.  I personally like landscape sliders but she wanted a BB-style phone on Verizon that didn’t run BB OS, so this was definitely the pick of the lot between the various BBs and the Palm Pre 2.   I think Sprint offers a refreshed version of the Droid Pro with a VGA screen called the Admiral.   The stillborn HP Pre 3 has the best formfactor I’ve ever seen in a portrait keyboard device- a shame there isn’t an Android equivalent. 

      • ozo012

        Battery life I’ve found was pretty terrible until I made the switch to CM7, but it really depends on how you use the phone.  I’ve made it about 20 hours without a charge with 3G on (strong signal) with light usage.  10-12 medium and 5-6 of heavy usage.

        • Hello, any issues with CM7? Considering using it … thanks

          • ozo012

            The only “bug” I’ve found was while playing music on the Google Music (well now Google Play Music) if you expand the song information by tapping the screen it will freeze the phone and force you to do a battery pull, other than that it is very stable.  I do not notice the issues with the backlight for the keyboard as was very evident on the Moto Gingerbread releases so I highly recommend it!  Pretty good battery life (14-16 of light-medium usage) 7-8 of heavy and about 1.5 hours of having the screen on during that time.

        • tonixtonix

          how did you get cm7 on the droid pro? all i have ever read says motos bootloader is locked on this phone so putting another os on it is impossible. thanks!

    • ChrisG

      I have on for work. Sadly.

      • ChrisG


    • My wife has one. It’s a great phone for her because she can’t use a touch screen to save her life.