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Thursday Poll: What are You Hoping for the Most Out of a Nexus Tablet From Google?

Earlier this week, we wanted to know what everyone was hoping for from Google at this year’s Google I/O. The majority of people voted for a Nexus tablet, so what we want to know now is, what would you want from this device? According to rumors, ASUS and Google are teaming up to bring this dream-tablet to life. Can we expect a quad-core processor along with a super-high resolution display? Or will Google focus more on offering a decent Vanilla tablet at more of a competitive price to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire or the new iPad? Sound off down below on what you are hoping for the most.

What do you want to see most out of a Nexus tablet from Google?

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  • feztheforeigner

    All of the above? (including direct Google updates)

  • Curious Orange

    I love how every discussion of tablets here brings out a chorus of comments about how tablets are pointless. Really, the problem is that so far, Android tablets are pointless. The iPad may be primarily a consumption device, but isn’t there a place for a comfortable, portable, versatile consumption device, especially in an increasingly online world? Clearly, the answer for many consumers is yes. No, no one “needs” a tablet if they have a smartphone and a laptop. No one “needs” a television either but it’s a nice way to watch something, and watching things is enjoyable. Tablets are largely consumption/entertainment devices. Expensive, high-tech toys. We all like toys. And if you’re going to get a toy, you might as well get the toy that is fun, and that’s why Android tablets hold little appeal. The Kindle Fire sold because it was cheap, but also because they knew what it was: An easily-understandable, easy-to-use portal to entertainment. Better-specced Android tablets cost the same as the iPad, but without the pretty tablet-optimized apps, without the wide selection of tablet-specific games, without the smooth and reliable interface… Sure, there’s widgets, but that just makes everything look like work, and on tablets we want to play. If what you want is a toy (and most tablet consumers do) the iPad is the best one. (And the Fire is the cheap one.) There’s no reason to get any other tablet.

  • Bionic

    Everyone saying “a bigger screen” is wayy too ahead of the game.  Google is going to do the 7 inch tablet first and see how that goes.  After that they will build bigger.  

  • thereasoner

    please make it a 10″ or even better, make a Nexus version of Samsungs rumored 11.6″ HD screen!!

    • Bionic

      You are wayyy too ahead.  They are going to make the 7 inch first and see how well it goes. If all goes well, they will make bigger sizes.  

  • MegKelsey
  • Jeremy Morrison

    all of the above option please!

  • Break-through battery or power management technology. Big screens, fast processors, increased ram and storage, and multi-tasking, super fast network links, all lead to rapidly depleting batteries. We have everything we really need, except for an effective means by which to provide power.

  • Evanfass

    Competitive pricing brought us the kindle fire, worst purchase I ever made..

    • Bionic

      I agree, my wife has it and she actually loves it……for reading and very casual internet use.  But if you want a tablet that is more of an “all in one”  the kindle sucks balls.  The browser sucks and the fact that you cant replace said browser is a crime.  The battery isnt great either.

  • br_hermon

    I was going to say competitive pricing but I think even more so than that, what I want to see is a fully baked, true-blue competitor to the i*ad. Something great out of the box for the everyday consumer, not just the tech nerd. Better battery life, incredible graphics and speed, well integrated everything all at a competitive price. I’ve always been pretty impressed with how Asus handles Android tablets so I think Google choosing them was totally the perfect choice. Given the ingenuity of Google and the product quality and care of Asus, I expect great things and an incredible tablet to emerge.

  • schwinn8

    Google needs to remember… it’s not just about price. There are plenty of $200 tablets out there that aren’t worth it. The key is the PACKAGE needs to be a good VALUE. Keep quality components. Keep to your commitments (for example, show that SDcards and USB ports are really important to you, and keep them there and ungimped. Make a QUALITY device, at a reasonable price point. I would propose something around $300 to $350.

    Needless to say, you will need to cut corners somewhere. So, skip the high-res screen (but get a quality one). Don’t try to beat the iPad at ITS game… make your own game. Mid-priced, high quality device. Not everyone wants a Ferrari… the real market is in the midrange.

    Granted, being a Nexus device, this may fly in the face of their desires… but it’s what the Android market needs. Frankly, my Viewsonic Gtablet is a wonderful device. The screen is sub par, but it’s not that bad either (that’s why I bought it) – if they reinvented that, and kept the rest the same, they would have a winner on their hands TODAY, and with little effort. But everyone seems bent on “copying” Apple. STOP THAT.

  • My only thing I’d like to see in this tablet is a screen size of 8-9 inches.  7 is too small and in my opinion 10 is too big.  I had a 8.9 GTab for a while and it was a perfect size.  For a quad core pure google tablet I’d be willing to pay up to $300 for it.  Anything over that and you’ve lost half of your market.  IMO.  Cheers.

  • Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this.
     As far as rumors and everything go this tablet should cost about $200-250, that is competitive pricing (as far as the iPad goes). It was said to be running the Tegra 3 processor, This would make it have competitive specs (without knowing what the RAM, size of battery etc.) It should be running stock ICS (if not Jellybean). One of the thing we haven’t really heard in any rumors that I’ve seen is screen resolution. In order for it to be competitive with the iPad it should have more PPI then the new iPad does. I have also not seen anything on the size of the tablet in question, 7″ 7.7″ 8.9″ 10.1″ or w/e. I have held the kindle fire and in my opinion it is a little small for my liking. I guess what I’m saying is that if all the rumors as true (and that’s a big “If”) then the only thing we should worry about is size/resolution. Maybe we can worry about camera/speaker quality but for now I say eh to that.

  • Pmagent2013

    A 10.1 screen

  • Liderc

    I’m having a hard time understanding the tablet focus we have right now.  What are people even doing on their tablets?  My wife uses her Ipad to read in bed, my son to play angry birds, I mean is that what most people are doing with their tablets?

    Tablets are useless for most programs, a laptop or desktop is always better.  The only time a tablet is better is when you’re laying down or in bed.

    So what fundamental purpose does the tablet allow us to perform? 

    I think this is a dying technology, I’m not saying it won’t continue to have a market, it will simply not have a real purpose(people will buy anything, Apple’s proven that).  Unless you’re playing with apps/games for fun or just reading, there is no reason to use a tablet over a laptop with a mouse.  Even then you can read/play even better games easier on a laptop. 

    Products need a purpose to survive, the smart phone survived because people fundamentally need phones, but they also like the ability to read email, internet, text, apps on the go.  But when it comes down to it, their purpose is still to be a phone(we may talk less, but we text more).

    Desktops survived because they’re fundamental to all computing, code writing, graphic design, work production ect…

    I think the real future is using our smart phones in docking units where ever we go as our personal computers.  We go to work, we sit our phone in a dock that turns your monitor/keyboard/mouse into a full fledged computing experience, one that you can actually do work on.  Then we take the same smart phone home, lay it into a dock and your 50” monitor lights up and your phone using bluetooth connects to your physical keyboard and mouse and you can play games, watch movies, do work, read the news ect… This will make your smart phone your one and only computer that you bring everywhere with you.  

    A tablet will never be able to do this for us, it’s too awkward for work production and it limits our ability to use certain programs due to it’s two handed touch screen use. 

    It’s simply a leisure item.

    • iWebDroidBerry7

      Your smartphone is “simply a leisure item”vas well. You don’t *need* it either.

      • Liderc

        Except you just proved my point.  The smart device, coupled with a phone makes it not a leisure item since I must have a phone.

        The tablet has nothing I must have.

    • The purpose of a tablet, beyond just playing games and reading (although honestly that is a good enough reason for most people) is to have a mobile device with a screen size that is actually usable.  I know that I, like many other professionals out there, travel constantly in my job.  I use my tablet to answer emails and edit documents on the train every day on the way to work.  If I need to make a last minute change to a spreadsheet, I can do that easily on the road, while on my phone, I can technically do it, but a 4.6″ screen is honestly useless for real work.  

      Having a tablet, I find that i do certain tasks less frequently on my phone now.  I do prefer reading and gaming better on my tablet.  Any social activity is more enjoyable on the big screen (except for Google+ for some reason…).  Any media consumption activity is better on it.  

      Pretty much, having a tablet allows my phone to be a phone again.  I no longer worry about battery life on my phone since I am no longer looking at it 3-4 hours a day.  My screen on time with my phone has been reduced to about 1-1.5 hours which gives me easily 24+hours/charge.

      • Liderc

        I can do all of that on my laptop and much more efficiently than you can on a tablet. 

  • What do I want to see?  Being a 6′ 4″ fat fingered dude I’d use this fkr as a regular phone.

  • Thickey85

    The possibility to flash a Windows 8 rom

  • Anthony Vella

    I want a tablet that has the best of what is currently out there. Enough with all these great features but then 1 is terrible. We need a GOOD front and rear camera, an amazing screen, a great screen, the best processor and a very clean design. What would it honestly take…

    • Kerbero9

      The new iPad?

  • How about some timely updates for once?  The Galaxy Nexus for a flagship device is being left cold and alone and companies like ASUS are running newer versions of ICS on their devices than Google is. I have lost faith in the Nexus program and will never buy a “Google” device again after this.  Jelly bean or not Google will release it with a buggy version and then never patch while OEMs like ASUS pass them by again.  They need to stop releasing new versions of Android so fast too, fix the version that is out there before worrying about the next one.  Still a ton of bugs in ICS and they are doing nothing about it.

    • David Hussey

       I think you’re missing the other point about what a Nexus device is though.  I’ve been running 4.0.4 for a month and a half now.   That is possible because of the unlocked device and the development community that gets behind Nexus devices.

      • So am I but I had to do all the work and technically running any of the Google Apps is not supposed to be done.  So go ahead remove gmail, talk and all of the other apps that are not included in the default xml from the source build and tell me how great android is then.  Things like the gmail app are not open source and are not supposed to be distributed without permission.  The first time I built truly from source and ran android I was extremely disappointed.  The OS is horrible without the store and you can;t have the store legally without submitting to Google so for most users if Google doesn;t get its updates out then there is no point in having the device.  Either Google needs to make these apps available easily to people who build from source or they need to put out updates.  I shouldn’t have to jump through 8 flashes to get a version of an OS that Google has already made public.  It should be compiled and pushed before the source is ever released to be built by devs.

      • wickets

         Im no techy and I bought the nexus precisely because i thought that google would take care of it….i cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is to see 4.0.4 out and about while I still have 4.0.2. via google.  BS crap like landscape typing issues are still not fixed.  Total joke

    • Liderc

      No other phone has ICS, so the Nexus is still ahead.  They’ve completed multiple versions of ICS, we’ve just always been slated to receive 4.04. 

      • Galaxy SII has been getting updates already and its not 4.0.2 so now the GNex is officially the phone with the oldest version of ICS of all the phones that have ICS installed.

        • Liderc

          The GSII does not have official ICS, it was recalled.

          “Update: Samsung’s official Twitter account has gone back on the words written on its official website. Samsung says that the March 10th date was a mistake posted by its Filipino website and that the actual upgrade date has not yet been established. Once again, Samsung asks us to wait for an update via its Twitter feed.”

    • CORYK333

      Android&me had a great op-ed on this very topic today. Seems like ALOT of cats feel exactly the way u do & a bunch of them are die-hard Android cats that i NEVER thought would say what they are saying.

      • Heading over to read it right now.  Since I thought I would never own an Apple product but I am seriously 1 step from selling all of my Android stuff and getting an iPhone and iPad if I don’t see an update by the end of the month for the GNex.  I am sick of having to reboot it because i tap 1 app and another launches and then no matter what app you launch something else launches.  Sick of the random reboots too.  I even went back to stock and reflashed it and locked the bootloader thinking it was a buggy app that i had loaded.  Using the device as a general consumer would makes the experience even worse. And the radio sucks, no signal anywhere and my wife’s RAZR works fine.  There are two things I know though if i stick with android.  I will never buy a “Nexus” or “Experience” device again and I will never buy anything made by samsung.  A pretty screen can’t cover up all the other problems with their hardware.

  • Raven

    I want it in time to buy for my wife’s birthday on June 25th.  She has been telling me that she wants a 7″ tablet of her own (I already have a 10″ Asus and 7″ Acer) and I don’t really want to get her any of the current crop when I know this is coming.

  • hkklife

    I think $200 is TOO low for a proper Nexus tablet.

    My MAIN worry is that they are going to basically offer a Kindle/Nook Tablet competitor with “Full Android” and “awesome graphics” but it will be terribly gimped in other key areas (screen res, onboard storage, no expandable storage etc).   Just look at all of the hoopla surrounding the iPad 3 and how much more storage space is being used by retina-ready apps.   Google has GOT to get their head out of Apple’s arsehole and figure out a way to properly integrate expandable storage into Jelly Bean so that we will be ready for 1080p and up resolutions and the increased file sizes.  8/16Gb is soon going to be a joke.  Look how quickly kids are filling up their Kindle Fire’s storage just with a few movies and free Amazon daily apps!  As more and more Android apps finally become tablet-optimized the installer sizes will only grow larger.  

    Wired AND wireless carriers are only going to crack down more with caps and data tiers.  The cloud is NOT the solution for 1Gb+ Gameloft style 3D games.  We still need local storage and we need more of it. 

    Instead of a “Nexus Fire”, I’d rather see something at $250 with specs at least on par with the Galaxy Tab Plus but with ICS and Tegra3.   Or even go for a $300-$350 release and make it a scaled-down TF Prime (IPS 1280×800 screen, microSD slot, 2 cameras etc).   At any rate, Google had better support this thing better than they have supported the Nexus S and GNex thus far.

    P.S. I recently held a Xyboard 8.2 and I feel that or the Samsung 7.7″ Tab are the perfect portable tablet formfactor size.  For a home tablet, I would possibly even consider Sammy’s upcoming 11.6″ since that would be big enough to do actual work. 7″ is fine for 1024×600. 

    • If this device is going to be a “Nexus” I’m sure Google will deliver the hardware as they’ll need to support it for at least 1 or 2 new versions of Android.

      • hkklife

        Well, the Nexus S was far from cutting-edge upon its release.   T here were phones with bigger screens (Droid X, Evo 4G etc), faster CPUs, expandable storage and higher resolutions that in many ways ran circles around the Nexus S even before it was released.     As always, its appear was the unlocked botloader and “fast, guaranteed updates” direct from Google.  We’re seeing how well that all worked out now, huh?

        And the Galaxy Nexus is still a nice device but I think we have discussed ad infinitum here how it comes up short in many peoples’ eyes as far as cameras, expandability, build quality, RF performance, and battery life. In fact, if you slapped Touchwiz on it and called it the Galaxy S II+ or some such, it’d be pretty much ignored. 

        My dream Nexus tablet would have a a 1280×800 8″ IPS screen,  16Gb minimum onboard storage + microSDHC slot, microUSB port for CHARGING & SYNC, microHDMI out (none of that MHL silliness), good battery life and at least one decent quality camera.  Heck, Google could go in-house and use a modified Moto Xyboard 8.2 and 10.1 as the basis for a future Nexus Tablet.  Those are very well built tablets that have just been ruined by horrid marketing, Blur and being terribly overpriced.

        If Google won’t do anything about mandating 18months or whatever of updates for their hardware partners, they at least need to ramp up their Android staffing and commit to 2 years of guaranteed updates for all Nexus-branded devices. Another thought: permit all current Android licensees to release 1 or 2 Nexus devices per year.  It’d be awesome to see a series of Nexus tablets with varying specs at different sizes and price points from an assortment of manufacturers.  Look at the Microsoft Signature PCs that are popping up in retail and in MS’ own stores (no bloatware etc).

  • Guest

    Google and all the OEMs need to fix their updates and start making stable devices. I am ready to run and try something else.

    • Daryl Johnston

      If you want a “stable” device that doesn’t do anything, go buy you an overpriced 10″ iPod Touch (aka iPad) that doesn’t do half of what our “unstable” Android phones/tabs can do, and quit your freakin’ whining, Guest!

      Some OEM’s put out cheap crap to “get in the game”. That’s part of the “open” system that is Android. Do your frickin’ homework and buy a quality tablet that meets as many of your needs as possible, or go buy the expensive 10″ iPod Touch!

      Please stop threatening us that you’re leaving for an inferior platform and just leave already!

      • Guest

        Wow. Sorry you are so touchy! 
        I bought a top of the line phone with Froyo. I did my research. Motorola updated to Gingerbread and it has been broken for 7 months. It may in the next couple of weeks be getting an update.
        Asus Transformer, I have one of those as well. Great device until ICS was pushed. Then it went to deep sleep at night and rebooted. It never woke up. At least they pushed an update within 2 weeks that hopefully has fixed the problem. 
        So don’t tell me I don’t do my research. The updates on 2 different high end devices broke them. I shouldn’t have to be a programmer or a rommer to get a good device. That’s what I paid for. Open or not, show me an OEM or even Google with a track record of fixing devices faster than the community. It isn’t there.

        • Exactly correct.  There is a thing called Beta and too many Android OEM push Beta crap as final.  There be a lot of activiations everyday but I know a lot of people that leave for iOS because Android is too riddled with bugs.  Too many people forget the people on a site like this are the 1% not the 99% and  we that can ROM and or program are not the ones making Google and OEMs all their money.  The retention on Android is horrible too many people get into Android only to leave after a bad experience.  Apple has it the exact opposite people buy 1 device and then want the rest.

      • Jeremiah Collins

         Wow, that was a strong response. Who pissed in your Wheaties.  The fact of the matter is the majority of Android users that customize are the minority in the market.  Most just want their $200 dollar phone to work and to work for more than 8 months, or to get the support they are promised. Like the Droid X2 users who are left in the wind….  There is no excuse for Verizon’s 8 month old best 3G phone (at the time) to get dumped like it is. I for one live in a non – LTE market, so I had and have no need for a LTE dollar phone.  So get off your high horse Daryl.  As far as iOS not doing anything, tell that to the government and education systems that are implementing them. They must being doing something for that to be the case. Now I hate Apple so I will never buy one and I am in no way a fan boy, but the ripples and fragmentation in Android is getting old. It is even happening in the Nexus lineup.  So why would  a person buy a Nexus device when it is no better than the rest of the OEM’s   

      • iWebDroidBerry7

        This level of hate is disturbing.

  • Kuboo99

    I already have a Nexus Tablet. A Galaxy Nexus with the tablet mod (mentioned a few days ago on this site.) It is a bit silly but it does have that “tablet feel”

  • Jeff Tycz

    I want hex-core not quad

  • David Hussey

    Officially-allowed bluetooth 4.0 tethering to the Gnex.

  • Not a techie

    A keyboard that integrates with it nicely, so it can be used to actually CREATE things, as well as consume them.

  • I want:
    high end screen, quad-core(cpu & gpu; same as PSVita),  16GB built-in plus SD card expansion, micro-usb/mhl connection for video out, kick stand so I can sync with kb for laptop/computer replacement, then all the other typical stuff. Must also have a wifi only option as that’s cheaper and I could care less about cellular with it.

    I know it would have ICS or greater, so with that I’m good for anything else. Price… $499 or less based on those specs.

  • edmicman

    Seems like Google/Android has two options to compete in the tablet market:

    1) Pricing – make a $200 tablet that doesn’t suck.  Not one that’s mostly good, but if you can’t match the iPad’s experience or specs then you need to undercut it’s price bigtime.  Most people just want to browse basic internet, do email, get onto Facebook, and play Angry Birds.  Let them do that without having a sucky experience and for cheap.  Apple’s not going to go into the non-premium market any time soon so there’s gotta be a huge market for commodity tablets.

    2) If you can’t beat it on price, then you damn better well beat it on specs.  Match or beat the resolution.  Offer a better experience – faster browser, betting Google apps, tighter integration with your cloud services.  Get some top notch game studios on board.  Encourage top notch lifestyle app devs.

    What’s the point of paying the same or more for a tablet with lesser specs or not as many top tier optimized apps just so you can say you’re running Android instead of iOS?

    • RedPandaAlex

      The great thing about Android is they can do both, of course. High-end and mid-range devices. 

  • Harryeballs1234

    Support. Unlike the Xoom GED that was pretty much abandon by google from day one.

  • Zebra

    Sabre Pyramid Tablet form factor please

    • Kuboo99

      With wireless in 2013

  • Mapekz

    Jelly Bean and quad-core are a given; they should not be poll options.

    I voted for the high-res display. These devices live or die based on the display alone. If it looks like crap or isn’t very responsive then the entire tablet experience is ruined.

    As much as everyone on this page will hate on it, the iPad 3 is actually pretty amazing. It is an iterative product and Apple still hasn’t made any major efforts to bridge the gap between laptop and tablet, but the device itself is still going to be the best tablet in the market starting tomorrow.

    The Transformer Prime would be better if Android was more powerful and allowed for more laptop-style productivity. A higher resolution display coupled with an OS-level ability to run apps in windows would help bridge this gap and allow Android to overtake iOS (and Windows 8) in the tablet market.

  • LaRocKa1158

    I wish they could release a 10 inch high res display with a huge battery that could use any android 4.0+ phone for its computing power. Kind of like a universal padfone. 

  • Competitive pricing is out there on other tablets (Kindle Fire owner speaking).  The most disappointing thing about the Fire is the screen.  Give me a Galaxy Nexus-like display on an Android tablet and I would be hard pressed to find anything to complain about.

  • etg9

    I would like a really nicely made device, with a quick processor, good GPU, nice display, stock ICS and ensure it works well with Android. make it $400 and available to buy (I’m looking at you asus). iPad is eating your lunch.

  • r0lct

    I’ll rather see them hit that $200 for a 7″ tablet so if that means just 720p then so be it.  Same the super high res for a 10″ option.

  • Kernschatten

    Price and battery life.

  • Eyeimager1

    I would like to see universal app compatibility to tablets.

  • richard melcher

    A Keyboard dock like the transformer!!

  • a bigger screen to play draw something on……

  • All of the above!

  • – Needs to be priced below $250
    – Needs to have better integration with GoogleTV. Something very easy to use and seamless, so any media or screen mirroring could be streamed to TV in a couple of finger flicks
    – Support for game controllers

    We don’t need just one more cheap tablet. We need something different, like a new kind of a game console / media tablet.

  • Bionicman

    if i could pick multiple choices, it would be High Res Display and competitive price. the others i dont care about especially jelly bean os (most devices dont have ICS yet! plus its great) and quad cores (i think dual cores have matured and maybe an updated dual core processor with better battery life would be great).

    im excited to see what the nexus tab will be. i really hope google knocks one out of the park!

  • Bcorrell34

    What I really want is a screen larger than the Kindle Fire. I don’t want a tablet that is only slightly bigger than my Galaxy Nexus. I want a 9-10inch high res screen. 

  • Logan_jinx

    What android needs the most is better developer support. I can say that is probably the only reason apple is still on top. If you look at something as silly as games and the quantity and quality that the app store has its no wonder android is still having trouble keeping up. Of course this could also be attributed to fragmentation, but i guess i wont go there

  • Michael_NM

    An April release date.

    • EC8CH


      I could hold out till May… June at the latest 🙂

  • ravik212

    Honestly, Google has made me happy. I’m positive it will have great specs and great resolution. And yes more tablet apps are needed. But what I really want out of the Google tablet, is for it to be preeeeetty! Why! Becaue I already love Google. And I love the specs that already blow the iPad out of the water. But I want it to attract more people other than just us fanboys.With a damn good marketing campaign, a sleek design, and good pricing. Thats all I want. 

  • I’m happy with my galaxy tab 10.1 with cyanogenmod

  • jer85008

    My dream Nexus tablet right now would be Vanilla ICS, 8-9″ screen, and a price around $250. Quad core processor isn’t necessary, and can come with only 8GB of memory as long as there is a SD slot.

  • EC8CH

    I’d like it to be the rumored Samsung Tab 11.6 but I know that’s not going to happen.

  • Jake

    I want Google to get off its butt and work on enticing good developers to work on awesome apps for Android. It’s not enough for Google simply to create an OS; they need to do more to attract developers (give better customer support in the Play Store, give devs higher percentage of app purchases, give grants, prizes, or invest in developers’ projects. While I prefer the Android OS to iOS, what’s the point if there aren’t many tablet-optimised apps? It’s like owning a PS3 console, but no games. Yeah, phone apps will work on the tablet, but that’s like pointing out that games designed for the original Playstation or PS2 will work on the PS3.

  • Kiter86

    something bigger than 7 inches

    • don’t make me say it

    • Kiter86

      That’s what she said

  • I would really hope that Google can really get the developers to make high quality apps for the tablet, that is pretty much why I have held off and I have to say the amazing new screen on the new iPad+the apps have me in between a rock and a hard place.

  • Guest

    Apps that are actually good to support the device would be nice. Currently android apps are a joke and dont really stress the “Specs” in the devices.

  • JIscariot

    Ten+ inches.

  • Give me something that I can use for a couple years and not be embarrassed to carry around after 2 months…the new iPad is DAMN tempting, I’m an Android fanboy for sure, please give me something comparable.

    • Google releases one product a year and can’t keep them updated I am about ready to jump to Apple too.  Sick of buggy software and having to root to get a decent experience.  And anyone that says Apple can do less you are backwards.  Notice how the most popular apps in the store all say the popular iphone app now finally available on Android.  The main features of the OS 99% of people can’t use anyway.  How many people really take the time to setup an asterisk pbx in their home to use sip calling.  Not enough to use it in arguments against Apple that is for sure.  I was going to buy a samsung android player 5 but after the horrible experience with my GNex I am going to buy an iPod and sell my Gnex and go back to my X2 I think ICS is a joke and Jelly Bean is just going to be more stuff that no one uses. Google is becoming more of a hipster company than Apple ever was.  Apple filled a need that most customers wanted. Google is trying to create a need.

      • Liderc

        Looking at your past posts, you need a vacation.  You seem like one of those guys that ends up shooting everyone in his office one day.

  • ddevito

    An Android tablet isn’t really needed. Large screen smartphones do most the job, and do it well.

    • This

    • fish1552

      I have to respectfully disagree.  I have the GNex and I still use my tablet for quite a few things that are much better on a 10.1 inch screen.  Working on documents, watching movies, playing games, just to name a few – they all have a *much* better experience on a tablet than a phone.

      • ddevito

        I repectfully disagree with your respectful disagreement  :p

        In a year from now (or so) we’ll be docking our Android phones and running full desktops. No tablet required.

        • I just want an affordable, almost universal, laptop dock compatible with most higher-end android phones. I know this is impractical, and probably next to impossible, from a manufacturing standpoint, but if there was a dock that could be compatible with more than just one phone it should keep the price down due to higher demand. I find that it’s ridiculous that these docks are the size of a netbook, and yet costs the same as a mid-grade laptop even though they’re practically nothing more than just an lcd screen, keyboard, and touchpad.

          I like the idea of the desktop docks, but for someone who requires a high-end desktop pc anyways, it’s just not practical.

          • ddevito

            “I like the idea of the desktop docks, but for someone who requires a high-end desktop pc anyways, it’s just not practical.”

            You can say the exact same thing for tablets (which is my point)

        • I think the Asus padphone concept is best. You get best of all three… a phone for most portability and every day common use, a tablet doc for the bigger screen and still solid portability, and a laptop doc for desktop management and full kb/ms setup.

          That is where all smartphones should go in some form.

        • r0lct

          In 15 years we’ll all be chipped and won’t need any of this!  Or maybe not.  I think debating what may happen in the future that doesn’t exist on any real road map today and how long it may be from happening isn’t a great counter argument.

          • ddevito

            The future is already here, and could easily happen. Why Google is even bothering with tablets is strange to say the least. They make money from people who are connected to the net at all times. 

          • r0lct

            Because in an Apple hardware world they would be relegated to just another app maker.

    • r0lct

      Well you may not need one, doesn’t mean nobody does.  I much prefer to give my kids a 7″ $200 tablet to play games on and watch media than my $650 GNex that I need for work.

  • Dan


  • Letz_Shake

    Fine, I’ll say it. Tablets are utterly useless.
    You have a smartphone, you have a computer. You don’t need an expensive bastard child of both.

    • Bionicman

      unfortunately the people who made the new iPads sell out say otherwise. like Andy Rubin recently said, google needs to double down on tablets. they need to get serious about them. and an affordable, high quality nexus tab would show all the other companies how an android tab should be built. 

  • sciwiz

    Didn’t this whole Nexus tablet thing start from the machine translation of Schmidt’s interview with an Italian newspaper?

    Given how Schmidt’s comment get misinterpreted and how automatic translations work, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Definitely should be an “All of the above” option on this poll…

    • palomosan

      Exactly, I want;

      ISP Display (close or higher than the iPad) 
      Better functioning of the core apps (Music, Photo Editing, Organize the Gallery Better, etc.)
      The best GPU available (don’t hold back)
      Battery (24 hours on Wifi 12-16 on 4G)
      The OS to be polish, no lag or force closing at all
      Release the OS to the Devs 3 months before (specially the Best Apps) so they can upgrade the apps
      Quad Processor and 1.5G of Ram
      Productivity Apps right of the gate
      Some awesome games.

      I think that’s about enough…I think.

  • High resolution display – This is a MUST.  I can’t stand low res displays anymore.Competitive pricing – This is probably a given anyway.First to receive Jelly Bean OS – It will be one of the first, I don’t care if it’s THE first.Quad-core processor – Couldn’t care less, though dual core is a minimum.

  • Competitive pricing, followed by the Nexus experience. If Google wants to make a dent in the iPad’s market share, it can’t just offer a similar product with a different OS at the same price point. Undercut the market for the iPad.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1, but that’s because I am into Android. I totally understand why the public opts for the iPad.

    • Arameth

      why is price #1, when comparatively speaking its on par with the IPADs.  It needs to be faster, and quad-core doesn’t cut it.  Look at the speed comparisons between NVDIA and that A5x on the IPAD.  I hate apple, but I’d love to see my xoom in a thinner much faster version.  The Transformer while an awesome thought with the dock and all, doesn’t have 4g so no deal.  Even then get the performance and then start worrying on price.  People who want a cheap deal can buy a knock off chinese tablet, websearch for sytab7mx, and you’ll find a low cost tablet.

      • Liderc

        The point is, for Android to take over the market they need to produce an Ipad like experience for a lot less than Apple does. That’s what Google’s focus is going to be.  Apple’s pricing creates it’s exclusivity, but it’s also their biggest downfall. 

  • Tachomanboiii

    How about….updates.

  • All of the above

  • htowngtr

    High-res display, no question.

  • Drazyw1

    What I want to see most is THE ACTUAL DEVICE! They have been talking about it for a year now.  Come on!

  • grumpy

    how about a friggin tablet that can actually multi task and is beyond the scope of an app drawer?  The ability to do more on the screen at the same time has passed.  it’s time to stop oogling over hardware specs.

    • Daryl Johnston

      I’ll build on what grumpy says. When are we going to actually see side-by-side multitasking? The whole point of a larger screen format is not to make the birds & pigs bigger than your fingertip! Give us the ability to work in multiple apps at the same time without toggling the previously opened app. Widgets were a great start for this, but why the heck haven’t we seen a (forgive me for sayin’ this) Windows-esque, resizable app window running the app(s) “above” the homescreen? Come on, get your crap together!

      • Guest

        Android already does this. In the market there is a browser called overskreen, it floats above any app and is resizable. Also there is another called aircalc, its a calculator that floats on the desktop. Also there is tom with conerstone built in .

        • Daryl Johnston

          I know of these apps. While they are cool and all, this is something that Google needs to build natively into Android – just as they’ve done with other features that have come from apps developed on earlier versions of Android. The evolution of the app drawer, for example, is a result of apps that gave you multiple options for sorting, hiding apps, etc. Now there are apps that “float” above others, and it is time for Android to incorporate that into the OS. That’s all I’m saying.

          At least we do have developers who are pushing the envelope and Google is following their lead. I’m afraid that iPad 7 will still only be a 10″ iPod Touch!

    • r0lct

      This is why I won’t spend more than $250 on an Android tablet and have my eye on a Win8 tablet if I were to get a 10″ one.

      • Keep in mind that most Windows tablets will not have the full Windows 8. They will only come with the Metro interface, and not the conventional desktop.

        • I’ve read the opposite: that laptops, desktops, and tablets will all have desktops and the Metro interface. I just wish they’d do away with the Metro interface for non-touchscreen PCs.

          • Guest000

            I saw the new windows displayed on a 20 inch touch monitor, i was very impressed to see how microsoft could phase out keyboards and mouses all together with the new software. They were going to make the new windows to work on every type of device universally. it was way better than the apple touch screen monitor i saw a couple months back that was real buggy.

          • I agree, however, I have extensive experience with touch-screen monitors, and most are very inaccurate when it comes to clicking a small icon in ‘list’ orientation. However, when in a touch-optimized application, it’s a whole ‘nother story. I don’t think it’s very practical to use for more than a few minutes because eventually your arms are gong to get tired from being suspended into a computer screen.

        • ericl5112

          That is incorrect.  WOA (Windows on Arm) will include the desktop as well.  They will not run x86 apps, but there are some things you can do on the desktop such as file management, office, IE Desktop, etc.

    • RedPandaAlex

      The ability to dock an app is about the only thing Windows 8 does right, and that should work just as well for Android since apps are already designed to scale. You should be able to say, put your chat app in a sidebar and have it display in the phone layout, while you use chrome in the main window, and then switch one is larger with a simple press.