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Thursday Poll: What are You Hoping for the Most Out of a Nexus Tablet From Google?

Earlier this week, we wanted to know what everyone was hoping for from Google at this year’s Google I/O. The majority of people voted for a Nexus tablet, so what we want to know now is, what would you want from this device? According to rumors, ASUS and Google are teaming up to bring this dream-tablet to life. Can we expect a quad-core processor along with a super-high resolution display? Or will Google focus more on offering a decent Vanilla tablet at more of a competitive price to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire or the new iPad? Sound off down below on what you are hoping for the most.

What do you want to see most out of a Nexus tablet from Google?

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  • feztheforeigner

    All of the above? (including direct Google updates)

  • Curious Orange

    I love how every discussion of tablets here brings out a chorus of comments about how tablets are pointless. Really, the problem is that so far, Android tablets are pointless. The iPad may be primarily a consumption device, but isn’t there a place for a comfortable, portable, versatile consumption device, especially in an increasingly online world? Clearly, the answer for many consumers is yes. No, no one “needs” a tablet if they have a smartphone and a laptop. No one “needs” a television either but it’s a nice way to watch something, and watching things is enjoyable. Tablets are largely consumption/entertainment devices. Expensive, high-tech toys. We all like toys. And if you’re going to get a toy, you might as well get the toy that is fun, and that’s why Android tablets hold little appeal. The Kindle Fire sold because it was cheap, but also because they knew what it was: An easily-understandable, easy-to-use portal to entertainment. Better-specced Android tablets cost the same as the iPad, but without the pretty tablet-optimized apps, without the wide selection of tablet-specific games, without the smooth and reliable interface… Sure, there’s widgets, but that just makes everything look like work, and on tablets we want to play. If what you want is a toy (and most tablet consumers do) the iPad is the best one. (And the Fire is the cheap one.) There’s no reason to get any other tablet.

  • Bionic

    Everyone saying “a bigger screen” is wayy too ahead of the game.  Google is going to do the 7 inch tablet first and see how that goes.  After that they will build bigger.  

  • thereasoner

    please make it a 10″ or even better, make a Nexus version of Samsungs rumored 11.6″ HD screen!!

    • Bionic

      You are wayyy too ahead.  They are going to make the 7 inch first and see how well it goes. If all goes well, they will make bigger sizes.  

  • MegKelsey
  • Jeremy Morrison

    all of the above option please!

  • Break-through battery or power management technology. Big screens, fast processors, increased ram and storage, and multi-tasking, super fast network links, all lead to rapidly depleting batteries. We have everything we really need, except for an effective means by which to provide power.

  • Evanfass

    Competitive pricing brought us the kindle fire, worst purchase I ever made..

    • Bionic

      I agree, my wife has it and she actually loves it……for reading and very casual internet use.  But if you want a tablet that is more of an “all in one”  the kindle sucks balls.  The browser sucks and the fact that you cant replace said browser is a crime.  The battery isnt great either.

  • br_hermon

    I was going to say competitive pricing but I think even more so than that, what I want to see is a fully baked, true-blue competitor to the i*ad. Something great out of the box for the everyday consumer, not just the tech nerd. Better battery life, incredible graphics and speed, well integrated everything all at a competitive price. I’ve always been pretty impressed with how Asus handles Android tablets so I think Google choosing them was totally the perfect choice. Given the ingenuity of Google and the product quality and care of Asus, I expect great things and an incredible tablet to emerge.

  • schwinn8

    Google needs to remember… it’s not just about price. There are plenty of $200 tablets out there that aren’t worth it. The key is the PACKAGE needs to be a good VALUE. Keep quality components. Keep to your commitments (for example, show that SDcards and USB ports are really important to you, and keep them there and ungimped. Make a QUALITY device, at a reasonable price point. I would propose something around $300 to $350.

    Needless to say, you will need to cut corners somewhere. So, skip the high-res screen (but get a quality one). Don’t try to beat the iPad at ITS game… make your own game. Mid-priced, high quality device. Not everyone wants a Ferrari… the real market is in the midrange.

    Granted, being a Nexus device, this may fly in the face of their desires… but it’s what the Android market needs. Frankly, my Viewsonic Gtablet is a wonderful device. The screen is sub par, but it’s not that bad either (that’s why I bought it) – if they reinvented that, and kept the rest the same, they would have a winner on their hands TODAY, and with little effort. But everyone seems bent on “copying” Apple. STOP THAT.

  • My only thing I’d like to see in this tablet is a screen size of 8-9 inches.  7 is too small and in my opinion 10 is too big.  I had a 8.9 GTab for a while and it was a perfect size.  For a quad core pure google tablet I’d be willing to pay up to $300 for it.  Anything over that and you’ve lost half of your market.  IMO.  Cheers.

  • Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this.
     As far as rumors and everything go this tablet should cost about $200-250, that is competitive pricing (as far as the iPad goes). It was said to be running the Tegra 3 processor, This would make it have competitive specs (without knowing what the RAM, size of battery etc.) It should be running stock ICS (if not Jellybean). One of the thing we haven’t really heard in any rumors that I’ve seen is screen resolution. In order for it to be competitive with the iPad it should have more PPI then the new iPad does. I have also not seen anything on the size of the tablet in question, 7″ 7.7″ 8.9″ 10.1″ or w/e. I have held the kindle fire and in my opinion it is a little small for my liking. I guess what I’m saying is that if all the rumors as true (and that’s a big “If”) then the only thing we should worry about is size/resolution. Maybe we can worry about camera/speaker quality but for now I say eh to that.

  • Pmagent2013

    A 10.1 screen

  • Liderc

    I’m having a hard time understanding the tablet focus we have right now.  What are people even doing on their tablets?  My wife uses her Ipad to read in bed, my son to play angry birds, I mean is that what most people are doing with their tablets?

    Tablets are useless for most programs, a laptop or desktop is always better.  The only time a tablet is better is when you’re laying down or in bed.

    So what fundamental purpose does the tablet allow us to perform? 

    I think this is a dying technology, I’m not saying it won’t continue to have a market, it will simply not have a real purpose(people will buy anything, Apple’s proven that).  Unless you’re playing with apps/games for fun or just reading, there is no reason to use a tablet over a laptop with a mouse.  Even then you can read/play even better games easier on a laptop. 

    Products need a purpose to survive, the smart phone survived because people fundamentally need phones, but they also like the ability to read email, internet, text, apps on the go.  But when it comes down to it, their purpose is still to be a phone(we may talk less, but we text more).

    Desktops survived because they’re fundamental to all computing, code writing, graphic design, work production ect…

    I think the real future is using our smart phones in docking units where ever we go as our personal computers.  We go to work, we sit our phone in a dock that turns your monitor/keyboard/mouse into a full fledged computing experience, one that you can actually do work on.  Then we take the same smart phone home, lay it into a dock and your 50” monitor lights up and your phone using bluetooth connects to your physical keyboard and mouse and you can play games, watch movies, do work, read the news ect… This will make your smart phone your one and only computer that you bring everywhere with you.  

    A tablet will never be able to do this for us, it’s too awkward for work production and it limits our ability to use certain programs due to it’s two handed touch screen use. 

    It’s simply a leisure item.

    • iWebDroidBerry7

      Your smartphone is “simply a leisure item”vas well. You don’t *need* it either.

      • Liderc

        Except you just proved my point.  The smart device, coupled with a phone makes it not a leisure item since I must have a phone.

        The tablet has nothing I must have.

    • The purpose of a tablet, beyond just playing games and reading (although honestly that is a good enough reason for most people) is to have a mobile device with a screen size that is actually usable.  I know that I, like many other professionals out there, travel constantly in my job.  I use my tablet to answer emails and edit documents on the train every day on the way to work.  If I need to make a last minute change to a spreadsheet, I can do that easily on the road, while on my phone, I can technically do it, but a 4.6″ screen is honestly useless for real work.  

      Having a tablet, I find that i do certain tasks less frequently on my phone now.  I do prefer reading and gaming better on my tablet.  Any social activity is more enjoyable on the big screen (except for Google+ for some reason…).  Any media consumption activity is better on it.  

      Pretty much, having a tablet allows my phone to be a phone again.  I no longer worry about battery life on my phone since I am no longer looking at it 3-4 hours a day.  My screen on time with my phone has been reduced to about 1-1.5 hours which gives me easily 24+hours/charge.

      • Liderc

        I can do all of that on my laptop and much more efficiently than you can on a tablet. 

  • What do I want to see?  Being a 6′ 4″ fat fingered dude I’d use this fkr as a regular phone.

  • Thickey85

    The possibility to flash a Windows 8 rom