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Electronic Art’s NBA JAM and FIFA 12 Now Available Through the Google Play Store

More games from publisher EA have made their way to the Google Play Store. You will now be able to play NBA Jam and FIFA 12whenever you please on your Android device. They both will run you $5, but EA does their best at making sure you get your money’s worth. With JAM, there are three different game modes to choose from – Play Now, Campaign, and Local Multiplayer which allows you to go head to head against a friend via local WiFi or Bluetooth.

FIFA 12 is exactly what one would expect – A fully licensed soccer game featuring all the teams and players you know and love. We did notice that there were some interesting device restrictions, so be sure to check if your device is compatible before dropping the $5.

NBA JAM ($4.99) | FIFA 12 ($4.99)

  • Donghan37

    Does it work on Optimus 2x?? It looks like none of the dual cores phones are compatible.

  • nickmoore92


  • Gerret Walczak

    Yep, EA support for mobile is terrible. ON my GNex, Need for Speed won’t run (Errors on boot, even though device is compatible). Sims3 isn’t compatible, and neither is Sim City Deluxe. No faith, won’t give them my business anymore.

  • Slapi

    FIFA Soccer 12 plays perfectly on my stock, unrooted HTC Thunderbolt 4G



  • I don’t even have to check, I know my device will not be compatible because EA is absolute trash when it comes to this.  Probably only works on crap Qualcomm devices. 

  • How the heck does Fifa work on both my Gnex and GT 10.1 but not NBA Jam.  NBA Jam flipping worked on Sega Genesis.

  • Kenneth Maxwell

    Why doesnt anyone support HTC Rezound. The screen is so great but it seems like half the apps that look interesting to me arnt supported. Tiny Tower for instance is not supported but when side loaded works fine.

  • ddevito

    Stockton & Malone FTW!

  • N8shon

    This is ridiculous. Not compatible w/ my Razr Maxx EA? Of the two, only NBA Jam will work, and only on my OG Droid 1? Wow. EA fail. They have no idea what they are doing. It’s obvious. 

    • thebluegod

      And it probably runs like crap on OGD… I’m surprised it’s even mentioned lol.

      • N8shon

        True, I don’t dare try it. No need to-I just put SteelDroid 10.0 on my Droid 1 and got a dock for it for $10. It’s now the best Droid Touch/Full Featured Android Desk/Alarm Clock ever. Haha, love it.

      • moelsen8

        the ogd would explode trying to download the 300mb it requires..

  • kfath1978

    no go on galaxy tab 10.1 (nba jam)

  • possomcrast1


  • enigmaco

    Boomshakalaka I really want to but this game deserves a physical controller to play right.

    • N8shon

      Also true.

    • aj522

       works great on my xperia play 🙂

      • man23

        is your NBA Jam still working in Xperia Play?

  • hkklife

    Somehow, EA has managed to surpass Gameloft as the most currupt mobile publisher with the WORST support policies known to man.  Avoid these guys like the plague! 

    I bought Tetris, Sims 3, Need for Speed and something else back in Dec ’10 when they were on sale.   Those games quietly disappeared from the market for about a year before I was able to DL them again.  Last week I bought Need for Speed High Stakes and it refuses to even DL the additional content onto my Bionic or Evo View.   Peggle has also been broken since its launch for devices with screen resolutions higher than 854×480.

    Neither of these titles indicate compatibility for my Bionic.  Like it’s the only TI OMAP-based device out there and the lead ICS platform is something else, huh EA?   I buy EVERYTHING I use but crap like this makes me want to resort to piracy (funny how the cracked versions always work even despite the publishers’ claims of incompatibility). 

    • moelsen8

      yeah EA’s a real piece of sh1t.  they launch games to like 2 select devices, and then abandon them afterwards.  you have to jump through hoops to get customer service.  i downloaded a game a while back and when you email their email on the market, you get an automated reply.  it takes you to a website where you have to register and then chat online or something with somebody.  i only wanted a refund cause their garbage didn’t work and it’s obvious they don’t give a F.  google was awesome enough to refund the purchase through one of the links on the online market like dispute or something in my apps listing.  i will say that about google.. i had a reply and refund within minutes, and it wasn’t even during business hours (edit: and outside the refund window.. by like a day).

      it’s funny that i downloaded plants vs. zombies last may from amazon and it’s worked on everything i have.. but when it came to the google market, nothing for me.  they obviously don’t care about their android games.  avoid them like the plague, indeed.

      • Keii Graham

        I bought Plants vs Zombies (okay, well free) on Amazon when it first launched.
        I’ve never been able to play it because the first device wasn’t supported (Droid 1) and my upgrade isn’t supported (Gnex). I’m glad I didn’t spend money.

        • moelsen8

          free here too of course.  haha.  amazon appstore’s another thing i can’t really get behind, except for exclusive free apps.

        • Bigsike

          They updated P vs Z on Amazon a few weeks ago works very well now on my GN and Transformer Prime. 

  • Paul Weller

    FIFA 12 better be good considering it’s about a 1.3GB download…

  • said it before and ill say it again. EA needs to STOP releasing NEW games, and UPDATE older games to actually WORK on NEW devices! Now its even worse b/c i can see PvZ and Peggle in the store but it gives the “Not compatible with your device” banner. Get with it EA!

  • Droidzilla

    Trying . . . to care less . . . about soccer and basketball . . .

    Crap, couldn’t do it.

    • moelsen8

      come on, nba jam!?  it’s nba jam.  what an awesome way to waste like 10 minutes.  boom shakalaka!!!

      • Droidzilla

        Meh. I’ll stick to shooters and time-sinks like Fruit Ninja. The only sports I can get riled up about are fighting and racing (but not NASCAR; a boy’s gotta draw the line somewhere).

        • moelsen8

          well hell no not nascar haha.  but fair enough.  i’m not a fan of basketball but nba jam really was a great game.

  • ken619

    I’m running a razr maxx and I can’t find it under my google play store (I’m gonna start calling it gps)

    • moelsen8

      be careful, apple might sue.  cause, like, there’s a gps on the iphone.

  • moelsen8

    leave it to EA to f*ck these games up.  of all the devices I have, NBA Jam is only compatible with OGD, D2G, HTC Evo View 4g.  Not compatible with Xoom, Bionic, or Nexus.  it’s unbelievable.

    • Greg Gerhardt

      Yeah no support for the Transformer which is the only thing I would play this on. Boo.

      • moelsen8

        i know.. and hell.. it’s a 300mb download.. you couldn’t even download it on the ogd, but yet it’s supported.  what the F is wrong with EA?

        • iKing_5

          It’s not EA, fandroid….it’s your hopelessly fragmented, POS perpetual beta OS….

          • moelsen8

            hey been waiting for the if*cks to show up and make this a good time.  welcome to the party!  notice how nothing was said about ios?  but you’re here anyway, look at you!  you go girl!

          • iKing_5

            Hey, it’s not my fault u settled for a copycat, buggy, malware-infested, half-baked OS…..but at least you’ve got widgets! 🙂

          • thebluegod

            Seriously, if you hate Android so much, why do you spend so much energy coming to DROID Life and troll? Find some other place. Engadget would be a perfect home for you.

          • iKing_5

            It’s called the First Amendment, fandroid…..something your kind is all too familiar with when they comment on blogs like Apple Insider and MacDailyNews…..

          • moelsen8

            too bad the first amendment doesn’t make you any less of an obnoxious a$$hole.  it’s funny that you come here and just inject yourself and ios into the conversations without provocation.  it’s great you have an opinion, but it’s hard to discuss or argue points with people that start off conversations by saying fandroid and that bs.  but that’s not what you want, is it?  you just want to be a douche.  in which case, good work.  go ahead, have the last say now.

          • iKing_5

            Here is a quote from YOU, fandroid:

            “be careful, apple might sue. cause, like, there’s a gps on the iphone”

            Who provoked you to say that, fandroid??? Or were you just being an “obnoxious a$$hole”????

            Pot, meet kettle….

          • thebluegod

            Dude I own a Mac. Does it have to be one or the other? Can’t I like Apple for some things and Android for others? Damn…

          • moelsen8

            You really have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re welcome for the notification center. Go back to iBGR.

          • iKing_5

            Notification center…..is that all u got? Time will not permit me to list all of the things that Android has ripped from Apple….your copycat beta OS wouldn’t exist in its present form if it didn’t have the iPhone to serve as a template for it….puhleeease

          • Android is superior to iOS in every way. Name one way iOS and the iPhone are superior. Processor? Screen? Customizability? GTFO

          • moelsen8

            don’t feed the itrolls.  they’re mindless douchebags who apparently have nothing better to do than hang out on android blogs all day to make sure everyone knows how committed they are to the almighty apple.

          • dsass600

            your commenting everywhere ahahhahh

          • iKing_5

            Here’s three areas than Android is FAR superior than the iPhone: bugginess, malware, and slow-as-molasses updates….how’s that??? 🙂

          • dsass600

            Iphone statistically has more crashes, i have a nexus so i get all updates, iphone also has malware. STFU

          • iKing_5

            iPhone lag vs Android lag:

            Good for u if your version of pretend iPhone gets timely updates! But the vast majority of pretend iPhone users don’t have your version…so it’s a moot point

            Never said the iPhone didn’t have any malware, but we don’t even have to discuss which platform is VASTLY superior in that area…..

            Have a nice day….

          • Shouldn’t you be waiting in line freezing your ass off for a new shiny toy?  =)
            Security issues? iTunes is a thieves den http://www.smh.com.au/business/apple-under-fire-for-lax-security-20120316-1vaqw.html

          • kretz7

            Dude, I’m a huge Android fan, but also not ignorant. By saying comments like that you really are welcoming answers you won’t want to hear. You should probably think and do some research before you make bold statements about Android.

          • Bionicman

            wait till you see how many apps ONLY work on the “new” ipad and wont work on older iOS devices due to their screen resolution or slower processor. but yet iOS has no fragmentation right…. hmmmm /s

    • beerme828

      sucks no gnex, but it’s lookin sexy on my HTC Flyer!

      • moelsen8

        does it play good?  i briefly thought about buying it even if it means i can only play it on my view.

        • beerme828

          havent had a chance to really play it yet, just got it downloaded and made sure it looked alright. I’ll be enjoying it tonight watching march maddness tho!

          • moelsen8

            if you make it back around to this post drop me an update.  i swore off EA but… it’s nba jam.

          • beerme828

            haha I couldn’t wait until later, so I just played around with it a bit. When i first started into the tutorial there was some weird video issue goin on – top half inch of the screen seemed to be duplicating the image from below. I restarted my tablet, and just played a full game with no problems. I personally am a fan, but wait for a few other reviews before you drop $5 on my word alone.

          • moelsen8

            cool man thanks, appreciate it.

      • Tino

        how do you install in flyer? which version of it? i have tried with no luck..