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[Deal] Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Just $25 Through Amazon

If you were not able to take advantage of Verizon’s deal on extended batteries for the Galaxy Nexus, then you should know that there is a serious deal going on over at Amazon. For just $20, you can scoop up the 2100mAh extended battery for your G-Nex instead of waiting for Verizon to replenish their $50 a pop stock of them. It won’t make your phone last a week, but will definitely give you a much needed battery boost on a 4G LTE device that needs all the juice it can get.

Update: The price has now gone up to $25.23. Still 50% off and a great deal.


Cheers GD!

  • Bcorrell34


  • Bcorrell34

    I just bought another extended batter from verizon so my back up is also an extendo. They are still $25 (50% off)…. just go pick it up there. Plus the sexy rep asked for my cell number stating “For work and personal reasons may I have your cell number”


  • Trevor-kai Craig

    This is nice but I need a 3100mAh slim battery to be made some time in the near future!

  • will this work in the extra battery charger?

  • Turdbogls

    picked up my extended from verizon last week for $25 out the door….maybe it was even cheaper (20% employee discound)
    its worth it just to have an extra battery alone…a little extra juice never hurt anyone either.

  • Turdbogls

    picked up my extended from verizon last week for $25 out the door….maybe it was even cheaper (20% employee discound)
    its worth it just to have an extra battery alone…a little extra juice never hurt anyone either.

  • Team220captain

    I’m getting almost 20 hours of 4G usage from the extended battery. My battery life increased dramatically after switching to the latest AOKP ROM. It has a power save feature that switches to 3G when the screen is off. It’s amazing that Samsung (or any other manufacturer) hasn’t figured that out by now…

  • TC Infantino

    This is a good deal, although I think with the 4G phones that they should make the lower price permanent considering the drain the 4G radios put on our phones.  I got the extended battery for my Rezound when VZW had the half price sale, and I really needed it.  I am just wondering why either the OEMs or aftermarket can’t make larger batterys with a better form factor.  Make them almost as long as the phone, but thinner…basically like the Razr Maxx, but keep them removable.  Maybe it is harder to keep them in place if they are almost the length of the phone, but if so, just make a sliding clip or something to hold it securely.  I can’t be the first to have thought of this, or the hundred and first, I am just wondering what the hold up is on getting this to market.

  • There all sold out

  • duke69111

    Is the extra 250mah really that helpful…I’m guessing not. 

  • fvqu

    The price keeps changing, its $26.43 now.

  • Daniel Flanigan

    Love my Gnex….I just wish it was built a bit better…and that I could keep the beautiful screen on full capacity for a day without loosing charge.

    The extended battery is a POS imho.

  • Steve-O

    Now $31.00 lol

  • Steve-O

    It’s up to 

  • evltwn

    These are still 25 bucks at VZW, picked one up last week for that price in store.

  • Hans Wee

    got mine free with the costco bundle.  and well… its 15% more power and works fine.  plus now i have a 2nd battery i can keep with me for longer nights out.  so its doubly a win.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Stupid battery is useless. There is no noticeable difference.

    • Kellydehn

       Agreed.  Very disappointed.

  • willsours

    I still dont see how this is worth it. Its barely any bigger than the stock battery. Maybe an extra half hour of light use? pffft.

    • Liderc

      An extra half hour matters a lot when you know, you need to call someone because your car breaks down and your phone died 30 minutes ago!

      People really can’t see past their own noses can they.

      • willsours

        Apparently some can’t. There are 3800mah extended batt’s available if you want a big battery. Maybe I’m just cheap and can’t see paying $50 (or $25 on sale) for an extra 250mah.

        • will bartlett

          it adds a 2-3 hours for me. ive been using the stock battery since i now have 2 of them and 1 extended and if i listen to music at work on my phone will die around 7 on the stock battery and around 10 or 11 on the extended.

          • Tim242

            It only adds 12%. That equals roughly 28 minutes.

  • So pretty much never buy a nexus battery at full price 😛

  • Boblank84

    just bought one.  Quick off topic question:  I have an upgrade next week for my wife’s line, she wants the gnex as well.  What is the best place to buy right now?  it looks like vzw is still 300.00, wich was fine when i bought mine the day it came out, but im sure there are some better deals out by now.

    • Keii Graham

      Amazon has it for $99, but I don’t know if they honor upgrades.

    • if I were you i’d wait till the updates come, its really not a very good phone as it is now

      • Boblank84

        i have the phone and couldn’t really ask for anything more from a phone.  works flawlessly for me.  Not really sure where you are coming form there.. but to each their own.

        • dude this phone has had the worst comments about it that I have ever seen,reboots,mic cuttin off, speaker,radios etc etc

          • Boblank84

            yeah… i have none of those problems maybe you got a dud.

          • not just me, you must be the only  one in the world that got a good one,check the blogs

          • Boblank84

            sorry, not really looking for a debate over the quality of the phone just looking for information regarding price on buying another….thanks for your opinion I guess….

          • well you got lucky once, wonder if your luck will hold out again

          • EC8CH


          • Nick

            Ive also had no issues with the phone. Do you personally have these issues or just reading about them?

          • Bodhiballer

            Lemme go check the blogs over my own experience.  Got it.  😐

          • Keii Graham

            Now I don’t exactly follow his entire stance on the phone (I love it, wish Verizon did too), but those problems he listed are well known.
            I haven’t personally experienced mic cutting off, but I have seen the reboots (get one every few days) and I’ve seen lots of posts about it on android forums.

          • ive had cell phones,since they starting making them years ago, ive never heard this many people complain and hate one phone in my life, not to mention no updates at all

          • Tim242

            No updates? It launched with 4.01. It updated to 4.02 on launch day. 4.03 is meant for the GSM version. 4.04 is in testing. The leak is out. I’m running AOKP. Not one problem, and lots of customization options. If you aren’t happy, do something about it. But, I’m doubting you even own one.

        • and know idea when updates are coming, or even if they ever will come

        • EC8CH

          A G-Nex ran over Joe Buck’s dog.

  • Keii Graham

    I have a feeling Verizon and Samsung are going to be feeling the hurt in ~2 years when everyone’s contracts are up for butchering this product so bad.
    First the constant delays, then the constant delays on accessories, then the constant delay on the patch, then trying to rip people off on the car mount and then trying to rip people off on the horizontal dock. 
    And it’s terribly sad because I love the phone. I just hate everyone involved in marketing it. 

    • it could have been a great phone, but so didnt happen

      • Keii Graham

        I think Verizon was determined to get it to fail so they can use it as an excuse to tell Google that people don’t really want their open Nexus device, they want the premium Beats Audio™$©® LTE™$©® Verizon Apps Preloaded custom skin phones, so they can continue to roll around in money. 

        • 4n1m4L

          i think i will just keep using this one till another nexus drops on verizon.

        • TC Infantino

          The HTC Rezound with Beats Audio by Dr. Dre….Had to type out the full proper name cause they repeat the full name in the owners manual about a million times, never shortened to Rezound.  And I agree with you, Verizon seems to want to hide the Nexus behind their back while they push you towards the other top tier phones.  And while I like the Beats audio enhancement, the earbuds are nothing special at all, and certainly not worth $99.  Mine are less than 4 months old and the right earbud stopped working.  I am going to contact Verizon and HTC to see if they are covered under warranty, but I sure as hell wouldn’t pay for a new pair.

          • Bodhiballer

            It’s a fact-  VZW get’s paid from all the bloatware they load onto phones, therefore they have incentive to push them over the GN.  

  • finally got verizon to order me a new gnex to replace this pos, salesman said that I am the only one that bought one from him, said people want premium phones like the razr

    • EdubE24

      Cough, cough Bullsh#t….

      • 4n1m4L

        Trying to tell people what they should want. Sound like apple.

    • Tim242

      Haha you are full of $hit. .All of my local stores said it was a bigger launch than the Razr. I had the Razr for two weeks. It has a lot more issues. With the Nexus, I’m free to do what I want with it. AOKP FTMFW! Eat me, troll.

    • Bodhiballer

      Does that mean you can finally stop bringing this up in every single post?

  • Destroythanet

    Why don’t they ever have 50% off the OEM external battery charger with spare battery?

    • Tim242

      That’s what I got. I took the extended battery back.

  • DroidzFX

    Tempted but I already have one. Plus I really don’t have any issues getting through a day with these awesome ROMs the Devs are kicking out .

  • DroidzFX

    Tempted but I already have one. Plus I really don’t have any issues getting through a day with these awesome ROMs the Devs are kicking out .

  • The extended battery w/ cover is still $24.99 at Verizon… not sure how you can miss out on a sale that hasn’t ended yet.

    • picaso86

      Why would you need an Extended Battery for your phone? …oh wait… I have Razr MAXX…

      • Bodhiballer

        I.e. why would you need one when you already have one.  

      • Evan

        lol stock battery

  • nsauce7

    This one come with or without NFC?

    • EricRees

      Comes with!

  • Bob

    Would this work on the GSM GN? (i9250)

    • Destroythanet

      No, different battery sizes.

      • Bob

        Damn. I wish there was an official extended battery I could buy.

  • Josh Rabinowitz

    $25.23+$2.98 shipping… um?

  • oddity98

    I’m clumsy so i picked up an otter box for my gnex. will the extended battery fit in it? 

    • Keii Graham

      If you got the Defender series, it will fit snugly. I use it myself. Be warned it adds considerable girth to your phone. 

  • what am i missing? it comes up $25.23

  • Results please

    Is there anyone using one of these that can give me a real world report of how much it helps?

    • Considerably, especially with Franco Kernel

    • EricRees

      Helps a truck load. I consistently get 2-3 hours more battery out of it than with the regular.

      • Tim242

        Ummm no. It adds 250 mAh, which is 12%. That equals roughly 28 minutes.

        • 4n1m4L

          Defective batteries happen.

          • Tim242

            Not sure what you are trying to say here…

        • Boblank84

          Not sure how you are judging your battery life time. But according to you a full battery lasts less than 4 hours. I think you might be talking about screen on time and eric is talking about normal use time?

          • Tim242

            No. I’m going by the official talk time. The additional 250 mAh is 12% more than the stock 1850. That means, at best, you get 30 minutes more of whatever your use is.

          • Bodhiballer

            No.  If your basing this on talk time then your 28 minutes is for talk time. The 12% would apply consistently across the board to various battery usage metrics, e.g. standby time, screen time, etc.  Applied maths = serious business.  

          • Tim242

            I used the extended battery for all of a week before returning. There was no noticeable difference. I opted for the extra standard battery. It comes with a charging cradle.

    • Tim242

      It adds 250 mAh, which is 12%. That equals roughly 28 minutes.

  • Dude

    This would have gone nicely with my free Nexus

  • df2rools

    says 25.23+3 shipping.

    wanting an extra battery (whether extended or not with) with an included wall charger for around $25.
    (with NFC)

  • $25.23 + $2.98 shipping

    Still a good price.

  • Lumpysherman

    Close but no cigar..
    $25.23 + $2.98 shippingIn Stock. Sold by BlueMall

  • Matt Schepp


    • It was listed as $20 before the post went live Sorry, folks!

    • saimin

      $25.23 + $2.98 shipping