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Amazon Celebrating Their Appstore’s First Birthday, Offering Deals All Week On Premium Apps

Seeing as how Amazon’s Appstore has reached its first birthday, Amazon is in full on party mode. To celebrate, they have taken some of the biggest titles they have and are offering them at reduced prices all week. Today, they have Plants vs. Zombies at just 99 cents. Tomorrow, they will offer two app deals and the following day they will have three app deals, continuing on like that for the full week. From what we can tell, most of the apps they will offer have already been covered in their Free Apps of the Day, but fingers crossed we see something that hasn’t been offered yet. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Lost City for free.

Go check out the deals and wish the Amazon Appstore a happy birthday!

  • Hohlraum

    If you buy apps from Amazon and you aren’t buying them on an Amazon device…  you are a moron.

    • Nklenchik

      I know, don’t you have to have the Amazon app store actually on your phone to use them too?

      • Hohlraum

        That’s not really the issue.  I do use the Amazon app store but it’s only for the free paid app of the day.  If I like it and I see it for a good price on the Android Market I install it there.   But there is absolutely no reason to actually BUY apps from the Amazon app store if you don’t need to.  The newest versions are always available on the Android Market much sooner. 

  • WTF ”
    geographical restrictions”??? Since when Russia is not welcome… bloody racists! 

  • EvanTheGamer


    You know if Lost City is any good? I keep seeing it pop up, but just haven’t got around to buying it.

  • red014

    And here I was thinking it was for my birthday a few days ago, never mind not knowing how Amazon got my birth date.  How self centered of me!

    • Mike

      I did the exact same thing…

  • Rampagedeluxe

    I purchased Lost City when it was released. Its a bit short, but its worth the price. Free is even better. Fire Maple makes some fun games. 

  • PvZ doesn’t work on the Transformer Prime either.  I picked it up free as it was the first free app of the day back when the amazon app store first opened. (Take a hint google and let us buy apps for the future), but alas it was not to be as it clearly does not operate under ICS.

    • Rampagedeluxe

      It wasn’t the first free app of the day. I do agree that they need to get PopCap games working with ICS. 

  • Marksta

    People still have that installed?

    • r0lct

      Do people still waste time on time waster games?  😉

    • htowngtr

      Sure, sometimes they have some good free productivity apps. 

  • r0lct

    Would be nice for PvZ to be working on my Gnex.

    • srh12

      Uh oh, whats the issue? I was just about to buy (even though Ive already beaten it on my PC twice)

      • mikesuds

        Works for about 30 seconds then freezes for me, same with Peggle.

      • r0lct

        Both on stock and AOKP it never worked for me.

      • Dylan Neu

        It freezes every time I open it on my GNex as well. Unfortunately I got it when the price was still $2.99 🙁