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Video: HTC Using Micro Arc Oxidation to Create New Ceramic-Like Casing for New Devices

At this point, we have pretty much seen everything that a company can do with the body of a phone. But HTC is looking to change that with a new chemical process called “Micro Arc Oxidation.” Being used for the new One series, HTC is starting with aircraft grade aluminum, which would be enough for most manufacturers, but then they heat it up. Using 10,000 volts of energy, the material changes at the molecular level. “Almost like lightning striking the phone.”


It looks to be a fascinating process, and what you get is a phone that is 3 times stronger than stainless steel and a phone that doesn’t need a case to protect against scratches and dings. The phone has a ceramic feel about it which is sure to raise some eyebrows and get people excited about this phone. Since this process is being used on the new One series we can only hope that it will be included in the yet-to-be-released Incredible 4G, so we too as Verizon customers can take advantage of this awesome process. You have to give it to HTC for their attention to detail in their upcoming phones.

Cheers claydos66!
  • Rsa329

    I love HTC! to He!! with all the other manufacturers!

  • Stayflyer

    thats great but what new tech are you using for better battery life?

  • Eidem

    How about that you take Android core and make it smooth as butter AND THEN think about materials you use.

  • LionStone

    This sounds great, especially for those of us that are done buying cases.

  • Blood

    Bye bye Moto. ūüôā

  • This is why I love HTC. ¬†They are thoughtful and provide consumers with cutting edge quality and user experience, unlike another company….who produces fragile, overpriced phones that underperform and are purposely designed to break in your pocket so you’ll have to buy replacements.

  • master94

    Samsung and now HTC ceramic casing. Cant wait!

  • Liderc

    That’s really interesting. ¬†I wonder how it feels in comparison to the materials we’re used to. ¬†The demonstration was definitely cool.

  • Trooper

    Well at least its a huge step up from their crappy plastic creaky devices. 

  • Kiter86

    isn’t this just anodizing the aluminum?

    • EC8CH

      Similar maybe, but typical anodizing is not performed that what. ¬†Don’t know how different the resulting properties of the anodized layers would be.

      • 4n1m4L

        More like work hardening, quenching, and anodizing.

    • Dezignstuff

      ¬†Sounds like it’s oxidizing the external layer of material. Aluminum Oxide powder/sand is used as an abrasive because it is so hard. In bulk it should be relatively inexpensive, and may allow for thinner and lighter cases. On the other hand, since it is so hard, it may also become brittle and crack, especially if you drop it in the cold.

  • Asdfadf

    sounds like an incredible waste of money

    • Mgurule80

      “an incredible waste of money” And why is that? I’m sure if the cost was “incredible” like you stated, HTC wouldn’t be doing it.

      • CORYK333

        Dude, this is a DroidLife comment section, they could showoff a unicorn phone that can produce rainbows & someone on here would find something/anything to be negative about. Haters make up the majority of the community now.

        • Josh Groff

          ¬†Make that into a phone and I’ll buy it, plain and simple.

  • better hurry up and put it out before apple says they patented it and sues

    • Ha! ¬†New joke!

    • In 5-10 years, apple will start doing this with their phones. Their lawyers will then bring forward patent they filed 15 years ago which vaguely depicts a clipart lightning bolt hitting a rectangle. A lawsuit is already in the works.

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    • Guest

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      • Tboltuser

        leave it to a Guest sig. to claim all Americans=racist because of the comments of two other anonymous losers.  Brilliant. 

        DL¬† = where’s the option to report posts, got four of them here!

        • Josh Groff

          Mouse over the comment and you see a flag. You’re welcome.

          • r0lct

            I think it was just bad grammar and was actually saying DL does have the option, but maybe I am giving him too much credit

        • Net Police

          ¬†Where’s the d-bag button?¬† I’ve got one above (Tboltluser).

      • HarryWang

        ¬†Hey Guest, get a life, then a job.¬† I thought the comments were funny and I’m Chinese.

  • I need to have this process done on my Bushmaster AR15 pattern rifle… Sounds neat!¬†

  • snowblind64

    10,000 volts of energy?

    I think you mean electricity as voltage is not a measurement of energy but an electrical potential difference between two points.

    • It sounds a bit strange, but I suppose it’s technically correct. A volt is a unit of energy. ¬†It’s like saying X degrees of angle, or X miles of distance. ¬†It’s wacky sounding for sure.

      • EC8CH

        A volt is not a unit of energy.

        • Droidzilla

          You’re right; a Volt is a crappy car used by Green Party members to feel all elite and smug about their lives.

          • EC8CH

            touche… I’d be happy with a wider selection of smaller diesel motor powered cars in the US.

          • Droidzilla

            Agreed on the¬†diesel¬†front; I have no idea why we don’t have more 50+MPG diesels, here. I’m going to do my part for the environment by switching my WRX over to E85. It has nothing to do with its high octane allowing more ignition timing advance and higher boost levels without detonation . . .

            I do it for the children.

          • EC8CH

            Don’t tell the children then how much energy it takes to grow and harvest corn and then turn it into ethanol.

            I used to have a 1.8T A4… turbos are fun ūüôā

          • Droidzilla

            Actually, that’s a myth. E85 converts a positive energy balance of 8.8 MJ/L.

            Also, the children will love the growl of a 2.5L boxer 4 on 25psi with a 3″ straight pipe, no cats, and a minimal muffler. The “no cats” just means, uh . . . no cats were harmed in the tuning of my vehicle. And can we really put a price on a child’s laughter?

            What did you trade the A4 for?

          • EC8CH

            Ford Edge ūüôĀ

            (I’ve got two kids now)

            But on a happier note, it’s time to trade in the other car and I was seriously considering a VW CC until they went and smashed the front end with an ugly stick with their 2013 redesign… now I don’t know what to do.

          • Guest

            you were going to buy a car, but then you took an arrow to the knee

          • EC8CH

            That’s exactly what happened. ¬†An arrow in the shape of a generic looking VW brand front grill.

          • TheRealBeesley

            You have 2 kids? ¬†How the hell do you sit here and reply to comments all day? I mean literally, ALL DAY. ¬† I’m not being a jerk, I’m seriously just curious! ¬†2 kids, a job ( I assume) and yet you’ve managed to rack up like 50.000 comments on droid-life alone! ¬†HOW DO YOU DO IT! ¬†I can’t ever visit a post without seeing your avatar here lol, most likely correcting someone. ¬† Android… u must be an Android. ¬†

          • EC8CH

            DL on my phone, and an office job.

            Some people facebook… I read Droid-Life.

            and I’ve only got 4477 comments, which is pretty light compared to some people on other forums ūüėČ

          • r0lct

            +1 from another working parent with time to comment on DL and forced into family friendly cars. ¬†ūüėõ

          • Droidzilla

            I’m biased, so I’d say get an STi. I can’t kill the boy racer side of me (though I do have a minivan for hauling things other than hauling ass).

          • Liderc

            My brother works in the ethanol industry, he said it takes nearly a full gallon of gasoline to create a gallon of ethanol. ¬†He said it’s a joke that it helps the environment, but that it does create jobs.¬†

          • EC8CH

            I’d even argue that, without¬†government subsidies it appears the processing of¬†ethanol is as¬†economically¬†feasible¬†as it is environmentally friendly. See: not-so-much

          • Droidzilla

            The facts disagree with your brother, especially if one considers cellulosic production (even without, ethanol is a net positive energy balance and has been for years). Still, current E85 production in America is in a pretty poor state and probably won’t get any better, more’s the pity.

            There are “facts” that go either way, depending on the bias of one’s sources. My fact is this: 110+ octane fuel for cheaper than regular gasoline and a bunch of pumps in my area. The environment is cool and all, but I’m in it for the horsepower plain and simple.

          • wastry

            Ethanol creates more CO2 than gasoline; even Al Gore and the Sierra club have come out against it. ¬†It’s nothing but a subsidy pig that degrades engines and buys votes

          • Droidzilla

            Well, if Al Gore said it and the Sierra Club endorsed it, it just must be true.

        • Guest1835

          “Volt” (symbolized as “V”) is the unit name derived for the quantity of
          electric potential. Volts, or voltage, measure potential, as opposed to
          “joules,” which measure amount of energy, or “coulomb,” which measure
          charge.Read more: What Is a Volt in SI Units? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_7392539_volt-si-units_.html#ixzz1p84oywKG

          • EC8CH

            exactly… a volt is not a unit of energy.

          • TheRealBeesley

            Trying to prove EC8CH wrong eh? ¬†Well my friend, he is right. A volt is not energy. BUT,. an Electron-volt is most definitely energy. ¬†So maybe you can have some kind of technicality? ¬†ūüôā¬†

    • SenseOffender

      The designer says “electricity” but for some reason sites have been saying “energy”.

  • Ok, that’s pretty cool. ¬†I’d be pumped about HTC making the next Nexus as long as they don’t add any stupid bumps or useless colors accents (like red) to the case of the phone, and as long as they keep Sense as far away from it as possible (duh, it’s a Nexus).

    • Mapekz

      I don’t think HTC or Samsung is going to get the next Nexus. Yes, I know it’s a lottery system but Google also needs to show they are unbiased for the sake of OEM relations.

      Also, the Google Nexus program seems to provide big G and avenue to influence the OEMs (and vice-versa). As much as TouchWiz influenced ICS, I feel we should be thanking the close partnership on the Nexus S for letting Samsung have that much influence in the first place.

      That said, I think the frontrunners for this year will be LG (Nitro and Spectrum demonstrated potential), Motorola (mainly if they are able to deliver x86 Android by year’s end, though there is some gray area in allowing Motorola to make a Nexus at this point), and Asus (Transformer series was great for tablets and Asus has reported it’s been close enough to Google to get speedy access to Jelly Bean).

      I think LG or Motorola will be the most probable for a Nexus phone, Asus for the Nexus tablet. Still we could be surprised if Sony and soon ZTE offer something promising enough to shift the scale in their favor.

      • Calvin Williams

        It definitely won’t be Motorola. They already got a lot of bad PR about how all the other companies will be left out once Google buys Motorola. That would just prove everyone right. It will be any company other than Motorola.

        • florious80

          ¬†I feel the opposite. While Google stated they don’t have (want) direct control of Moto, since they’ve acquired Moto, I can’t see any real reason that they would choose another company that they have absolutely no say in, versus the one that they actually have ownership in. I would not be surprised if Moto ended up making the next Nexus. unfortunately.

          • Josh Groff

             Motorola makes solid hardware, take off their blur, and you have one mean android. Just my $.02

          • florious80

            Agreed. I think blur will be removed if it is indeed a Moto Nexus. I can’t vouch for the recent Moto screens, but I think they need to put in a good one for Nexus. The rest of the hardware from Moto has always been very good, especially the cell radio, since they make their own custom 4G radio.

          • Josh Groff

            ¬†Screen is the least of my worries, QHD is fine by me. ūüôā

          • Mapekz

            If you’ve seen the ICS Blur leaks, it’s actually very minimal and somewhat decent. Change the flamboyant icons back to their originals and you have a solid OEM skin that doesn’t get in the way. Heck, Blur for the Bionic on release is fairly minimal and actually better than stock Gingerbread in many ways (it consisted of some Honeycomb features).

          • Josh Groff

            ¬†I know it’s minimal, but I’m not a big fan of the look of it. Plan on getting a free bionic through wirefly, or should I drop the extra 60 bucks for a 32 GB Razr?

        • Mapekz

          Yeah, that’s the “gray area” to which I was referring in my post. But to be honest there is such a small pool to draw from if you avoid to show even the slightest hint of favoritism so I don’t think it really matters: a lottery is a lottery and every manufacturer may have an equal opportunity on the Nexus phone after all.

          But I definitely would put my money on an Asus-made Nexus tablet; no one else got Android tablets right so far. There could be a small chance for a Motorola Nexus tablet, however, just because Motorola unleashed the first Honeycomb tablet on us; this would be similar to how HTC launched the first Android phone and subsequently became the first Nexus phone manufacturer.

  • Droidzilla

    According to the Droid Charge commercials, didn’t lightning already strike a phone in a secret government lab somewhere?

    • PowerofPicture

      No, that was the Thunderbolt and it happened on top of a rooftop to charge it up.

      • Droidzilla

        I guess HTC has the corner on lightning derived phone architecture.

        • Calvin Williams

          I’m surprised no one said anything about Samsung since they are rumored to use ceramic in the GS3.