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Nokia CEO: Dual-Core and Quad-Core Chips Simply Drain Batteries, Aren’t All That Useful

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has been quite the figurehead as the company’s near collapse was saved by the Windows Phone 7 boat. Now that his company is all-in with Microsoft, his latest comments aren’t that surprising. In an interview with a Chinese news outlet, Elop said that he thought that dual and quad-core processors are not all that useful. He went on to say that they were just a waste of battery for the consumer. Strong words indeed.

What is interesting about this is that Windows Phone 7 as it is now only supports single-core but is gearing up for the step to dual-core. It was widely rumored that Microsoft was testing the Qualcomm MSM8960 CPU chipset, which is dual-core, for the release in a Windows Phone at some point down the road. And while single-core may be alright for WP7 and it’s Metro UI, Android definitely benefits from the boost of a dual-core or quad-core processor. Yes the battery drain is a drag but it can be managed as well. Thoughts? Will you own a quad-core phone or stay away for fear of the battery drain?

Via: Pocket-Lint, Unwired View

  • TechReader

    Stephen Elop just changed his last name to Stephen Flop. This guy is clearly not a right guy to run a tech company like Nokia. He made a lot of stupid commends, he said multi-core processors are wasteful, now his Nokia Lumia 900 cannot upgrade to Windows 8 because of this and this phone will be doom starting from now. He also said that big screen phone (higher then 3.5″) also not needed but then making a Lumia 900 with a big screen. Well, at least he is smart about 44MP camera in a phone is wasteful that’s why he did say anything about it before going and made one.

    As his new last name, he is Mr. Flop

  • Elop is the definition of a pathetic, Microsoft-brain-washed CEO. How stupid, to think that adding BETTER, more POWER EFFICIENT, and FASTER processors into devices is a bad idea… I am a computer engineer and there is NO WAY we could have as incredible of technology or battery life WITHOUT multiple cores. 

    Wow… and no wonder NOKIA has laid off thousands upon thousands of employees. Saved Nokia? I guarantee that is a lie.

  • Matthew Merrick

    annnnnnnnd…. this is just more anti-Google FUD from microsoft. between their company attitude and metro, they’re really starting to aliniate me, and this is coming from someone who used to be called a MS fanboy. 

    and yes, nokia may as well be owned my microsoft. the two companies are closer in bed than any other tech partenership i know of.  

  • Nokia who?

  • Nokia is OUT of the tech game. Their expiration date is coming real soon. {{-_-}}

  • Larizard

    In fairness, his new look is quite good on him.

  • Eric Payne

    Once they finish getting graphene into batteries then i will no longer worry about either 4g or quad core proc’s.

    (assuming i spelled graphene correctly)

  • OhAaron

    What a joke.

  • Guest12

    I have to agree. The only thing these quad core CPUs help for is games. And that is what the 3DS/Vita are for. 

    I don’t need my apps to open in 1/4 of a second instead of 1/2.