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Google+ Hangouts Now Supports Google Docs Integration, Productivity In Mind

Say what you want about Google+, but the Hangouts might be the biggest plus (pun fully intended) to Google’s attempt at social networking. In the beginning it was just for video chatting with a few of your friends, but then you could watch Youtube videos for some added fun. Now Google decided you and your friends should get to work and added in Google Docs support. While video chatting with your co-workers or buddies you can all work on a document at the same time. Google says you can do trip planning or lecture notes, but we all know there will be lots of doodling and other fun things that will come from this.

Via: Robin Schriebman (Google+)

  • Darejer

    How is this different than “google+ hangout with extras” that they’ve had available for a few months?

  • SchmidtK

    I don’t think this will solve basic problem. undoubtedly  Hangouts and
    Google docs is great integration but since there are many issues when it
    comes to Google docs just like Google Spreadsheets is online, why
    doesn’t it go beyond versioning and creating multiple copies of the same
    data? What if I want to share different filters of the same spreadsheet
    for others to update and make my life easier?
    I would be interested in some alternatives to Google docs and have come across this tool called CollateBox http://www.collatebox.com/ looks promising to me.

  • N8shon

    I use Google+ for business meetings roughly every other day. The more features they add, the better. Right now it’s working well, and I hope they continue the augmentation of its overall feature set. 

  • Filip

    Now if Google Docs would only allow me to switch between multiple accounts…

  • Wave

    Sounds like Google Wave.

  • @OMG@

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    • Joveoak

      Cool story, bro

      / sarcasm

  • Guestman

    Thats cool

  • shr1k3r

    literally was just in google + hangout for the first time and was unable to get this feature working. I was able to bring it up on screenshare though..