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DROID X2 Software Update is Ready as Build 1.3.418, Includes a “Google Security Patch”

We first learned of a new software update for the DROID X2 back on March 12 that we expected to be nothing more than a bug fixer. Since Motorola and Verizon seem to have decided that the dual-core powered phone is not worthy of Ice Cream Sandwich, what else could it be?

The changelog has now been posted and we see that a new security patch is included (goodbye, root?), new Verizon Video and VZ Navigator 3D apps preloaded, and some other mostly meaningless add-ons.

The new build number after updating is 1.3.418. The update will run you 35MB.

More info.

  • jlp10s

    Luckily, I did SBF back to 2.3.4 after the 2.3.5 update without problems using RSD lite. Can’t root 2.3.5 but can root it at 2.3.4 after SBF and use VooDoo OTA root protector to keep the root after the update. It really protects the root. I’m on 2.3.5 rooted on DX2 right now.

  • Matt Eskes

    This makes me rage. Plain and simple.

  • Mike C

     Still havent received this upgrade and manually pulling shows no updates available. Anybody know why?

  • Newby

    Has anyone actually received this update?  My X2 is still saying it’s up to date despite having a 1.3.380 “system version” number.

  • kevin

    What is the wireless alerting system?

    • chris125

       maybe it has something to do with like emergency notifications in emergencies?

  • John Poe

    Wow… what a pointless update.  It’s just further evidence as to how clueless Verizon and Moto are – and is nothing more than an excuse for NOT giving us ICS (see… we ARE still supporting your device – and living up to our 18-month commitment).  B.S.!

    1) NOBODY wants to pay for Verizon Video or VZ Navigator when there are better options available (most for FREE). Uh… Google Maps/Navigation!  Quit forcing this (and other) bloated garbage down our throats, Verizon – or at the VERY least allow us to UNINSTALL it if we don’t want it (which we DON’T)!!!  We do OWN the device after all!

    2) What is this mysterious “Google Security Patch”? I smell a rat. If this removes the ability to root or makes it more dificult, the backlash will be even more severe than what they’ve experienced after the ICS announcement.

    3) I don’t purchase ringtones.  Never will.  Next.

    4) What is this “Wireless Alerting System”???  Need more info.

    5) Don’t care about updating/saving shortcut names.  At all. Next.

    6) I am perfectly capable of setting the keyboard auto-correct option, thanks.  No need to change the default at this stage of the game.

    How about addressing fundamental STABILITY issues that are still occurring on this POS?  My X2 still randomly reboots about 20% of the time when I place it on the car or home dock. When I try to start my camera app, I never know what’s going to happen.  It might start right up… it might hang for a while and then either force close – or finally open… or it might hang for a while and then cause the phone to REBOOT. Nice.  Anybody looking at this, Moto?

    I’m going to refuse this update until I know more about what that “Google Security Patch” really does and what that Wireless Alerting System is – because there’s NOTHING else in this list that I need or want.

    • JustSayin

      The Google Security Patch is from a newer version of GB that does remove root, and it does make it harder.  I ran the leaked developer 1.3.412 with Android 2.3.5 and the only way you can root it is with zergRush.  Even after that though, it’s a bit finicky.  It kept remounting my system as read-only while I was editing the build.prop.  Annoying.  Anyway, I flashed back to 2.3.4 and plan on staying there until I can dump this phone.

  • SH

    Does anyone actually own this phone? If you do, I am sorry. The RAZR is Motorola’s favorite, and you own one of the bastard sons. 

    • John Poe

      Yeah… and what makes you think the RAZR won’t be in this exact same situation a year (or less) from now after their next latest/greatest phone rolls out in a few months?  I can hear the RAZR owners crying now… no more (real) support… not getting updated to Jellybean, etc.  That’s just how Moto rolls, apparently.  Well… I think they’re about to be taught a real good lesson in customer RETENTION – because between treatment like this and their locked-down boot loader, they’re angering a whole lot of their current customer base.  Verizon’s not doing themselves any favors either by forcing their bloatware on us.  They make way too much money off of us with the service alone.  BACK OFF with the apps already!

  • mustbepbs

    The DX2 has been an absolute s*** show. This thing is such a bastard child. Shame really, I bought one because I thought it would at least get the next OS considering it’s dual core.

  • Manuel67

    Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T here I come, no more motorola and verizon wireless

    • Diablo81588

      Lol.. Be prepared for dropped calls and terrible service in general. Att is worthless. Good luck with that..

      • chris125

         not to mention samsung isn’t the best at updating their phones in the US, especially on at&t where they have 4 variants of the same phone (sgs2)

  • lihun96


  • BrendonSF

    If it kills root, this will be my last moto phone.

    • moelsen8

      [preemptive] welcome to the club!

  • Nexus, here I come!

    Now, the only thing I want to know is, is this the soak test that was reported? I was registered for it and never received it. So, is this different from the Motorola soak test? If so, what IS the soak test?

    • Towelie420

      A “soak test” is where you throw this phone in the toilet and see if it unlocks the boot loader. And then when that doesn’t work, you go buy a Nexus.

  • Well, I’ll definitely stay away from this one, especial;ly if it’s found out that it DOES block root AND you cannot SBF back to a previous version without bricking, ala the Droid X.

    Galaxy Nexus (or HTC Rezound), here I come (when my upgrade period becomes active).

    Buh-bye, Motorola. You’ve lost another customer.

    • You can SBF from 2.3.5 to 2.3 4 without problems – I’ve done it.

      And while the new version blocks root, Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper will preserve root through the upgrade if you already have it.

  • Jak_341

    I find it interesting they stressed Google security patch. Trying to put tbe blame on Google. That is low.

    • Yeah because that’s what they’re doing, making root-breaking patches(still yet to be confirmed) and slapping the name of their new corporate overlords on it. That makes perfect sense and would go over real well. /sarcasm

  • chris125

    The security patch is probably a way to make rooting that much more difficult.

  • im sure it kills any tethering too

  • Alexander Garcia

    I’d try it, but rockin the RAZR Maxx now 🙂

    • That’s okay, Motorola will happily bend you over when Jellybean comes out.

      • moelsen8

        for your own protection, too.

      • Fart

        I hope you remember those words when jellybean does come out, because if the Razr doesn’t get it, I’m pretty sure nothing currently on the market with the exception of the Nexus stands a chance at it.

        • Jordan Webb

          And that…is why we buy Nexii.

  • They’re really trying to keep Ice Cream Sandwich off.

    • Prime7

      But, hey, who needs ICS when you now also (have to) get Verizon Video and VZ Navigator 3D City, pre-loaded at your (in)convenience, right?


    • Jake

      Too bad for them that ICS has already been on.

      • Noyfb

        Great, now they are uploading bloatware through updates, verizon sunk to a new low.  Next they will be uploading bloatware through text messages.

        • Towelie420

          When you buy locked down junk, unfortunately that’s what you get. I feel sorry for anyone with a moto device.

          • chris125

             well it isn’t just moto devices that get the bloatware in updates, htc, samsung and lg also do.

          • kixofmyg0t

            No no no he was on a roll there. *ONLY* Motorola phones get loaded with Verizon bloatware guy. He feels bad for anyone with a Motorola phone. Even the ones on AT&T and Sprint, cuz they get Verizon bloat too Im positive. They have to, I mean its Moto right? ALL OF THEIR PHONES, every single one is locked down right? All those people with a unlocked Atrix, Photon, RAZR(GSM) must be crazy. 

            Remember *ONLY* Motorola phones have bloatware. No Samsung or HTC got it? We cannot allow anyone saying anything bad about the glorious holy Samsung. I mean they gave us the Galaxy Nexus! Which (sing with me) has NO BLOAT AT ALL NOT EVEN MY VERIZON and gets updated before ANYTHING ELSE! 

          • brett

            i believe he was referring to the locked bootloader, etc. not the bloatware…