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Beautiful Widgets Gets Update to Version 4.0, Web Skin Market and Multi-Forecast Added By Demand

Beautiful Widgets, one of the most successful applications on Android, just got a massive update today. BW took the plastic off a new online Web Store that allows you to browse through their whole catalog of widget skins. You can see an HD version of the skin, scroll through a few skins in that set and even tweet about how awesome this new widget is going to be. Best part though is once you log into the website with your BW account, you can save widget skins to the cloud and then transfer them to your phone through the cloud.

And they weren’t done there. One of their most requested features was the option to have more than one forecast in their weather application and they have provided it in this update. You can even swipe between them smoothly like a good Ice Cream Sandwich optimized application would let you. How many users use BW? Are you going to make use of the new website?

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Via: Beautiful Widgets

  • try http://www.android-widget.com

  • jtwildman1

    One of the first apps I ever paid for and have more tha
    n gotten my moneys worth

  • fvqu

    Fancy Widgets is the best.

  • Check out GetJar app – originally $2.99, but is free @ GetJar. Nearly 300,000 downloads, as of 5:45pm EST

    • jimbob

      Not the updated version, sadly. They’re pretty bad with their updates.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I dont see the multiple forecast option

    • Lancemason

      I dont either??

  • Hud

    How ironic that an update for an app called Beautiful Widgets replaces the beautiful app icon with an ugly one. Lol.

  • I liked BW when I used it, I even paid for it and don’t regret that. But Fancy Widgets came along and outdid BW. Fancy is better looking and more customizable. So much that I even went and bought FW as well!

  • Vin2Win

    What icons are you using ? Link would be sweeeet!

  • Rakoskjc

    What ICON’s are those?????

  • Joseph Pojunis

    I don’t always add widgets to my home screen, but when I do, I use Beautiful Widgets.

  • LarrytheCableGuy

    Why are you guys not mentioning the fact that this new update now requires us to give LevelUp Studio access to our Google Accounts? It seems like a BIG thing to leave out. 

    • I didn’t have to give them access to anything, what buttons were you pressing that you ended up there?

    • Brett Ward

      its levelup studio. wdf are they gonna do. you dont build up a software development team that big just to scam people. if you were murdering somebody, you wouldnt yell “HEY EVERYBODY MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THIS”. seriously. it seems like the first thing to leave out. common sense. the worst they can do is sell our email addresses. oh no what so we do. oh wait, there’s this wondrous thing they made called a spam blocker. derp.

      • otter34

        When you mute something does that block it?

  • Gunther

    Cool, but I don’t like the fact that now, in order to access the Skins market you need to give LevelUp Studio access to your Google Account. 

  • paulmike3

    Used BW until it started locking up my phone to the point of rebooting every 30 mins. Good thing I only paid 10 cents. Nice looking widgets otherwise.

    • Doubt that had anything to do with BW as it works beautifully for the rest of us.

    •  Check out GetJar app – originally $2.99, but is free @ GetJar. Nearly 300,000 downloads, as of 5:45pm EST

  • Murph

    i’ve been running Beautiful Widget for a long time now and when i go to see if the update is ready….its not in my list of Amazon apps or Market//Play apps..  ??  How can i go about figuring out which one it was? Searching on either site confirms that apparently i didn’t download it from either and it just magically appeared on my device. The version on my device is 3.65 dated Aug 2nd 2011.  Any help?

    • You haven’t changed your linked email address since then, have you?  Or your Amazon login?  That’s the only thing I can think of, offhand.

      • Murph


  • ftslogger

    I like that icon set.  Anyone know which one it is?

    • will bartlett

      id like to know the same thing

  • EC8CH

    What’s the clock widget on that Homescreen?

    • Beautiful Widgets!  Can’t tell you what skin it is, though.

  • Inquizitor

    I got it when it was 10 cents, but have yet to use it. I tended to favor Fancy Widgets on my OG Droid, and now don’t use widgets on my Nexus. AOKP’s notification weather widget is just perfect.

  • eleazar

    How do you get the weather to show up on the right behind the text? All I can get is the weather icon to show in the middle.

    • Must be a feature of that particular skin.  Mine’s just like yours, right now…smack dab in the middle.  Might have to play around on their website this evening.

      • eleazar

        I figured it out. Tap the weather icon on your current widget, then press menu –> settings –> widget settings.  Then you can swipe left and right to change the layout. I’m still not sure which weather widget that is though.

        • Must be an ICS thing.  I’m still on GB and don’t see “widget settings” in there, anywhere.

          Thanks, though!

          • Murph

            I’m on gingerbread, stock, and i’ve got the settings. I did get an ICS skin for the clock though. must be part of that.

          • Murph

            here it is after tapping through the clock widget

    • Heelfan

       it’s a setting if you are using the large superclock widget

    •  i believe you guys are wanting “Beautiful Widgets Animations Package”  it’s in the market.  for free.


  • Cool, so I’ll get it when they decide to push the update to the Amazon App Store in six months.

    • That is one thing I hate about the Amazon App Store. Some developers post there and then forget about things for a while. Some still do the same for normal android too.

    • fvqu

      Why do you not have access to the market?

      • dreadnatty08

        He probably got it when it was on sale on the Amazon store.  I don’t care if an app is free, I’m not touching that place.

    • We didn’t push Beautiful Widgets in Amazon App Store. I don’t know why you are talking about.

  • yuck feels like 33 with a high of 39?? It’s currently 73 up in NY =]

    • Jason

      It was 65 here last week in Portland and yesterday it snowed.  Welcome to Oregon.  =)

      • Alex

        2 Weeks ago we went through all 4 seasons in one day here in Kansas.  It blows here sometimes…

    • I live in Los Angeles. I win.

      • daisyville

        Pfffttt! I think not McSmog Meister! San Diego is the Champ of thermo-geograpgical locations. Excluding Hawaii and Puerto Rico because…well, for obvious reasons . We have a high of 73 today.

  • What launcher is that

  • BW was the first app I bought with my OG and still use it on my G-Nex

    • Same, though for a while I stopped using it so I could have as much free memory as possible. Mostly towards the end of the phone’s life, right before I got my G-Nex.

  • hldc1

    It rains in Oregon? Strange…

  • wow, nice looking forecast you got there.

  • possomcrast1

    Wait which skin is that?!

    • For clock or weather? All looks like the default superclock at a different layout.

  • Michael Forte

    By more than one forecast do you mean like for multiple locations?

    • Either that or they have a weatherman’s dream: one says it will rain and the other says it won’t.  Schrödinger’s forecast…

    • jsk

      I didn’t understand this either. I was hoping it would allow swiping between the days going forward so you could see projected weather full screen.