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Asus TF101 Transformer Receiving Update, We Assume to Fix the Reboot Issues

Since being upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, OG Asus Transformer owners have been plagued with bugs. Luckily for them, Asus is on the ball and has began sending out updates to all tablets that are infected. Bugs included random reboots and various freezes that would require a hard restart along with reports of the sound to completely stop working in the middle of use. Whatever the problems, hopefully they’re being fixed with this new update. Go grab it and let us know if you see anything else.

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Hi!
    i would like to request the help, my tf 101, after upgrade firmware its sound get lost, it can play the music but no sound. Does anyone can give some tip to solve it?
    Thanks in advance.

  • martin

    W have had intermittent sound loss during play. Initially it happened when we tilted the display so we thought it was motion sensor issue. Then, with all the other complaints, we thought it was a software issue.
    We have now found that when it happens if you press using your thumb and forefinger either side of the glass and rear at the bottom, sound comes back. When you release, it goes away. This definetely sounds like a hardware issue you might want to check if its happening to you.

  • zorb

    I have had nothing but problems with freeze ups and overall slugishness. Sure be glad to have this fixed. I really dont like being used as a beta monkey.

  • I am noticing some issues with my TF101 running ICS. I have a few apps on there, but the interesting thing I am noticing is that the boot looping issue seems to be ever so more frequent when docked with the Keyboard dock. Is there any anticipated further updates planned?

    • By the way, I have no idea what “revision version” I am running. I just see plastered all over this as just TF101-A1

  • Thewackness26

    I just found out a fast and easy trick to get the Transformers sound back on if it stops working all of a sudden: Go into your apps, open up the “Sound Recorder” app, click record then click stop right away. The sound should start working again. How that fixes the issue is still a puzzle to me. Chalk it up a glitch I guess.

  • I had no problems until the ICS update.  I might try some of the suggestions here, but this is utterly frustrating.  I have a TF101 (B70).  I’m much prefer Honeycomb, which gave me no issues.

  • Webster Phreaky

    I’ve never had the “Re-Boot” issue on my TF-101A with dock, but I have had since the last versions of 3.2 and 4.0.1 ICS lots of lock ups, “Sorry, your POS has stopped” or TFB android.media.crap has stopped, etc. I’m getting damn sick in tired of it! I may get my iFad 2 back from my grandkids! Windows 3.1 was more reliable than this thing!

    PS – the second ICS update did chit to help!

  • MAT

    Mine i just updated last week and have seen nothing but video on youtube and other browsers dont work, soound cutout, and my screen flickers everythime i change a window.

  • Netolu

    Honeycomb worked perfetly. Had 2 freeze incidents when ICS hit. Got my OTA update, 2 days later shut downs return. Go to ‘open the lid’ and get a black screen. Have to power cycle to get it back on. This is reminding me of the original Droid, which got so bad mine became useless. S/N B70 here, so unless B80 is the only unaffected unit…

  • AndyB

    My TF101 suffered from the power down and reluctant reboot problem after the ICS update.  I tried the hard reset/reboot (the one that does not erase everything) but no improvement.  Then this morning I was notified of a firmware release.  Good I thought.  Wrong.  Well actually it does seem to have cured the original problem.  Now my TF101 randomly reboots which is one of the other problems reported with ICS which I had previously not experienced.  Or maybe the device is now rebooting often enough that the previous power down problem is not happening (this only happened after an hour or two). 

  • Mace

    B60. Same issues since the ICS update. Random revolts. Sometimes after rebooting it will stay at the splash screen with the backlight on destroying the battery in the process. Sound will sometimes stop for no reason in the middle of doing something. Other than that (which makes me thing “persistent perfection” is false advertising…. it has been OK. The rebooting is driving me crazy. I have yet to see a fix for this.

  • Coaldust

    Still no update in the UK yet. Stuck on 3.2.1

  • Jeremiah Collins

    Still rebooting and batter draining. 🙁

  • Lewis

    The Asus tablets are just plain crap. I sure hope the Google Nexus tablet isn’t made by Asus.

    • brando56894

      You’ve got to be kidding me right? The Transformer series are the best selling Android tablets.

      • Mace

        Best selling does not mean best working.

  • Beth in Chicago

    My Transformer TF101 was rebooting a lot right after the ICS update, but oddly, slowed down considerably. I received the update yesterday. All was good until this morning when I had a random reboot. Can’t say I’m happy about that, but at least it isn’t as bad as it was at one point. 

  • Harry Taylor

    Got the upgrade yesterday with ICS Update for my transformer. Seems to work fine for me. I had no issues before so I really don’t expect any now. The only thing I don’t like about this ICS build is that it took away Flash. Read about it before but was still surprised when Flash Video’s wouldn’t work anymore. Kind of a bummer to me. Oh well soldier on, love the Transformer!

  • Raven

    I have seen a lot of people complaining about reboot issues and lots of other people saying that their Transformer has never had reboot problems after updating to ICS.  I am one of the later.  My Transformer has never rebooted on its own to my knowledge and I have been on ICS since it came out.  I also have a friend with a Transformer and his has been working perfectly as well.  But, I obviously don’t doubt that some people are having problems.  My theory is that it is related to a driver issue between the different revisions of Transformer TF101 tablets.  There are at least 4 different revisions that you can determine from the serial number (b50, b60, b70, b80).  Mine and my friends are both “b80” versions.  A lot of the posts of people who are complaining about reboots that I have seen in other forums are “b60” versions.  So, if you were experiencing reboots before the update (and still are afterwards) please locate your TF101 revision and post that along with your symptoms.  I am very curious to see if the reboots are limited to particular revisions.

    • David Thomas

       b50 here, and have had at least 1 hiccup so far with Gmail after the update today. thus far no reboots, though

    • brando56894

      I have a b60 and haven’t really had any problems but then again I’m on an ICS ROM, not the stock OTA.

    • TiDDyII

      B90 here and problems started after first ICS update and still having problems after this update. Freezes, reboots, gets stuck during reboots causing the need for hard reset, sound randomly stops working requiring several reboots sometimes, runs slow and the battery life is absolutely horrendous.

      • Karl Quick1

        I’ve got a B50 and it’s got the same problems except I don’t have any sound issues. This is after the patch they released. Hope they do another patch & they get it right.

    • Mbegley33

      I have b70, and had random reboot after ICS update, and now after second update I am still having random reboots but it gets stuck on booting up and just trys over and over again until I hold down the power button for about ten seconds and it will go back to normal. Becoming kinda frustrated after updates aren’t doing anything!

      • Jackal 201030

        get the app soft locker and take off the asus customize settings

  • Chad

    Ummm, I’m still waiting for the ICS update…

    • Mine hasn’t updated to ics either. I tried a bunch of things to troubleshoot. No go.
      Gonna wait for them to unlock the bootloader.

  • Goldenpins

    sent mine in for repair last week due the speaker not working.. nothing to do with the update but after getting ICS 1 speaker worked.. still sent it in., My Asus back also stopped working and wouldnt allow me to restore

  • TiDDyII

    This update did NOT fix my transformers reboot or freezing and I just tried to play a video and music and no sound. This is the first I have read that I’m not the only one so that makes me relieved somewhat but my transformer has pretty much replaced my PC so its driving me crazy.

  • NYAvsFan

    My TF101 started freezing and such post ICS update. Hopefully this will fix it. Good thing I’ve got rootkeeper!

  • sonicdroid

    This update sucks. I can no longer charge my tablet. It worked fine mins before. Now I need to send it to Asus.

  • Bob Martin

    i love my transformer tablet and the quick release of updates but i had to root it to add more to the already amazing tablet

    • Mnmark Mb

      Please tell me how to root it. Could not find anything working. Thanks.

  • Miztrniceguy

    got mine updated last night, too. took about 15 minutes altogether. hope my rebooting stops, too. Doesn’t seem to help stock browser crashes. Haven’t checked for user agent string option to force browser to pull desktop sites. Option in browser doesn’t always work (hello hotmail) and has to be selected every time. very frustrating especially with frequent browser crashes. I figure it doesn’t ask if you want to submit a crash report so as not to flood the asus servers and cause them to crash. Might look like a DoS attack! 😉

  • Will Samsung do something about the Nexus reboots? On my 3rd nexus and have problems with all of them (1 new, 2 preowned recertified). Ran stock, unlocked, unlocked and rooted, and AOKP multiple builds. Have issues on all.  Even had a random bootloop while sleeping. Woke up at 4 am to the bright startup screen looping. Who knows how long that was going on…

    • Alex9483

      Mine GN reboots every day at least once. I am hoping the next OTA will fix this issue.

    • Scott Willenborg

      Some people like pickles more than cucumbers.

      (I just assumed we’re posting random thoughts since both our posts have absolutely nothing to do with the topic)

      • You’re right. OTA fixes for random reboot issues on the Nexus has nothing to do with OTA fixes for random reboot issues on the Transformer.

        Go away.

  • viewthis74

    my T101 has these issues. this is great news. i will be pulling this update first thing after work.

    • Me

       pulling it where?

      • viewthis74

        you can go into settings and pull the update. being that ASUS is pushing one out, if it has not been sent to me yet i can pull it by using the system update checker within settings.

  • Curt Moreno

    My update came in last night and so far things do seem better. I can’t say I was having big issues prior to the update but I did notice that the sound issue is doing better.

    All of which is great because I love my OG Transformer!

  • Awesome Sauce

    Does not fix reboot issues. Did it again this morning. Reboot and stuck. I want my money back and our of this tablet.

    • PSU_DI

      if you have the tegra store installed go into it and disable the notification.  I’ve heard this has be the source of some of the reboots.

      • Awesome Sauce

        I’ve heard everything from deleting g plus to turning off notification for whatever app. It doesn’t matter, the build is flawed. It’s comical at this point. Thank God I’m not trying on this tablet for work, I would prob have smashed it by now.

        • Raven

           What is your tablet’s revision number (b60, b80)?

    • Ovntguy

      Auto airplane mode app stopped my reboots

  • wpscompute

    System Update just downloaded on my TF101 and rebooted to load.  I love the graphic of Andy with his side open and a vector linework ball rotating in the opening.  3D coolness!  Now the rebuild has started.  “Android is ugrading…. Optimizing 92 application”.  Total time about 5 minutes to finish.  Build IML74K.US_epad-

    • David Thomas

       I loved that graphic, too. Coolness! So far Gmail seems to be behaving a little better. Will confirm and update the status of that after a few days use.

      • Raven

        Good to hear.  That was my only problem.  I have never had a system freeze or reboot, but the stock GMail app got very flaky after I upgraded to ICS.

  • David Thomas

    Score! Does it fix the Gmail bugs? I sure hope so.

    • The gmail bug was an open gl problem that seems to be linked to Chrome, at least in my case. If I use the app switcher and swipe away chrome, gmail works again. Same for the calendar app.

      One thing I noticed is that battery stats are back.

      Also noticed a new option (I think) in the ASUS specific settings menu at the bottom under “power management” it now has an option to always turn off wifi during sleep…which I think is a workaround for the reboot issue. I know that wifi has it’s own setting for turning off wifi during sleep, but I wonder if ASUS found a better way to do it. From the experience I had with reboots, when some software (beautiful widgets, tegra zone, twitter, facebook) would try to wakeup wifi out of deep sleep to sync, it would freeze and cause the reboot loop. I believe it was trying to re-initialize wifi and got stuck in the loop, requiring a ‘battery pull’ (hard reset) to get it back.

      • David Thomas

         can you give more info on the open gl issue? i think you’re on to something there. even after today’s update, still had a “hang” with Gmail, and notice a new “hang” with the calendar app (which hadn’t happened before). i don’t have chrome on my TF, so curious for more information.


  • Got mine last evening….woks MUCH better now!

  • Alex9483

    Hopefully they’ll send an update for the reboot issues on the Prime!

  • Michael_NM

    Is AL down again? Seems like everything is getting posted here now. Not complaining, in fact I’d applaud the decision. Just wondering.