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Developer Provides Flashable Zips To Turn Your Galaxy Nexus Into a Miniature Tablet

Do your friends make fun of the size of your Galaxy Nexus? Saying that 4.65″ is enough screen space for a tablet? Well you can show them and show off Android’s flexibility with this new list of flashable zips. Once flashed, this will force the ROM that you are running to display in a tablet orientation instead of the condensed phone version. This means the action bar across the bottom of the phone at all times among other things.

Some of the biggest ICS ROMs out there are supported already: Gummy 0.8.2, CM9, AOKP Milestone 4 and RootzBoat 8.1. Installation is nothing more than flashing the corresponding zip for your ROM through recovery and then a few tweaks to make it readable afterwards. If you are feeling like changing things up on your phone head on over to RootzWiki for instructions.

Via: RootzWiki

  • meta96

    … and hdmi out? also tablet ui? yes? please, yes!

  • Actually never had a friend say anything bad but rather it looks beautiful or just the perfect amount of real estate anything bigger and it would be ugly. Most of them own DX’s or other Droid Products. The one that owns a iPhone is never gonna say anything good about it – he is already brain washed to the moon and back about iPhone.

  • ajavgeek

    This is why I bought the GNex. It is a good combo for Tablet and Phone. Like it very much and a big thanks to all Devs out there…

  • Topsitee

    I look for ways to make my tablet run more like a phone, not the opposite. I can’t think of any uses where a tablet is easier to use than the phone software… any ideas as to how this is helpful?

  • 6895533

    can someone help me i want this so bad im on aokp rom and install this but the launcher keeps and keeps on force closing any ideas of what i might be doing wrong ?

  • hunli25


  • TheOiulkj

    Sweet, now I can learn about the civil war on my miniature tablet while eating jumbo shrimp and then give it an objective rating.

  • brando56894

    I don’t have a nexus (got the rezound instead) and I have the tf101, I don’t really see the point of this since the nexus is already running a tablet os and already has on screen buttons.

    • RadicalPie

      The point is that we can. Gotta admit its kinda neat even though its a little silly. Not a GNex super fanboy either more like just an android one. I help my friend with his Rezound and have the Razr as well. Android is fun thats the point.

  • Tim242

    How is this different from changing your LCD density to 160? It’s neat. However, causes Play Store issues, and makes most things VERY hard to read.

  • my coworkers have actually called it a minature tablet..i love it

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Next phone commercial needs to be a parody of that knife scene in ‘Crocodile Dundee’

    /points at Galaxy Nexus… say: “You call that a big phone?”
    /pulls out Galaxy Note… say: “Now, _that’s_ a big phone.”

  • CurrentWeb

    Holy crap my mod made Droid life!
    I feel…. important 🙂

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Grats to you, looks great!  One of these days I need to get off my ass and root my Rezound…

    • Two_cents

       I have tweeted this mod to everyone I know… we love it… 10×6 workspace is awesome

    • Tim242

      Does this do anything other than change the LCD density?

      • CurrentWeb

        It has a modified play store that fixes the incompatibilities, a modded phone.apk that actually works in tablet mode, and a fix for the system.ui force closes that most ROMs were having.
        So yes it does, and I don’t appreciate you going around saying otherwise.

        • Tim242

          Ummm I have not been going around saying otherwise. Both of my comments on the matter were questions. I only stated my bad experience with changing the dpi. Thar’s why I was asking if this is different. I just downloaded the zip. I will try it as soon as I make a backup.

          • Fatty Bunter

            You just came off as a slight jerk, hence CurrentWeb’s slight annoyance

          • How does ”
            Does this do anything other than change the LCD density?” have any jerkiness to it? It’s a question. Moron. Now that is a jerk comment.

          • Fatty Bunter

            Hey Chris, the Jerk store called.  They said they’re all out of you.  Then they hung out without saying goodbye because they’re jerks.

    • Ray

      Good work man. much props

  • Nice!  I’ve been waiting for this Recursive app to turn my GNex into a mini-tablet.

    ::rolls eyes””

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    My friends always see my phone and say, “That’s huge!” or some BS.  Uh, no, it fits perfect in the hand and isn’t 3.5″ which is way too small.  Who cares what they say, they’re all(at least most) brainwashed by Apple.  I’m not even a fan of the iPhone and know 10x more about their own phone then they do.  So, enjoy your “cool” emojis.

    • Manny

      you droid boys always have apple on your mind

  • Wsiembida

    I will save my tablet.for my tablet and my gnex as a gnex thank you

  • anyone have a zip that turns the nexus into a good phone ?

  • thebluegod

    Haha the first sentence certainly rings true to me. When I got my Droid X all my friends kept saying “Whao nice iPad!” -__-

  • Evomethod

    I’ll prolly never run at full Density ever again, I love this mod, It makes things so much more useful! 

    • Tim242

      You’ll change your tune when you try to download, or update apps.

  •  it is.. Use AOKP and change your DPI to whatever you want.

  • moozicmon

    As soon as this is toggle-able within the ROM I’m there. I tried to original mod using DPI settings and it caused all kinds of issues. REALLY want to try this using the MHL output…

    • PC_Tool

      Not likely.  some apks get swapped out.  It would require two copies of those apks (one tablet, one not) and would require a reboot to actually toggle.

      It’d be awesome, but looks nearly impossible to make just a simple “toggle”.

      Of course, if anyone could do it.. (Zaphod and the dev here have been discussing this in the Rootzwiki topic.)

  • wow.. a zip that changes the dpi setting..  AOKP has this function BUILT in.  This isnt news.

    • moozicmon

      I had no luck getting this to work in AOKP. It threw the launcher into an endless FC every time.

      • 3M4NU31

        Ive been having the same problem

    • Two_cents

       this mod has a few more tweeks other than just the DPI it has some build.prop settings that make apps think you have  tablet… DPI just makes everything smaller… this changes your notification bar behavior and eliminates the top bar and changes the menus

      • Tim242

        Changing the dpi to 160 does exactly the same. It literally changes to the tablet version. But, you cannot download, or update apps.

  • Worm

    Looks kinda cool. Way have to try this

  • Fatty Bunter

    Anyone done this and found it to be useful/better?

    • Fatty Bunter

      Update:  I flashed this last night over my AOKP rom to give it a try.  It’s nice to have the bottom bar there the whole time even while playing games, but it’s just not worth the other negatives for me, such as:

      My pattern on the lock screen is now tiny
      There’s no dock/permanent bottom row of icons anymore
      mostly everything looks less beautiful

      Really, after flashing, I realize all I want is the ability to have an always-present navigation bar.  I think that’s the main useful feature that should be borrowed from the tablet UI.

  • Timothy Wing

    awesome mod and runs great.