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Motorola’s ICS Update List Says Q2 Rollout for Global RAZR, Just Like It Did a Month Ago

For some reason, reports flew across the blog-o-sphere yesterday that ruffled everyone’s feathers over the Ice Cream Sandwich update situation with Motorola. Someone noticed that the RAZR in every other country would be receiving Android 4.0 some time in Q2 of this year, and they were right. It does say that. However, it has said that for a month now dating back to the first time Motorola released this list. In fact, here is the post we ran on it that matches up exactly to what the list above says. Their update list even says “Updated: 15-February-2012” not “March 12.”

So yes, the RAZR will receive ICS in Q2 and the DROID RAZR here in the States is still in the “evaluation” phase. But no, this isn’t new news. Try not to toss any more hatred at Motorola than you were yesterday. Feel free to be upset that your “DROID” branded phone appears to be last on the list to receive it, but there is just no reason to be more upset.

Via:  Motorola

  • nerohero

    To be perfectly honest I will never roll with Motorola again, its ths last phone for me from these chaps. The HTC Sensation has just been updated with ics today and in all fairness that’s now a legacy phone, don’t get me wrong the razr is a nice handset but people choose Android for a reason a new phone with gingerbread wth? we must be mad, when will these companies realise, oh well rant over and one less customer for motorola..

  • Sporttster

    Never buying another Moto phone nor will I ever recommend em to friends or family, in fact just the opposite. Arrogant company. Doesn’t listen to its customers. F em…let em rot..they’re done. Here’s a lesson to other companies how NOT to treat your customers if you like remaining in the business you’re in…do not follow Motorola’s lead….AT all….

  • Lwvyruz

    God damn i want ics on my 4g xoom and bionic

  • me

    So you mean motorola not verizon is getting blamed why

  • HeneryH

    We all know the Vzw Razr ICS release is in development because we’ve seen the leaks.  I am sure this is just Vzw trying to control the messaging of the update.

  • RW-1


    Oh wait! I have a Gnex …


  • that updated homepage is old. it havent been updated since 15. feb. :/

  • up2bCrzy

    For any of you yahoo who thought we’d see an ICS build on any Android device from any carrier or mfg before May time frame is just PLAIN clueless. And where you folks get these ideas from is beyond me because NEVER once was it stated we would see or have ICS for anything this soon.

    Come on ppl look back at all the updates since Eclair.Once google finally put out the source code it has taken at least 4-6 months for the mfg & carriers to push out a new Android version to any phone. So the fact is Moto has not lied or went back on there word. Its more like you folks are impatient and just clueless to how things ACTUALLY work with this stuff.

    Oh and by the way just because that page posted above and Motos site says Evaluation means nothing. Its hogwash there is alreayd ICS buillds for the Razr/Maxx ( US model )and no way it will not be released until Q3, odds are it will be Q2 just like other stuff. And lets not forget we AREN’T even in Q2 yet so relax already my lord.

  • Paul

    Not much new here.

  • John
  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    I am giving up on my Droid Razr & Android… Switching back to Apple and the iPhone 4S.  I am sick of Motorola, Empty Promises(They marketed the Razr as it was ICS upgradeable in January, and also would have a unlocked bootloader), and these 4G outages.  Just plain Ridiculous…… Good luck to the rest of you that continue to get suckered and lied to

    • Tim Swann

      you could just go with a G-Nex and truly LOVE ICS as many of us have

      • Jak_341

        What he says. Get a GNex. Unfortunately, the Verizon data drops are beyond our control. Even an iphone 4G is susceptible.

        • Even if it doesn’t run 4G? hehehehe

          • Jak_341

            I meant when a future iPhone comes out. It will be 4G. It has to be.

      • AlexKCMO

        I find it really funny that the only way to get ICS and have an up to date phone is to get a Nexus.  If you’re tired to a carrier for unlimited data, like me, you might not even be able to get the next Nexus if it doesn’t come to VZW.  This kind of eliminates the “Choice is a beautiful thing” that Android fans will commonly say.  Sure, you can choose that Rezound, but don’t bitch about it being out of date because it’s not a Nexus.  Nexus fans are as bad for Android as iFans.

        It’s sad that the carriers don’t want the phones upgraded because an old phone with the newest features means you won’t buy a new phone (I probably wouldn’t have purchased the Rezound if my Droid X would get ICS; Encounter ICS doesn’t cut it either).  The phone companies don’t want the phones upgraded either for the same reason.  

        So what we get is a circle jerk of Verizon claiming testing and bugs, the OEMs blaming the carriers, and a never ending cycle of finger pointing.  Honestly, if iOS was as feature rich as Android (and if they didn’t withhold features from older phones), I’d probably hop on the train because I’m sick of not getting the most out of my device because I’m nothing but a number and a $. 

        If Google doesn’t do something, the OEMs and carriers are going to be the death of Android.  In another year Apple will sell the iPhone 4 for next to nothing and anyone tech savvy enough to know what an update is will jump ship. 

        Google needs to can the Nexus program, take Motorola and essentially make it a gPhone brand.  Any other OEM that wants to develop custom skins and old versions of Android is more than welcome to, but Motorola phones should become the new gold standard of how Android should operate and be updated. 

        I’m probably going to return my Rezound because development is weak, which is a shame because it’s a fantastic phone and the headphones are better than anything I own today.

    • Sk102704

      There you go. Now you’ll only have to wait a year for your i*hone to be upgraded! Good luck with that.

      • Opinionated_In_Bangor

        At least you know what your going to get… An update every year.  Not a lie saying it will be updated on 1/12 then it not show up till 10/12 or 10/13.   I am in no way an Apple fanboy, I have enjoyed Android until my Incredible was just to outdated, however no phone matches what the Incredible was, never will.  I am just sick of the lies from Motorola, waiting for ICS (which who knows when it will happen), and 4G outages with Verizon.  ( I do not live in a 4G area, but am effected with no service when outage as I have a 4G phone)

        • Sk102704

          When have they lied? They have never said ICS would be released on a particular date. They said the Razr is ICS upgradeable which it is, just not on the timeline you like. There is a big difference between lying and not meeting your personal deadline. Believe it or not apple has delays too.

    • Yeah good luck with your non existent 4G coverage with your iPhone 4S.

      • Opinionated_In_Bangor

        I don’t have 4G anywhere near where I am.

        • As long as you know this and don’t care. I too avoid Moto products now. If I get the latest phone I want the latest software, not a promise. Also I have 4G service I want a 4G phone… outages and all. Thank you GNex

          • Opinionated_In_Bangor

            Agreed… If I had 4G service in my area I would try another 4G phone.  However I do not, and with no plan to get it in the near future, I will just stick with a 3G phone.  If I decide to give Android another shot, it certainly will not be a Motorola phone, no matter how great they claim it to be.

    • Droidzilla

      I don’t understand this. Why are people into just getting an OS update for an update’s sake? Buy a RAZR and it’s like updating your iPhone 4S to have a better screen tech (sAMOLED >>> IPS LCD), bigger screen, 4G LTE, thinner, better battery, better radios, widgets, LWP, more video chat options, etc.

      Since when do people care more about the OS updates than the actual features? Would you be happy with a Symbian handset that got updates every other week, but was still a PITA to use? smh

  • Jak_341

    This needs to be printed out and shown to anyone who is crazy enough to consider a Motorola phone today. It is almost to the point that you have to assume your phone may NEVER get updated. Of course, why anyone would consider a Motorola, HTC or anything else with the GNEX out is beyond me.

    • Sk102704

      Except for the fact the Motorola was the first to upgrade thier phones when the last 2 updates came out.  What a dumbass statement!

      • Jak_341

        Ask those that were stuck with non functioning devices due to those buggy upgrades. Ask the Droid 2, Droid X, and Droid Pro how they liked Gingerbread. Most were left with borked devices.

        I say again, Motorola does not support their devices. They only rush bloated, locked, and buggy new devices to market.

        Compare this to the GNEX. It runs smooth as silk.

        • I’m a Droid X owner and I approve his message.

          • Kyle Fullmer

            I can’t imagine what you must think of Samsung devices then, my charge runs like crap compared to the droid 2.  If my work had wifi I’d probably switch back to it.  My droid 2 was butter smooth and insanely fast with cm7 and v6 supercharge.

          • you have to get the right phone. I’m not saying that to be pretentious. that’s really what it has come down to. if you get the phone that the manufacturers don’t like (droid charge, droid 2, any of lg’s phones) then you’re not going to get the update.. i tend to wait on which phone i get now. The one with the most press coverage and developer support. which is the GNex.

        • Sk102704

          Yeah except no phone has had more problems than the GNex. Check the forums (not the gnex fanboy forums) and you”ll see. I have never seen so many owners complain about a device so much. Take the Nexus colored glasses and you”ll see your precious isn’t the end all of all devices. The great thing about Android is choice and if you can’t understand that then you’re an apple fanboy at heart.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Because this isn’t apple and some people like different choices.  I swear gnex fanboys are worse that apple fanboys.

      • I am not a Nexus fanboy, actually I love Motorola hardware.  However, as a Xoom owner I am not the least bit impressed with Motorola’s after the sale support.  When I upgraded phones a couple of months back I wanted a RAZR but shied away from it because I knew I couldn’t trust Motorola to do software updates.  I would have been doubly irritated if I’d gotten the RAZR only to have the RAZR Max come out a month later.  As it is I got a Galaxy Nexus only because I believe I will get better software support and, if not, it is easy to take over the software updates myself. 

    • Butters619

      because some people like to use their phone to, i don’t know, make phone calls.

      • Jak_341

        My GNEX makes calls fine. That whole GNEX radio issue was overblown. The GNEX has a BETTER radio than the RAZR. It’s a newer version capable of faster speeds.

        I think a lot of the supposed issues with the GNEX were being repeated by RAZR buyers trying to justify their purchase of a far inferior product.

        • RW-1

          I have to disagree somewhat. I believe the whole thing had to do with 3G auth when the phone couldn’t hold a 4G signal, then it wasn’t on any network, plus a weekend outage, basically the network wasn’t ready for the phone.

          After the leaked 4.0.4 I’ve had better performance, and have steadily seen improvements in the area as far as coverage.

          But heck, not waiting for moto is quite a relief.

        • evltwn

          Really? Do you have a RAZR or just the GNex?? Because I have both and my RAZR MAXX gets better reception than my GNex. I even updated my GNex to the leaked radios. The RAZR MAXX is not an inferior product what so ever.

          • Jak_341

            I do happen to have both. To my left, there is an iPhone on AT&T. In the middle there is a RAZR on VZW. On my right, there is a GNex. Two are business and the GNex is personal. The GNEX outperforms either. And it isn’t a fair fight. The screen, radio, battery life, OS, and build all go to the GNex. Motorola’s build quality is vastly overrated. The only thing Motorola has is the MAXX battery. However, I can put a 3300mA/h battery on my GNex and carry a spare one. Can the RAZR do that? Didn’t think so.

          • evltwn

            I have a spare battery for my RAZR MAXX, it’s a actually a spare charger. Fits in my pocket a lot easier than than that monster battery needed for the GNex. The GNex feels like a toy phone compared to the MAXX.
            Speedtest.net scores on my MAXX are far better than what i’ve ever been able to get on my GNex.
            IMO the only thing the GNex has over the MAXX is unlocked bootloader and it’s running ICS.
            The screen differences are minimal to me.

          • BhaktaRB


        • Unixlunix

          “The GNEX has a BETTER radio than the RAZR.”

          Ahahaha, no. Typical Galaxy Nexus fanboy trying to again justify how his “perfect” phone is “perfect” in every way. I swear, you people are no different than the iPhone fans that have to brag about how their phone is the best and everything else is crap. Face it, Samsung’s shit-tier radios are pale in comparison to Motorola’s and you know it.

          • no. I have both. The RAZR’s radio is crap. it never holds a data connection. they’ve patched it about 3 times now (i’m in the motorola feedback community) and they still haven’t gotten it right. The Gnex is much better in every sense of the word… i used to like motorola more, but now i’m switching over to samsung’s side… 

          • Jak_341

            I wish Google would sole source Samsung as hardware provider and Google can do software. FORGET ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE. Let Motorola have their Blur phones if they love it so much. Same with HTC. When they fail, and they would, we can all sit back and laugh and say we told you so.

          • Kyle Fullmer

            If you replace Samsung with Apple and gnex with iPhone I’d swear this was the apple forums.  Or some super PBR forum where you need a scarf to join in the summer.

    • LiterofCola

      Obvious troll is obvious

    • Droidzilla

      I know it’s a stretch, but imagine that there are people out there for whom lightning fast OS updates is not at the top of their list of wanted phone features. True story.

      • jldleo

        Your asking him to think outside the box or in his case the padded room, I don’t think he is capable of that..

  • thommiller

    Great news post… “What we reported before is still true!”

    • This is one of those responses to our inbox which reads about like this “All of these other sites say that ICS list updated and that the RAZR is getting screwed!”