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Google I/O 2012 Registration Goes Live March 27

Google has launched the official 2012 Google I/O registration page, which will begin March 27 at 7AM PDT sharp. If you plan on attending, be prepared to spend $900 for a general admission ticket, almost double last year’s ticket price. If you’re a student however, you will need to only pay $300, up from last year’s $100. Tickets sold out in record speed last year, so be prepared right at 7AM on the 27th of March if you have hopes of going. The event takes place June 27-29 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Hope to see you there.

Google I/O 2012 Registration.

Cheers Todd!

  • As much as I want to go.. my birthday is the 26th and I’m going to be wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyy to  hungover to be up at 7am.

  • Tyrian
  • 900 bucks, cant believe people would be dumb enough to pay that   lol

  • teleclimber

    $900? Wow. I was actually going to buy my ticket this year, but now… Hopefully they will have a last call challenge like last year.

    • [email protected]@

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      • Jason


  • sc0rch3d

    das alotta coin

  • FortitudineVincimus

    With blogs, streaming video, there is never a reason to go. I get the same info as the people there nearly as quick and don’t get suckered into a laughable ticket price, hotel, travel, and all the BS. Oh, and any schwag I could buy on my own or on eBay months later if I really wanted it, but your paying for it anyone with a $900 ticket. I will just let all the suckers pay and go and get the same info free minutes later.

    • JJones

       Somebody is angry hey can’t afford to go. Keep on badmouthing those who do go if it makes you feel better.  Otherwise, maybe mommy can help.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        I have so much coin, I can afford whatever I want. Trust me, that is not the issue. The issue is the fact the sheep masses get suckered into thinking something like this is real cool and glorious to attend. In the end, it has no real value and adds nothing to life and won’t matter in 30 days unless your a total schmuck and continue to brag about it like it is a badge of honor you went. Woopie.

        • TheMan876

          Coin? You gotta get some paper, Bro.

    • teleclimber

      uhm, yeah but you don’t get to rub shoulders and chat with thousands of excellent devs, a-list bloggers and app designers, etc…

      • FortitudineVincimus

        yawn.. yeah, and that is real important to me.. “a list bloggers” bwaa haa ha WTF does that mean and who decided and why does it matter.. bwaa ha ha

  • Dollyllama

    Don’t teachers also get the reduced rates? 

    • Faculty and students. 

      • Dollyllama

        Faculty of what?  any educational facility?   I’m a middle school teacher and Android Developer on the side.  Our school district doesn’t have a .edu address, but I can certainly provide documentation as proof of my place of employment.  Do I qualify?

  • I’d love to go. Not just for the free swag but also because I’ve never been to SanFran. 

    • LuigiPastito

      If you like hobos, trannies and the constant smell of urine then you must check out SF.

      • SF Hobo

        OMG those are all my favorite things!

      • Sounds a lot like Brooklyn lol

        • Jason

          I would live to go myself but am not sure how $900 translates into “free” swag.

          • I have enough airfare points to get there, my aunt lives there and I’m a student 🙂

  • Deltaechoe

    Ugh and here I was, going to buy a ticket…well I guess I could drive down and sleep in my car

  • Michael Forte

    Hey Tim wanna spot me and I’ll pay you back: )

  • Michael_NM

    Can I register, but not attend and still get all the free stuff?

  • Johngi

    UWould it be immoral of me to ask someone to do the first part of registration for me, for a small nominal fee,
    I been on android since the launch of the D2, I just don’t know any web codes

    Also does it matter what college I go to?

    • As long as you have a student ID or enrollment papers, I don’t think it matters. You don’t need to be a developer or anything of that nature to attend 🙂

      All are welcome, but you just need to pay 😛

      • Kon-Kon Chao

        My girlfriend attends a community college and her student ID picture is terribly taken (her school uses webcams).  What should she do to make sure she doesn’t get rejected??

        • As long as it is a valid ID and she has a .edu email address, I don’t see it being an issue. 

          Google’s customer service for I/O-related things is really awesome, so don’t be afraid to email them and ask them any questions you might have. 🙂

          • TheMan876

            Do you know of any colleges where I can register for a cheap class right now and get a .edu email address?

            Last time I was in community college they didn’t give students email addresses…

          • Noyfb

            Any chance kellex can live stream the event to droid-life for us humble fans?