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Amazon Stricken With DROID Madness, DROID Branded and Other 4G Verizon Phones On Sale Today

Not to be outdone by Sprint’s Amazon sale today, all of the Motorola DROID phones are on sale, some even going down to the low low price of $.01. For new activations, you can get the DROID RAZR MAXX for $149.99 and the original RAZR for $49.99, both packing 32GB of internal storage. If a keyboard is more your thing, the DROID 4 is also $49.99 but if you don’t want the 4G the DROID 3 is only one cent. 

We thought it stopped there but upon further inspection it seems that Verizon’s whole 4G lineup is on a discount. The Galaxy Nexus is up for $99.99, HTC Rezound for $79.99 and the LG Spectrum is only $59.99. Better head over to Amazon quick if you are looking to add another line. These deals are pretty good.

DROID Madness | Verizon 4G Sales 

Cheers Kevin!

  • Sushi

    so, since i’m month-to-month right now on a LG env2 and i buy the Gnex off of amazon for 99.99, i just have to buy a data package and i’d be set, right?

  • J Dub

    Please see a few posts above this one for why you shouldn’t buy Moto devices anymore. ICS pushed back until basically JB is released. Bull hockey answer about their bootloaders. Other manufactures are leading the way as far as timely updates and catering to the consumers wants. 

  • 1324356565

    Razr Maxx is 199.99

  • Picked up a Bionic last night from Costco for $90. The Orignal bundle is also included except you have to mail a form to get some of the accessories. This deal does not include the 16GB card.
    The special price is until April 1.

  • qb14

    Be aware that, if you want to use an Amazon Gift Card when purchasing a phone from Amazon, you can’t.  Amazon isn’t really selling the phones themselves.  An Amazon partner site, which doesn’t accept Amazon Gift Cards (at least they didn’t 3 weeks ago when I bought my Droid 4) is the company that is actually selling the phones.

  • maxpayne

    Like computers, like phones. Make them obselete so more people will buy and phone companies will have their easy monopoly.

  • hkklife


    One thing in the article needs correction.  Those RAZRs don’t really have 32GB of internal storage.

    Anyway, these are just the regular versions we have seen already with 16GB internally plus a bundled 16GN microSDHC card.  Thus, 16+16=32. 

    P.S. I WISH the Maxx did, because 32GB internally + 64GB in the slot would be unbeatable.   The  16GB Motos have less usable space out of the box compared to other 16GB Android phones because a good chunk is allocated for Webtop. 

    • Droidzilla

      Root. ROM. Enjoy.

  • BrianWenger

    Don’t fall for it! You’ll never get updates!

  • haomeng27


  • LegalAmerican

    I like most of these phones WAY more than the Gnex.  The Razr Maxx is twice the phone the Galaxy Nexus is.  I would even take the Bionic over it simply for the price and it’s a great phone.  The Nexus is a great phone but I prefer a killer deal for a great phone such as the Razr Maxx or Bionic.  Nexus isn’t enough better to justify the price difference.

    • J Dub

       Once you get the taste of ice cream in your mouth you don’t ever want to foul it with a stale gingerbread cookie. With Motorola you are going to be munchin’ that stale gingerbread for a looooooong time.

  • Inboy81

    I’m Done with cell phone companies. They don’t care about maintaining their dedicated customers. Pure greed. You can see the devil in their eyes. It’s a pure shame, they categorize people incorrectly when it comes to deals.

  • Carrzy92

    all these phones are dead because they aren’t a G-nex.

    • Droidzilla

      Even the GNex?

  • fuz

    There’s nothing new about these deals… It’s been priced at those price points for awhile now. And yes, NEW contract. Not renewals… Renewals will run you a bit more…

  • jimbob

    Not even worth a penny.

  • Gtmike256

    Too bad it is only for a new line only.

    • ostensibly

       can’t you get a new line and cancel it?

      • Dain Laguna

        nope. not without keeping the phone at least. amazon, wirefly, letstalk…all these guys have agreements in place that involve you getting charged for the phone (at full retail i believe) if you ad a line and cancel it early. how they find out about this, i dunno.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    zero interest in any of these phones.. most are dated and dead or dieing

    • thebluegod

      Well not all of us can afford a $299 phone on-contract. 😉
      But it does suck that these deals aren’t for upgrades…

      • Dain Laguna

        exactly. one of the only reasons i went with an iphone on my latest upgrade was because i was on a budget (this was several months ago) and at 99 dollars, it was the best phone vzw carried at that price point.

        i wanted a nexus, but at 299? you gotta be kidding me. NO PHONE, not by moto,apple, htc or samsung etc is worth that much. if they were, they’d never be bumped down to these prices.

        give that your only other choice is to pay close to full retail, adding a line for 9.99 for two years is still cheaper than buying one of these phones off contract, given that you are ok with your bill being 10 bucks more expensive

        • Droidzilla

          You seriously think the iPhone 4 (not S) 8GB was the best deal around for $99?

          • Dain Laguna

            it was the only phone i felt ‘good’ about laying 99 dollars on the table for, yeah. i could have gotten a subpar windows or mid-range, bloatware filled, android, and i chose otherwise. if the nexus was 99? well heck yeah, sign me up. but at that point in time, it wasnt. 

            and i got tired of hating on apple without actually having lived with an idevice.now that picture is more clear cut for me.

            and unless you are playing graphics intensive games like infinity blade 2(first one runs better on the 4 than the 2nd one), the improvments to the 4s werent worth a 100 premium to me. though i do regret the lack of space. 

          • Droidzilla

            If it’s the decision you felt good about, then it was the right choice for you. My mom recently got an iPhone 4 for $100 on my recommendation for the same basic reasons. She would have hated a better Android phone if it ever had issues, but she’s extremely forgiving of her iPhone’s issues and shortcomings. Still, I can’t see how an informed user would purchase a 3G, single core, 3.5″ LCD screen device with 8GB non-expandable memory and a camera that makes me want to smack children for $99 and think it’s a good deal in the present market. But I guess that’s why there are so many choices on the market, right? The iPhone 4 is certainly doing just fine in sales.

          • Dain Laguna

            it depends what you are comparing it with. maybe right now, with the info that was posted in this article, yeah it 
            makes no sense.but if you put any weight on pro reviews, like engadget and cnet, the camera on my phone pretty much blows everything listed as on sale on that list away, or at the very worst, is on par (which is saying alot given how ‘old’ the iphone 4 is in relation to, say, the razr maxx)

            this single core phone performs worlds smoother than more than a few of the phones listed above, and as someone with a tiered data plan who values battery life, (and who works someplace with good wifi and has epic wifi at home)…the only appeal to 4g is the extra 2 gigs of data that they would give me. everything else is a demerit. 

            and despite the phones small screen, the resolution is topped only by the gnex and rezound, it still has higher ppi than everything but the rezound, and the small screen doesnt require a resolution as high as those phones anyway.

            again, i bought this right after the 4s came out…hardly indicative of the current market. had a top tier android device been available, i probably would have gone with that. but THEN, they were all still 299. im not that loyal to google or apple either way.

          • Droidzilla

            If it was right after the 4S came out, that’s another story. I wouldn’t personally have thought it was a good deal, but many disagree (different strokes, and all that).

            The camera on the iPhone 4 is pretty bad, coupled with the software. It oversaturates like crazy and has way too much white balance. Apple did this to make the photos look vibrant to the untrained eye, which it does. It’s horrid at reproducing reality, though. The Sony shooter in the 4S is much better (same unit as the Xperia Arc, I believe), so they toned down the automatic post-production and the shots are actually quite good for a phone camera. Don’t cite Engadget for unbiased reviews of Apple wares; they actually thought the iPhone 4 had a better camera than the Nokia N8, which is about the most ridiculous thing anyone can say (the N8 had the best camera for its time, and it’s still better than anything non-Nokia to come out since; this coming from a guy who hates Nokia stuff).

            Some comparisons:
            4S vs. 4
            Note how poor the colours are from the 4, and how it bumps the contrast way up and oversaturates the colours.

            4 vs. N8
            The iPhone 4 has some truly horrid colour reproduction and way too much contrast. Note how the reviewer actually thinks the pictures are good, since they “pop” and the reviewer has no idea what he’s talking about. Read the comments for some enlightenment.

            Sorry; the camera on your iPhone 4 sucks. Still, it does some auto-post-production by oversaturating and bumping the contrast to ridiculous levels, so you’ll have photos that “pop” when you post them on Facebook and it’ll look kind of cool (even though the actual reproduction, which is what a camera is for, will be horrible). There’s a reason the pictures from the 4S look a lot more like the N8 photos when it comes to scene reproduction.

            Screen tech is another thing. I don’t care for LCD screens, regardless of the ppi/resolution. Anything over ~220 ppi, realistically, is good enough for a small phone screen (~<5"). Higher is nice, but not necessary. Apple uses an LG made IPS LCD screen at 3.5". I much prefer a larger screen with the contrast/blacks of a sAMOLED. Apple users will, too, once the iPhone has a sAMOLED screen (which they'll dub a "True Color Retina," or something like). That's why the RAZR is generally held as having a better screen than the Rezound, despite the ppi/resolution disadvantage. LCD is old tech. A 720p, 32" LED TV is better than a 1080p, LCD TV. Same goes for phones. That's why the sAMOLED+ screen on the Galaxy SII was almost universally praised as the best screen on the market when it was released (after the release of the iPhone 4, which has the same LG panel as the 4S).

          • Dain Laguna

            oh man where to start.

            1st. saying the 4’s camera ‘sucks’ is ridiculous. am i going to argue that the n8 isnt as good as you claim it to be?

            no. but show me a verizon store selling the n8. its like arguing how much faster a porsche cayenne is than a honda crv to someone who has a spending limit of 30k. what difference does it make?

            i was talking about in reference to the phones being sold on amazon, and the phones being sold at verizon at time of purchase…and no, i didnt just say engadget. (though calling bias towards apple on any tech site is an old story.) check cnet, they have the SAME PICS in the same lighting compared to one another…not a single one of those phones (the ones sold at verizon at the time, the ones on amazon, the ones being discussed here) had a better camera.

            and if they did, it wouldnt be worth the 100-200 dollar premium. hell, the iphone 4 could have had a 10 mp camera and if the nexus was the 99 dollar phone, i would have opted for the nexus. but thats not the case.

            your argument for disliking oversaturation is a bit silly too…especially after professed love for amoled type screens, which are world renown for over-saturating…defenders of them call it ‘nice contrast’. i dont hate them, i actually dig amoled screens, but i’ll call a spade a spade when i see it. 

            but you are correct in saying that people prefer it (like in the rezound vs razr, and kinda like how we simpletons with iphones think our 5mp is the greatest thing ever too right?) but by the same argument, thats why some should dislike it, as it isnt an accurate representation of color, much like you claim the iphone4’s camera is guilty of the same thing. (you must not be able to stand pics on any of the above phones if thats the case. a friend at work just bought a galaxy nexus, and as much as i love the phone, that camera is about as ‘meh’ as ‘meh’ can get, though i could live with it.)

            your assesment that a led is better than an lcd simply because its ‘newer’ is false too. anyone who puts importance on color accuracy or realism on their hdtv will tell you that. same goes for the countless reviews from various review sites and magazines. but to be fair, if you are talking color accuracy and realism, you should be looking at a plasma

          • Droidzilla

            I was responding to you saying, “if you put any weight on pro reviews, like engadget and cnet, the camera on my phone pretty much blows everything listed as on sale on that list away, or at the very worst, is on par.” I clearly showed that Engadget is wrong when they reviewed the iPhone 4’s camera (which really is a pretty poor camera; mainly due to software). Also, if you got this around the time of the 4S launch, there were plenty of better cameras; even on Verizon. We’re talking the end of last year. I got my RAZR for $0.01 in November. This doesn’t even light on things like dual core processors, larger screens, and 4G connectivity.

            As to your comment about colour fidelity, the best colour fidelity device ever was the OG Droid (as tested by Display Mate). The iPhone 4/4S has a nice enough screen, but every reviewer out there (other than Cult of Mac) liked the SGSII screen better, so that should tell you something.

            Also, as to having it both ways (wanting colour fidelity on photos but not minding contrast on a sAMOLED screen): this is exactly what I want. I want my dorky Tron theme to “pop” on my little phone screen (4.3″ is a darn sight bigger than the iPhone, but it’s still a little screen). I want my widgets and LWP to stand out. I want my Netflix HQ to look vibrant. It’s a little screen, so I’ll take all the tweaks I can get to make it more vibrant and contrasty. On my photos, I want them to be accurate. I take photos with my RAZR, but I view them with my computer and/or HDTV. Why would anyone want the opposite? Why on earth would you want your 3.5″ screen to sacrifice contrast and brightness for colour accuracy, and then have your photos look like a first year community college photo student colour corrected them on Photoshop Elements? There’s a reason the photos on the 4S (which are quite good) are comparable to the SGSII, RAZR, N8, etc. but the 4 is in a “class of its own” (and that class is all about super blown out contrast and horribly oversaturated colours).

            It’s OK that your phone has a crappy camera; it really is. It’s not a reflection on you as a person. It’s good enough for FB, and it’ll even make drab scenes look vibrant (I saw some shots of overcast England that you would swear were taken on a sunny day in one review; it’s a neat effect, but not very good as a photo).

            I don’t get why people can’t be objective about their tech. The camera on the GNex is subpar. The screen on the Rezound is sub par. The bootloader on the RAZR is lame. The camera on the iPhone 4 sucks. The base UI in iOS 5 is stale.

            It’s just tech, not religion. Every handset has issues.

        • thebluegod

          I’m too much of an Android fan to go with the iPhone, but if you like it good for you. I’ve been eyeing the Incredible 2, which looks pretty good for $10 (online from VZW) and is ICS-ready. But of course, it’s new plans only, but I’m hoping that it’ll come down soon for upgrades as well. I’m not too big on 4G, I’m betting in a year or two it’ll be more ubiquitous and the phones will be cheaper (and have better battery life). Of course if one of the RAZRs or GNex goes on sale for like $150 I may pony up that cash, but otherwise no phone is worth more than $200.

      • Shawn Neacy

        The RAZR MAXX went from $229.99 down to $199.99 for contract renewals. I’ve been checking virtually every day.

    • LiterofCola

      A Razr Maax is dated/dying?  How’s that?

      • Droidzilla

        Suspend logic and common sense and it seems reasonable.

  • NeedNewPhone

    Waiting for Razr Maxx to drop at Costco.  Supposedly 3/15…with car charger and desk dock

    • hkklife

      I would have been all over that Maxx deal a month or two ago. But right now if I am gonna reup my contract, I demand no less than 720p and 4.5″ (or larger)…and shipping with ICS.

      • Dain Laguna

        nexus is the only choice for you then

  • Michael Forte

    Amazon always has these great sales but it’s always for new customers. Current Verizon customers never get anything 🙁

    • Spc Hicks09

      That’s not true, I just got the RAZR 2 days ago for $149.

  • Dlongb13

    Gnex has been on sale on Amazon for a while. Waiting for the damn White Gnex to drop on VZW.

    • Droidzilla

      Yeah, a lot of these prices have been the norm on Amazon for a while, now. The pricing for the GNex and Rezound I know are their normal prices.

  • b1six


    • EC8CH

      It’s a trap!

      • Michael Forte

        Seems legit to me.

        • Softkitty

          Reminds me of the middle eastern owned stores electronics sales
          From Crazy A’s Motorola Madness Sale.But the phone’s says Motorollya
          No, no, it has motorola guts, is good