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Costco Offers the DROID Bionic for $59, Throws in a Car Dock and Spare Battery Charger for Free

Something about the DROID Bionic that has caught your eye over the Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR, and HTC Rezound? If that is the case, you may want to consider purchasing it at Costco, who has seemingly dropped the price to $59 on contract and will toss in a car dock and spare battery charger to sweeten the deal. We reviewed the Bionic back in September and gave it mostly good marks. It’s screen may not be up to the quality of those three devices I mentioned at the beginning of this post, but it’ll work if you only have a few 20s to spend on your next phone.

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  • LionStone

    Maybe if they threw in a kitchen sink also I’d probably get it because I really need a kitchen sink 😀

  • Pmegna

    Limit 5 per member….LOL !!!

  • A Guest

    Bionic is nice… I just wish my data would work… seems 902 update removed 3G from my phone… I get 4G, when I’m in 4G… and nothing else, when I’m not(even though it’s a very good 3G coverage area)

  • Ecrunion

    This phone, with the latest .902 software and an extended battery is rock solid.  I consistently get 16-18 hours on a charge with moderate/heavy usage.  I know it’s not the cream of the crop phone anymore on Verizon, but it’s still a great phone.  I also think the screen gets more hate than it deserves.  I think it is just fine.  I have debated switching to another phone like the Razr or the Nexus, but I love the battery life so much I never do.  Just my two cents. 

  • The 901 update seemed good, but I’ve been having trouble with 902. Games don’t want to play well and will freeze up momentarily. I’ve also been having trouble where it is reading the battery level wrong and the battery stats are all messed up. Took it to a Verizon store and they saw that switching the battery didn’t help and that a different charger didn’t help so they sent me a refurbished one and it has the same problem sometimes. I’m really upset that Motorola said they’d make a bootloader unlock tool but didn’t and that they won’t give a time frame for releasing ICS. 

    • Taglogical

       I would factory wipe your phone and re-apply the 902 OTA update if you have not done-so already.

  • Taglogical

    After the updates, Droid Bionic is the best phone on Verizon IMO and the ‘Review’ pointed-to in this article does not, in any way reflect a Bionic that you would purchase ‘today’. I also like the Razr MAXX, despite it’s awful, green OLED display that many in this community seem to enjoy so much.

    Here’s some more food for thought, the article says that the Bionic’s screen wasn’t as good as the Nexus, Razr and Rezound… and consider this a truthful, anecdotal lesson in subjectivity, the Bionic’s screen is BETTER than the Nexus and the Razr, and it’s arguably ‘better’ than the Rezound (Rezound has higher resolution which is nice, but the Bionic is more visible outdoors)

    Lastly, and to ‘qualify’ this post for the Nexus owners who are going to cry murder upon reading this, I have owned 3 Galaxy Nexus devices.

    This is a fantastic deal for a fantastic phone!

    • hkklife

      I honestly think I would take a Bionic’s screen over the dim, green RAZR screens as mentioned above.

      Even after the latest 902 update, the Bionic still isn’t perfect but it’s sooo much better.  It remains about one major (and by that I mean ICS + the absolute latest Blur + the latest Webtop components enjoyed by the RAZR and D4) update away from greatness.  My DB has rock-solid battery life, RF performance, voice quality, and I swap between 2 extended batteries to make it through any kind of workday.   Sure, I’d like the build quality and sleekness of a Maxx but the DB is “good enough” for right now. I also hate the width of the RAZRs seeing as how they are only packing 4.3″ screens.   The DB feels really nice in hand.

      Of course, the Bionic’s camera is beyond horrific and a little more internal storage space would be nice.  The DB’s camera is worse than my Droid X or X2 cameras that preceded it.   This is a super deal for anyone getting started with an LTE device and certainly better than the comparable Thunderbolt/Charge/Breakout/Stratosphere offers.  

      • LionStone

        …”better than the comparable TB/”,..

        Of course, if you dont care about having a great camera.

    • jroc74

      Have to agree that after updates and at this point in time the Bionic can hold its own against any current Android phone on Verizon.

      Whats funny is…some folks with other phones wanna remind you that …”after a few updates it will be a better phone”

      That phone right now is the Bionic. I have a RAZR…and if I had the funds when the Bionic launched…I might have that instead of a RAZR. And I’m still thinking about getting on on my family plan. I also …had… a G Nex.

    • ddevito

      Whatever floats your boat bud, enjoy. 

  • The locked bootloader and the pentile screen killed me. Otherwise it is a good phone. Ended up having to pay full retail for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Well… good to know I got my $300 dollars worth…. lol fml o well atleast i got ICS sandwich with a working camera. It definitely eases the pain haha

    • I feel the same, although the 901 and 902 updates did solve the camera issues (aside from it taking 10 seconds to boot). 

      • o well i was referring more to the AXI0M rom itself cuz very little ICS roms have a working camera. But yeah I loved the stock camera after the update of 902. But Droid Th3ory’s AXI0M version AB11 is OUTSTANDING! when that update came out yesterday i was jumping up and down xD

  • The Bionic was only release because everyone wanted it. Once it was released no one wanted it….

  • Captainhowdy13

    Another forgotten Moto phone.
    I remember my D2 (cause its what Im stuck with), D3 (which was quickly replaced by the D4….Moto = fail

  • Michael Forte

    It’s a decent phone, I just couldn’t stand the damn locked bootloader. 

  • Abragar

    Great phone with a removable battery.

  • Djlowproz

    Droid Bionic….Oh Nevermind

  • The Droid Ironic!

    • LionStone

      Hehe…or, the red-headed step Droid 🙂

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Maybe if they threw in a free 5 year membership

  • ddevito

    What a difference a year makes. This was supposed to be the phone of the year. Damnit this phone is the reason I found this site (and can now never stop surfing it daily).

  • Michael_NM

    If you’ve got bad eyes like me, this is a sweet deal!

    • jroc74

      I got good eyes…and I agree its a sweet deal.

      I got good eyes….and after owning the G Nex, RAZR and Rezound….Pentile is waaaay overblown.

  • Alex Morgan


  • First!