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NVIDIA: Yo Apple, We’d Love to Hear Exactly How You Decided that Your A5X was 4 Times Faster than the Tegra 3

During yesterday’s iPad event, Apple’s new A5X processor was one of the big topics. With it’s quad-core GPU, Apple is so confident in it that they felt the need to toss out a slide comparing it to NVIDIA’s new 12-core GPU in the Tegra 3. Some how some way, they came to a conclusion that their A5X is 4 times faster than the Tegra 3. There was no footnote, detailed explanation as to how they came to that conclusion, nothing. Not that this should surprise us since Apple spouts out unsupported numbers in every press conference that they do, but it was strange enough to get people to ask some questions.

The folks from NVIDIA spoke with ZDNet about the slide, and while flattered that they were mentioned, cannot wait to get a hold of the new iPad next week to run some real benchmarks and then decide. They aren’t guaranteeing that it will destroy the A5X by any means, because they aren’t about to head down the road of Apple’s off-handed claims. Instead, a company spokesperson had this to say:

 “We have to understand what the application was that was used. Was it one or a variety of applications? What drivers were used? There are so many issues to get into with benchmark.”

The new iPad will arrive next Thursday, so we should know the true tale then. 12-core GPU vs. 4-core GPU? Fun, times.

Update:  A reader has pointed out that Anandtech compared the Tegra 3 to the A5 in the iPad 2, and the GPU in the A5 (not the new A5X) ran circles around it. I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that the A5X will also, but wanted to throw this out there for you.

Via:  ZDNet

  • richlizard24

    I love when this place takes the time and the space on its site to report on what Apple does.  It just shows how butt hurt Kellex is and how he is the world’s biggest fandroid.  

  • Jaredkec

    Who Cares!

  • Scott Hopson

    There is still the question on what was used to compare the processors. A true comparison needs to take into account the host system, OS, drivers, and IO devices. All of these affect performance. Was the test done with a tool that takes advantage of a particular set of instructions that are optimized on the A5 while not on most other devices. Did they compare raw performance per cycle etc…

  • jdrch

    Kinda funny how Tegra went from being The Next Big Thing in mobile CPUs to an also ran.

  • darkseider

    The off screen tests were about 2x a Tegra 3.  Now the onscreen tests were anywhere from 15% – 20% better than the Tegra 3.  Mind you this is with an iPad2 @ 1024 x 768 NOT the 2048 x 1536 resolution of the new iPad.  Granted beefier GPU but how much of that performance will be lost due to the increased pixel count?  Theoretically if it scales linearly and the new iPad is 2x the iPad 2 in GPU and 2X the resolution than the performance should be about the same overall maybe slightly better but definitely not 4x faster than the Tegra 3.

    • guest

      the resolution actually has 4 times as many pixels than the ipad 2 screen so the gpu at even 2x the speed will have trouble running the new resolution as smooth while playing games

  • Josh Groff

  • Josh Groff

  • Eazy E Dlf

     not worried im sure the exynos processor will smoke the a5x or whatever its called

  • Manny

    Let’s be serious for once. apple sells more and is more successful because their stuff is simple and basically anybody can and does use their devices. Android is great but the average user doesnt do all the crap that us nerds do. Untill Goggle figures something out it doesnt matter what specs or tegra or ramm or whatever.. goggle is just going to be catching up…. 

    • Dain Laguna

      THIS. when ics came out alongside the galaxy nexus, i felt like they kinda almost started going in the right direction with making android more for ‘everyone’. But it just didnt happen.

      I dont think google needs to simply to apple’s level…not because that wouldnt be a good thing, but because they need to focus on how its different and different is good. 

      what google needs to work on (as do handset makers) is an o.s. that ‘just works’. i’m not saying idevices dont have issues, but not to the extent that some android ones do. 

      you fix that, make it more approachable, but keep the nerd factor intact=instant success. we need a google tablet. 

  • Deltaechoe

    I really don’t care that much about this, even though the processor may be more powerful (in terms of seriously optimized closed architecture) android still has FAR more applications than IOS given the locked down nature of apple products.

    I like having a gadget that the manufacturer isn’t trying to control after I buy it, hence unlocked android.

    • Manny

      Where does android have more apps than apple? Market vs appstore?? No…. Cydia vs ?? No android doesnt have an alternative apps store.. Amazon doesn’t count. If your going go comment at least make sense and don’t just blow out the first dumb thing that comes to mind

      • Josh Groff

        Applanet, Slideme, getjar. There’s 3 alternate app stores to start with. Go troll somewhere else.

        • Manny

          Really and dows applanet have anything diffrent than the market?? No.

          • Josh Groff

             So you’re saying you browsed the entirety of both markets? You must be kidding me…

  • DWM

    That’s OK, by next Tuesday I’m sure Apple will be claiming copyright ownership of multi-core GPUs in a tablet…

  • Don’t really want to hunt down sources, but I’ve read that the Tegra3 really isn’t all that great and compared to the ARM9 series (which is what A5 and A5X and what’s in the Playstation Vita and others are based on), it just doesn’t compare.

  • Bionic

    The only Apple product I will ever consider is a Mac Computer.  iPads are wayyy too expensive and IOS is set up like a child’s Operating System.  Android all the way!!

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Suddenly Apple cares about benchmarks?

  • Fhodgin

    My iPad II is fast enough to do most everything I want to do. If I get the new iPad with 4 times the pixels on the same size screen, it occurs to me that Apple would need to add more processing power. They did that and added a better camera to boot for the same price. Apple tends to match the hardware with the task at hand. If you have 12 cores and 8 cores are idle, what is the point?

    • riteshk

      Would you be generous enough to cite a few examples where you have seen 8 out of the 12 cores idle on a Tegra 3, good sir?  Have you done extensive scientific tests to come to that conclusion? Do you have deep understanding of how GPU cores are handled on Android 4.0 and how Nvidia designed the 12 GPU core chip? Also, you must have already used the new A5X and run similar scientific tests on it, I assume, to conclude that the A5X makes use of the 4 GPU cores all the time.

    • staticx57

      4x the pixels but only 2x the GPU power compared to the iPad 2.

  • MattInPDX

    You are mistaken Kellex, they meant it takes your money 4x faster. That is true for ALL crApple products.

    • Unbiased

      Fist, this is from an Android user, not a troll.  The reason Apple products take money 4x faster is because 4x the number of people actually want Apple products.  Well, in the case of the iPad, it’s more like 20x compared any individual Android tablet.  Apple controls 73% of the tablet market, and it’s because people actually WANT them.  You can make the Android tablets as fast as you want, but the iPad will still outsell anything all Android tablets on the market combined.  Who cares about splitting hairs on which processor is faster when it’s functionality that matters?  I hope Android succeeds in building something that can truly rival iOS, or it will go the way of Palm and RIM in a couple of years.  

      • trogsdoor

        Surely you can’t believe that Android can’t rival iOS. RIM and Palm failed because they failed to adapt to the changing landscape of mobile platforms, namely smartphones. Android continues to innovate and most of the new features in iOS are a “me too”effort with effective marketing. iPad dominates the tablet market for 2 reasons: they were the first mover in the market and Android has a slew of tablets from different manufacturers. You can’t possibly expect Android tablet to take a dominant position in the market when the competition amongst Android tablets is fierce.

        • Unbiased

          When the iPad takes up 73% of the market, there is a reason for it, and certainly you can’t say that it’s because of competition between Android tablets.  The reason it’s dominating is, yes, first to market, but also because it is more desired, plain and simple.  Android has no soul.  Android is a whore.  Take the Apple/Android fight out of it – regardless of who makes what, the more appealing product wins.  Don’t take it personally.  Is it marketing?  Maybe.  The bottom line is Apple produces products people want because they truly care about the user experience from what it looks like to how it integrates with their other devices.  Google doesn’t care about that, which is why they are giving away Android to anyone that wants to build a device around it.  Google doesn’t care about the user experience from an integration perspective, they don’t care about aesthetics, they don’t care about design.  They only care about getting Android into as many hands as possible so they can do what Google does best – gather information and sell advertising.  If Google truly cared about the end user, they would control the device itself, but they leave other manufacturers to build devices so we can all argue about specs, which really don’t matter to most people.  That’s why there is still a market for a 3+ year old iPhone 3GS.  Nobody wants to buy an old Android phone.  Really the argument is: which company cares most about the user experience.  Companies that sell products based on specs don’t succeed.  Companies that sell products based on a user experience do.  I hope, for all of us, that Google gives Android a soul or it will go the way of RIM and Palm. 

          • trogdsdoor

            Android has no soul? I don’t see how iOS has a “soul” then either. It’s a grid of icons with little customization – nothing unique, just a soulless experience like all other iDevices. How can you say Google doesn’t care about how its products are integrated when you can sync your contacts, purchases, books, apps, and other information through your Gmail account? I will remind you that this syncing of information was created way before this iCloud gimmick. Let’s pat Apple on the back for allowing us to access our already purchased content across the devices we bought from them (sarcasm). I think you seem to miss the concept of the open system of Android. The idea is to allow for choice across multiple devices and creativity when developing apps – we don’t have to play in Apple’s sandbox and follow all of their regulations. Do you not think that choice matters to consumers? By your logic, we should all have Google choose one device per year to release and we all will want that device. Sure it will drive up demand for a single device, but that completely defeats the purpose of an open development ecosystem. The real difference in the development communities is that Android developers are motivated to make full use of their devices while most Apple devs want to make money. Sure Apple’s devices have a small learning curve, but saying that because a UI is simple = better user experience is foolish. It may be easier to pick up but there are lots of people who want to tailor the experience to their liking. And please stop mentioning Android in the same breath as RIM and Palm, you sound foolish.

          • Dain Laguna

            something thats simple is usually a universal indicator of a better user experience. especially for the average person, who doesnt know what they are doing and just wants something to function properly. 

            sometimes I feel like android doesnt do well because dev fanboys are the people in charge of the products, and as such, they tailor to and make those devices appealing to only a select few people. THATS foolish.

        • Dain Laguna

          wouldnt android tablets actually have to SELL for your statement of ‘fierce competition between android tablets’ to be true?

  • frankandsimple

    Let me spare you guys all the trouble. Apple will always lead.. and others will follow. Apple will set the benchmarks and others will try to beat it. All other smartphones will vie to be iphone killers while iphone will actually kill them all. 

    Just be proud that Apple is an American company and caters to Americans first.. unlike that sell out google who shamelessly released their flagship phone to a foreign market! urgh! I still haven’t gotten over that.They lost all my respect. 

    yea yea.. I am an ifan or whatever you wanna call me. But I do like my razr maxx. 

    • MotoRulz

      Sounds like you took the release of the Gnex personal.. I can understand why YOU gave up on android and took up the Iphone, they are frank and simple. (see what I did there ha ha) Once you go Maxx you never go back..

      • frankandsimple

        Yes, I did take the release of Gnex personally. Lost all respect for google. 

      • JonLS

        amen brother

    • did you really come on an android website to say this? lol….thats about the most pathetic thing ever, If you love apple and not andriod great for you, i prefer coke to pepsi but I’m not going to bash anyone who drinks Pepsi, its their preference just like you have a preference. Feel free to go to an Apple website and enjoy your iphone 

      • frankandsimple

        Read again, I am not bashing Android. 

        • JonLS

          You kind of did start bashing Android and talked about how superior you think the iPhone is in comparison. Guess what, it’s not. People like you are the reason why I hate Apple, because you’re so close minded. Don’t get me wrong, the guy who gloats about how more superior his Android phone is, is just as bad as you. 

          At the end of the day, both OS’s do what the average smartphone consumer does on their phone (check email, browse the internet, use their social networking apps, play games). Once again, it’s preference. One is not better than the other. You’re happy with your iPhone and I’m happy with my Android. Problem solved.

          • frankandsimple

            I will admit it is not right for me to talk about apple on droid life. 🙂
            It’s just one of those days.. 🙂

        • xFenixKnightx

          Yes you are bashing Android.

    • Gilbypoleadamson

      I would never trade my customizable, 4g, 4.65 inch screen, ICS running beast for last years tech (iPhone 4s)

      • frankandsimple

        last years tech? You mean you won’t trade your pentile display for an IPS planar display? You mean you won’t trade your 5 megapixel with poor image capturing capabilities to much superior iphone camera? You mean you won’t trade your soap box phone for a more conveniently held device? You mean won’t trade your sorry and buggy ICS for a much better functioning OS? You mean you won’t trade your 4 hour lasting battery to a much longer lasting battery device? You mean you won’t trade for the sorry android keyboard for the superior keyboard on ios or the much intelligent siri?

        Yea, I don’t think you’d be successful getting that trade anyway. 

        • Aaron

           Sorry and buggy ICS? I’m guessing you don’t have a nexus, iOS in all its “perfection” has documented bugs.  Conveniently held device = tiny screen, I can hold my gnex just fine. Sorry android keyboard? waaay off, the stock ICS keyboard is great and every review you can find will back that up, also if you don’t like it install any of the many 3rd party keyboards. Siri, don’t even get me started. Battery life is a trade off for 4g and if the iphone had it you would know that. Can’t argue the iphone camera is better though.

          • frankandsimple

            I heard about ios bugs.. yet to experience one to the extent that it frustrates me. Sure apps do crash on ios once in a while.. but very rarely and no where as much as they do on android. The freezing in android especially during calls totally flipped me out. Generally speaking it is a much more polished OS than android will ever be simply because of the marriage between the hardware and software.. and also because of android inherently depending on conversion from Java to linux. 
            sorry, but I’ve been an android user for 2 years… rooted my phone.. adb push, adb pull, smali backsmali.. did theming.. a bit of programming etc… so I know Android quite well.. and NONE of the keyboards in android are anywhere close to being as efficient as ios keyboard. that includes flex keyboard (which is probably the best among them all).. swiftkeyx and swype (which is a great technology.. but not quite there yet). ios keyboard not only has superior correction than any of them in android.. but it is also much more easily workable because of the form factor. There is a good solid reason why apple stuck with that size. I had a 3.7″ incredible, 4.3″ thunderbolt and now the razr that I am using on the side (about to sell it). It is frigging huge! and very inconvenient to type when compared to iphone. The apps in apple’s app store also are much better than their same counterparts in android.. probably because of apple actually vetting the apps before they show up.

          • riteshk

            I’ll just say it –

            1 – You’ve never even come near an ICS device (Nexus or not).
            2-  Except the camera part, all your points are plain false.

            3 – You have no idea what you’re talking about

          • darkseider

            So a Razr is “frigging huge”?  You must be that guy from the Burger King commercials.  As for iOS keyboard superior incorrection?  Ummm… take a good look at the http://www.damnyouautocorrect.com site to see how well that works.  Hardware wise there is nothing the iPhone 4S can offer than can compete with any of the high end Android handsets.  ICS is incredibly smooth and intuitive.  Ummm… pretty much it.  

          • Aaron

             I get what your saying but the stock ICS stock keyboard is so much better than anroid’s previous offerings. It really is a big improvement. I can’t argue that the iphone’s keyboard is great but the stock android keyboard isn’t is bad as you say, ICS anyways.

        • AlexKCMO

          To add to what Aaron said. 
          You mean you won’t trade your soap box phone for a more conveniently held device?
          Only if held in the right hand… right?  Or did you get the model that doesn’t require a rubber band?

          You mean won’t trade your sorry and buggy ICS for a much better functioning OS?
          Like where the call audio doesn’t work if you use headphones? 

          You mean you won’t trade your 4 hour lasting battery to a much longer lasting battery device?
          You mean for a device that lasts just as long when on 3G?  Or are you comparing 4G to 3G radios?

          Yeah, iPhone has the camera and I’ll even give it the display… but I would not trade my Rezound’s display for an iPhone display or camera.

          • frankandsimple

            rezound is a good phone. Always loved HTC phones compared to shamsung. 

            still not as good as iphone. 

          • AlexKCMO

            Sammy does make crappy phones in terms of build quality, but they do survive drop tests much better than iPhones.

            Also, I have to disagree, but that’s my preference.  I happen to rely heavily on widgets and I like being away from Apple’s “1 Button to Rule Them All” mentality.

          • frankandsimple

            try it. I used to the think the same. Once you go with apple, you’ll never go back. 

          • AlexKCMO

            I have.  My dad has an iPhone.  I had to set up his stock and email apps for him.  It was a pain in the ass.

          • frankandsimple

            setting email is a pain in ios? LOL. sorry dude.. you know that’s a lie.. it is the easiest thing to do. come on now. 

          • AlexKCMO

            Should have been more clear.  Using the “1 Button to Rule Them All” was a pain in the ass. 

          • Dain Laguna

            it absolutely is. i work for an isp and even though i’m an apple iphone and android user, the most consistent complaints we get about webmail and linking it up to a device usually comes from people with idevices.

          • Droid_Dude

            I’ve played extensively with icrap in all form factors and I will never go to apple. Go back to your apple core troll.

          • Dain Laguna

            ‘still not as good as iphone’

            totally, completely, 100% YOUR opinion.

        • ABerry5

          I’ll keep it short since u like ur product we like ours.. I got an iPhone Nov 2010 I’ve had an a android phone since then as well.. if u try and hate on ICS you haven’t used it period… even my iPhone only friends are extremely impressed.. 4 hours bat life? No need for a rebuttal on that.. 20mb/10mb is more useful than u lead urself to ignore

    • Dliuzzo110

      Yeah apple is an American company yet they don’t have a single manufacturing plant in the us. NOT ONE

      • frankandsimple

        so what? It is still American technology utilizing chinese labor. Just because they utilize chinese labor, it doesn’t become a chinese product. With that regards, you gotta protest Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung too.

        • Sinofueramos

          Nobody builds anything in the U.S. anymore. Between government taxes, regulation, plus competing against welfare, food stamps, and unemployment, which make it more attractive to sit on a couch than work – we’re done as far as manufacturing is concerned.

          • frankandsimple

            don’t even get me started on how California is the worst when it comes to over-regulating and exorbitant taxes! It is a surprise that the big companies are still doing business in california. the small businesses are already getting the hell outta here.

      • Sinofueramos

        Whose fault is that? Our government taxes and regulates the hell out of everything – what do you expect?

        • EC8CH

          I think it has more to do with Americans not willing to work for 2 buck a day.

      • frankandsimple

        I live in Elk Grove CA.. which still has a huge Apple Campus.. which actually used to be a manufacturing plant. Blame our California government for losing out on those manufacturing jobs. It is theoretically impossible for apple to build all their products in the US to keep up with the demand.. and if it were possible.. iphones would be selling for 2 grand a pop. 

    • Missthetrain

      Apple leads the way to LTE?
      I like the iPhone, but 3g to LTE is like the Flintstones to the Jetsons.

      • frankandsimple

        Yes, apple will also lead the way in LTE.. how you ask? the iphone 5, just like the new Ipad will have a 4G LTE chip, but will be the most battery conserving device on a 4G LTE. 
        Once again, the first to deliver on a technology with a product that actually works the way it is supposed to. 

        • EC8CH

          you have proof the new iPad’s implementation of LTE is any more efficient than what is currently being done?

          • frankandsimple

            yes, I have proof.. but I can’t share it. Just wait till you see it yourself. 

        • Anonymous

           Oh yeah the infamous Apple fan-boy “That’ll be in the next release…”. Nevermind all the 4G phones that have been out for over a year now.

        • AlexKCMO

          I wasn’t aware doubling the size of the battery to get the same amount of battery time means it’s a battery conserving device.

          • frankandsimple

            i was talking about iphone 5. not the new ipad. 

        • guest

          actually qualcomm came out with the first Soc to integrate a lte radio into it and make it save a ton of battery

    • AlexKCMO

      First of all, I think it’s fair to say that the only thing Apple has lead and consistently lead in is device sales.  Yes, they sell the most devices because they have 1 flagship phone across all carriers. Android leads, and has lead for a long time in terms of OS use.

      Second, while I think it’s great to be supporting American companies, I can’t help but find that ideology a bit misguided.  All phones are produced in China.  In fact, there was a recent push to Apple to make Apple products ethical. 

      Apple has so much money it doesn’t know what to do with it.  Tim Cook even said they have more than enough. 

      So what have they done?  Have they brought manufacturing jobs back to this country and become an American hero?  Have they paid a dividend to those who invested in the company? 

      Nope, they stay in China where workers live in dorms and get woken up at midnight to a biscuit and cup of tea forced to work for 16 hours straight. 

      Don’t play the Made in America card when Google and Motorola are just as American as Apple.

      • frankandsimple

        thats what I thought.. but like I said.. I can’t forgive google for throwing American market under the bus and launching their flagshi device in Europe first. 
        Apple would never do that. Work cultures and environments are different all across the world over different countries and cultures. Comparing our work culture to the chinese culture is preposterous… and also.. they wouldn’t working there if it wasn’t the best place to work for them.

        • AlexKCMO

          So it’s Google’s fault Verizon delayed the release?  I’m pretty sure the Nexus S was released in the US first and the Nexus One had a unified release (much like iProducts do).

          You need to understand, Google doesn’t control the device 100% like Apple does.  Apple says “we’re releasing March 17”, they release March 17.  If Google turned Motorola into a Google brand and sold Motorolas like Apple did, I’d bet you that we’d see much more control over the device like Apple exhibits.

        • Dain Laguna

          getting upset that google released a device overseas first is silly. THATS how you measure loyalty of companies?

          hell the first mistake is believing companies as big as google or apple actually care about anything other than money. even apples ‘care’ for the user experience ultimately is just a way to guarantee sales…if apple found a way to sell as much stuff as they do, but not have to put the effort into making people happy…they’d do it. in a heartbeat.thats corporate america for you.

          now i’d understand your beef more if apple used their dough (much like AlexKCMO said) to bring jobs back HERE in the U.S.. and i dont mean being an apple genius either. i mean sucking it up, turning less of a profit, and manufacturing iphones/macs/ipads etc HERE. same quality, but more jobs.

          apple makes a killer product…but dont believe they, or any big company, is worthy of praise because they are ‘american’. in the grand scheme of things, all they do is empty peoples wallets, and convince them they NEED certain devices to be happy (but so do google and other handset makers, to be fair.)

    • Unbiased

      Well said.  We should be proud that Apple is an American company and actually innovates. It’s okay to be a follower, but we should appreciate and applaud the leader.  It used to be a good thing to look up to those that succeed; now we hate everything about them.  Let’s just all enjoy our Android devices and stop wasting time being pissed off at someone that tries to do something better.

  • well, the Tegra 3 can’t even beat the iPad 2, why would it do any better against the New iPad?


    (says the owner of a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Galaxy Nexus)

    • AlexKCMO

      I’d be curious to see those benchmarks run again on ICS. 

      Honeycomb was a great start, but piss poor in terms of optimizaiton.

    • darkseider

      I posted above but here is a simple answer to this benchmark:

      The off screen tests were about 2x a Tegra 3.  Now the onscreen tests were about 15% better than the Tegra 3 but also has a LOWER resolution than the Transformer Prime.  Mind you this is with an iPad2 @ 1024 x 768 NOT the 2048 x 1536 resolution of the new iPad.  Granted beefier GPU but how much of that performance will be lost due to the increased pixel count?  Theoretically if it scales linearly and the new iPad is 2x the iPad 2 in GPU and 2X the resolution than the performance should be about the same overall maybe slightly better but definitely not 4x faster than the Tegra 3.

      What the hell good is an offscreen test?  YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING.  Last I checked these devices required people to see what was going on to use them.  With that said the iPad 2 when displaying the same content at a lower resolution ON SCREEN was approx. 15% faster which is diddly due to the higher resolution of the Transformer Prime.  Same will go for the new iPad and its’ 2x resolution and 2x increase in GPU muscle.  The overall performance gain ONSCREEN will be minimal at best.

  • Whether or not the A5X kicks the crap out of the Nvidia is none of my concern.  But I am happy to see someone stand up for themselves against Apple for once.

  • Jamdev12

    I hate Apple products with a passion, but I must admit that Nvidia for being the dominance force in PC gaming has been getting their @ss handed to them by PowerVR chips in the mobile space. For being the top dog in the GPU arena, you certainly talk a lot, but your Tegra chips are still not to par. Also, the fact that most applications in the mobile space don’t take advantage of more than 2 CPUs tells me that Nvidia is headed in the wrong direction. Qualcomm and TI seem to be doing the right thing. We will see what Sammy has to offer with Exynos. In the end Nvidia must admit that their chips are still lagging behind the A5 and most probably the A5X.

  • Kisuk3

    I wish phone manufacturers spent more time upgrading battery tech than trying to cram more speed into phones.

    • I’m fine with more speed, but yeah, battery tech needs to keep up.  And as far as I know, phone manufacturers don’t manufacture batteries.  They may have a certain spec they want to meet.  But the battery supplier is ultimately responsible for making an awesome battery.

      • Sven Enterlein

        Talking about batteries… How do they manage to get 9h out of 4G LTE usage? Isn’t that usually the culprit in many Android handsets that kills battery life???

        • the did it the same way that Toshiba did with the Thrive, basically put a reshaped laptop battery in it.

          • Sven Enterlein

            Thanks! That’s probably why they had to make it heavier. While I am very happy with my TF101 I would love to have a higher res screen and a better managed battery consumption.

    • Galaxy D

      Motorola = Razr Maxx, but people continue to hate them.

      • ddevito

        No, that’s not battery tech innovation, that’s good engineering stuffing a huge battery in a slim form factor.

        • MKader17

          It’s the best thing Moto has done since the OG Droid. Hopefully other manufacturers can follow suit and do the same with a removable battery. Theoretically they could make the phone battery 6600mAh and it would still be noticeably thinner than the Thunderbolt.

      • A bigger battery does not mean better battery tech.

    • Just wait 2-5 years and you’ll get 10 times higher capacities in the same package.

  • ddevito

    Anyone can say what they want and root for whichever side, you can’t argue that iOS devices are kickass in the GPU dept.

    • tomn1ce

      I root for CM9……

      • Got Fragz

        I “rooted” for CM9…

    • Iceywyte2781

      there not can you say CRAPPLE lol hahahahah the only thang good about ios is the ips screen they have other then that crappppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp true fact 

      • guest

        android device have displays that far surpass the ips because samsung makes apples screen so obviously they are going to put better screenas into their devices

  • Nvidia made a smart move here. Anyone can throw out numbers and rigged benchmarks. They were just wanting Apple to actually explain how they got their conclusion so that intelligent people can see if the books were cooked on it.

  • jdrch

    Although I’m an Android fan, recent tests show iOS killing Android on HTML 5 performance. I’m pretty sure Apple’s referring to a narrow benchmark, though.

  • jimbob

    >With it’s quad-core GPU

  • more powarrrrrr! and then lets cut out the backs of our tablets and make it see through and put some sweet neon lights on it next and then water cool it…..

  • user311

    Duh, Apple gets their numbers in the same manner in which their devices work; thru magic!

  • SH

    Looks like tablets and phones are going to be in the core wars now.

    Moar cores means moar powa! 

    (sarcasm for those that don’t get it)

  • It’s not based on computations or pixels.  The magic happens 4x faster!  Duhhhh!!!

  • Michael_NM

    I’d be shocked if Fapple was making unsubstantiated claims. That was Steve’s job. What an insult to his memory.

    • Google

      too bad it wasn’t unsubstantiated 

  • redbar0n11

    Yo, I’m really happy for you — And I’mma let you finish, but…


  • possomcrast1

    Apple does this so much it’s hilarious.

  • GCurry

    Every application will benefit from improved single stream performance, but taking advantage of multiple processors requires more work on the application.   Some app areas are easy, like parallel rendering, or simulations, others are harder, even much harder.

    So if no one is doing parallelization on the app, then single stream wins the app game, and multi-cores are used mostly for app-level load balancing.

  • EC8CH

    What I really want to see is what Samsung has to say when they release the Galaxy Tab 11.6 with it’s Exynos 5250 processor.

    • Butters619

      They’ll say, “Look now we have tablets that are 7″, 7.7″, 8.9″, 10.1″, & 11.6″.”

      • EC8CH

        & I’ll say, “Tell me more about that 11.6″ one.”

        • MKader17

          & they’ll say, “That’s what she said.”

          • EC8CH

            & I’ll say, “Your mother is obviously a whore.”

          • Iceywyte2781

            and i’ll say your mother is both a whore and a slut a hybrid then a whoslut lol hahahah 

      • frankandsimple

        wrong! they’ll say it’s not a tablet, but a phone. 

        • Butters619

          Hahaha I didn’t even mention their phones that come in 4″, 4.3″, 4.52″, 4.65″,  5.3″

          …but their phones sell pretty well.

          • Iceywyte2781

            5’3 inch phones are way to big the only 5’3 inch ive seen is the galaxy note but its a hybrid phone /tablet

    • Iceywyte2781

      true dat im also a big samsung fan i have a galaxy s2 phone and its gangsta waiting on the update to ics hopefully it comes on the 15th of march 

  • Kyle K.

    Anandtech ran benchmarks comparing Tegra 3 to the iPad2 with the A5 and the iPad2 came out better in those. 

    • ddevito

      Exactly my point. NVIDIA should shut their dumb mouths until after they ran benchmarks. That’s embarrassing. 

      • EC8CH

        They’ll just cook up some benchmarks to make them look comparable.

        • ddevito

          I’m holding out for TI for a better offering on tablets. NVIDIA is so overrated.

          • harryharry

            Definitely get some stuttering from time to time on my T3.  In some situations the TI in my GNex seems smoother/quicker

          • ddevito

            Unfortunately I think someone between Google and Samsung fell asleep at the wheel when ordering the GPU for the GNex.

            Despite the ancient GPU the OMAP 4460 holds it own, agreed.

          • frankandsimple

            they don’t fall asleep.. they are just sloppy.. and you can’t blame them.. while they are thinking about one android device.. they have to plan jelly bean and key lime pie while putting android on a host of other hardware configurations. 

          • Droidzilla

            It’s actually clocked higher than the original SGX540, so it’s not comparable. Still, most of these benchmarks are pretty poor indicators of actual performance, and a lot of them have to do with how the game is coded. I’ve had a Tegra2 run certain games smoother than a TI OMAP4, even though the OMAP4 definitely benches higher. There’s a reason multiple devices with the same GPU will all get different scores on benchmarks (Apple at the very least has consistency going for it since the chipsets are generally only available in one product).

          • I wish it would’ve came with a more up to date SOC, however, I haven’t had any issues with HD playback, nor any issues with playing the top 3D games like Shadowgun and Modern Combat 3 or GTA3 so I can’t really complain. I know they’re not as pretty as their Tegra optimized counterparts but you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless you had 2 devices side-by-side.

            I know when a new nvidia gpu comes out for pc, after about 6 months of driver updates, the card will usually gain between 25 and 40% more preformance. I wonder if the same is possible via kernel updates.

          • nVidia is just getting started in the mobile market, and as far as Android goes, there isn’t a faster SOC than the Tegra 3. But if you look at PC gaming, nVidia is by far the best manufacturer as far as graphics solutions go. Their hardware is better if you compare class for class against AMD/ATI and their driver support is unrivaled. They have new drivers for games months before the game is even out. No other company can claim that.

          • Iceywyte2781

            thanks bruh for Agreeing about Nvidia 

          • I’m a HUGE PC gaming fan and I bleed green and black. No problem, man.

          • Iceywyte2781

            no you  r  kissing apple rear end u r the one thats overrated 

          • Iceywyte2781

            coz i have a transformer prime and i ran a benchmark and it came out like almost 4000 the test results did pls apple says that there new ipad runs 4x that of a tegra 3 Kal-EL cpu there saying that to make  them look good NVIDIA IS Gangsta and the look at the future of phones and tablets 

          • Josh Groff

            That statement was hardly coherent, please fix your grammar and spelling. Thank you.

          • snowblind64

            I agree, at this point OMAP5 is looking to be the best SOC for the Android platform. Funny how a graphics card company can’t make a decent mobile GPU. I’m a fan of Nvidia’s computer graphics cards but I can’t excuse their poor performance in the mobile chipset market.

      • possomcrast1

        they said 4 times faster.

        • ddevito

          did you read the article Kyle K. posted? 

          • possomcrast1

            yes i did they apple claimed 4 times faster that’s definitely not 4 times faster

      • eric roylance

        Did you read the tweet?  It wasn’t that long.  They weren’t saying the benchmarks were wrong, they were just saying they made a claim with no details to back it up or to duplicate the results.  A test is only as good as the variables controlled for.  And we don’t even know if there was a test at all, it could just that it’s “theoretically” four times as fast.  

        • ddevito

          My point is that if you’re going to ask for benchmarks, you’re asking for trouble. The Tegra 3 is slower than the GPU in the iPad 2 for crying out loud. They should keep their mouths shut.

          What if benchmarks are run and it’s 8x slower? NVIDIA will look simply foolish.

          Yes, I know the iPad resolution is much lower in the benchmark, I get it. And I’m not rooting for Apple here, all I’m saying is NVIDIA should have waited and ran tests amongst themselves before asking Apple for proof (is all I’m saying).

          • Are you on the wrong website? Macworld is around the corner…

          • ddevito

            Again, I’m not rooting for Apple here (hell, look at my avatar!). All I’m saying is that NVIDIA should have waited before asking for proof.

            Okay, so when someone does a benchmark between Tegra 3 and the iPad 3, and the results are worse than 4x slower, then what can NVIDIA say? They trapped themselves.

          • Sqube

            Even if the A5X is theoretically 4x stronger than Tegra 3, Transformer Prime pushes 1280×800. The new iPad pushes 2048×1536. It’ll have to be insanely beastly to be 4x as good while pushing 3x the pixels.

            You might be right, but I can see where NVIDIA would immediately question these results.

          • sgtguthrie

            Agreed! I want to see actual device benchmarks WITH that resolution. That resolution should do 1 of 2 things.

            1. Kill performance, or at least really push the gpu hard!

            2. If the gpu is such a beast, and working hard due to resolution, that could be extremely rough on the battery!

            It doesn’t matter how the processor or gpu look on paper, if it’s diminished by a massive resolution 😉

          • EC8CH

            they doubled the size of the battery

          • Liderc

            The fact remains that the Ipad 2 was pushing a lower res, once they jumped to 2048×1538 they shot themselves in the foot.  Ask any overclocking PC benchmarker.  You kill your performance once you bump up your resolution at all, that’s why we use a standardized resolution with PC benchmarks so that we can accurately compare one PC’s overclock/hardware to another’s. 

            I’m not saying the chip itself isn’t 4x “better” than the Tegra 3, I’m just saying you don’t know what will truly happen with a benchmark when you run it at such a high resolution.  

            If it’s 4x faster at a lower resolution, then say that, don’t say you can do 4x better than what another company can do with twice the resolution, it’s just highly unlikely in the benchmarking world. 

          • ddevito

            I totally agree in terms of resolution. Time will tell. 

          • Why, because he dared question the Android hivemind?  Any smart platform fan is willing to accept that their choice of OS and hardware isn’t the best at everything.  Tegra 3 isn’t as good as the A5/A5X at gaming; if you can live with that, all’s fine.

          • Google

            exactly. i love how Android people say “sheep” and then do the exact same thing. 

          • mike

            Iphone, ipad, ipod are the only things ios runs on. Android runs on MANY different Manufactures and all are customizable. For instance my Droid 3 is running Ice Cream Sandwich AOKP, My friend has CM9 AOSP.  so we may haev the same phone, but two different OS’s models 

          • ddevito

            Great – but if that’s the case then tread lightly when it comes to benchmarks FOR THE EXACT REASON, is all I’m saying.

            I’m not saying Tegra 3 isn’t a good platform. I find it overrated, then again I find lots of things overrated. 

            But just because it has an open approach doesn’t mean benchmarks will accept that. Numbers are numbers. 

          • Google

            What the hell does that have to with what i said?

          • ddevito

            ^This +1

          • Google

            You are a clown. Liking Android doesn’t mean you are a lemming who just scream “open” every five seconds. The A5 beats the Tegra3 so a little logic will tell you that the superior A5X will also. 

          • JBartcaps

            The test was on honeycomb not ICS, stop using that as your point. Its uncertain that the A5X is superior than Tegra 3 on an ICS device.

          • Google

            It is a superior chip. Get over it. Software plays a part but not to that degree. Apple has more money, moves more units and has better technology. Android is just now even catching the retina display on the iPhone 4 for christ sake. Get over it they have good hardware. It doesn’t mean it is “better” or iOS is better than Android. The A5X is a superior chip to the Tegra 3. That’s it. Unbunch your panties now. 

          • Korntoff

            Do you seriously think like this? Nvidia is questioning their claims because they are UNSCIENTIFIC. Science is not about being right; it’s about BECOMING right. If the geforce turns out to be. 8x slower than the a5x gpu, and Nvidia still puts out the numbers, that wouldn’t make them look foolish at all! That would make them look like scientists for trusting figures and a lack of bias. Apple aren’t scientists. they’re marketers, and if they put out wrong numbers, that’s a shame because 8x faster would be wonderful for marketing.

            Back to the Mac store, please.

      • Travis H

        benchmarks are run within the OS no? 
        in that case apple can make all the driver optimizations they want and put in short cuts along with them(along with any manufacturer) I’ve run roms with custom kernels and optimisations and they can vastly improve benchmarks. Benchmarks are like having a Ferrari in the US where there is nowhere to really let loose…

    •  All of those tests were run on Honeycomb.  I have yet to see anyone do the same comparison with ICS. Plus as they noted, it is difficult to compare them as they run completely different software and many of the benchmarking tools don’t translate across devices. 

      I’m curious how NVIDIA is going to come up with a measurable comparison.

      • Sinofueramos

        And it’ll take awhile to find a tablet running ICS. Did you notice how iOS 5.1 was announced yesterday, and immediately became available for every device it runs on? 

        • AlexKCMO

          Xoom, Transformer, Transformer Prime.  Transformer Prime has Tegra 3 and ICS.

          Wow… that was hard….

        • Vin2Win

          What an idiot. lol.

    • Crash222

      This was to show that the Tegra 3 made Honeycomb faster. If you remember ICS also improved video performance without any hardware upgrades. I think there is a driver / software issue with Honeycomb. I would love to see how ICS does on the Tegra 3.

  • Adam Siekmann

    Doesn’t take much to power a grid of icons

    • frankandsimple

      but it does take a lot to get the highest linpack score out of the box. noob. 

    • Google

      yeah but it does take a lot of power to run Infinity Blade and all the other games on iOS that crush anything Android has to date. 

      • sgtguthrie

        Go away Apple fanboy, troll somewhere else!

        • fps_beaTt

          Can’t… understand… how a person that ^ stupid… can actually form words…

      • Asteosarcoma

        Didn’t realize we were all gamers. We all know iOS has more games, we android fans love our tools. 

        I don’t care much for games, next point please?

        • If I wanted a gaming device, I would do it proper with a 3DS or Vita.

        • kameko

          if by tools you mean custom flashing roms all day because theres really nothing to do on an android device and overclocking your phones to try and get as close to iOS performance as possible, then yah you’re right.

      • darkseider

        Shadowgun, GTA III and Bladeslinger say hi.  Oh lets not forget Shadowgun multiplayer 8v8 while using a bluetooth controller piped out to an HDMI set.  Oh wait… you can’t do that.  Would you like to compare the differences between Galaxy on Fire 2 on the Tegra 3 to the iOS version?


        So please before you even think of spewing non sense at least make it somewhat knowledgeable and believable.  

      • Kakashiisagod

        Have you seen the sonic 4 episode 2 footage? Im sure its just like any computer application. More cores is infinitely better when the program or application utilizes it. This is why some games on 360 look better then ps3.

        • Chris Hardewig


      • dude Infinity Blade sucks . . . I tried it and it’s basically Fruit Ninja with better graphics and a few extra mechanics . . .

      • Elliot Kotis

        Um???? There are games that are so much more CPU/GPU intensive that “infinity blade” eg, dark meadow. And speaking of gaming, aren’t Mac’s and Apple products frowned down apon in the gaming industry and gamers? Stupid apple fangirl, get off this site.

  • ddevito

    NVIDIA: it might have been a good idea to not tell anyone until AFTER you ran the benchmarks. 

  • EC8CH


    Cool Story Bro

  • frankandsimple

    Its all in the software stupid!