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Google Wallet Prepaid Card Provisioning is Back for Some

Last night, a few of our readers claimed that they were able to re-add their Google Prepaid cards in Google Wallet, a part of the service that had been stopped after a handful of security concerns had surfaced. We reached out to our Twitter followers to see if others were having success, but unfortunately, most were running into the same errors that they had seen for weeks. However, within the last hour, another batch of readers is claiming to have been able to provision prepaid cards again. While I’m having zero luck, we wanted to at least pass word on so that you can check for yourselves. Also, if you do have success, feel free to share your steps.

Cheers Michael and everyone else!

  • Spoken Word™

    I had no issues provisioning my card. It wouldn’t before so they’ve obviously started rolling it back out.

  • getsome831

    Did a GWallet reset and then re-setup…pre-paid card is back in business.  I feel like a Big Mac for some reason now. Running Pete’s latest nightly (03-02-12).

  • Smask99

    Just signed into my wallet account from my galaxy nexus and have my account back again. I also have the app from the long form android market trick.

  • duke69111

    I never lost mine, but it does say unsupported device now.   

  • G3spike

    Woot. Verizon Galaxy Nexus running AOKP build # 25.

  • so if it says it “unsupported device” but still shows your pre-paid card can you still use it to purchace stuff?

  • G3spike

    Woot, got it back on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Rooted with AOKP build 25.

  • For some reason, it would not activate over WiFi….. however after turning WiFi off 3G kick in on my NS4G and it sat for a bit while activating… so I knew it was actually working. 😀

    Running CM9 on NS4G and running another ROM on my other….. both are now activated.Screen Shots:

  • Hans Wee

    just started working for me too.  delete old card, add new one.  didnt work yesterday.

  • Works for me just found an updated APK file (for those on the LTE network with the galaxy nexus) and I was able to apply a prepaid card by following the proper prompts. Just tells me that the device is “Unauthorized” due to root access. But from what I can tell it won’t limit the capabilities of the app. Google will just track that your device is rooted and will not support any claims if you have any type of stolen card information. 

  • Tvldone

    I received the same message stating that mines was outdated, once I selected update….. G-Wallet was pulled from the updated G-Play Market and is now working perfectly. It’s about time.

  • Droidalicious

    AOKP M4 seems to have fixed my Wallet…

  • I deleted my old card and added a new one.. and viola!! It worked!!

  • ddevito

    This update does not fix the secure_element (lockout) issue.

  • C-Law

    I just got it back. Finally!

  • I was able to add my prepaid card back about an hour ago. I’ve got the Verizon Nexus. 

  • Amarao

    I updated my Google Wallet app yesterday, and after reading this post I tried adding my prepaid card again. It seems to have worked, but I’ve never been able to actually use NFC to pay for anything in stores before.

  • Jsz3us

    I am rooted and unlocked on my SGN and all I did was hit “try again” and I have my prepaid card back with the $10 bucks!  feels good. cant wait to use it.

  • Stewie

    I kinda hate the unsupported flag staring us in the face.

    Either fix the issue itself, or at least let us check something acknowledging the message and absolving Google of liability, something to that effect, and then it’s gone from our view.

    However mine has been working throughout this mess, including adding funds and purchasing.

  • Mj Lindamood

    I’m running AOKP 27 and using the newest Wallet app on xda; I was just able to get my card verified finally.

  • Gary Patrowicz


  • Joediver

    Can’t wait for Isis!

  • CPC

    wait, I thought I didn’t have to root last time I put wallet on…

  • i’ve been trying once a week since they stopped provisioning with nothing, suddenly worked today, didn’t do anything different so it had to be on Google’s end. rooted LTE Nexus, Verizon

  • It worked for me and it gave me back the $10 for signing up. I’m stock, rooted and running stock wallet thanks to the loop hole in google market. By the way, I have the G-Nex LTE version

  • i just downloaded the update through the market after getting the update not supported notice google play booted right to it and i clicked update. downloaded fine over 4g.  card said it was unavailble like it had since they disabled it. clicked and its re-adding the card now… and it appears to be relinked and working again.

    android version 4.0.3


  • sahilm

    LTE Nexus AOKP using the market workaround that used to work. Just worked for me! Hooray!

  • Reversal

    Got it!  Was trying last night after I saw some people claiming they got it back on XDA’s forum but it didn’t work.  Decided to try again after reading this and I have it back!!!

  • SHarrison

    Yey! Another success for LTE Nexus Provisioning

  • Logan

    Mine did NOT work yesterday (3/7) but worked just now (3/8)

  • eze4

    Appreciate that @tim242

  • Skaterskye

    Started with me yesterday afternoon.
    Galaxy nexus-stock

  • eze4

    Does anyone have the apk for google wallet? Mine isnt working.

  • it took a while but i was able to re add my prepaid card as i was not able to before. i am running stock 4.0.2 and standard market app

  • Icehunter

    I haven’t tried to use my card since the update.
    Rooted & Stock Nexus


  • Mike

    So I’m running AOKP 23 and just got my prepaid back! My question is..I want to update to AOKP M4 today and want to get Wallet working correctly..what do I need to do to ensure this? Also don’t want to run risk of secure element issue…

    • Phil Austin

      i just got gwallet to work and then upgraded to M4 and it still functions normally.  i didn’t wipe, just updated.

      • Mike

        what version of AOKP were you on before M4? I’m wondering if I don’t have to wipe coming from 23

        • Phil Austin

           b27.  not sure if you need to coming from 23….  this page may help.  http://forum.aokp.co/  or email those guys, they’ll be able to tell you.

  • Jon Williams6283

    Downloaded it from 4shared, installed and reset Wallet, and it worked fine for me 🙂

  • i did it. just delete the old prepaid card and add a new one

  • If you use Hide My Root, you can use gwallet while rooted.

    • Tim242

      You can use it while rooted. The unsupported device message is just to cover their a$$es.

      • Ah. I thought it didn’t allow functionality. Thanks for the tip. Derp.

  • Arda Akman

    Im running AOKP M4 ROM with wallet apk I got from back when it was first released (before the security flaw update). I just removed the prepaid card, then added it back again. Now I can use the prepaid card without a problem, in fact I just did at a 7/11

  • KrispyKrink

    It;s back baby! All I did was tap on the “Try Again” button I’ve been looking at for the past week.

  • Kerrythebeast

    I just checked mine and its back took a but for it to load but its all there

  • Bert336

    mine is back =]  but will it still work even if it says unsupported device?

  • Tim242

    Updated apk from the store. http://db.tt/I6ReZ3DW

    • NexusPhan69

      It worked!!!! You are friggin sweet.

      • Tim242

        Glad it worked! I kept seeing people asking for the apk, and nobody was posting it. This is what Root Explorer is for : )

  • hoef

    Rooted running team bamf paradigm, just opened wallet and re provisioned my prepaid, running wallet from the market workaround

  • Erkleehoo

    woohooo! Rooted…reinstalled….updated thru market….error message….try again….bingo! Got my $3.67 back…heading to McDonalds!!

  • Teng247

    WOOT got my prepaid card back!  FINALLY

  • Skyskioc

    I just tried this before downloading the new app mind was not working it said unsupported device id. click on our link that somebody posted above and it reinstall Google wallet verified everything and it worked I am running gummy 0.8.1my G nex. hi just took a photo of it and was going to publish it here but I don’t know how to upload to this site. anyways it is working again for me

  • David Le

    Got mine back.

  • Tim242

    I just added mine back. FINALLY!!!!!!!!

  • JustisLewis

    Didn’t work last night when Kellex tweeted about it, but just tried it again and it’s working now!

  • JonanyRock

    I added $20 last week with no problems, thought this was a non-issue already.

    Gnex, rotted, but running stock ICS.

  • QtDL

    This is the hacked version from a few months back. Hopefully the link works.

  • Sam

    I have a root and unlocked Verizon GNex and have had zero issues (although the app does tell me that I’m unsupported). I keep loading more funds onto my prepaid card without a problem, and I use it to pay for NYC taxis almost daily.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I was able to add my card back on my ‘unsupported’ Verizon Nexus just now.

  • sweet! thanks for the tip. I’m back in and the Google Prepaid Card came back with the $8.16 remaining I had from the original free $10. I am rooted, running AOKP Milestone 4. this time when linking to my Gmail account, it asked for my password, which it did not before. I am a happy camper now 🙂

  • Video’s have quit working on my GNEX as well.  Before it didn’t notice I was rooted, but now it does since Google Play.

  • Cincybearcatfan

    Mine is back up! Whoo Hoo! Now I can use my $17.41! I’m RICH I tells ya!


  • Jake

    Stock Rooted, didn’t work this morning but just tried it again, and gave my my card back will $3.50 Remaining

    • Jake

      my GNex also doesn’t say unsupported device..

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Works for now for me. AOKP M4

  • QtDL

    Rooted and running stock ICS. The “unsupported device” notification bar is gone (after uninstalling, reinstalling, and updating), was able to load the Google prepaid card and says it’s available for use but I don’t have the Google prepaid card logo above – just a big, gray box. :/

  • It’s finally working again for me!

  • DroidRooterX

    What what, wallet is back up for me!!! Rooted Gnex AOKP, just hit try again and whoosh!!

  • NexusPhan69

    This is BS. I’ve never had any problems at all with Google wallet and now its completely stopped working. Running stock and unrooted. I’ve used it a hundred times. I have over $50 on it right now!

  • Greg

    Just refreshed and mine showed up

  • JamieE

    I’m getting a message saying the app is outdated and needs to be updated from the market, but since I’m on an LTE Nexus, Verizon doesn’t let me grab it through the market (App not supported by carrier.)  Can anyone post a link to the apk of the latest version? 

    • NexusPhan69

      Same here. I couldn’t even find where I got the old apk in the first place!

      • kevintufts


    • QtDL

      I have an LTE Nexus as well and reverted back to the hacked APK . It wouldn’t let me open GWallet unless I updated. As soon as I hit update, it went right to the market w/o problems.

      • NexusPhan69

        Ya it goes to the market and then says your carrier does not support this app and won’t let you update.

        • QtDL

           Didn’t say that for me. Market let me download the update. Even says my VZW GNex is a compatible device.

        • Tim242

          Are you stock, or running a ROM?

        • Tim242
      • JamieE

        Any chance you could dump the apk?  I can’t grab it from the market ._.

        • QtDL

           Oops here is the link. Forgot to reply.
          This is the hacked version from a few months back. Hopefully the link works.

          • JamieE

            The app works, but as soon as it opens it forces me into the market to update it, and the market says the app isn’t available by my carrier.  So I literally cannot update it unless someone can post the apk. Dx

          • Tim242

            Are you stock, or running a ROM?

          • JamieE


          • kevintufts

            Still no dice for me.  Installed old apk, market still says “item isn’t available by your carrier”.  Market won’t even find wallet when searching from the phone.

          • Tim242

            Are you stock, or running a ROM?

          • NexusPhan69

            I’m stock. Exact same problem here.

          • Tim242

            Ok . I’m about to post the apk as a new post in just a sec.

          • NexusPhan69

            You’re the man!

          • JamieE

            Sweet, thanks a million. 

          • your a boss. 🙂 Thanks man. 😀 

          • Tim242

            No problem. Glad it worked! I’m ready to go spend some money now : )

          • rockstar323

            If you have Titanium Backup you can force attach it to the market and the market will recognize it and update.

            Open TB
            Click Backup/Restore Tab
            Scroll down to Wallet and long press
            Select Attach to Market (Forced)

            It should now show under your “My Apps” in the market.
            I did this when the app was released to the market and it’s updated itself no problem.

          • Tim242

            The newest apk

          • Tim242
          • kevintufts


          • Tim242

            You’re Welcome!!! : )

          • ChuckDz3

            Thanks! This link fixed everything!

          • jodytamar

            omg you’re awesome.  i was starting to FREAK OUT 😉  tried all the market tricks from other posts and everything.  thanks!!! 😀

          • jodytamar

            ah crud… although the app works, any thoughts about what may have happened to the money i had transferred to my google pre-paid card? 🙁

          • Tim242

            Not sure. Mine is still there. Did you add the card from a different Google account?

          • jodytamar

            same account, but i’m realizing i think i did something really dumb.  i rarely use wallet, and the only reason i realized my app wasn’t working is because i got a replacement GN 2 days ago.  i have since wiped my old GN and returned it today.  i’m wondering if i just totally screwed myself out of the money.  

          • Tim242

            Yeah, it ties to your phone. The only thing you can do, is contact money network. If you still have the email from adding funds, that’s the easiest. But, that isn’t necessary. You can give them the card number you added it with, and they can refund you.

          • jodytamar

            i actually called them a little while ago.  they were very nice and helpful, and said that it will be back in my account probably within 24 hours.  and, i get the additional $10 to boot! 🙂  thank you for your help 😀

          • jodytamar

            ok, now i’m really confused (and apologize for my repeated comments), but my transaction from 2/21 is showing in my history, so clearly my account transferred over.  i guess i’ll have to call support if this hasn’t happened to anyone else

          • Vespadaddy

            Thanks.  Hacked version worked, and I have wallet again, with my same, original, unused $10 in google $$.  Rooted.

          • unused $10 ?  whats wrong with you dude, get out there and spend that free money

          • i concur spend it. i got some sodas at 7-11 and a meal at Jack in the box. 

          • Ben Kafka

            Thanks! Worked like a charm and mine’s rooted.

        • Tim242

          The newest apk. http://db.tt/I6ReZ3DW

          • Cwpperdomo1

            Thanks my prepaid card is back

          • lfwrfqua

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    • Logan

      Just google it. I found it in < 1 min!

    • C-Law

      I have a vzw nexus with aokp and mine always downloads from the market after a wipe. It updates fine too. Is bc of my rom? Are you stock?

  • tjpeco

    I’ve never had a problem provisioning my prepaid card.

    Its how I hide Best Buy purchases from the wife.


      THe problem was if you provisioned a card then did the wallet reset.  They wouldn’t give you another, which sucked.  I haven’t tried again because I’m about to wipe and update to AOKP M4 and I don’t want to set up wallet twice (and risk screwing something up) so I’ll know if it’s actually working later.

      • Richard Comer

        I updated to AOKP M4 last night. It didn’t work last night but I just tried again and was able to have my previous prepaid card provisioned correctly.

        • ERIFNOMI

          Just worked for me as well.  Too bad I have like $.60 left.  I wish it just worked directly with my debit card…

  • czechm8

    I’ve had no trouble with Wallet since they started back up from the initial security shut down.  
    -Stock Gnex on leaked 4.04

  • Working fine for me as well 

  • Atcbrownie83

    yea finally got my 35.47 back

  • No problems with my prepaid card, stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

  • Colin Zack

    Working again for me

  • BrianWenger

    Mine’s back!!!! I got $4.67 left to spend at McDonalds.

    • Tripod4

      I’m back too – updated the app back during the outage with the backdoor method.

  • Chris W.

    Just tried and it is back on my phone, still have the unsupported banner on the top but prepaid is back 🙂

    • Jack Hoffman

      Same here.  Probably means the card is there, but you won’t be able make a transaction with it, given the “unsupported device.”

      • ERIFNOMI

        The unsupported device message is for rooted phones.  Google doesn’t officially support rooted phones i.e. they can’t be held liable if some rouge app gets root privileges and steals all your money.

  • Angelrod111

    YES!!!  I finally have my money available again!! Can’t believe it took them a month to implement a gmail password check when u first open the app.

  • MikeCiggy

    Mine has also started working. Yay 🙂 still said Unavailable when I opened the app but had to click try again. Very easy.

    Lastest AOKP M4 GNex
    Also updated to Google Play

  • Michael Forte

    Yay working again for me!

  • Mines up and running too. Im rooted and rom’d. Got my money back so Im happy. Even more happy all the vending machines switched to paypass last week @work.

  • Eureka!  It’s back!

  • I know better than to update anything till its been out for a while, plus im spending my google card down to nothing before updating,just in case ,have added money and dont want to lose it

  • Afike147


  • I have the same issue with the card picture, I will be using Wallet within the next 2hrs to test and see if it works.

    • evcon

      Let us know how that goes!

  • evcon

    I’m on an older AOKP (can’t remember, I’m lazy) on a rooted GSM Galaxy Nexus and I upgraded to the latest version in the Market (Play Store, whatever) and it doesn’t show any sort of error…it even shows my balance and user ID, which it couldn’t before.

    Only issue is that the Prepaid card image doesn’t appear. the card is just light grey. Is this an issue? I haven’t tried using it yet.

    • evcon

      Also, if anyone knows why my Market won’t update to Play Store that would be really helpful. I’ve tried installing the APK but nothing happens. I’ve even seen the new TOS but nothing has changed.

      • MikeCiggy

        Wipe Market app data and cache. Then find Play Store in your apps folder and open

  • John Dengler

    Has it been determined yet if you can use Wallet with an unsupported (rooted) device?  Just got my $10 back and it’s burning a hole in my pocket.

    • EC8CH

      Shamrock Shakes all around!

      • Michael Forte

        Well played, sir

      • mmm i know where i am going for lunch 🙂

        • EC8CH

          Holy cow man… could your name be any more German?!?


      In case you didn’t get it, yes.  Follow the link that pops up next to the unsupported device message.  It basically says Google can’t be responsible for your money if you’re careless.

    • Cincybearcatfan

      Yes, you can use it with a rooted device. All they are saying is if you root and someone hacks your system don’t come crying to them.

  • My pre-paid card is back, baby, along with the $30 i had added right before the security issues arose. Rooted LTE Galaxy Nexus running AOKP M4.

    No special steps needed to get it working, either.

  • htowngtr

    Not mine

  • After side loading on my Galaxy Nexus back at launch, I used the web market/back technique a week ago and had no problems adding to my pre-paid card. 

    I am not rooted.

  • I’m rooted I just used an backup I had from titanium backup and just restored data.

  • I’m rooted, and to get around the provisioning problem, I restored “data only” for Google Wallet using Titanium Backup. Works great now.

  • Phil Austin

    no amazing steps here…  just tried it and it worked.  wish i had more for you but i’m glad its back!

    I’m rooted and using AOKP b27.

  • did the people who got it back state if they were rooted?  did they uninstall then reinstall the app, or just remove and re-add the card?