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DROID 2 Global Update to Build Number .629 Rolling Out Now, Let the Bug Fixing Commence

Owners of the DROID 2 Global can start pulling down the OTA update that was first announced here. In the update you’ll find a good selection of bug fixes which include a fix for a “Memory Low” issue, camera settings not saving, and an annoying erasing of certain app’s data. Once you install the update, you should notice better performance all around.

To pull the OTA: Settings>About Phone>System Update

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Mac_Loki

    Wow. I got this update early one morning. Tried to install. Failed. I tried again for the next day or 2 and finally said screw it, I’m gonna finally get CM9 instead.

    Now I find out the update BREAKS ROOT and BRICKS YOUR PHONE when flashing an older sbf.

    WOW. Thanks alot Motorola…

    Boy did I dodge a bullet.

  • Docpat2511

    Someday I’m going to think before I accept an update. If only the things didn’t show up in the morning when I’m half asleep. I’ve lost root and along with it the ability to use a magnet closure case and JuiceDefender. Anybody know of a team working on a root method I can follow?

  • JGI

    My D2G is also bricked and i can’t live without that phone, isn’t there a way to restore the old bootloader?

  • Dain Laguna

    i just processed mine as well…no issues with it. but i’m totally stock (im a pansy, i know)
    uninstalled golauncher just to see if it ran smoothly…so far so good!

  • DaGreen1

    Well a bit of good news. You know that  factory recovery image thing? The one with the whole Android logo and the Triangle with the exclamation point? I figured out how to navigate through it post update. I had been unable to do it throughout the gingerbread update, so maybe it’s always been this way post GB.

    Anyways, Hold X, power on, then when the android logo and the yellow triangle show, press the volume up and volume down buttons together after seeing that image and voila, your option to wipe cache and such is there again in blue.

  • [email protected]:disqus already stated, this build:

    1. Has root vulnerabilities patched, and is currently unrootable, and, more importantly,

    2. Has an updated bootloader that will not accept old SBF images (2.4.29. 2.4.330, 4.5.608). Note that you will be able to start the flashing process but once it’s done, your phone will be bricked.

  • Bret

    I suggest all D2G users to go get CM7 – not the one on CM’s site, but the one on rootzwiki.


    The ICS build isn’t far enough along yet for daily use IMO.

  • gladbag

    I miss my d2g.  I accidently deleted a .bat file when an update was coming in the process of restoring the phone back to stock.  then when i tried to flash the SBF it failed and now i can’t charge the battery.  I am stuck out of the country so I can’t get a new battery or any techy stuff to improvise a way to charge it and try to reflash.  Anyone else run into a fail while trying to reflash?

  • Dsoltesz

    This update killed my phone. I get an error on the bootloader screen..
    I was not rooted, can I use an SBF to fix phone or should I be going straight to Verizon?

    • Morris

       Killed my phone as well.  Verizon passed me along to Motorola, who requested I send my phone in for service.  5-7 business days.  (great!)

      DO NOT APPLY THIS UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • gladbag

        My problem is that I am outside of the U.S. and the Motorola service centers won’t deal with a phone that is sold for the U.S. when you are overseas.  I have to wait until I am back in the states.  I would have shipped the phone back but it is cost prohibitive since I am in Kuwait and the options for shipping here are very limited.  I am just going to have to wait until I get back to the states to see what happens.  Unfortunately, by then my phone will be over 1 year old, so I am not sure if the warranty will still be in effect.  I have some emails between myself and motorola, so perhaps they will still accept the phone for repair/replacement.

    • Do not use SBF images. Old ones will not work. You’ll brick the device.

    • Dsoltesz

      Verizon is sending me a new phone as well. 5 days no phone. They said I wasn’t the first bricked phone with this update today.

  • masterxchief

    Hopefully this build works with the band unlock stuff

    • This build is non-rootable.

      This build cannot be downgraded via SBF.

      • masterxchief

        Is it possible to insert root into it and then restore it as a nandroid? Probably a stupid question, but I’m not an expert on this stuff.

        (I am on an older build that is rooted and has the unlocked bands)

        • It might be possible to do stuff TBH did to 4.5.606 back when it was leaked, and get an update that doesn’t touch the bootloader.

          I wouldn’t bet on it, however, because the new firmware might be using new keys which, in turn, would require the new bootloader.

          • masterxchief

            I will just end up jumping on your CM9 build if I find the link again.

      • Docpat2511

        I can’t stand this – my phone’s just about useless without JuiceDefender and with that stupid dock app constantly flicking on and off. Cyanogenmod’s wiki gives install instructions that use RSD Lite to flash Android 2.4.33 (which would be an upgrade for my phone) before getting root and flashing Cyanogenmod. Any chance this will work? (I’m a noob at flashing the phone so forgive if the answer’s obvious to others).

        • 2.4.330 is a Blur firmware version. It’s Android 2.2, Froyo, from before Gingerbread came out.

          You cannot downgrade to 2.4.330 just as you cannot downgrade to 4.5.608.

          • Docpat2511

            Blast. Man I hope somebody comes up with a root method for this soon; first chance I get I’m jumping to Cyanogenmod and not looking back. I had to deal with this for a day or two after the last OTA update and the thought I’m stuck with charging the phone twice a day for the life of it just pisses me off no end. 

          • CM7 with Froyo base (the “official” build) is bug-ridden and you won’t be able to install it onto 4.5.629 anyway.

            CM7 with Gingerbread base had some issues in the past and I kind of stopped following it because there’s a CM9 port.

            My issue with custom Gingerbread ROMs is battery life. Stock, I get 30 hours, custom, 12-14.

          • Docpat2511

            On my stock D2G I got maybe 10hrs in “performance mode,” and that’s with relatively little use during the day. I have every kind of communication routed through the phone, including pages I need to get fast. When I backed the sync interval down to 15 minutes, for some reason I wouldn’t get alerts for over half an hour. Juice Defender was a godsend, now I’m back down to the same devil’s bargain- a phone that is charged but doesn’t work, or a phone that works but isn’t charged. How on earth do you get 30 hours? What phone do you have?

          • DROID2 GLOBAL, stock 4.5.608 with some VZW-related stuff frozen since I’m on 3G GSM and VZW’s navigator and whatever else is there just don’t really work at all (like Backup Assistant, too).

            I’ve got a number of apps installed, and 30 hours is what I get with WiFi and GPS enabled, IMAP4 push support, TweetDeck and Google+ syncing, and about 1-1.5 hours of screen on.

          • Docpat2511

            Yeesh. What juju do you have that I don’t? I’m getting a fraction of that. Do you have some connection control installed? I could get numbers like that with JuiceDefender’s custom settings, but I usually have WiFi and GPS off.

  • Haven’t been able to pull it.  Is there a zip file available?

    • There is on RootzWiki and, I think, DroidForums.

      • Tried the one from RootzWiki but, it didn’t work. I think I’m SOL since I’m running the leaked version of Gingerbread (4.5.606)

        • Yes, .606 is not upgradable.

          You’ll have to get the 4.5.608 SBF image, flash it, and then update. You might lose the /data content in the process.

  • moelsen8

    beware this is a root/sbf killer.  no root is currently known for this build, and ota rootkeeper only keeps root for applications that had it before the update.

  • enigmaco

    I wonder if the droid 3 soak test will be similar to this?

  • Henri

    Got mine late last night, no problems with install

    • Raven

       But, were you rooted?

      • cbkcc1

        i was rooted with stock and install worked fine.  i still have the market issue where no apps will show up under my main google log in though.

        • Leo8771

          I was rooted and had bloat apps frozen with Tit Pro. The install took fine but lost root priv for all root apps. Frozen bloat apps are still frozen and im wondering if the fact that the apps were frozen and not uninstalled is why the update took.