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Apex Launcher Leaves Beta, Now Available in the Google Play Store

We just wrote up an article on Apex Launcher’s awesomeness, and now it can be downloaded straight from Google Play. Folks who are already in love with our other favorite launcher, Nova, may find that Apex has a few features more than its competition. But when it comes down to it, which launcher you choose is all based on preference and there is no wrong choice.

Market Link 

Cheers Matt!

  • TimTheK

    Does Apex allow you to hide apps in the app drawer?

    Nevermind….I see in the market description that you can.

  • When I first updated to ICS, I used Nova because Apex didn’t feature folders with more than 16 icons. Now I am stuck with Nova because I don’t want to manually re-add all those folders :-/

  • Aburgthing

    Doesn’t install on Asus Transformer, no link from tablet and Market/Play store has it grayed out on computer. Tablet running ICS.

  • ericl5112

    Does this not support tablets?  Has anyone tried putting it on an ICS tablet with any success?

  • kulanapan

    When Apex or Nova implement vertical sizing for the dock, then maybe I’ll use one of them. Short docks are not fun.

  • I only wish Apex had a setting to remove folder backgrounds like Nova does. At least I haven’t found it if it does, anyone else found one?

    • Paul Weller

      Have you changed your DPI resolution at all?

  • Hmmmm, says it’s ICS friendly and I can see images that it works on tablets but “Google Play” says it is not compatible with my Prime?????

  • Firelight

    How about a rooted-stock launcher that does lots of this and more without the processing hit? TranQuil Ice: 


  • Joseph Freeman

    I hate the fact I can’t install this app because htc phones aren’t compatible -_- very annoying……..

  • EvanTheGamer

    Don’t you mean the ‘Android Market‘?

    Remember that…it will live on forever!

  • I just want faster more responsive scrolling, like i*hone / i*ouch

  • Gr8Ray

    Google Play Store is such an awkward name… WTF were they thinking?

    • Boblank84

      i think the moto purchase rubbed off on them..  Maybe the guy that came up with xyboard came up with google play store.

  • droid209

    does this one have a folder view option like nova?

    Edit: i tried it and it has even more options than nova

  • “there is no wrong choice”…  Unless that choice is Launcher Pro 😛

    • AlexKCMO

      Makes me sad, but it’s simply far too out of date. 

      It’s a shame because once I get ICS, I’m not sure what I’m going to do without those widgets.

      • Makes me sad too…  I ended up switching to ADW cause the bugs were giving me too many issues and it became clear that they weren’t going to get fixed 🙁

        • I know right.  That was the first app I ever paid for.  He impressed me so much at first.  

      • Michael Forte

        Android Pro Widgets. No reason to ever give LauncherPro a look again.

  • T4rd

    It seems no matter what launcher I use, I get redraws =(.  Nova was OG Droid slow sometimes, Apex is a lot better, but I still get 1-2 sec redraws often.  Not a big deal, but I don’t think you should see this on any device with 1 GB RAM. Edit: Forgot to mention I’m on Galaxy Nexus.. I’m used to being in the forums for it and not having to specify my device, hah.

    • Arman Samimi

      There is a mod that increases the priority of the launcher process in the “don’t kill” list. I’m sure you can find it. 

  • Awesome been using this for a week or so now, glad to see it in the market.

  • So i take it its only compatible with ICS.

    • MrWolf


  • I’m confused by the “Market Link”, I thought it’s available in Google Play? 😛

    • DanSke

      Hahaha I noticed that too. It actually made me lol.

    • Yesterday I made it a “Google Play Link” and people were hounding me to call it “Market Link.” I don’t know what to do! 🙁 lol

      • hldc1

        You could tell them to 1) start their own blog, or 2) start their own app store. Whether we like the name Google Play/Play Store or not, it’s here to stay. We all might as well get used to it.

        • Jason Purp

           If you don’t like him putting “Market Link,” start your own blog or start your own app store. Whether you like the name Android Market or not, it’s what we’re used to. You might as well get over it.

          • ericl5112

            So, when ICS comes out, do you still call it Gingerbread, because that’s what you’re used to?  Play may not be hugely different yet, it is going to continue to evolve.

          • Jason Purp

             First of all, my comment was a joke.

            Second of all, you’re basically comparing apples to oranges. You’re comparing an entire system update to, what is, for now, a minor app update.

          • ericl5112

            I’m comparing an old name, to a new name.  That’s what you were comparing, right?  I wouldn’t call what looks to be a shift in google’s content strategy a “minor” thing.

            Maybe a better example, since its not quite as drastic. Do you still call the Galaxy Nexus the Nexus Prime? It’s the same device after all. Or the One X the Endeavor? Names change. Adapt and overcome. 😉

          • Jason Purp

             That’s why I said, “What is, for now, a minor app update.”

            Nothing has changed except for some app names and the stupid ads in the market. When Google does something more with this, I won’t think of it as a small change anymore.

            I don’t even care about any of this to begin with. Again, my first comment was a joke.

          • 4whomthebellTrolls

            First you Purp and then…you derp the herp.

      • S_T_R

        Since it’s technically the Play Store, couldn’t we compromise and call it “Store Link”?

  • Michael_NM

    Off-topic: Can you get a confimation from Fede about any future for LPP? I miss its simplicity and snappiness. It’s just too “old” to be a daily driver anymore.

    • Sure, I’ll hit him up real quick 🙂

      • Michael_NM

        If he won’t answer Lord Tato, he’s dead to me. 🙂

    • T4rd

       Hell yeah.  I do severely miss my LP.  I paid for it and feel ripped off now that he’s neglected it for the last 9 months or so.  =(  It’s totally broken on ICS/Galaxy Nexus.

    • Aardvark99

      Fede claims he was 70% done the major re-write on the launcher back in November. I still use LPP, works fine on my DX. Tried other launchers, keep coming back to it.

      • Brandon

        Fede hasn been close to having his rewrite done for two years..gotta face reality eventually