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Major MotoActv Update Happening Friday Instead, Here is What to Expect

We were supposed to see the biggest MotoActv update of all on this fine Wednesday morning, but instead, Moto has informed us that Friday is actually the day. It’s a shame really, I was looking forward to testing out the new Fencing mode by counting the number of calories I could burn while dodging Tim Cook’s empty threats and jabs at Android during the iPad event. I kid, I kid.

Also in the update, you will see more of these custom activities, a shake to wake option, and the ability to setup a WiFi connection without having to attach the MotoActv to your computer. For owners of this product, you will understand how needed all of these features are.  

  • Jennifer Grlicky

    I just bought two of these, Amazon has a pretty good deal going right now. $251 for the 16gb w/ free wrist band.  Not bad.

  • Stewie

    Is this the fake promise to unlock it’s bootloader?

  • possomcrast1

    Lol at the fact that the xoom had 4g lte so long ago and they’re saying its a new feature.

    • Facts

      yeah but the Xoom sucks and was bought by about 15 people.

      • possomcrast1

        you’re funny.

      • possomcrast1

        quad core processor oh wait the asus transformer had that too

        • Facts

          hahahaha. The A5X crushes the Tegra 3. It isn’t even in the same league. 

          • Johntaylor

            Hell, the A5 dual core even crushes the Tegra 3

          • possomcrast1

            you wouldnt know seeing as there are no comparisons yet.

          • Facts

            There are between the A5 and Tegra 3. The A5 wins. The A5X is quad core, do the math. 

          • possomcrast1

            the transformer also has a quad core processor 

          • Facts

            everyone understands that. The A5 is dual core and beats the quad core Tegra 3. The A5X is better than the A5 so Tegra3<A5<A5X. Try to follow along.

          • possomcrast1

            can you just shut up troll this is droid-life not iFanboy.com the tegra 3 wins.

          • feztheforeigner

            Ummm…are you just stupid or ignorant? Yes the A5X is quad core, but so is Tegra 3…what did you think it was?

          • meta96

             only the gpu is quad core.

          • feztheforeigner

            And the gpu in Tegra is 12-core

  • GameOver

    Hhahahah, game over. QUAD core A5x, 2048×1536, LTE, 10800p video recording, 1GB RAM, all versions can roam on 3G, HSPA and DC-HSDPA, same 10hrs of battery life…on 4G, all that with the same prices. 

    • belsonc

       Wait, you mean the 9 hours of battery life on 3G, the fact it’s launching at the same price the 2 did at launch, and that the 4g versions are going to be $130 more?

      Don’t let the facts get in the way of your trolling attempt, though.

    • feztheforeigner

      That’s a pretty enormous picture for a mobile camera! 10800p! Can’t wait to see that!

  • Haha

    “It kinda looks like a blown up smartphone app… that’s because that’s what it is!”

  • TimCook

    Hahaha, Tim Cook just showed a blown up phone app on a Samsung tablet. Sure glad Andy Rubin thinks tablets don’t need their own apps. hahahaha

  • EdubE24

    Rooted a wristwatch? Now that’s some funny sh*t!!!

  • Booboolala2000

    Great. I’m glad I can sync over my gyms wifi. Ha dent been a big deal but it was kinda stupid that you needed a computer to sync at all. Now they just need to make an app for the non motorola phones. I’m using the hacked version so its OK. How about an easy way to clear your counted steps?

    • DanC

      the apps can be had on non moto phones.  I have it on my galaxy nexus.  I think that DL posted the APK a while back.

  • omar

    Love mine. It is already a great device and I am eagerly awaiting for the update. I have been using this to train for a marathon since the end of last year and I am really impressed with the device. Motorola’s updates have made this an awesome fitness watch/gps. The only things that, in my opinion, comes close to the functionality of this for me is the high end devices from Garmin (and they don’t play music).

  • nwd1911

    Anybody used to use a polar heart rate monitor and switched to this?  If so, what are your overall thoughts?  Worth the price tag?

    • omar

       This is an overall better device. It combines the heart rate monitoring capabilities, with a GPS device, with ipod nano functionality, bicycle computer fucntionality and it will track eleptical machines and stair machines. with a bicycle computer, You can also pair this with your phone and take calls if you use a pair of bluetooth headphones. it will also take text messages and allow you to read them on the device while running. I am using the standard Moto heart rate monitor although I believe you can use any ant+ device with this. For the price, this offers so much functionality and it has allowed me to replace a bunch of gadgets and unify them with this one. I am amazed that Motorola doesn’t market this thing to hell and back like a certain company from cupertino.

      • nwd1911

        Thanks for the reply omar.  I’ve been thinking about getting this for my wife, but she is satisfied (mostly) with her polar heart rate monitor/watch.  I’ll watch for a price break and take a plunge…perhaps Mother’s Day…

  • People who rooted with the original method will still be stuck with that firmware for now. Devs still haven’t found a way to deploy any updates to us or to revert to a state that we can accept any updates.

  • Havok

    I rooted mine its going to be a while before I get this update

  • Michael_NM

    Moto delays an update? You’ve got to be kidding.